Great Celestial Master Chapter 77

The transfer of Putian mountain was very smooth. Siyang contracted the use right of Putian mountain for the next 57 years at an incredible price. Although it’s only 57 years now, who can tell the future. I heard LAN Yuzhuo say that some Xuanmen aristocratic families have the right to use land for life. This can be.

What makes him more satisfied is that because of the disturbances made more than ten years ago, the villagers originally covered by Putian mountain have basically moved away, and the surrounding area is empty, not even a villager, which saves him a lot of things.

After his contracted land was completed, LAN Jinxiu immediately started to contract the land at the foot of the mountain, because that land was cultivated land. What was planted on the mountain in those years died, and the foot of the mountain was also affected. Some villagers’ families also suffered from various disasters, and whether the food or the livestock they raised were basically a large area of poor harvest or death, Slowly, the villagers at the foot of the mountain even had a hard life. One by one, they went to the city to make a living. In recent years, it has been basically gone, and the remaining houses have become dilapidated villages.

The government has long taken back this area, because it is cultivated land and cannot be left vacant. If the villagers in the area have moved away, the government should come forward to build it. At the beginning, it was contracted to some public-private partnership cooperatives such as agricultural cooperatives, but although it was not as dead as the mountain, it could not develop no matter how hard it took. It took a huge investment, and the income could not even reach one tenth. After two or three years of losses, the fool knew that it could not continue like this, so he simply withdrew his capital and left.

This mountainous area is famous and evil, so it’s not easy to catch a wronged head like LAN Jinxiu, who wants to keep people with the relaxation of various policies. When Siyang began to set up an array at the top of the mountain, LAN Jinxiu’s contract in his private name was also approved, so he brazenly begged to come to the door.

Si Yang leaned on the sofa, held the tea cup and said with a smile, “I don’t go out of the mountain easily.”

LAN Jinxiu also looked at him and smiled: “then how can I invite the master out of the mountain? I can come three times?”

While the client was being photographed, xiaofuzi, who had just packed the food prepared by the Fat Chef and was ready to send it away, quietly interrupted: “I’ve heard the story of three visits to the thatched cottage. Who went to Zhuge Liang three times before inviting him out of the mountain, but brother Jin Xiuge, you come to our house more than three times a day, and you’re more diligent than who went to Zhuge Liang.”

Roe make complaints about it: “then I will not take two cans of caviar from others, so as not to get too many people to come and go.”

Xiaofuzi immediately rushed at the dog leg: “don’t worry, don’t worry! Brother Jin Xiu is the best!”

Siyang flicked, and an air bomb hit xiaofuzi on the forehead: “go to deliver your meal, you’re the most noisy.”

Xiaofuzi smiled and disappeared with a swish of his packed lunch box.

Si Yang then looked at Xiang Lan Jingxiu: “what do you think, but you have to contract farmland? This hard year may not be as much as your company’s income in a month.”

Monk LAN Jin: “I had this idea long ago that I wanted to develop an ecological park, build around the mountains, and build a large resort after bulldozing the abandoned village. I was most optimistic about this place at that time. But at that time, there was a lot of trouble here. I also asked Yuzhuo’s master and said that it was only possible if several old heavenly masters in the secret service department joined hands, but one It has been difficult to invite, not to mention several. The mountain is still a problem left over by history. At that time, because he Boyi reappeared, the whole Xuanmen was in panic and had no time to worry about himself, so he didn’t move all the time. ”

Si Yang said, “the Yin Qi on the mountain has been suppressed. It will be completely clean in a short time. The area under the mountain will no longer be affected and will not hinder your development.”

LAN Jingxiu said: “I mainly want to ask you if you are interested in participating. Now it is still a barren mountain. When your planning develops in the future, it is a green and lush area, which is undoubtedly a signal to the outside world to remove the alarm. Now, there are very few wastelands that can be directly constructed within the Sixth Ring Road, except for the transformation of some urban areas. The government even aims to curb the excessive development For example, many places are enclosed and need to be auctioned at a high price, so now we can say that we have picked up a big bargain. What’s more, if the mountains are all your territory, it can save us a lot of worry. ”

LAN Jingxiu didn’t say that Si Yang really didn’t think about the future. Anyway, no matter who contracted the land at the foot of the mountain, it has nothing to do with him. He set up a border formation, which is the best blocking. No one can go up if he wants to. Moreover, he didn’t think that the neighbors at the foot of the mountain had the ability to find trouble with him in the future. He could revive the mountain and also kill it.

However, LAN Jingxiu’s proposal seems to be good. He is not afraid of meeting bad neighbors, but it would be better if he didn’t have it from the beginning: “what do you want to do? Do you want to invest and cooperate?”

LAN Jinxiu said: “lead a water source from the mountain. Mountain spring vegetables are a good gimmick. In the future, you will only provide a very small number of dishes on the mountain every day as the special supply of the ecological park. I account for 51 shares of the whole ecological park, and the other 49 are yours.”

Si Yang slightly raised his eyebrow: “are you sure? If you divide like this, you will lose a lot. I will divide half of your interests without giving anything.”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head. “I’m good at business, not to mention anything else. I’m not losing money, but making a lot of money.”

After thinking about it, Si Yang also thought that such cooperation was very good. Anyway, he has only one apprentice and few people around him. Planting a mountain of things is also a waste. It’s better to exchange some practical benefits.

