Great Celestial Master Chapter 69

No matter the liar or the old Taoist with a little skill, when have you seen such a fierce scene. There are not many real fierce ghosts these days. China is one of the safest countries in the world. Although it is inevitable that some murderous cases will occur, after all, it is only a few. No matter a liar or an old Taoist, what he has experienced most is to look at the appearance, walk around the Yin, call a soul for others, dish Feng Shui and so on.

The old Taoist can feel that there is some Yin Qi here. Like some big bosses, it is normal to do some shady things in order to make money. He thinks that this time, just like before, he will be fine in addition to removing Yin Qi. In order to make more money, he also makes the situation more serious in combination with the liar, When I was going to do it, I also made some noise to show that the situation was really serious, but I didn’t expect that I really got into trouble this time. Sure enough, many people walk by the river and always wet their shoes.

Not to mention the liar, he investigated the family. His son was engaged in building materials. Zhu Wenxian missed the golden age of the building materials market in the early years, but he also chased his tail and made some money. His father used to be a carpenter. After his son started his own company, he didn’t do this business and began to cultivate his interest in raising flowers.

Zhu Wenxian’s building materials business is not very hot, but at least there is no loss. It is more than enough to maintain a stable life for his family. But just a few years ago, their family seemed to have a lucky turn and suddenly made a fortune. Building materials companies are getting bigger and bigger. They have changed from small commercial houses to large villas all the way. And his father Zhu Guohao also slowly became famous in raising flowers. He produced many rare orchids. He has not made less money by relying on several orchids in recent years.

When the swindler investigated these things, he only thought that the family should raise a kid. The kid is an extremely greedy evil thing. People achieve their goals by supporting the kid. But people are greedy. When they can get something for nothing, who can be down-to-earth enough. When people’s desires are difficult to fill, the kids will only become more greedy. People want money, and the kids are desperate.

Therefore, according to the investigation, the liar speculated that Zhu Guohao died of the Imp’s autophagy, and Zhu Wenxian should also know that he was afraid of being killed by the imp, so he asked the Taoist priest to help do some super purification. He knows his own skills. If he is allowed to do it, he will just jump and burn. Anyway, the effect will be impossible to see for a while and a half. When he takes the money, he will run away.

However, I didn’t expect that a Taoist with real skills came this time, and the Taoist was also greedy, so the two simply cooperated to make the situation more serious. He was responsible for bluffing people and saying something ambiguous and specious, pointing to raising children. As long as the family did it, they would be bluffed with absolute guilt. Taoist priests are responsible for doing things and making some movements can better deceive people. As a result, who knows, things turned out like this.

The liar was originally standing aside. When he saw this situation, he would not stay here and die. He ran away before everyone in the house reacted. But when he was about to run out of the gate, he was blown by a dark wind. The liar just felt like a slap on his chest, and then the whole man flew up. He was severely beaten to the ground and couldn’t get up.

The old Taoist priest who was doing it quickly took out the rune paper and pasted it on the sword in his hand. He read in his mouth: “Sanqing is on the top, people come to separate the heavy paper, ghosts come to separate the mountain, thousands of evils can’t get out, thousands of evils can’t get open! Chi!”

The rune paper may really be a little Taoist. After the Yin wind came, the old Taoist resisted it with the rune paper. At least he wasn’t blown away like the liar. But he could only stabilize himself, but he couldn’t move forward half a minute, let alone run out of the house.

The people of the Zhu family had long been frightened. The 12-year-old girl was scared and screamed. The whole heart was torn and hysterical. With the Yin wind and flashing lights, the whole horror film scene.

Zhu Wenxian reacted very quickly when the liar ran away just now. He wanted to run out with his wife and daughter, but the whole man was overturned to the ground, rolled for several times and hit the stairs before he stopped.

His wife was also frightened. She hugged her daughter tightly and her legs were soft and could not move in the corner.

The last moment was a magnificent living room. In less than a minute, the whole was turned into ruins. The frightened people did not find that there was only a sofa by the window in the living room, which was still intact and was not affected by the Yin wind.

However, Li Zezhi was obviously scared silly. Although he had seen a ghost in his dream, the ghost was his playmate in his whole childhood. Moreover, Xiaoya was still the same as before and didn’t show the slightest ghost appearance. Therefore, his fear was actually fear. He didn’t feel afraid at that time. So now this scene should be a real ghost in his eyes.

