Great Celestial Master Chapter 72

When Li Zezhi came back after working with Deng Yang, it was already the afternoon of the third day. However, after this busy work, he just sent Xiaoya away to chaodu. Although Si Yang broke the Scriptures and evil methods on the wooden card, the damage suffered by the soul can’t be recovered, especially those little ghosts who have been refined by others. They will be scared when they move a little, not even chaodu. Deng Yang had to do a day and night of Dharma for them to stabilize his soul a little before sending them away.

Li Zezhi also waited patiently for a day and a night. Although Xiaoya’s situation is not as miserable as those little ghosts, according to Deng Yang, such Dharma is also good for ghosts. When reincarnating, the more stable and powerful the soul is, the better the body will be in the future.

This time, he really gained a lot of insight. Seeing the moment when the gloomy and dead face suddenly became peaceful before the ghosts disappeared, Li Zezhi’s mood was complex. At that time, he thought a lot of things, but it seemed that he didn’t think about anything. His mind was a little blank, but he couldn’t restrain the feeling of crying. Life is incredible, whether it’s new or dead. In the past, he thought death was the end, but now he has a feeling that maybe death is the beginning of everything.

Until he returned to the hotel, he was still in this mood. Then he saw the master who was drinking afternoon tea with LAN Jinxiu. Li Zezhi asked seriously, “master, can I become as powerful as you in the future?”

Si Yang seemed surprised and raised his eyebrows: “how can you have such a wrong understanding?”

Li Zezhi suddenly didn’t respond to the meaning of this sentence, and said foolishly, “ah?”

Si Yang said, “your qualifications are average. After you go back, I have to spend some time on you to change your physique. It can only be said that you have just crossed the threshold of the starting line. As for your future achievements, it depends on whether you are diligent and able to make up for your weaknesses.”

Li Zezhi seemed to be a little hit. He thought that his master accepted him as an apprentice because he had strange bones and excellent qualifications, so he fell in love with him at a glance, but he didn’t expect it to be so. Sure enough, people can’t make up too much. Don’t you think too much. Later, Li Zezhi realized that the threshold of his master was so high that all the disciples accepted by the master had a wrong understanding of themselves.

LAN Jin said, “since it’s all right here, go back tomorrow.”

Si Yang nodded: “go back and review for another period of time. It’s another winter.”

LAN Jinxiu looked out of the window with him and looked at the small pedestrians on the road hurrying around in thick clothes. It was only December and it was cold enough to snow. This year’s new year was in mid February. It seemed that this year’s cold winter would last for some time.

The preliminary work in the cave has been basically completed, and Tian Rong’s bones can also be removed. For this unnatural death, the secret service department naturally came forward to inform the family members.

LAN Jinxiu didn’t go to see Tian Rong’s parents, but asked LAN Yuzhuo to help him prepare two bright lights in Linggu Temple. He planned to light Tian Rong’s parents after returning to Zhongdu. He couldn’t save people. Now all he can do is pray for his parents for peace and health.

When Si Yang returned to Zhongdu with Li Zezhi, Deng Yang stayed here to deal with the aftermath. Suddenly, two big things happened in Yishan City, which was very lively. The cave is a new discovery of ancient relics. It is a progress and breakthrough for the archaeological community and the whole history of China. It is a happy thing.

But the Zhu family’s affairs are too common indignation. In addition to an evil altar, there is also a huge freezer in the Zhu family’s basement, and Xiaoya’s body was found in the freezer. After a series of treatment, the bodies of the other children killed by the Zhu family were taken back to the countryside and buried at the Tomb Sweeping Day every year. Originally a child, after treatment, a small travel bag can hold it, and no one will doubt it when you take it back.

According to Deng Yang’s inquiry about the burial site from the first female ghost who died in the hands of the Zhu family, the excavation dug out the bones of seven children and the bones of an adult. Although the Zhu family chose to live in a villa area with good privacy in order not to expose their own affairs, it was impossible not to be known because of the noise that night. Later, a large number of police came in and out.

Soon the Zhu family’s affairs were exposed, but in order to avoid being maliciously created panic, they simply held a press conference to announce the situation they investigated. Now the criminals have been arrested, which can be regarded as an explanation to the public.

But some things that can’t be explained by science can’t be said, but this kind of nonsense is what those officials are best at. The evil secret was hidden, and Zhu Guohao was described as a pervert with child abuse. In order to satisfy his evil desire, his family even helped him buy abducted children from human traffickers.

Later, when Zhu Guohao went to buy orchids in the mountains, he fell in love with the little girl of the family, so he stretched out his evil hand, but he didn’t expect to be exposed this time and found out by the little girl’s brother. So the little girl’s brother searched for clues and found the Zhu family all the way, and made a lot of trouble more than once.

But no one believed him at that time. An old criminal policeman passing by was suspicious, so he helped him investigate. As a result, so many things were found in this investigation. When Zhu Guohao learned that his affair had been exposed, he scared himself to death. His son not only knew what his father had done, but also participated in and dealt with the aftermath. Now he has been arrested.

