Great Celestial Master Chapter 74

As for the reason why the Japanese wanted to catch him, Shen ran probably guessed in his heart that there was nothing else worth so much trouble except a demon pill in his body. His grandfather also told him a lot about the demon pill when he was a child. It is said that a long time ago, there were a lot of goblins in the mountains. Although there were not many in shape, many were intelligent.

However, later, the environment became worse and worse. Many demons didn’t even have the condition to turn into shapes. Some went astray and practiced by absorbing human essence, and then were destroyed by the Heavenly Master as demons. Some were unable to make ends meet due to the thin aura and the consumption of Demon power, and their cultivation degraded slowly. They didn’t know the final outcome. Anyway, everyone was very miserable.

Grandpa said that he had the great merit left by his parents. Only then could he have the opportunity to turn into a form. He should cherish it and be a demon. He must not go astray. Shen ran asked grandpa many times when he was a child where his parents were and what great merits they had done. But grandpa never told him. Later, even his grandfather left. He didn’t know where his grandfather had gone. He left after his grandfather arranged the human identity for him. Until now, he didn’t know where his grandfather was or whether he was still there.

So from Si Yang’s mouth, it was determined that the Japanese really came for the demon Dan. Shen ran directly threw himself on the sofa: “what should I do? Do I have to go back to the deep mountains and forests to hide? I feel like I’m a walking Tang monk. This time I brought more runes and smashed a way to live. I can’t rely on runes again and again.”

He was even more angry: “Those people who besieged me were all Chinese, but their moves seemed to be a little nondescript. Their hands were definitely biased towards the Japanese yin-yang master, but they didn’t have the form God, and they still used our Chinese talisman! The Japanese are really cunning. It’s estimated that they seduced these people and gave them some sweets from outside, but they didn’t teach the real yin-yang master’s things and let them work hard. Those Japanese People need to report when they enter the country. The Chinese people themselves are unscrupulous when they work for the Japanese in China! ”

Shan Hexuan said, “there are also our people in Japan. Nothing in the world can’t be bought off. It depends on the conditions.”

Si Yang couldn’t help laughing: “Why do you think the first thing is to hide rather than cultivate yourself? You should know that your demon cultivation is not easy to transform. Once transformed, it will be the darling of the way of heaven. Human monks still need to practice hard to get ahead. Even if you are sleeping and breathing, your demon cultivation is constantly increasing. If you are strong, you are afraid of those Japanese? No Happy, overturning the Japanese island is just a matter of raising your hand. ”

Shen ran swallowed his saliva with stars in his eyes: “true or false, my grandfather told me from childhood to be careful and low-key, and we can’t fight with human beings. We are just aliens living in cracks. If we want to live, we must forget our identity and treat ourselves as a real talent.”

After watching Shen ran for a while, Si Yang said, “it may be a little difficult for you. For your prototype, which is not much bigger than a mouse, in addition to cultivation, the prototype is also very important.”

Shen ran was angry and stood up when he straightened up: “Si Yang! You can’t be so racist! It’s wrong!”

Shan Hexuan pursed his lips slightly and said, “I will keep Mr. Shen’s affairs confidential. I’m afraid I won’t give up easily because of the repeated actions of the Japanese.”

Shen ran also sighed: “I can’t hide all the time, but cultivation can’t rise to heaven in a day. It’s too oppressive.”

Shen ran sighed and couldn’t help looking at Siyang. Si Yang said, “you stay here. Even the most powerful yin-yang teacher in Japan can’t do anything to you, but if you get out of this yard, it’s your own way, which has nothing to do with me.”

Shen ran naturally knows that Si Yang has no relatives with him. It’s very kind to let him stay here to protect his life. It’s too much to ask for more.

“I didn’t mean that, Si Yang, can you repair the sword?”

Shan Hexuan looked at Shen ran and said, “no, I have something else.” Even if the material of his sword is not ordinary iron, it is also dedicated through special opening light. It is not a problem to suppress ordinary fierce ghosts. However, the magic weapon is like scrap iron. Even if he tries to protect it with his spiritual power, he still can’t hold it down. There are cracks and can’t be used anymore.

Shen ran hurriedly said: “It’s because of me. Anyway, I can’t get out of my body, but it’s a heavy loss for you. I can see that you cherish that sword very much. If you can repair it, it’s the best. Can you repair it, Siyang? Just tell me what you want me to do! I’ll work for you to offset the debt, I’ll live a long life, and there’s no problem to be a hundred years of free labor for you!”

Si Yang smiled softly: “for a hundred years, if you can’t hide your identity, if the group of Japanese who covet you don’t solve it, you don’t know tomorrow. What’s more, who says you’ve retreated, don’t you find that you can’t change back?”

Shen was startled, and subconsciously wanted to find reasons to comfort himself: “isn’t it pierced by that needle? When the efficacy is gone, I’ll practice again. When the Demon power comes back, it should be all right.”

“Last time you were only scratched and contaminated with a little medicine, so you recovered quickly. This time you should be hit right. The medicine is not wasted at all. It’s all hit into your body.”

This time, Shen ran was really confused. He was still calm and couldn’t help being flustered: “then, what will happen? Can’t I change back? Si Yang, boss, help me change back, and I’ll buy you a hill to grow land!”

