Great Celestial Master Chapter 71

Without the manipulation of the man behind him, even if the ghosts in this room are angry, they can’t stir up any waves. As for the others in the house, the old Taoist estimated that he still had his own way. Seeing that they suppressed things, he immediately poured several pills into his mouth to regulate his breath. However, the anger he lost was not that those pills could regulate his breath. After this disaster, it is estimated that he will never dare to swing around half a bucket of water again.

The swindler was even worse. He was weak on the ground and couldn’t even howl. There was no need to say his pale face. He didn’t know how many bites he had been bitten by the ghosts. Anyway, according to Deng Yang’s Yin and Yang eyes, he was hurt all over and hurt his internal organs. I don’t know if the money he made by cheating in the past can make him live for two more years.

The two of them are in good condition. The Yang of Zhu Wenxian’s wife and daughter is not as heavy as that of men, and the ghosts are easier to approach. When Deng Yang went to check, Zhu Wenxian’s wife’s body was cold.

Deng Yang had seen Zhu Wenxian’s wife when he came here before. Her face was very hostile. The typical one was the life style of sitting seven murders. People of this kind of life style were decisive, irritable and unscrupulous in order to achieve their goals. If it is a man, as long as he can hold such a life, he will be a hero, but if it is a woman, it is definitely a situation where women are stronger than men. So I’m afraid this woman is more involved in the Zhu family than her husband.

The daughter she protected was just unconscious. Deng Yang stuffed a pill into the girl’s mouth and saved her life temporarily. But the little girl is not very clean. Although she doesn’t have the smell of blood, she is extremely Yin. It is estimated that the little girl has wasted all the dirty money earned by the Zhu family. A little girl in her teens is expected to wear more than 100000 bracelets. It’s no wonder that she will be infected with the Yin of this body because she spends too much money from improper sources.

As for Zhu Wenxian, to say it’s miserable, he’s still alive. To say it’s not miserable, it’s better to die like his wife. There’s no good skin all over. When those ghosts attacked him, they didn’t know whether they wanted to torture him severely. The wound was not deep and there was no fear of life, but the countless strands of Yin Qi penetrated into the viscera with the wound. As long as he lived one day, the flavor of life is better than death.

After checking the current situation, Deng Yangwei sighed invisibly, then looked at Si Yang and what to do next. Of course, he listened to Si Yang.

Si Yang did not intend to continue to toss: “you can deal with it as you should.”

Deng Yang nodded, but Li Zezhi suddenly said, “master, there is no girl here.”

Si Yang said, “you go upstairs to the second room on the left and take down the pot of orchids.”

Li Zezhi hurriedly obeyed, but after two steps, he stopped: “master, I, I’ll go alone?”

Si Yang slightly raised his eyebrow: “do you want me to go with you?”

Li Zezhi looked at Deng Yang, who immediately turned his head.

Li Zezhi gritted his teeth and said, “I’ll go!” Then he ran away, like a ghost chasing behind him. In less than a minute, he ran down with an orchid in his arms. He probably ran with one breath. As soon as he stopped, he gasped for a long sigh of relief.

Siyang took the flowers and smashed them directly on the ground. He had been offered millions of orchids. He kicked them away with his feet like a weed, and then dug through a pile of flower soil to find a wooden card the size of a little thumb.

As soon as the wooden card was turned out, Deng Yang didn’t see anything, but he had a headache and his brain was buzzing. On the contrary, Li Zezhi didn’t feel anything and stared curiously.

With a slight stroke of Si Yang on the wooden card, Deng Yang felt that a powerful force wrapped around the wooden card had been broken, and the breath that gave him a headache had dissipated. Deng Yang looked closer and said, “is this engraved Sanskrit?”

Although the wooden board is a tiny piece, it is engraved with dense fonts, which looks like Sanskrit, but he doesn’t study Sanskrit and doesn’t understand what is written on it.

