Great Celestial Master Chapter 70

The ghost king, the king of ghosts, is absolutely unique. A ghost king must be a general before he dies. He comes out of the killing of thousands of bones. He has the evil spirit that even gods and ghosts can’t avoid before he dies. He can become king by himself after he dies.

Other war-torn countries have their own beliefs, that’s enough. In China, at least in the past 100 years, there is no such condition to give birth to a ghost king. Therefore, Deng Yang experienced everywhere with his master when he was a child, and he has been alone for many years when he grew up. So far, he has only seen one ghost king.

The one who came from his master’s three requests at that time to solve the problem by means of prestige. In short, he asked for help at the door, and then all kinds of good students were invited to leave. Duhua ghost king? It’s impossible. It’s impossible in this life. The Lord of hell acquiesced in their existence. They have several abilities to spend it.

Although the ghosts in front of him were much weaker than the ghost king he saw in those years, he would never admit his mistake in the breath and the ghost King totem that appeared on his body. At that time, his master told him that if he was unlucky to meet the ghost king outside in the future, he must avoid it. Their ancestors had to give way to three-thirds of their existence. If they wanted to live, they had to pretend to be good.

But his master didn’t tell him that the ghost king could still be produced in batch. What’s more, this group of children only look a few years old. Isn’t this a fantasy!

Although Deng Yang was stunned for a moment, he soon recovered from his shock. He immediately held a thunder charm and hit the group of ghost kings who rushed at him.

Those little ghosts did not dodge and were hit by lightning transformed by several spiritual powers. However, those attacks did not cause much damage to them. After the totems that seemed to grow from the body climbed over the hit place, the originally scorched scars recovered with the naked eye.

Deng Yang couldn’t bear to burst out a rude voice: “I’ve got a slot! Are you special RMB players!”

Seeing that Deng Yang had stopped all the ghosts when he came, Li Zezhi was much more relaxed than just now. Hearing his words, he couldn’t help laughing. But soon he couldn’t laugh. He thought Deng Yang was very powerful. After all, he just appeared like a cow, but he didn’t expect that Deng Yang was forced to run all over the room by the ghosts. The swords in his hand cut all kinds of thorns, but the ghosts were like wearing armor and were not affected at all.

Li Zezhi looked at the scene in front of him and asked some silly Chao Siyang, “master, master, uncle Deng seems to be uncertain about these ghosts. What should I do?”

Siyang youyou said, “cold.”

Zhu Wenxian thought there was really a powerful one this time, but he didn’t expect to be defeated by those fierce ghosts. Seeing that Deng Yang had pinned down several fierce ghosts, he wanted to take advantage of the chaos and escape, even ignoring his wife and daughter. But he is the target of those fierce ghosts. Anyone can escape, but he can’t.

When he had just moved, the ghosts who had just broken free from Deng Yang rushed at him and tore at him one by one.

The reason why the ghost king is difficult to deal with is that in addition to their own national fortune demons, they are also the king tacitly approved by the king of hell after their death. They can even practice directly with the ghost body. In short, it is ghost cultivation.

Once you step into ghost cultivation, you can’t compare with ordinary ghosts. Of course, those things that dispel evil spirits and ward off evil spirits are useless for ghost cultivation. However, just now that Lei Fu can make scars on these ghosts, it proves that these ghosts should be born in some special way. They just have the strength comparable to the ghost king, but they are not the real ghost king.

But even if such a group of fake ghost kings, one or two Deng Yang, consume energy and kill them, but there are eight of them. Regardless of quality, they can consume themselves in quantity. It’s difficult to do this at once.

When Deng Yangzhi came to the Zhu family, he almost found out some things. The Zhu family committed too many crimes and more than one person was killed by them. Zhu Guohao should have some way to suppress these wronged souls, but Zhu Guohao is just an ordinary person. If he does too many sins, he will be eaten back one day. When Zhu Guohao died of reverse phagocytosis, these ghosts killed by them would immediately come to the door and claim their lives.

He was sure that he would do something tonight. Those ghosts who got rid of the shackles because of Zhu Guohao’s death would come to claim their lives tonight, so he waited to catch them all.

But he didn’t expect that things would develop like this, because he never thought that things would become so serious. Although he always kept his self-protection, he didn’t have many weapons to attack and didn’t bring many talismans, so he was a little limited at once.

Deng Yang wanted to leave here first and quickly contact his colleagues here to come to support. When the totem on the female ghost who had just stood up and spoke for the first time flashed black light, and the whole cultivation soared as if it had been instilled by someone.

Instead of pouncing on Zhu Wenxian, who had been bitten on the ground by a group of ghosts, she stretched out two sharp hands to Deng Yang. It seemed that she wanted to solve the Heavenly Master who was in the way first, and then revenge them slowly.

Seeing that the female ghost was not afraid of his gossip mirror and the money peach wooden sword of the fifth emperor, and even his soaring cultivation, Deng Yang bit his teeth and took out a thin jade piece from his clothes. This was prepared for him by his master. If necessary, he threw it away and ran away to save his life.

