Great Celestial Master Chapter 75

In the winter, a beautiful girl came wearing a thin light blue gauze skirt and holding a piano. Her waist long hair fluttered gently with the breeze brought by walking. The background was empty and the street could not be seen at a glance. How do you look at this picture? It felt strange.

The car guarding outside the community saw the woman coming towards them and looked at the talisman pasted on the car. The seat they had stayed in was insignificant, but they specially pasted the talisman. Most people directly ignored them. Since an unusual person came, you don’t have to think about it. I’m afraid they have been exposed. It’s likely that they came from the company’s family.

The oldest leader of the four obviously narrowed his eyes slightly: “drive away, it’s not right now.” As he spoke, he took the magic weapon in his hand. He always treated the unknown enemy with the greatest vigilance.

The man in the driver’s seat immediately started the car, but the car couldn’t start, and the girl holding the piano was close at hand.

Since the four people can work for the Japanese in China, they still have some skills. In addition, they have a magic weapon in their hands. They are not unscrupulous, but they really don’t pay attention to the Chinese heavenly masters. Of course, except those who haven’t been out of the mountain for a long time, almost none of the younger generation can see it. Seeing the woman standing not far from them, the car was obviously controlled by the woman. Several people looked at each other and got off one after another. They took up arms respectively. They didn’t believe that their four big men couldn’t deal with a woman.

However, as soon as they got off the bus, Jingrou’s slender jade fingers gently swept the strings, and the environment around the four changed in an instant.

They didn’t go through anything. At first glance, they knew that they and others had fallen into a dreamland. The man who led the group urged the golden pestle in his hand with his spiritual power and tried to break the illusion by force. But how can a mere magic weapon break the illusion created by the spirit weapon.

And the fantasy that besieged them was not complicated, just a dark void space. Just when those people thought it was just a fantasy to kill their will, they suddenly stretched out a palm like the condensation of black fog from their feet. As soon as the palm caught their feet, they suddenly felt a deep pain.

When LAN Jinxiu came home from work, he didn’t care much at first. Instead, his sharp bodyguard said calmly: “boss, there seems to be something wrong with this road. According to our speed, we can get home in ten minutes at most. We will only encounter two traffic lights. Now it’s more than three minutes, and we’ve just passed the third traffic light.”

LAN Jinxiu looked up from the computer and looked out of the window. On the road they are driving now, they can still see the green belt in their community. It can be said that the whole green area beside a road is the coverage of the community where he lives now.

At the door of his house, he seems to have met a ghost beating a wall. Today is Friday. If Si Yang has no other appointment at this time, he should have been home, so it is likely that Si Yang is fighting with others? Or someone came to the door and made trouble?

LAN Jinxiu asked the bodyguard to park the car on the roadside first, took out his mobile phone and thought for a while. He still didn’t call Siyang, but took out a sealed talisman from his briefcase: “stick it on the car and see if you can go out.”

The bodyguard tore open the sealed bag and pasted it on the car. When the talisman was pasted, LAN Jinxiu and the bodyguard heard the sound of someone playing the piano. Driving the car for a distance, he saw Jingrou sitting on the roadside, playing an ancient Qin on his lap. In front of Jing Rou, the four people were fighting with each other. Although they would not break their hands and feet, they vomited blood one by one, obviously with serious internal injuries.

Seeing LAN Jingxiu’s car coming, Jingrou looked up at the impassable people and ended with a sweep of the string. The last sound fell, and the people gradually woke up from the dreamland.

As soon as the dreamland dispersed, the four people fell to the ground. To their horror, there were some cracks on the gold pestle. That’s a magic weapon. Even the Xuanmen aristocratic family should be careful to offer a magic weapon that can’t be easily taken out for use!

Jingrou took a few steps towards the people who were lying on the ground and couldn’t get up. Those people were probably tortured by the dreamland just now. They were hurt and could not move, but they retreated in panic because of Jingrou’s action.

Jing Rou looked at them with expressionless eyes and cold eyes, and said coldly in a soft voice: “it’s their own business. My master doesn’t bother to ask. If you don’t offend the river, it’s all right. But if you move your mind, don’t blame my master for being rude. I hope you can remember this warning today.”

Jingrou said, looking back at LAN Jinxiu who had got off the bus, smiled: “Mr. LAN.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “go back? Get in the car.”

Because LAN Jinxiu often goes to Siyang to eat. Oh, no, it should be the cook. Because LAN Jinxiu brings some good ingredients every time. He is also the next door neighbor. He travels more and everyone is familiar with him, so Jing Rou is not polite. After smiling and thanking, he gets on the bus. Although it may be faster for Jingrou to go home than taking a car, she has been a ghost for hundreds of years. It’s good to occasionally enjoy the fun of being a man.

When I saw the car driving into the community until I couldn’t even see the rear of the car, several people who were seriously injured and fell to the ground climbed into the car. This lesson is really profound.

Seeing a man go out and two people come back, Si Yang was not surprised and said with a smile: “off duty?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded. Naturally, he took off his coat and hung it at the door. After changing his shoes, he walked towards Si Yang: “is Shen ran back? He seems to have met someone who has been in trouble today.”

Today, his assistant took Shen ran to see the site of the bidding site. Whether a place is worth bidding or not depends on many factors. In addition to the place where it can bid, the surrounding environment is also very important, so on-site investigation is an important part.

Originally, Shen ran came to speed up his study. It happened that there was an important bidding recently, so he simply asked the assistant to take him in. There is no better way to understand all the twists and turns than to participate in a project in person.

He had told the assistant before that he should just take Shen ran to teach him some professional things and never mind his affairs. So he came to tell him after the assistant came back from the scene. When Shen ran followed him to investigate, he was stopped by a group of people like gangsters. At that time, his assistant thought someone was asking for trouble, but Shen ran said it was a private matter and asked him to leave it alone, so he followed the gang.