Si Yang said: “this should be a very ancient Scripture. At least the Scriptures known in the market today are not in line with the content carved on it. The main meaning of this is to melt the soul.”

Deng Yang was stunned: “what is the soul?” He has never heard of this before.

Si Yang looked at it carefully for a while before he said, “the soul is self styled, turning resentment into spirit, changing lives alternately, and the karma is unclear.”

Li Zezhi was blindfolded and couldn’t understand it at all.

Deng Yang frowned, thought for a moment, and said, “what a poisonous way.”

Li Zezhi said curiously, “what do you mean? Is this sign what Xiaoya said to trap her?”

Deng Yangchao explained to him: “This wooden plaque is made of Millennium shade wood. This shade wood does not mean the kind of shade wood that can be found in the world today, but the coffin made of Millennium iron wood. In ancient times, the coffin made of this kind of wood was for people who were extremely evil in life, or people who had great resentment, anger and evil spirit in death. In order to prevent such people from turning into fierce ghosts for revenge after death, this kind of wood is used Thousands of years of iron and wood to suppress, and the form of burial has to be buried in a special way, so that the bones of the dead will not melt for thousands of years and will not be reborn forever. The people who were executed and buried in this way can see how deep resentment there will be. The coffin has been soaked with such resentment for thousands of years, which can become such a real Millennium shade wood. ”

“I’m afraid the people of the Zhu family killed people in a special way and sealed the soul of the dead in the wooden plate. The ghost was tortured by Yin wood day and night, and the resentment naturally increased day by day. The Scriptures engraved on the wooden plate transformed this resentment into a power that can change people’s luck. What’s more, the cost of changing the day for luck was suppressed by the Scriptures and returned to the origin of the soul Body, I’m afraid the caster doesn’t bother at all. ”

Deng Yang said, but he felt that there seemed to be some contradictions: “brother Siyang, you said that the karma is unclear, then why did Zhu Guohao die by being eaten back?”

Siyang Road: “This method can’t be used by ordinary people because they don’t have the ability to control this power. Unless he is a Heavenly Master, it’s a long time for ordinary people like Zhu Guohao to last for a few years. Moreover, the Scripture itself is incomplete. I’m afraid it was originally incomplete and later deciphered and filled in. Moreover, if Zhu Guohao is not reversed Bite, how can these ghosts suppressed in the wooden card come out? If they don’t come out, how can that person know whether the ghost king made by himself is successful? ”

Deng Yang looked more and more dignified when he heard the speech: “the Zhu family started seven or eight years ago. It would be terrible if someone really gave birth to the ghost King through this evil method and could control them.”

He could hardly imagine what would happen to the whole of China if someone created a bunch of ghost kings with such a vicious way. Over the years, as China has become more and more powerful, it has increasingly become a thorn in the eye of other countries. No matter how harmonious the diplomacy on the surface is, the small private moves have never been broken. But in any case, there is always a degree in everything. It can be said that we have been testing on that edge all the time. If anything happens, we can solve it privately, just like the two Japanese who rashly entered the country last time.

However, it would be too much for someone to refine an enemy soul into a ghost king in China, but it is still unknown whether this person is a “self person” who has taken a wrong path or someone from another country with great ambition to go to heaven.

Deng Yang’s worry Si Yang can’t understand. The man behind him is like a child playing with sand. People are so tired there that he can flatten it with a slap if he wants to.

After looking at the wooden card in his hand twice, Siyang turned it around and turned it into a small bowl out of thin air. The white jade bowl was no more than the size of the palm of his hand. It was transparent and flawless. Under the light, it was slightly glowing with soft fluorescence. Even those who didn’t know how to do it could see that it was exquisite and expensive.

Deng Yang was slightly stunned. He seemed to think of something and couldn’t help showing a look of shock. Li Zezhi was curious and looked at Si Yang’s hand. He seemed to want to see where the bowl was taken out.

