Great Celestial Master Chapter 7

As soon as Si Yang said this, LAN Yuzhuo was a little stunned subconsciously, and Xia Lingtian’s eyes changed. He said it too much like a liar. He wanted benefits directly before he began to work. Isn’t it the practice of those charlatans. He Boyi can be said to be a big cancer in the whole metaphysical world. If it is not solved, I don’t know how many natural and man-made disasters will be caused in the future, and it can even rise directly to the level of national disaster in China.

Now, eleven real people have been struggling with the consequences of death to burn jade and stone with him. At that time, the great disaster will be eliminated, but the loss of so many predecessors will also be an irreparable blow to the whole metaphysical world. At this time, facing such a time of life and death, do you still think of personal benefits? Xia Lingtian’s eyes at Si Yang are extremely cold and even sarcastic. The swindler cheated them in front of them. It’s really trying to die.

Before they spoke, when they saw that the LAN family brought a stranger up, several onlookers couldn’t help but say, “then I’d like to ask this Taoist friend what conditions it takes to make a move. If we can solve he Boyi and keep my martial uncle safe, as long as I LV Jingming can do it!”

LAN Yuzhuo, who returned to his senses, quickly opened his mouth and said, “this is the Lu family in Zhongdu. The LV atrium who went to deal with the vaginal fetus with me last time is his second uncle. One of the eleven real people present is his uncle.”

Si Yang looked at LV Jingming when he heard the speech. His accomplishments were not high, but his eyes were clear. He was better than Xia Lingtian, who looked modest and polite and had a high actual attitude just now. Si Yang had a good impression of the LV family, so he smiled at him: “you don’t need to do anything. Save 10 million people and solve 50 million he Boyi trapped by the dragon chain.”

Compared with the disaster brought by he Boyi, the price is really not high. 10 million to buy a real life can be described as cheap. Just when LV Jingming and LAN Yuzhuo didn’t want to promise directly, someone mocked: “it’s difficult to make a country rich, and they’re not afraid of retribution!”

Si Yang looked at the man who was talking. His face was still calm. He was not angry at the man’s rude remarks. Instead, he asked faintly, “are there any elders of your family among these real people?”

The young man in his twenties snorted proudly, “of course! I’m one of the four members of the Yao family. Naturally, I bear the brunt of the great national disaster!” Then he rolled his eyes and snorted coldly. The meaning of ridicule was like essence.

This 20-year-old young man is a contemporary talent of the Yao family. He is highly savvy and is the most favored. He is always held in his hands on weekdays. It is inevitable that he is a little arrogant. If it were normal, he would not be so arrogant, but his family did not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for the safety of the people, and the opening that clearly has a way to save people is a reward. It’s like the soldiers are desperately saving people but are trapped. The people can save the soldiers with a pull, but they stand by and talk about the conditions. What do you think!

Si Yang looked at LAN Yuzhuo and said, “who is it?”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “master Yao is guarding Kun.”

LAN Yuzhuo was worried that because the boy had no words to hide, Si Yang threw his hand away in a rage, He quickly explained his guilt to him and said: “Elder, elder Yao is a very respectable elder. In those years, our country suffered great difficulties and foreign invasion. It was the Yao family who sacrificed countless people to keep one side safe. When he Boyi was besieged and suppressed more than 20 years ago, the two sons of elder Yao sacrificed themselves to create opportunities for the two predecessors of foundation building immortal, so they didn’t cause greater losses. This time, he Boyi who was able to catch the troublemaker was even more important to elder Yao I don’t hesitate to sacrifice myself to save the people, but… “My strength is not as strong as the strong enemy. I can’t suppress it alone. But LAN Yuzhuo didn’t say that.

Si Yang smiled: “anyway, there is always retribution. Don’t be more. How can you afford this retribution? The elders of others are still 10 million, and the Yao family is 20 million.”

The young man left angrily: “you!”

Si Yang looked at him coolly: “if you say one more word and give me 100 billion, I won’t save it.”

Yao Xinjing’s subconscious stepped back. The look in Siyang’s eyes just made Yao Xin feel that he was pinched by a huge palm of his heart. Obviously, it was just a touch of his eyes for less than a second, but it made him suffocate on the verge of death. It was not until Siyang looked away that Yao Xin felt alive.

It happened in an instant, and others didn’t notice it at all. Even LAN Yuzhuo, who stood nearest to him, just thought Yao Xin was frightened by Si Yang’s words before he shut up.

LV Jingming stretched out his hand to open Yao Xin and said eagerly, “we have agreed to the conditions said by the elder! Please do it as soon as possible. Once the formation is formed, there will be no power to return to heaven!” No matter how, he promised first. Although the man in front of him was very young, he believed in the vision of the LAN family.

Si Yang looked at the so-called big array in the field. The array was a little similar to the volley array he knew, but it was obviously much crude. The so-called ambush array is used to ambush and encircle strong enemies whose strength is higher than their own. It takes the large array as the medium and uses the power of heaven and earth to achieve its own purpose. However, the current array takes itself as the eye of the array, and uses the medium of large array to gather the strength of everyone to form an explosive strong attack. This is undoubtedly a suicide array.

