Great Celestial Master Chapter 76

At present, the hilltops are not allowed to be bought or sold. They can only be contracted for a period of no more than 70 years. According to the types of contracted mountains, the cultivated land can only be 30 years at most and the barren mountains can only be 70 years at most.

When the man contracted, the place where the mountain was located was a barren area, and the price was amazing. But even now, contracting the mountain actually costs less, which is absolutely incomparable with the real estate land.

It’s not true that Siyang has no action for a long time. For others, the biggest consumption of contracting the mountain is behind, and the construction is the focus of funds. But for Si Yang, it’s not a matter. The point is that there’s no place to satisfy him. A better place has long been taken away by someone. It’s too far. This fierce place is quite suitable. It’s less than an hour’s drive from here.

Seeing that Siyang was a little moved, LAN Jin said, “do you want us to go and have a look one day? If we can hold it down, it’s a good choice.”

Si Yang nodded: “go and have a look. You’re more reliable. I hope Shen ran doesn’t know whether he can eat his own dishes all his life.”

Shen longmao ran, who was far away in the mountains, squatted on Shan Hexuan’s shoulder, looked for the treasure land that no one had visited for many years according to his memory, and then sneezed greatly.

Shan Hexuan looked at the hair ball firmly on his shoulder, looked at the furry body, and asked expressionless, “cold?”

Shen Ran’s two short claws randomly fluttered his face and sucked his nose: “maybe someone is thinking of me. Hurry up, I feel it’s nearby. Finish it early and go home early!”

LAN Jinxiu was not a procrastinator either. He determined Siyang’s free time and soon contacted the man. He asked his assistant to pay attention to this matter. Although Si Yang didn’t say what he thought, he guessed a little. Money is certainly not a problem. As far as Si Yang’s ability is concerned, whatever he really wants to do and obstacles are possible, but it can never appear in finance. But he didn’t move and sent Shen ran out, either to find something for Shen ran, or there was no ideal place.

The boss who contracted the mountain was Xu and Xu Yan. One of the biggest losses in his life was probably the thought of Putian mountain. More than ten years ago, it was a golden age in China. He himself broke out of poverty. From the beginning, he tossed some small objects to earn a regional price difference. Later, he developed into his own trading company. Seeing the development of the city day by day, he put his vision on the poor outer suburbs.

At that time, his idea was to open a farm and have a farmhouse, and build a small resort on the mountain to be taken care of by his parents. His parents’ generation came out of the ground. Although the living conditions were getting better and better, the human feelings of the high-rise buildings were becoming colder and colder, and they always wanted to go back to the countryside.

But at that time, all the people in their hometown basically left and ran to the city, so he thought it would be better to make a farmhouse, plant some fruit trees, dig a fish pond, raise some chickens and ducks, hire a few people to help, his parents can also return to familiar places, breed their own vegetables, eat better, real farmhouse dishes and keep fit.

That year, the mountain under the plate was really cheap. In today’s words, the price of cabbage is sincere. One contract is 70 years. No matter what you do there, you will definitely make a profit. As a result, unexpectedly, he really lost it.

Contracting the mountain really didn’t cost much money. In those years, he cut down some trees and planned to plant fruit trees. However, in the later stage, not only the fruit trees could not be planted alive, but even the remaining trees died. He didn’t fulfill the contract requirements written in the original contract, which was a breach of contract. This barren mountain cannot be transferred, but it cannot be built. It is also a breach of contract and will be fined.

Every year, apart from other things, there are a lot of fines. Although he can afford it, he is also distressed. Especially when you look at such a large open space but can’t do anything, it’s tantamount to looking at the ground full of gold but can’t pick it up. Don’t mention being oppressed.

So when Xu Yan heard that someone wanted to buy the mountain in his hand, he put down everything in his hand and came over without saying a word. This hot potato hurts for one day.

Unexpectedly, it was a student who said he wanted to contract.

It was repeatedly determined that the young man wanted to contract, although he wanted to throw out the hot potato in his hand, But Xu Yan couldn’t help saying: “Don’t think about it any more. Although I really want to sell this mountain, you can see that if such a piece of land can be developed, no matter what it does, it will definitely be profitable. The problem is that there are problems in this place. I can’t tell the specific problems. Anyway, I can’t support what I plant, die or raise. Even I once planned to start building a resort and construction team here It’s also that all kinds of problems can’t go on at all. It almost killed people. Young man, although the transfer of this mountain is cheap, I don’t want to pit you. It’s not easy for your college students to start a business. ”

Si Yang is quite satisfied with this place. Although the whole mountain can be said to be stone or stone, and there is resentment in addition to the corpse gas, it really can’t be cleaned up without some effort. Although the bare whole day is illuminated by the hot sun, the Yin gas seems to grow from the ground and linger. But it’s easy for him to solve it. It’s rare that it’s suitable in all aspects. There’s no reason not to.