As a result, as soon as I came back, I met ghosts beating the wall at the door of my house, and those beaten were dressed up as a group of gangsters. Now I didn’t see Shen ran, so I asked one more question.

Si Yang said, “he went to dig ginseng in the mountains. The date of return is uncertain.”

Jingrou took the Guqin and said, “I’ve taught those peepers a little lesson. I shouldn’t dare to come back in the future.”

Si Yang nodded: “well done. Put the piano into the warehouse. In the future, if there is any door-to-door trouble without eyes, you can deal with it.”

Jingrou immediately replied, “yes.”

Knowing that Shen ran was all right, although he didn’t understand how he ran to dig ginseng when he was on duty, LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask more questions.

At this time, the Fat Chef came out of the kitchen. Seeing LAN Jinxiu, he smiled and said hello, and then said to Siyang, “master, how about red wine baked steak tonight?”


The Fat Chef smiled and narrowed his eyes: “then I’ll open a jar of red wine in the wine warehouse?” He has been thinking about it all the time. Although the wine has been sealed, his nose is not ordinary. He has been smelling it for a long time.

Si Yang laughed and said, “go.” He brewed the wine himself. Although it was the first time to try it, the grapes didn’t use the top grapes, but the spirit spring water was used in it, the array was engraved on the wine jar, and the most important thing was to lose a wine spirit bug. Even if it was filled with a jar of water, it was not comparable with ordinary wine after opening. So the fat chef has coveted those jars for a long time. He only said once last week that they should be brewed almost. He can’t wait this week.

While happily carrying the wine, the Fat Chef also took some regrets and said, “unfortunately, the wine is too good. The originally good beef looks worse and doesn’t deserve the wine.”

Si Yang said with a smile: “wait, you can be self-sufficient in the future, and the quality of life will naturally come up.”

When the Fat Chef goes into the kitchen again, LAN Jingxiu said: “A mountain was contracted more than ten years ago. In that year, it was contracted under the condition of barren mountain for 70 years. As a result, a large-scale ancient tomb group was found in the next mountain. The ancient tomb was found on the edge of the junction of the two mountains. It was feared that it was also involved in the mountain contracted. At that time, it was prohibited from development for a period of time and it was determined that the contracted mountain was not damaged Only when it involves the category of ancient tombs can it be allowed to continue development. However, at that time, it was said that the Feng Shui was not good. Originally, pine and cypress trees were planted on the mountain. The contractor wanted to change them into orchards. At that time, he cut down one of the trees in the mountain and planted fruit trees. As a result, no matter what kind of fruit trees were planted, and those pine and cypress trees that were originally growing well also died one after another.

The contractor couldn’t help it later and invited a master to see it. The master said that because there were tombs not far away and the depression between the two mountains was still a ten thousand bone pit, it was estimated that there was a lot of noise in this area, so he was instructed to plant pine and cypress trees. The contractor cut down the trees rashly, breaking the repressive Feng Shui situation, and things became out of control. Trees must not be planted, Maybe we can try to develop it into a farm and suppress things such as chickens, ducks and cattle. ”

Si Yang asked with great interest, “then what?”

Monk LAN Jin: “After listening to the master’s words, the man changed into a farm, but the situation did not improve. He still raised and died. Moreover, during his tossing period, there were many accidents at home, his parents, wife and children fell ill one after another, and other companies lost money one by one. Later, his mother died of a serious illness, and he became far away from the mountain, so he didn’t toss about at home Kuang slowly recovered. Later, he wanted to take over the mountain, but no one dared to take over after all these things. Because that area was a barren mountain in those days, but now it has been developed to the sixth ring road. The mountain is still in the Fifth Ring Road, and the area is not small. Even if some people are excited, they specially invited some masters to see it. As long as they see it, they will completely rest their mind. ”

After that, LAN Jinxiu took out a detailed map, pointed to the place circled on it and said, “this is it. Because it has been abandoned for many years, the trees on it have basically died and no grass has grown. Before, there were some residents around, but after the contract, it made people panic and moved away slowly and conditionally. Now there is basically no one around.” Then he took out his mobile phone and turned over a pile of on-site photos to Si Yang, as well as the photos specially taken by UAV. In this way, you can see more comprehensively.

Looking at the map and photos, Si Yang said, “if the cemetery wasn’t patronized by grave robbers, it should have dug up zombies.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “It’s a group of tombs. Although tomb robbers have visited, not every tomb has been excavated. Up to now, archaeology is still developing and excavating on it. It is speculated that there are at least more than a dozen cemeteries there, of which three have been damaged, and some have not even found the correct location. However, a zombie was dug up that year, even because of the sudden air entry I’ve been dead and hurt some people. How about Feng Shui in this area? Yuzhuo said it was a corpse raising place. ”

Si Yang said: “the corpse gas is very heavy. Many people have died intensively in at least a hundred years. It is not a natural place for raising corpses, but the concentration of corpse gas the day after tomorrow.”

The ancients regarded death as a living. If the tombs here were built in the same Dynasty, it is likely to be the ancestral land of a large family or even a royal family of a certain generation. Who will bury their ancestors or dead relatives in the corpse raising place, so that they can’t be reborn after death.

When it comes to Feng Shui, the Feng Shui in this area is generally good, but maybe the two mountains were connected when the tomb was built. Now they are cut across from the middle, directly turning the living land into a dead land, which leads to this situation.

LAN Jinxiu asked him, “if you are interested in this mountain, I can help you talk about it. The price is very cheap. For the person who contracted before, it’s OK to get rid of it.”


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