Si Yang looked at them and said, “who of you has blank Rune paper?”

Following LV Jingming, a man directly took out a stack from his bag: “is that enough?”

Si Yang took it and nodded, “back away.”

The crowd hurriedly retreated. Si Yang directly folded the shape of a five pointed star with a blank symbol. Each folded one was filled with a bronze coin. The word “half two” was printed on the bronze coin. Qin banliang is the beginning of the five emperors’ money and the longest circulating currency in history. Unfortunately, the history is too long. It is very difficult to find a real one.

When the onlookers saw that Siyang took out a large number of Qin banliang, they subconsciously swallowed their saliva. Without Qin banliang, it would be difficult for the great five emperors to make money. Now it is not easy for them to have a set of five emperors’ money in the Qing Dynasty. Few people in the whole metaphysical circle have the Great Five Emperors’ money. Now I see this man take out one by one. If it is true, I can’t imagine the value.

Si Yang threw the folded five awn star amulet on the ground. At the moment of landing, it seemed as if a barrier had been set up. Those who stood close had even been forced to retreat again by a force.

Aware of the changes around, the group of people who are concentrating on turning themselves into array eyes and trying to fit the dragon chain couldn’t help opening their eyes to see, but they were surprised to see a young man walking around them with ease, ignoring the black evil spirit around them. Someone wanted to drink back the young man who suddenly appeared, but he couldn’t speak because of the big array, but his eyes looked more anxious.

Seeing that they looked at themselves, Si Yang raised his mouth and smiled at them: “your younger generation bought me for 10 million to help you and solve this disaster while protecting your life. The younger generation of the Yao family is particularly filial and paid 20 million. Take people’s money to eliminate the disaster. So please try to cooperate with me later.”

After Si Yang finished, without waiting for their reaction, he raised his hand directly, and a golden bell full of strange words flew out of his palm.

When the little clock hung in the air, it buzzed. It was as if the bell from the horizon was stirring, and the evil spirit suppressed by the people on the top of the mountain was smashed and dissipated invisibly. He Boyi, who had long been possessed by the devil, noticed a strong suppression, and the unstoppable resistance suddenly became fierce. In an instant, sand and stones flew and the wind rose everywhere.

At this time, the five awn star amulet just thrown on the ground by Si Yang seemed to tremble slightly. Within a hundred meters around he Boyi, it was obvious that the fierce air flow was like a sharp blade, which cut and smashed the vibrating flying stone. The clothes of the people sitting around the array had already been broken, and the blood marks on their bodies were increasing one after another.

But one person is still an exception. He is clearly in the heart of the array, but he is still walking in the court. It seems that all the fierce deliveries are deliberately avoiding him, or there is a stronger aura field around him to shield all things that can hurt him.

The people shielded by the barrier nervously watched the changes of the situation in the field. Every time they looked at the Si Yang, several people’s eyes were subconsciously dark. If he didn’t have a powerful magic weapon to protect his body, it meant that he had the strength comparable to the eleven real people. If so, it would be terrible. When was there such a person in the metaphysical world? Before that, They know nothing.

But at the same time, they were quite excited and surprised. Si Yang was really capable. It was obvious that there was a turn for the better in the doomed situation!

As the hanging golden bell was sounded, the originally gloomy sky became brighter and brighter, and the evil spirit that covered the sky and blocked the sun was dissipated.

At this time, Siyang came forward and gently pointed his scallion fingertips on the lock dragon chain.

The eleven real people sitting in the array and observing the young man’s actions all the time felt their hearts tremble, and even their souls were touched. This dragon lock chain is not only to trap he Boyi, but also to integrate the true Qi of the eleven of them into the big array. Once their breath is completely integrated with the Dragon lock chain, it means that the big array is formed. The moment when the big array is formed is the end of burning jade and stone.

But at the moment, they had instilled nearly half of their true Qi, which was broken up at the moment when the young man touched the dragon chain, and the people were directly shocked by the sudden powerful internal force and fell to the ground in a very embarrassed way.

The dragon chain lost the blessing of people’s true Qi and suffered the corrosion of yin and evil for so long. At the moment of breaking away from people, the dragon chain began to break with the naked eye.


Several real people saw that their eyes were about to crack. They finally trapped he Boyi with the lock dragon chain. Once the lock dragon chain was destroyed, it would be really difficult to catch he Boyi.

However, at the moment when the chain was smashed into smoke, the little golden bell that had been hanging suddenly became larger, and fell to the ground with a thud, covering he Boyi.

With a wave of Siyang’s hand, all the five awn star runes scattered on the ground flew to his palm, and the rune paper was directly crushed into ash, revealing Qin banliang one by one. The barrier of the border cleared away, and the people who had been anxiously watching rushed over and helped their elders up.

The originally windy mountain was completely quiet. In addition to the slight buzzing of the golden bell, there was also a group of people with injuries. The war a moment ago seemed like a dream, especially unreal.


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