However, before he could make the last means to save his life, a golden light came from behind and passed through her body before the female ghost reacted.

The female ghost screamed in an instant, and the ghost King totem on her body was like paint, as if it had been washed by water, fading little by little. The female ghost without totem also fell down, and the scars just hit by the thunder amulet were exposed again, a blur of flesh and blood, which looked terrible.

Deng Yang quickly looked up and saw Si Yang who had just stood up from the sofa and Li Zezhi hiding behind him. Deng Yang immediately shouted as if he had seen his relatives: “brother Siyang!”

Although I don’t know why Siyang is here, it’s just a life-saving Bodhisattva. I’m inexplicably excited that my life can be saved.

On the other hand, the man looked at the broken doll in his hand, and his happy eyes suddenly became cold. He threw the doll in his hand, lit a triangular tower shaped incense in the incense burner on the table, and sat down and changed his mind.

With the burning of Yin incense, other dolls with black totems began to change. The color of black totems on their bodies became darker and darker. The originally very thin totem lines gradually became thicker, and the doll’s eyes began to flash red light, as if they were alive.

After Siyang solved a female ghost, the other pseudo ghost kings who attacked Zhu Wenxian and besieged the old Taoist priest and liar almost stopped their actions at the same time, turned their heads and looked at Siyang, and the ghost gas on their bodies also increased with the naked eye.

In Deng Yang’s eyes, those ghosts became more solid and gave him a feeling more and more like the ghost king he had seen before. No matter how stupid he was, he knew that someone behind these ghosts must be controlling them. Although he didn’t know how the person behind them turned these little ghosts into pseudo ghost kings with strength comparable to the ghost king, the current situation was definitely unfavorable to them.

Deng Yang suddenly stood up from the ground. He was more or less playful and completely dignified. He put the ghost bead back on his wrist and urged Lingli to gently wipe it on the peach wood sword. The patterns carved on the peach wood sword flickered with golden light: “brother Siyang, take it first and you’ll know to leave. I’ll break it. Don’t worry. Although I can’t deal with them, it’s still no problem to leave here. Things here have exceeded too much. I have to contact the people in the Department.”

Even if it is a fake ghost king, it is also a group. One of these ghosts must not be released. He must stay here and wait for someone to come.

When Deng Yang said this, the old Taoist struggled to climb to them: “help… Help me…”

He is a man of cultivation, but his cultivation is not high. He can make a little living with this ability. I just didn’t expect to be planted this time. Every time those ghosts bit him, he felt that his anger had lost a point, and let them continue to bite like this. I’m afraid he was completely sucked dry before he climbed out of the door of the Zhu family.

Although the liar hiding in the corner has no ability, the Jade Buddha he wears is a really good thing. He has resisted those ghosts for a long time. Unfortunately, the liar himself has a bad mind. Although he has not killed people, he has really cheated many people. This man has a mouth industry and has many karma obstacles. How can real spiritual things protect him. Therefore, the spirit in the Jade Buddha had been consumed by him for a long time. At present, the ghosts could not resist for long, and he was thrown all over.

When he was almost dying, he heard that they were leaving. His strong desire for survival suddenly burst out and suddenly ran out of the pile of fierce Ghosts: “help! Take me away. I have money and a lot of money. I give you money and give you all! Please take me out of here!”

However, it was obvious that those ghosts were unwilling to let them go. They stared at several living people here one by one, with a pair of ferocious eyes that wanted to eat meat and drink blood. Li Zezhi was numb and tried to hide behind Siyang.

Si Yang glanced at the children who were gathered around and smiled: “don’t you want us to go? Just right, I’m not going to let you go.”

How can a group of things that can’t even talk about ghost repair trap him.

Although Deng Yang didn’t know the real strength of brother Siyang, although he must be much stronger than himself. He saw it in the cave last time, but in the face of such a group of ghost kings, he was still beating a drum in his heart. However, when he heard brother Siyang say so, he subconsciously said, “brother Siyang, they are likely to be controlled by others.”

Originally, these ghosts were wronged and killed before they died. After they died, they were deliberately trapped and could not reincarnate. Now they are still used as chess pieces. It’s really terrible. That’s why he wanted to ask his colleagues to help. After all, it’s not impossible for Deng yang to fight all of them. However, if we want to suppress excess, we must spend more effort and find more people to help.

“Take this and stand here.”

Si Yang put a jade colored thousand petal lotus in Li Zezhi’s hand. This thousand petal lotus was obtained by him and his good friend monk Tianguang when he went to the Shahai to dig out the treasure house of people’s nest. It is said that it was refined from the magic jade, because the magic cultivator who refined the magic jade was actually dedicated to the Buddha. Unfortunately, without the Buddha root, even his cultivation qualification was more devilish, However, this could not resist his yearning for Buddhism.