Si Yang tutted twice: “I can give Lanshang the matter of buying the mountain. If Lanshang is busy, I can send Jingrou out to deal with it. Such a small yard is more than enough to manage alone from a dream.”

Shen ran couldn’t sit still. His fat little body was very agile. He jumped to Si Yang from the sofa. His claws pitifully grabbed his sleeve. Little black beans looked at him like eyes: “boss, please love me again!”

Siyang shook his head, stretched out his hand, and put his fingertips against the little head, Shen ran poked him and turned him over: “it’s not that I don’t help you, but that there is a special substance in this medicine, which can only be removed slowly through your own cultivation. If I use external force to help you remove it, it will also have an impact on your cultivation, but it won’t take long. You should practice hard and recover in a month or so.”

Shen ran was relieved to hear that he couldn’t change back into a person in the future. But the whole chinchilla couldn’t help wilting if it wanted to keep it like this for a month or so. But he also thought about Shan Hexuan’s sword, so he got up and leaned over: “can you repair the sword? Can I exchange Millennium ginseng for real Millennium ginseng? If one is not enough, two or three, I’ll exchange everything I can find with you!”

The millennium old trees are now the key protected antiquities, not to mention the Millennium ginseng, which is almost a legend. Some on the market are only a hundred years at most. A little better may be two or three hundred years. Only the Xuanmen aristocratic family that has truly inherited for thousands of years may have such a collection, but I’m afraid one or two of those precious things are offered. It’s almost impossible for Shan Hexuan to know two or three.

For Siyang, ginseng is actually no different from ordinary people eating radishes. Let alone thousands of years, as far as his current cultivation is concerned, ten thousand years of ginseng has little effect on him. But on earth, Millennium ginseng should be a good thing. Repairing the sword is just a matter for him. It’s reasonable to use Millennium ginseng as a reward, so he said to Shen ran, “OK, although it doesn’t work very well, it’s also a tonic to boil a soup. You take ginseng first. I’ll see how much you can fix it for him.”

Shen ran said, “then I’ll take one and you’ll just fix it an inch or two?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “it’s easy to repair the sword. If you just repair his sword intact, one ginseng is enough. If you want to strengthen it, it depends on how much you can take. If you take more, I’ll add more materials here. This transaction is fair.”

Fair and fair, of course, but Shen ran didn’t promise. Instead, he said, “I’ll try to dig ginseng, but I don’t have to use it all to repair his sword. I’ll give you half of what I dig. It’s a gift to thank you. I didn’t expect ginseng before, otherwise I would have dug it for you!”

He remembered that there seemed to be other good things in the mountain. Anyway, if you can find them successfully this time, you can bring them out. Although Si Yang looks very powerful, he also needs to practice. He also took an apprentice. Although he hasn’t seen his apprentice yet, these are all consumption. Whether Siyang likes his things or not, it’s his thanks. At least, he will have a thicker face if he eats and drinks in the future.

But Siyang looked at him: “are you going to dig like this? With your two small short claws?”

Shen ran looked at himself. It’s rare that he didn’t refute Si Yang’s words. His current form is really not very good, so he turned to Shan Hexuan.

Finally, Shan Hexuan took the chinchilla Shen ran and left. Si Yang also personally sealed the evil spirit of Shen ran. As long as he didn’t speak, it was a Pet Chinchilla in anyone’s eyes. Although it must be the safest to stay with him all the time, I’m afraid those Japanese are not rampant enough to go directly to the secret service department to rob people. They can surround and kill Shan Hexuan who is left alone, but they should not dare to take the initiative to provoke, otherwise things will inevitably rise to international disputes.

Because Si Yang sealed the evil spirit of Shen ran, and he wore a lot of clothes in winter, Shen ran was taken away by Shan Hexuan in his pocket. After their car left the community, in a car parked on the side of the road, a group of young people who looked like gangsters looked at the screen in their hands and said, “there is no evil spirit. That little thing should be sent back by the secret service team.”

The young man with sunglasses sitting on the co pilot looked at the famous villa area and asked coldly, “have you found out the background of that man?”

The humanitarian who just took the instrument to detect the evil spirit: “Senior students of the University of technology don’t know who their teachers are, but they seem to have two brushes. The two Japanese disappeared in this area at the beginning, and then the whole person was abandoned. After taking them back, the master of yin and Yang Sakurai Wenren himself failed to cure them. Besides us, another group of people are also investigating, but they can only investigate some obvious things, that is, the home of Siyang We don’t have any relatives, but we seem to have some friends who have a good relationship. Maybe we can take advantage of them. ”

Sitting in the small garden making tea, Siyang watched the flowers and bones in the tea cup gradually bubble open, took a sip from the tea cup, Jingrou brought a freshly baked snack from one side, and Siyang asked her, “can you play the piano?”

Jing Judo: “a little understanding of the lyre.”

As soon as Jingrou finished, an ancient Qin appeared on the stone table. Si Yang said, “go and teach them how to be human.”

Jingrou slightly blessed her body: “yes.” Then he picked up the Guqin on the table, turned and walked towards the door. Teaching people to be human is what they came out of the palace and were best at during their lifetime.


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