Siyang did not control them, put the wooden cards in the jade bowl, and sprinkled some cinnabar on them. The wooden card immediately became corroded by what was like, and it started to whitish bubbles and make noises.

Deng Yang looked at the crimson cinnabar with a slightly different smell, and couldn’t help saying, “brother Siyang, this cinnabar is not ordinary cinnabar, is it?”

Si Yang said: “well, mixed with some Lingsha, one gram, one million, the price of cabbage.”

Deng Yang: “…” poverty limited his imagination.

After a while, Deng Yang suddenly turned sideways and a little girl squatted in the seat where he had just stood. Deng Yang pasted a rune on the little girl to help her show her shape. Li Zezhi was shocked to see the sudden appearance of Xiaoya, and then jumped up in surprise: “Xiaoya!”

Unfortunately, he threw himself into the air. He could see Xiaoya, but he couldn’t touch her.

With the help of the talisman, Xiaoya’s weak soul slowly solidified for a few minutes. She looked up at Li Zezhi. Her empty eyes looked very strange. It seemed that she recognized the person in front of her after recognizing it for a long time. The whole voice shouted empty and cold: “brother Da Sheng.”

Li Zezhi knew that he couldn’t touch Xiaoya, so he squatted in front of him, red eyes and choked: “Xiaoya, are you still uncomfortable? Is there anything else trapped you?”

Xiaoya pulled the corners of her mouth and seemed to smile at him: “it’s not uncomfortable. Thank brother Dasheng. I knew you would come to save me.”

Xiaoya has only died for a few months. Even if she is trapped in yinmu, she has not been tortured for too long. Compared with those ghosts who have died for several years, her mind is still sober. Just now Deng Yang tried to ask those ghosts, but they were almost scared. They were a group of kids who didn’t know anything and couldn’t ask anything.

Seeing that Xiaoya can recognize people, he asked her, “Xiaoya, tell me how you died.”

If ordinary people encounter ghosts, they certainly can’t ask this. The reason why people become ghosts after death is their own obsession, in addition to being deliberately done, and most ghosts’ biggest obsession is their own death. Once this kind of question is asked and touches the thing that the ghost is most unwilling to face, it will run away. No matter how harmless the ghost is, it will be delirious and hurt people.

However, there are two heavenly masters here. Naturally, they won’t be afraid of a kid who has only died for a few months. In order to find out the whole thing, that’s the only way to ask.

Fortunately, Xiaoya’s soul power is estimated to be consumed by the wooden card. In addition, she is young. When she dies, she only has obsession with her relatives, but not much about herself, so her reason still exists.

In Xiaoya’s intermittent answers, they roughly understood the context of the matter.

Zhu Guohao himself is a carpenter. He is still a descendant of his ancestral craft. He doesn’t study in a regular school. Zhu Guohao actually didn’t have much skill. His parents were honest craftsmen. The heretical way was that Zhu Guohao listened to his grandfather as a story teller when he was a child.

Later, I watched every family’s life get better and better. Whether people make houses or make furniture, they slowly go to professional companies, and they won’t find craftsmen handed down from their ancestors. Later, I heard my son say that the wood industry is becoming more and more difficult to do. With the development of information, many things are almost in the open. The price can’t play with much water, so I can only fight for quality and low price.

At that time, Zhu Wenxian had just got married, and his wife was a strong one. Zhu Wenxian had a small company. He didn’t say he made a lot of money, but at least he could maintain a comfortable life. However, his wife always thought he couldn’t do anything, didn’t do much in his career, and didn’t have the ability to make money for milk powder in the future.

If you talk too much, the family will naturally be restless. With the birth of the child, the cost is increasing. Later, Zhu Guohao moved his mind and began to put some unorthodox things to help money at home.

Originally, Zhu Guohao didn’t believe this. He himself came from the era of breaking the four old times and didn’t see many such things. At the beginning, he was just trying. Unexpectedly, his son received a big order a few days later. Although there is not much oil and water, there is still a profit at least. Since then, Zhu Guohao has been addicted to these things.