The behavior of this matter has been quite bad, especially involving the abduction and trafficking of children, which is simply the bottom line that Chinese people can’t be touched. However, although the criminal evidence is conclusive, it still needs to be decided according to some procedures, so there is no result for a time. However, after the exposure of this matter, almost all the people are demanding the death penalty.

Of course, there is another saying on the Internet that the children killed by the Zhu family came to avenge themselves, so it was cloudy and windy on the night of the incident, and the whole Zhu family was obviously destroyed into ruins by a powerful force. However, this statement is only online and has not been confirmed. Of course, it is impossible to be confirmed.

After returning to Zhongdu, the ghost servants of Siyang’s family were very curious about the new disciples of Siyang. They looked around as if they were strange, which made Li Zezhi at a loss. Xiaofuzi looked at the young man who was as old as himself, pursed his lips, and asked Si Yang, “master, what should we call him, young master?”

Si Yang said, “name.”

He was not very interested in this kind of class system, and he didn’t correct the address of ghost servants because he wanted them to form this sense of primary and secondary. In the past, in hengtianzong, he also had a group of servants with refined plants to call his master, so he was used to this address. But for Li Zezhi, it’s naturally his name, not his son. What’s his name, little master.

From one side of the dream: “then call Zezhi young master. After all, he is the master’s disciple and should be distinguished.”

Li Zezhi quickly waved his hand: “just call my name!” What young master? He’s a poor boy who doesn’t even have land to grow. How can he afford such a title.

However, master’s home was really beyond his expectation. With such a beautiful big house and such a beautiful garden, he thought he was going to go to some deep mountain to practice with master.

However, Siyang didn’t give him time to adapt to the new environment and directly carried him to the third floor.

The ghost servants are all on the first floor, because Siyang has set up a soul cultivation array in the room on the first floor, which is also good for their own cultivation. Now only he lives with Shen ran on the second floor. Shen Ran has stayed here in the name of the ghost servant, but they actually have no master servant relationship.

First, he took Shen ran in because it was not easy to become proficient in this era of the end of the law, and he just needed someone to take care of his external affairs. Then, it seemed that Shen ran had an opportunity to be related to himself in the future.

As for the third floor, it is equivalent to the cultivation ground of Siyang. There is a room where no one is allowed to enter without permission. Even the ghost servant and Shen ran don’t know what’s going on above.

Siyang took Li Zezhi to the third floor. As soon as he entered the room, it was like entering another world. It was a real other world, with mountains and water, endless open grassland and a huge palace. Li Zezhi’s eyes were about to fall out. He almost suspected that there was an arbitrary door in master’s house that could cross into other worlds!

Si Yang took him to the palace and said as he walked, “this is a training ground. You will practice here in the future. What is enshrined in this palace is that you are a Shizu. Now I’ll take you in to worship once. If you have nothing to do in the future, don’t disturb you at will.”

Li Zezhi hurriedly and carefully followed: “yes.”

Li Zezhi thought that what master said should be a memorial tablet or portrait, but he didn’t expect it to be a virtual shadow. Although the virtual shadow was vivid and sat there like a real person, fortunately it just looked like it.

Worshipped Shizu, Si Yang took him to the side hall again: “All kinds of Taoism, the particularity of our school and what you really want to learn are recorded in this jade slip. Now I’ll wash away the other two waste spirit roots in your body, and then you can interpret the contents of this jade slip after you can draw Qi into your body. It won’t be easy in the process of washing and cutting marrow, but if you can’t sustain it, it also proves that you are However, I have spiritual roots, but I have no chance to take this road. There is no apprenticeship between you and me. At that time, I will make other arrangements for you, which is worth meeting. ”

Li Zezhi bit his lips with a bit of stubbornness: “I can make it!”

Si Yang seemed to smile and pointed at it casually: “take off your clothes and soak in the pool. No matter how painful your body is, you can’t leave the pool. When you wash your essence and cut your marrow, I will inject my heart method of hengtianzong into your knowledge of the sea and guide you to practice. This is the best time for practice. If you want to achieve something in the future, seize the opportunity.”

Li Zezhi nodded, then quickly stripped himself and jumped into the pool. The water in the pool was neither hot nor cold. It was very comfortable when soaking in it. The comfort was that the whole body was light and there was no pressure at all.

“Open your mouth.”

Li Zezhi quickly obediently opened his mouth, and then a pill was thrown into his mouth. The pill melted at the entrance. Li Zezhi thought at that time that he was in the middle of the pool, a little far from the master. Then a pill the size of a little thumb was accurately thrown into his mouth. The master must be super good at playing basketball.

Siyang then threw several plants like flowers and plants into the pool. The moment he threw them into the pool, they melted into the water. When Li Zezhi was surprised, he heard Siyang say, “close your eyes and stay honest. You can get up when I ask you to get up.”