Hearing Xu Yan’s persuasion, Si Yang smiled: “I never believe in those things. In this era, we should be superstitious about science. Here I’m sure. If you have no problem here, why don’t we sign the contract as soon as possible.”

LAN Jinxiu smiled with his lips. Seeing that Xu Yan’s kind-hearted seemed to be afraid of harming entrepreneurial college students and wanted to take back the transfer, he said, “boss Xu, even if there is a real problem in this land, I think I can afford this loss.”

If a businessman comes today, he will explain the problem of this land, but he won’t persuade him. However, if a young child of another family, who is about the same age as his son, really wants to share this matter, it will be a loss for decades. If he is able to bear it himself, it’s OK. It’s not good to harm the young people of another family all his life. However, when he heard LAN Jingxiu’s words, he remembered that this LAN is not an ordinary person. For LAN, I’m afraid this loss is not even the hair of nine cattle and a hair.

Seeing their insistence, Xu Yan had to say, “I told you everything here in advance. After the transfer to you in the future, it has nothing to do with me. The transfer fee will be calculated according to the original contract.”

The contract more than ten years ago is now in vain.

Seeing Si Yang walking around, LAN Jinxiu said to Xu Yan, “I’ll ask the lawyer to draw up a new contract as soon as possible. We also want to look around. Please come here today.”

Xu Yanlian hurriedly said, “if there is a place, let someone contact me after the contract is ready. I won’t disturb you, but the road on the mountain is hard to walk. Be careful.”

After Xu Yan left, Si Yang repaired to LAN Jin, “wait for me here and I’ll go up and have a look.”

LAN Jinxiu just wanted to say to go together, when he saw that Siyang was flying. Take it easy under his feet, and there would be no one in the blink of an eye. LAN Jingxiu smiled helplessly, looked down at his hand, didn’t know what he thought, and his eyes were slightly dark.

Si Yang soon came to the center of the mountain. Compared with the place where they just stayed, the continuous Yin Qi penetrated from bottom to top. Si Yang squatted down, put his hand close to the ground, released his divine consciousness, sensed for a moment, and then shook slightly with his spiritual power, and a bone nail broke through the earth.

At the moment when the bone nail was unearthed, the sunny weather was filled with dark clouds, and the whole mountain was hung with gusts of overcast wind. Almost in the blink of an eye, the sky was gloomy.

At the same time, the bone nail in Siyang’s hand was still trembling slightly, as if he wanted to escape from his hand.

As soon as Si Yang raised his hand, there was an iron silver box in his hand. After the bone nails were put into the iron box, the clouds in the sky slowly dispersed and the Yin wind around stopped.

This bone nail was as like as two peas found in the village of Yongfeng, but the difference is that the Yin is more and more fierce. It is not to say that the grass is not alive. If someone lives here, it will not take long.

Looking around at the Yin Qi slowly dissipating due to the strong sunlight, Si Yang put the iron box away and turned back.

The bone nail is just a □□, or the oil added to the fire. This place needs to be exposed to the sun for a few days. As for the legendary ten thousand bone pit between the two mountains, we have to deal with it when we are free in the future. We have to find something suitable to suppress this mountain and create a border formation.

Shen ran doesn’t know which mountain to dig ginseng in, but he can leave it to Jing Rou as he said before, but Jing Rou alone is not enough. It seems that he has to recruit more disciples to be free workers.

While thinking about how to plan, Si Yang came back and saw LAN Jin standing on the half slope looking down, smiling and walking over: “how’s the scenery?”

LAN Jin said, “it’s all stones. There’s no scenery. I don’t know whether there’s water on the mountain. If a lake is drained down in the future, it should be able to live a lot.”

“It’s not known whether there is water on the mountain, but there are water veins underground. If there is no water source on the mountain, it’s OK to lead it up from the underground.”

LAN Jinxiu turned to look at him: “what just happened?”

Siyang smiled and said, “I handled a gadget, but it’s amazing that you people on earth are cruel.”

Although the killing of the immortal world is much more than that of the earth, and they treat the lives of ordinary people like grass and mustard, friars will never easily provoke ordinary people if they have no reason, because killing an ordinary person’s karma is much more cruel than killing a hundred friars. The way of heaven is fair. Ordinary people can’t practice and have only a hundred years of life. Then the way of heaven naturally wants to give them a hundred years of stability. After all, not all the immortal world are monks. Without these constraints, ordinary mortals have no room for survival.

Although he hasn’t figured out the purpose of these bone nails, one of these evil things may be an accident, and the other two are obviously intentional. He doesn’t know whether the man is a pure newspaper trying to harm people, or what evil method these bone nails are engaged in. No matter what it is, he is also a cruel man who will do anything to achieve his goal.

LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask him what it was, but joked, “we are human beings on earth. Are you from Mars?”

Si Yang made a hissing gesture to him: “in fact, I’m an alien. Remember to keep it a secret.”

LAN Jingxiu slightly hooked the corner of his mouth and said along with his words, “OK, I will keep it a secret.”


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