Great Celestial Master Chapter 68

Before they were ready to go to dinner, Deng Yang came back. Seeing a little boy around Siyang, he asked curiously, “who is this?”

Si Yang said, “Li Zezhi, the apprentice I just accepted should be called Uncle Deng according to his seniority.”

Deng Yang: “…!” He just went out for a day. Is the world changing too fast?!

Li Zezhi looked at the man who should call his brother in front of him. After listening to the master’s words, he shouted, “Uncle Deng.”

Deng Yang only felt that a mouthful of old blood wanted to spray out. He had just graduated from college for a year. He was called Uncle by a child who looked like a high school student. He was almost breathless. Although he felt that brother Siyang should not joke with him like this, he was still uncertain: “brother Siyang, is this really your apprentice? Just received it?”

Si Yang nodded: “yes, I just received it.”

Deng Yang silently looked at Li Zezhi for a while. He took out a small wooden card about two inches in size from his bag. Although the wooden card was very small, it was carved with a very exquisite peach blossom. Then he pulled a red rope from his bag, turned it over three times, then made up the knot, strung the wooden cards and handed them to Li Zezhi: “suddenly, there is no preparation. This gadget will be a gift for you.”

Because the ancients liked to compare flowers to women, among which peach flowers were the most used. Especially for the love of men and women, I like to use the elegant name of peach blossom. Over time, peach blossom has become a representative of love. For peach blossom, people’s first reaction is good luck. But in fact, the greater function of peach blossom is to ward off evil spirits. Both flowers and peach trees are very good things to ward off evil spirits.

Li Ze took a look at Si Yang and saw him nod his head. Then he took it with both hands: “thank you, uncle Deng.”

Seeing that it was getting late, LAN Jingxiu said, “go to dinner.”

Deng Yang was hungry for a long time. He didn’t know what the hell he ate at the reception of the Zhu family at noon. He ate two biscuit pads on his way back. His stomach felt better. As for Li Zezhi, it was during the period when half the boys ate poor Lao Tzu. Even if they had just eaten some fruit, they were empty now.

Siyang had already heard the rumbling of the two of them one after another, and stood up funny: “let’s go. If you don’t go again, it’s estimated that you’ll starve to death.”

When the party came to the restaurant, Li Zezhi was very reserved. He was so big that he had never been to such a place. He followed Si Yang foolishly and didn’t know where to put his hands and feet. Si Yang handed him the menu: “order whatever you like.”

Li Zezhi hurriedly said, “master, just decide. I’m not picky about food. I eat everything!”

Si Yang knew that he couldn’t let go for a while and didn’t force him, so he ordered a lot. Most of them were meat, and few boys didn’t like meat. LAN Jingxiu tightened his hand with the meal list. He also wanted Si Yang to order for him.

Deng Yang was very open. He was sure that it was the big boss’s treat to brother Xiu. It was not implicit to eat from a big family. Anyway, their cultivation people consumed a lot and ate a lot. After ordering a pile impolitely, he said, “I didn’t go to that Zhu family today.”

Li Zezhi immediately looked up at him. Deng Yang was startled by his fierce look up: “what’s the matter?”

Siyang said, “Zhu Guohao killed a little girl. The little girl was his friend and had a dream with him.”

Deng Yang was stunned and blurted out, “Li Sheng?”

Li Zezhi nodded.

Si Yang took a sip from his tea cup and said, “I changed his name.”

Deng Yang said, so this is the reason why brother Siyang paid attention to the Zhu family. He just didn’t know how the child was taken in by brother Siyang. Just knowing that he was the apprentice of brother Siyang, Deng Yang subconsciously took a serious look. It can be said that the fate is very poor. It has no root and no foundation, just like duckweed. Its life style is weak and evil. Such a life style is young and poor, hit and prison. It has broken eyes and eyebrows, twists and turns in its life, and its life is not long.

So he was really curious. What did brother Siyang like about him? Because no matter what he thinks, he can’t see where the child is worth being accepted. However, maybe he is not good at learning and only sees the superficial surface.