Li Zezhi nodded hurriedly. After he closed his eyes, Si Yang put a touch of spiritual light into his sea of knowledge, and then turned and left.

Soon, Li Zezhi knew what it means to be in pain, what it means to be in deep water and hot water, and what it means to be a master only when you eat bitterly!

When Li Zezhi was baptized, Si Yang didn’t always wait nearby. Although this place was an independent space created by array, it had been integrated with his divine consciousness, so he could know everything Li Zezhi did inside. Even more, he can conjure up a virtual shadow to teach his skills, which does not need to be guarded by himself.

Seeing Si Yang coming down from upstairs, xiaofuzi hurriedly took a small card to ask for credit: “master! The online store made a lot of money this month, almost double that of last month!”

Siyang smiled at the speech: “but did you earn back the expenses of January at home?”

Little fuzziton blushed, laughed twice, and then lowered his head silently: “no, almost.”

Although they have a room full of ghosts and have almost no special needs in life, the soul raising array of their master is heaven for them. But the expenses at home are really not small. They have been ghosts for so many years, and there is no one to offer sacrifices every year. They are still trapped in the palace. During the ghost festival, those lonely souls and wild ghosts can still grab something to eat. They don’t even have to eat. Isn’t they greedy.

So there are not many other things in the family. Diet is really the ultimate of all kinds. In addition, the fat chef himself was born as an imperial chef. In the past, the emperor paid more attention to it. In this new era of various conveniences, it was only more exquisite, not the most exquisite. When he met the ingredients he had not seen in those years, he was addicted to studying.

Therefore, after Shen Ran’s advice, xiaofuzi opened a new food website to directly hang a link on the talisman website to sell the food made by fat chefs every day.

The delivery of talisman is an agreement signed between the owner and the living company. He only needs to sort out the list and send it to the express company to them. He only runs once a day. If someone is in a hurry, it’s natural that he sent it in person. The speed of the ghost ensures that the talisman will arrive at your door the next second you pay. However, the expedited delivery fee is not cheap. After all, if the talisman can be expedited, there must be something wrong. He has to take the risk to send it.

The food is different. When to eat it after it comes out of the pot, for meticulous people, it takes one minute. That is the different taste. Moreover, the owner did not sign with the living company, so he had to deliver each order in person. But fortunately, the owner has the ability to update and upgrade all the websites. When they place an order and make money over there, they automatically form a contract. He only needs to find the breath of the next single person to float over, and even the fast symbol is saved.

With such high-speed delivery and the exquisite craftsmanship of Fat Chef, those who have eaten are addicted to delicious food and can’t extricate themselves. The income is rising day by day.

Those foods are cooked by fat chefs for themselves, but they are just a little from their rations, so the price is not low, but it is not too high. For example, a box of Wufu dumplings is only 288, and it is also included for distribution. How cost-effective.

However, it’s no exaggeration to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan on food materials at home. There are four big refrigerators and two big freezers in those top-level food materials kitchens. The small store he manages may not be able to flatten this consumption for the time being.

How can a group of food Secretary Yang at home not know that although he lives on campus on weekdays, he will also go home for two days on weekends. He specially found an imperial chef from the palace to be a cook. Isn’t it also to enjoy this appetite? Since he accepted these ghost servants, it’s OK to indulge in this small matter. And they are not pure consumption, which is not to find a way to make money, but also a balance.

So Siyang also encouraged: “then come on, and strive to take on the backbone of clothing, food, housing and transportation as soon as possible.”

Xiaofuzi felt that this was the important task entrusted to him by the master. He immediately revived with blood and said with high morale: “master, don’t worry! I will try my best to expand the store!”

Si Yang will call from Meng again and ask her to give Li Zezhi some help. Clothes should be added all year round, and more importantly, some rules and etiquette should be taught.

In the immortal cultivation world, some gifted disciples are inherited from aristocratic families. Even if they have grass-roots origins and have been taught by the master for decades or hundreds of years, they also have basic etiquette under the influence.

However, he didn’t have the patience to teach Li Zezhi this kind of thing, so the most disciplined person in the family naturally became a suitable candidate from the dream. I don’t want to be able to teach Li Zezhi how to be extraordinary. At least, I have a degree of advance and retreat and treat people and things naturally.

Li Zezhi was directly brought into the mind by Si Yang after he washed the essence and cut the marrow. Li Zezhi was not a person in his world. He didn’t have a complete concept of cultivation at all, so Si Yang had to teach hand-in-hand in the sea.

Shen ran, who learned that Si Yang had accepted his apprentice and left work early, repeatedly jumped into the air. He didn’t even see the apprentice’s shadow for a week. If Si Yang hadn’t said that he had indeed accepted the disciples and was upstairs learning the basic mental skill, he almost suspected that everyone would cheat him together.

On another weekend, as soon as Si Yang came home, he saw Shan Hexuan sitting in the living room and a pitifully shrinking in the corner of the sofa, holding an apple almost half his size… Chinchilla.


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