Therefore, although the thousand petal lotus is the shape of Buddhist artifacts, it is actually something that condenses the magic Qi, and can even convert the spiritual power into the magic Qi. There is a lot of aura in the cultivation world. Every breath is full of aura, which is the difference between purity and impurities. Therefore, this thing is very useful for demon cultivation. But in today’s earth, the aura is thin. Relying on that aura alone, it can’t transform much magic Qi at all. However, although there is little aura, there is a lot of Yin Qi, such as now.

Si Yang is actually very optimistic about LAN Jinxiu. Although LAN Jinxiu’s physique can’t cultivate their Hengtian sect’s Taoism, he also has many magic cultivation skills in his hand. There are many treasures in the soul house. It’s no problem to supply LAN Jinxiu until Yuanying’s distraction period. But he can’t hit LAN Jinxiu with everything.

If he was born in a demon cultivation background and could meet such a good seedling in such an environment, he might really do so. A good apprentice is enough. I’m afraid there are few born good seedlings who are not interested in demon cultivation.

It’s a pity that their Hengtian sect was even destroyed in the hands of demon Xiu. It’s good for him to be free of prejudice. Therefore, although he will not deliberately Collect Magic Qi, if he encounters it, he will collect a little, which will have no impact on himself. If he can get a good harvest, it will be an unexpected joy, but it depends on whether LAN Jinxiu has this fate.

Li Zezhi obediently held the things given to him by his master, although he was scared a little weak in his legs at the moment. But he felt that master was more powerful than he thought, so he dared to stand still.

Si Yang looked at him and said, “if you’re afraid, close your eyes.”

Li Zezhi immediately shook his head like shaking a rattle: “no, not afraid!” Close your eyes and you can’t see anything, but it’s more terrible to hear a sound, okay!

Si Yang didn’t care about him anymore, because those ghosts rushed at them one after another.

Deng Yang picked up the peach wood sword and rushed up. Si Yang grabbed his back collar and threw it next to Li Zezhi. As soon as he stretched out his hand, a wooden bow appeared in his hand, but there was a bow without an arrow. When Siyang put his other hand on the bow, an arrow that seemed to be condensed by spiritual light brushed the ground and shot out. Only then did Deng Yang understand where the golden light came from.

The fierce ghost, whose body was penetrated by the arrow formed by the aura, was like the female ghost before. The black totem on his body slowly retreated and instantly dissipated from the strength of the pseudo ghost king to a state of being scared.

Deng Yang was stunned. The Heavenly Master didn’t use bows and arrows, but he dared to swear that no one can directly condense into arrows with spiritual power. The key is that there is a smell of thunder in the spiritual power condensed into arrows. If it were not for the power of the thunder, it would never be so easy to break the power of the ghost king in the black totem.

Li Zezhi, who has no concept of these things, only feels that master is so handsome and really handsome that he has no friends. Even if he just looks like this, he has a feeling that his heart is going to explode.

The speed of those fake ghost kings was very fast. They were small. When they rushed over, they were almost a remnant, but no matter how fast they were, they couldn’t be faster than Siyang’s direct counting of arrows.

Looking at a group of ghosts whose black totems had faded, Deng Yang looked numb. The man behind the control is very powerful, which is absolute. At least, he hasn’t seen the existence of being able to urge ordinary enemies into a ghost king. The power of those fake ghost kings just now is enough to stir up a bloody storm in the metaphysical world. It happened that the bug like Siyang was destroyed without any wind and waves.

Even his master may not be able to condense such an arrow with the smell of thunder, let alone count the arrows at once. If the man behind knows how he was killed, he doesn’t know whether he will be angry enough to spit blood.

Although the fake ghost kings were solved, Si Yang didn’t stop at this point. Instead, he grabbed them in vain. Several little ghosts who had fallen to the ground and were almost transparent twitched twice with his actions. And there was a black air mass in Siyang’s hand.

Si Yang took out a blank yellow paper, drew something on the yellow paper with his fingers, and then beat in the black air mass just extracted from the ghost. Li Zezhi asked Li Zezhi to take the copper basin used by the Taoist just now, threw the rune paper in, flicked his fingertips, and a little sporadic flame fell on the Yellow rune.

The Yellow talisman in the copper basin was wrapped with a light blue flame. Deng Yang and they could see that the black gas on the talisman was decreasing with the combustion of the fire, but they couldn’t burn on the talisman paper for half a day.

Li Zezhi hugged the things Si Yang had just given him, carefully leaned over and asked, “master, what are you doing?”

Si Yang said: “backfire, those kids are manipulated by people and have the smell of people behind the scenes. However, the man has some skills. He can’t hurt him by breaking his skills, so he can only use this Qi to teach him a lesson. He’s not afraid to break his hands if he stretches out so long.”

In the villa, there are broken dolls, overturned incense burners, Yin incense that burns out halfway, and men who fall to the ground and bite their lips to suppress their groans. After a while, the man whose heart pain gradually disappeared slowly sat up from the ground, looked at the mess all over the ground and his pale face in a cold sweat, his face was almost distorted, and said, “what a China!”


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