Knowing that he was Li Sheng, Deng Yang asked about his dream, This is the way: “Zhu Wenxian, the son of Zhu Guohao, invited not only me but also two idle heavenly masters to the Zhu family today. However, one of them is a bit real, and the other is a pure liar. Interestingly, the liar looks more real than the one with real skills. He talks and does things one by one. If I didn’t have Yin and Yang eyes, he would be the only one I almost believed that attitude. ”

Hearing Yin and Yang eyes, Li Zezhi subconsciously looked into his eyes. Although he had guessed before, it is now basically certain that his master should also be such a Heavenly Master, so what he needs to learn in the future may be to catch ghosts.

Si Yang said, “what’s the result?”

“The result is that neither father nor son is a good thing! I’m afraid Zhu Guohao’s son took part in what he did, and his hands were stained with more than one life. That’s probably why he had such an obvious alibi. Zhu Wenxian still wanted to get him in, I’m afraid it was to shut him up. If he did many bad things, he would always be backfired. Zhu Guohao died because of Yin Qi So Zhu Wenxian panicked. He immediately changed hands with the pot of problematic orchids and invited the Heavenly Master to show him the house. ”

“The swindler probably has a very mature team behind him, so he should have investigated a lot of things before going. He bluffed Zhu Wenxian in a few words. As for the other one, he is also greedy for money. I’m afraid he also saw something and began to want to crack it. Zhu Wenxian’s offer is not low. As long as he settled the matter, he will be paid a full 500000. ”

“When I first went, they looked at me as young and thought I was a fake. They didn’t care much. I saw the problem of his family and didn’t want to solve it for him, so I made a few nonsense. Zhu Wenxian probably thought I was a Jianghu man, but later I wasn’t very enthusiastic. They paid attention to the other two. They may have reached an agreement. Anyway, I saw it After going through the house again, I had the meaning of cooperation. Anyway, I mixed a red envelope for running expenses and came back. The red envelope is not small, 500 yuan. ”

While they were talking, everything they ordered came up, and a large table was full. Hungry Deng Yang picked up chopsticks and took a few bites. Li Zezhi on one side asked him carefully, “do you care?”

Deng Yang chewed something in his mouth and said with a smile: “tube, of course, tube. This is my job, but I also have to divide how to manage the law. First, see how the two people are going to break it for him, and we have to find evidence. This killed someone. In the end, we must go through the legal process.”

Li Zezhi was stunned. He thought that the final result should be revenge. He asked the people killed by them to turn into ghosts to avenge themselves. Then the Heavenly Master crossed the ghosts again, but he didn’t expect to go through the legal process in the end. But shouldn’t those in their line of work be carefully hidden? The country has always been getting rid of feudal superstition.

Seeing him wondering, Deng Yang couldn’t help laughing: “The state has a special department dealing with supernatural events, called the secret service department, which is also regarded as civil servants. We deal with such supernatural things. However, if someone violates the law, we should not only catch the ghost, but also avenge the ghost. Of course, the bad guys should be transferred to justice. We are not sanctioning people, nor can we do sanctioning things, okay?”

Li Zezhi nodded vaguely, feeling that after recognizing a master, his world outlook would be broken again and again. I didn’t expect that the country really has such a department.

Deng Yang saw him nod and urged him, “how about coming to the secret service team after learning from your master? The benefits of the secret service team are also very good. It is also a kind of cultivation when catching ghosts. The most important thing is to accumulate merit. You may not know much now. After you have a deeper understanding of these Yin and Yang things, you will know how important merit is.”

Si Yang smiled and said, “he doesn’t understand anything, so you dig people in advance?”

Deng Yang said with a cheeky smile, “a master like brother Siyang is definitely a talent after that. I have to recruit for our captain in advance!”

At this time, Li Zezhi looked at LAN Jingxiu: “is uncle Lan also from the secret service department?”

LAN Jingxiu twitched slightly on his forehead.

Deng Yanggang took a sip of soup, and then burst out uncontrollably. But luckily he didn’t dirty the dishes on the table in time. Thanks to brother tusyang, they were all promoted to uncles at once.