But Siyang sat next to him and looked at the chaotic scene. His face didn’t change at all. Li Zezhi subconsciously sat close to him for a few minutes and asked in some panic, “master, is there a ghost?”

Si Yang said, “yes, they are coming. Be bold. No matter whether you take this road or not in the future, you should learn to be calm when you encounter anything.”

Li Zezhi swallowed his saliva and said in a trembling voice, “yes…”

Si Yang saw that he was also frightened. He shook his head helplessly. It was just some Yin wind. He hadn’t seen a real ghost yet: “I’m afraid?”

Li Zezhi would like to say that he is afraid. Who is afraid of ghosts? He has never really met anyone who is not afraid! But he didn’t dare to tell the truth, so he said, “yes, a little.”

Si Yang smiled: “when you get back to Zhongdu, I’ll give you courage training to ensure that you won’t be afraid of any ghosts in the future.”

Li Zezhi couldn’t even cry. He didn’t want to do any courage training. What a terrible courage training it must be to be able to train him to the extent that he wouldn’t be afraid of any ghost in the future. However, after saying these two words to Siyang, he was really not afraid just now. I probably know that what’s more terrible is that after going to Zhongdu, I feel that the situation in front of me doesn’t seem to be terrible at the beginning.

He didn’t feel terrible, but the others in the living room were almost scared to death. It turned out that the real fear would suffocate people. Zhu Wenxian clung to the handrail of the stairs so that he didn’t get further blown by the Yin wind. Looking at the old Taoist standing firmly in the middle, Quickly shouted: “master! Master, help! I, I don’t want you to surpass it. I just want you to take me out of here, master!”

The old Taoist priest was trying his best to resist the evil wind. When he heard Zhu Wenxian’s words, he wanted to bah him. He just wants money, but that doesn’t mean he can live for money. As long as there is a chance to run, he will kill them!

Zhu Wenxian’s words didn’t take long. The Yin wind slowly stopped, but at the same time, several flesh and blood dark shadows slowly climbed in from the door and the landing windows on both sides. Si Yang frowned slightly, because except one of them looked like an adult, the others were all children.

“Ah ah ah!!!”


Zhu Wenxian and the swindler shouted at the same time in the front, and Li Zezhi, who was sitting next to Si Yang, screamed at the back. Even more, he jumped onto the sofa from his obedient seat and hugged Si Yang’s hand tightly and called for master. He is afraid of master, but he is more afraid of ghosts!

Si Yang was crying and laughing. It seems that his courage training will be doubled after he goes back.

Although Siyang became invisible with Li Zezhi, he did not set up a barrier, and his invisibility was useful to the living, but the ghost could feel the anger on Li Zezhi, so the ghost climbed in and climbed to his sofa under indiscriminate attack. Li Zezhi’s whole pupil shrinks and his eyes will stare out. What’s the feeling of watching a group of dark shadows climb towards your picture in a distorted posture? It’s much more terrible than watching Sadako climb out of the TV!

Siyang’s fingertip bounced, and a golden light the size of a grain of Rice hit the kid’s forehead climbing towards him.

The kid screamed and dared not do it again. He turned his head and rushed at the Zhu family.

Although a group of ghosts were crawling on the ground, the speed was quite fast. In a moment, two of them had climbed to Zhu Wenxian’s side, held his legs and began to bite. Being bitten by a fierce ghost will not have obvious wounds, but it will bite the soul one by one.

The swindler was so frightened that he peed in his pants, hid in the corner, held the Jade Buddha on his neck and cried, “it’s none of my business, you have a head and a debt, it’s none of my business… Don’t come here, don’t…”

Although the old Taoist couldn’t surpass them, it was possible to resist them. However, as the pieces of talismans burned out, the old Taoist was forced to retreat step by step by the group of fierce ghosts who climbed in. He saw that there were only the last two talismans left and clenched his teeth, Put his hand on his sword: “follow the five mountains and the eight seas to know the news; the demon king holds his hand and guards my Xuan; the ferocity dissipates and the Tao energy always exists. It is as urgent as a law!”

As soon as the old Taoist finished reading, a faint golden light flashed on the long sword. The old Taoist raised his breath and waved. The fierce ghost who had rushed at him instinctively avoided dodging. Seeing this, the old Taoist suddenly ran towards the door during this second gap.

But if there were only one or two fierce ghosts, he might have run away, but I don’t know how many evils the Zhu family did. There were at least seven or eight in the whole house, avoiding the one or two. There were also fierce ghosts behind, who directly knocked the old Taoist down and took a bite on his thigh.