Later, Zhu Guohao was “lucky” and found something in the antique market that seemed to have just been dug out of the earth. It was a wooden box. The workmanship was quite exquisite, but the price was not cheap. At that time, Zhu Guohao didn’t know how to use his magic to want it very much, so he didn’t hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy it. After taking it home, he played at home every day. Then one day, he found a dark grid in which there was a wooden card engraved with ancient Sanskrit and a piece of incomplete parchment.

Some secret methods are recorded on parchment. The means are evil and vicious, but the interests are too moving.

The first one poisoned by Zhu Guohao was Tuogu, a 20-year-old girl from his old uncle in the countryside. She had never been out of the village or read much in her life. Seeing that the Zhu family had developed some family background in the city, she thought that she was old and could not take care of her for long, so she wanted to arrange the granddaughter before she died, Even being a nanny in the city is a way to live.

Then the girl became Zhu Guohao’s first target.

In the villa of Zhu family, there is also a basement. There is an altar in the basement, which worships the unknown evil god painted on the parchment, which was carved by Zhu Guohao himself after he became rich, and then there are a series of murder tools.

According to the method recorded on the parchment paper, the living sacrifice is offered to the altar in front of the evil god statue without touching any water rice for three days. After three days, the human blood is drained first. The released blood should soak the wooden card in it, and the blood will be slowly absorbed by the wooden card. The magic is that as long as the wooden card is put into the blood, the fresh blood can remain fresh until it is sucked clean.

The corpse is refined into corpse oil according to the way written on parchment, and then the corpse oil is used to wipe the wooden plate three times in the morning, noon and evening. In this way, the wooden plate is buried in the soil planted with plants for 49 consecutive days, so as to release the power converted by the wooden plate and change the luck with the vitality of the plants.

Put the plants in the dry position facing the East. After three months of support, you can take out the wooden plate, and then dispose of the potted flowers. It’s best to give them to a person with excellent financial luck. In that way, you can bring more money to yourself. One life can guarantee the invincible luck of a whole year.

Hearing Xiaoya say this, Deng Yang’s face is very ugly. There were nine ghosts in the whole room, including Xiaoya. Except that the first girl who was poisoned was an adult, the others were minors. Look at the size of those kids. I’m afraid the younger ones are only two or three years old, and the older ones are four or five years old. Where do these children come from? What channels can they get in addition to abduction and trafficking. That is, even if the abducted and trafficked are killed, the body will not be found as long as it is handled carefully.

Li Zezhi can’t stand it anymore. Although his life is very poor, it is also simple. He hasn’t heard of such crazy things. Looking at the little girl who has become a ghost, Li Zezhi wiped the tears he tried to hold: “how can there be such a cruel person? How can he do such a thing! It’s too bad!”

Si Yang handed Deng Yang the wooden card that had broken the evil law: “I won’t intervene in the next thing. Deal with it yourself.”

Deng Yang nodded. If Si Yang wasn’t here today, I really don’t know how to end it. The biggest problem has been solved, and there is no need to bother Siyang for the rest of the work.

Just when they were dealing with the wooden cards, the liar and the old Taoist had slipped away, but no one had time to take care of them. After this injury, I’m afraid some of them had suffered.

Seeing that the master was ready to leave, Li Zezhi looked ready to speak and stopped. Si Yang said, “do you want to stay?”

Li Zezhi looked at Xiaoya and nodded: “I want to see her go.”

Si Yang didn’t object either. He said to Deng Yang, “let him follow you.”

Deng Yang naturally promised, hooked Li Zezhi’s shoulder and said, “don’t worry, brother Siyang. I promise to send it back to the whole beard and tail after handling the matter.” This may be their team of future talents. Now the opportunity to contact feelings has been sent to the door. There is no reason for him to refuse.


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