Because of Deng Yang’s presence, Si Yang is naturally not easy to intervene in the affairs of the Zhu family, but this matter is related to Li Zezhi, so Si Yang still took him to watch and let him personally end this fate.

Si Yang pasted an invisible symbol to Li Zezhi and directly took him into Zhu’s house to watch. The two invited by the Zhu family are pure liars. Maybe they have cheated too many people, so they have a lot of knowledge. They talk and do things very well. They look more real than they really are. As for the other one, his breath is really a little different from that of ordinary people, but it is also a half bucket of water. But if this man really has the ability to get home, he won’t cooperate with a liar.

Li Zezhi followed Si Yang in a nervous way and walked very carefully. Even if he had seen the miracle of facial injury, he was still instinctively uneasy about being invisible to others with a piece of paper on his body. I’m afraid that the paper suddenly fails, they are suddenly exposed to people, and then they will be caught.

Seeing the master sitting casually on the sofa, Li Zezhi hesitated carefully. Si Yang said to him, “come and sit down.”

Li Zezhi’s eyes widened in surprise. Subconsciously, he looked aside. He saw the people of the Zhu family standing aside and staring at a group of people who didn’t know what to jump in the middle of the living room. Seeing that they didn’t look here at all and didn’t seem to hear the voice of the master, he was relieved. Then he sat down carefully.

Si Yang smiled: “relax, they can’t see and we can’t hear.”

Hearing this, Li Zezhi carefully sat over and looked at an old man with a long beard in the middle of the living room wearing a yellow robe and an embroidered gossip map behind his clothes. Li Zezhi whispered to Siyang and asked, “master, are they jumping into a great God?”

Si Yang said, “they are doing the transcendence of the dead.”

When Si Yang said this, the Taoist priest in Taoist robes walked around the desk with a pile of yellow paper. The yellow paper painted the death mantra. The old Taoist priest put a copper basin in front of the table, holding the rune paper with the death mantra in his hand. After a handful of rice was sprinkled on it, he put the rune paper into the copper basin, and the rune paper spontaneously ignited without fire in an instant.

There were only three people in the Zhu family. Zhu Wenxian and his wife and daughter stood in the corner and looked at it. They were surprised to see that the rune paper was really burning. Although there are many interpretations about Daochang, and things such as spitting water can spit fire have long been cracked, I am still shocked to see with my own eyes that the rune paper really burns up without any external help.

Especially at the moment when the rune paper was burning, a cold wind suddenly blew in the house. Although the three Zhu family were still very afraid, their eyes lit up a lot. It seems that they are really capable this time. As long as they surpass those ghosts, there is nothing to be afraid of in the future.

As the old Taoist walked at a strange pace, he read in his mouth: “the imperial edict of the Supreme Master, surpass your solitary soul, all ghosts and ghosts, four lives and grace. Those with a head surpass, and those without a head rise…”

With the old Taoist’s mantra, the dark wind in the house blew more fiercely.

Li Zezhi bit his lip and looked at Siyang: “master, will I learn from you how to catch ghosts?”

Siyang chuckled: “of course not, I’m not a Taoist.”

Before waiting for the following, Li Zezhi dared not ask again. Although master didn’t seem to be a very fierce person, he didn’t know why he was afraid. Even LAN Jinxiu was so cold that he was not afraid, but he was afraid of the master who spoke with a smile.

I didn’t dare to ask about the future, but I couldn’t help asking, “master, after he passed the dead soul, could those ghosts have no way to revenge? Xiaoya gave me a dream that she couldn’t go because she was oppressed by something, would she also be passed away?”


Li Zezhi was stunned. Before he continued to ask, he heard Si Yang say, “the ghost is fierce. This man doesn’t have the ability to surpass.”

As soon as Si Yang’s voice fell, the desk placed in the middle of the living room suddenly cracked from the middle, and the things on the table fell to the ground. The house, which was originally just a small Yin wind, suddenly blew a strong wind.

At the same time, the French windows on both sides of the living room also sounded the sound of broken glass, the curtains were blown up, and the door was blown open with a bang. Except for the wall behind the stairs, there was no wind coming in, and the dark wind gathered directly from three sides towards the center of the living room.


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