Although LAN Jinxiu has generally had his own ideas, now that he has one more partner, he has talked more with Si Yang, and he can also listen to Si Yang’s opinions and preferences. Moreover, he also wants to build a private restaurant near the mountain, which is not external. It is only used to live for relatives and friends on vacation, and then build one for Siyang alone. Maybe he can meet guests there in the future. See what kind of trees or flowers Siyang likes, or plant a piece of bamboo. Then open an open-air tea room and bamboo building towards the bamboo forest. It feels very Zen.

As they were talking, Siyang’s action of drinking tea was a slight meal, and the whole person was suddenly cold. LAN Jinxiu frowned: “what’s the matter?”

Siyang put down the teacup and said, “it’s all right. Sit down for a while. I’ll be back soon.”

Si Yang then turned and went out. LAN Jinxiu didn’t see Si Yang leaving through the French window facing the small garden. Looking at the slightly steaming tea, LAN Jinxiu said to congmeng, who was setting the table: “I’ll bring caviar and see if I can add a dish.”

As soon as Si Yang went out, he took a few steps and came to the bottom of a high-rise building. He looked up and saw that the room on one floor was emitting an unusual wave of spiritual power. Siyang suddenly appeared on the balcony. At this time, the house was in a mess. A boy like a high school student hid in the corner and trembled. Xiaofuzi was trapped in an array and struggled in great pain. His mark on his forehead was shining. This array was obviously used to eliminate the mark on the ghost servant.

In the middle of the living room sat a young man, who looked about 30 years old. Beside the man stood two beautiful women. The man had the smell of a Heavenly Master, but the two women who were greasy on the man were just ordinary people.

With a gentle wave of his hand, Si Yang broke the array that trapped Xiao Fuzi. The three people in the room realized that someone was coming and immediately turned around to look.

When xiaofuzi opened his eyes, he almost rushed to him with tears: “master!!”

Siyang lost a pill in xiaofuzi’s mouth. Although xiaofuzi was just a ghost, not even a ghost repair, when he was idle, he also studied the pill specially for ghost servants given by the secret service department last time. It was improved. It can not only enhance the ghost power, but also be repaired immediately if the ghost body was damaged.

As soon as xiaofuzi pill was taken, the pain that had just been tortured dissipated instantly, and the whiplash marks on his body that seemed to have been whipped disappeared with the naked eye. Seeing Siyang, it was like a child seeing his parents. He quickly complained: “these people want to take me away, wipe away the mark on me, and catch me as his ghost servant!”

Before Si Yang could speak, the man sitting in the chair said, “this kid looks smart and cute. He met me so lucky. I’m willing to take him as a servant. Unfortunately, this little thing is quite arrogant. Since you’re his master, it’s just right to wipe off his mark, Dan medicine, symbols or worldly money. Make a price.”

Ghost servants are hard to find, especially those who look good. His elders also have several ghost servants, all with pale faces and ghost angry appearance. They always keep their heads down and hide in the dark. Although ghost servants are of many uses, it is a kind of torture if they face such a ghost face every day. So although he wanted a ghost servant, he never met the one he wanted. I ran into one by chance this time. Of course, I have to grab it.

And look what this man asked his ghost servant to do to make money by delivering takeout? It’s a monster! If you’re poor, don’t be a ghost servant!

Xiaofuzi rolled his eyes directly at the man: “fool.” He didn’t bring more things with him today because he didn’t want to send meals back and forth for a minute, so he didn’t return the Dan medicine talisman. Does his owner lack that thing? What a fool with no eyesight.

Being scolded by a ghost servant, the man himself has a bad temper and is arrogant. When he saw that the little thing looked confident and fearless when his master came, his whole face was a little cold: “don’t be ignorant. I’m willing to compensate you. You’ll have a good harvest. Be careful that people and money are empty!”

But Siyang didn’t even look at him. He asked xiaofuzi, “did they whip you just now?”

Xiaofuzi nodded again and again: “smoke! I’m still trapped and won’t let me go!”

As soon as Si Yang stretched out his hand, there was a snow-white whip in his hand: “go, how did they whip you? Take it back for me.”

Xiaofuzi took the whip, smiled brightly and said, “OK!”

With a Shua, the snow-white whip broke through the air.

The man didn’t take this person seriously at all, and even thought so unkindly in his heart. Don’t blame him for being cruel and cruel. When the kid came over with a whip, the man wanted to grab the white whip as soon as he shot. It didn’t have any spiritual power. He was a man with magic tools and was afraid that the poor ghost wouldn’t succeed.

But when the white whip came, the man’s resistance was like hitting a stone with an egg, and all his defenses were broken without even a trace of resistance.

He was severely whipped without hindrance. The pain was terrible. He was so big that he had not been beaten like this! At this moment, the man couldn’t sit still. He took out the magic weapon directly and shouted fiercely, “you don’t know how to live or die! If you annoy the people of Jincheng LAN family, you’ll die!”

Xiaofuzi stopped immediately when he whipped. He was not afraid of the man’s clamor, but heard jinchenglan’s house. Isn’t that brother Jinxiu’s house.

Seeing the kid seems to be frightened. The man smiles proudly. He has flashed all kinds of methods to torture this man to death. As for this kid, he has many ways to let him recognize who is his master in the future!

Si Yang then looked at him and smiled: “Jincheng orchid family? If your family has nothing to do with you, it’s not necessary to keep it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Si Yang clapped directly at his heart.

On the roof of another building adjacent to it, LAN Jingxiu saw LAN Jingsheng, who was beaten by Si Yang to vomit blood, and a burst of smile appeared in his focused eyes.


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