“Five thunder emissary, powerful spirit subduing, thunderbolt, team battle like clouds, catch demons and evil spirits quickly. I’m under the edict of the Arctic emperor!”

A familiar voice sounded. Li Zezhi, who was hiding close to Si Yang, turned to the door and saw Deng Yang standing at the door. After reading the spell, the golden light of the talisman in his hand suddenly appeared. Then the talisman flew out of his hand and fell to the ground like a thunder.

The group of fierce ghosts who had just recklessly claimed their lives jumped around. Deng Yang quickly played several runes one after another to completely seal all directions to ensure that none of these ghosts could run out.

Seeing someone coming in, Zhu Wenxian didn’t even see anyone clearly, so he stretched out his hand and cried, “help me! Please help me! It hurts so much, help me, I’m going to hurt to death!”

Deng Yang gave him a cold look, quickly pinched his hands, and then took a picture around with a gossip mirror. All the fierce ghosts he photographed screamed and recovered a bit of intelligence from the evil appearance driven by the ghost, but the ghost children looked even more terrible with empty big eyes.

Because of the influence of Yin Qi, the flashing lights in the hall finally recovered their brightness. Li Zezhi saw the environment at this time.

Zhu Wenxian’s wife fell to the ground with her daughter in her arms. She didn’t know whether she was alive or dead. Zhu Wenxian was lying on the ground as if paralyzed. Her face was very white. The old Taoist was panting with his sword. However, compared with the time when he jumped the great God just now, Li Zezhi felt that he was much older in just a few minutes. As for the liar, holding his Jade Buddha, he shrank in the corner trembling and felt a little confused.

Looking back at his master, he still looked calm and handsome, and everyone was angry.

Deng Yang looked around and looked at the sofa. He was born with Yin-Yang eyes and could see many things that ordinary people could not see. Except for the ghosts in this room, he felt that the Qi field on the sofa was somewhat different, but he didn’t see anything. He was sure that there were no fierce ghosts hiding there, so he took back his eyes.

Li Zezhi subconsciously whispered to Siyang and asked, “master, did Uncle Deng see us?”

Si Yang shook his head: “although he is born with Yin and Yang eyes, the day after tomorrow’s Taoism is not enough to see through my invisibility charm.”

Li Zezhi nodded vaguely. He seemed to see the door of the new world and completely opened it to him.

On the other side, Deng Yang looked at the ghosts: “can anyone come out and talk?”

Deng Yang said, the only adult female ghost in the ghost group stood up from the ground and looked at Zhu Wenxian with a negative measurement: “killing people pays for their lives. He owes us! No one can stop it, no one can!”

Zhu Wenxian now saw that the person he had invited was Deng Yang, who thought it was a charlatan who gave him a running fee and sent him away. When he saw that he stopped the ghosts in the house at once, he almost rushed forward: “master, save me! Master, please save me!”

Deng Yang hid without looking at him, and then said to the female ghost, “there are human laws in the world, and there are rules in the underworld. If you have grievances, you can go down and complain about grievances, and what he committed in the world naturally has human legal sanctions.”

When the female ghost heard this, she suddenly looked up and laughed. The laughter was harsh, but it was inexplicably painful.

“Sanction? We don’t need it! We have to avenge ourselves!”

Deng Yang sighed lightly: “revenge is just a vent of your temporary hatred. You have died in vain. If you have never been evil, you can still enter humanity in the next life, and even have a good life. Once you kill because of hate now, you will pay for your behavior in the next life. I can assure you that this person will never come to a good end.”

“We don’t need your guarantee!!” The female ghost yelled at him. Just after she yelled, she climbed up black runes, which looked very strange against her dead white skin. The black totem slowly appeared on a group of ghosts who had been suppressed by Deng Yang, and the Yin Qi that had just been suppressed suddenly rose into the sky.

Si Yang looked at the black runes on the ghosts and frowned slightly.

Deng Yang’s face changed greatly. The ghost king is still a group of ghost kings. How can this be possible!

Half an earth away from them, the young and handsome man looked at several totem dolls on the ground and couldn’t help smiling. He got up and walked over. He picked up a doll and stroked it with great care. His white slender fingers painted little by little on the doll’s black totem, as if he were appreciating his satisfied masterpiece.

However, before he was happy for too long, there were cracks on the doll in his hand, and then it broke into pieces in his hand.


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