Great Celestial Master Chapter 78

LAN Jingsheng didn’t expect that there was a Heavenly Master who dared to provoke the LAN family. He could be sure that the person in front of him was definitely not from the four people. Although he may not be able to recognize all of the four people clearly, each large family with inheritance has its own skill, which can be judged from the breath. In addition, the Xuanmen family, or any sect, has a family emblem on their clothes or weapons. Some are more exquisite. The family emblem is printed on the symbols used.

In front of this man, there is no family emblem mark that can show his identity. He is young and uses ghost servants to send takeout to make money. Who with family background can do such a thing! However, he can’t help thinking about the situation now. Although the palm just did not hurt his heart, it was really a good blow. There must be an internal injury.

LAN Jingsheng fiercely took out a seal. He must make this man look good! This seal can be regarded as a magic weapon. It was brought by Wu Ting of Lushan sect. It was stained with real thunder. Later, it was obtained by his father by chance. Now he came out to practice, and his father gave it to himself.

Although he is not the most outstanding in LAN’s family, his strength is not weak. This time, he came out to be admitted to the secret service department for experience. The secret service department will have a recruitment test every year. Anyone with special abilities can take the test regardless of his origin. In addition to those who really reach the level of Heavenly Master and are recognized, they can be hired directly. Young people from aristocratic families like him also have to take the test by themselves. In order to prevent any accident, his father gave him this seal when he came out, because there was a real smell of thunder on it. Even if he met the ghost king, he could escape.

With such a magic weapon in his hand, no matter what weapons others have, no matter how powerful the talisman is, it is a pile of broken paper in his eyes. LAN Jingsheng endured the pain in his chest and forcibly urged his spiritual power. He even thought of how to torture this man to survive and die!

But the next second, just being urged by his spiritual power, the golden seal cracked in two with a click and a broken whip. Before he could react, another whip hit him.

Lan Jing screamed miserably. The beautiful women who had just been around him were also scared out of color. They were afraid that the terrible whip would be thrown down at them and wanted to run one by one. But the gate seemed to be welded to death. No matter how hard they used, they couldn’t open it.

Si Yang glanced coldly at the two noisy women. The two women were scared as quiet as a chicken. They hugged each other and huddled together. They hid in the corner of the porch and didn’t dare to move.

With a wave of Siyang’s hand, the chair that the man had just sat on was directly removed, and a more comfortable sofa appeared in the same place. After sitting down on the sofa, Si Yang looked at the silly high school students hiding in the corner and waved, “come here.”

The boy looked at the person who was whipping and the person who was being whipped. He quickly measured the situation in front of him, then carefully climbed over and squatted beside Siyang’s sofa: “it’s none of my business, I don’t know anything!”

Si Yang seemed to smile: “tell me what happened before I came. What’s the relationship between that man and you?”

The boy quickly shook his head: “It doesn’t matter! I don’t know him at all! I just ordered a takeout. Then someone knocked at the door. I thought it had arrived. When I opened the door, it was them. They said they wanted to buy something in my hand. Before saying a word, the takeout came. I took the takeout and the takeout turned around and left. Then the man suddenly started. I wanted to close the door, but the store was closed The gang pushed me into the house and pulled in the takeout with something like a rope. Then they fought, and then you came. ”

Although he was stunned by the previous situation, he could clearly see the fight between them, especially the man in windbreaker left a few runes and trapped everyone in the house like a seal. The delivery man couldn’t run if he wanted to run. Later, he was suppressed on the ground, and there was a strange mark shining on his head! This is definitely non-human. He may have met the legendary immortal!

It’s said that these days, the takeout delivery is hidden dragon and crouching tiger. I didn’t expect to be really hit by him!

While they were talking, xiaofuzi didn’t stop, and he didn’t know what the whip his master gave him was. After beating him with a whip, he could obviously see the bloody scars, but the scars healed quickly in the next second, so that he kept smoking. Except for the broken clothes, he couldn’t see the guy, There are no scars on his body.

At first, LAN Jingsheng was still struggling to resist, but his resistance was almost vulnerable to the beating of the white whip. No matter what defensive things or his precious talisman prepared to protect his life, they were broken in half by the whip. What’s more terrible is that he feels that the spiritual power in his body is constantly losing, especially the pain that is almost like beating his soul, which makes him often want to faint, but he can only bear it soberly.

Finally, LAN Jingsheng couldn’t stand it and begged for mercy: “I’m wrong. Don’t fight. I’m really wrong. I don’t know Taishan. Please forgive me… Don’t fight…”

Xiaofuzi also felt that he had a good time smoking. Seeing that he was even worse than himself just now, his tone finally went down, so he stopped and looked at Siyang: “master.”

Siyang glanced: “continue.”

LAN Jingsheng trembled with pain. Hearing the terrible words, he struggled to run away. The master said that as a ghost servant, it was natural to perform, so another round of terrible beating began.

In addition to seeing it on TV, high school boys have never seen such lynching with their own eyes. That is, now, he really began to be afraid.

Si Yang didn’t care what he was thinking, but said, “what did that man ask you to buy?”

The boy shook his voice and said, “one, a bronze sword. I bought it with my classmates in the antique market.”

Si Yang said, “go and get it.”

The boy quickly got up, ran back to the room and took out the bronze sword: “this is for you, I don’t want it, I give it to you!”

The bronze sword is only the forearm length of an adult. It has only the body and no scabbard. It is covered with rust. You can vaguely see some lines on it, but you can see at a glance that the rust is made. It’s very fake.

With a slight shock of spiritual power, Si Yang began to break the bronze sword into slag bit by bit.

The boy thought the man was destroying the sword, but he didn’t expect that after the sword body was broken a little, a smaller sword was exposed inside. The sword inside was silver-white with very complex patterns carved on it. The lines of the sword body were golden, as if they were painted by gold. Under the light, the whole was so beautiful that people couldn’t see it.

The boy grew up and said subconsciously, “what’s this?”

Si Yang said, “a sword made of special materials, but it’s not very useful for ordinary people. It’s best to keep it at home. For the Heavenly Master, it can kill evil spirits and expel ghosts. This sword is better than any cinnabar glutinous rice.”

The high school boy swallowed his saliva. Maybe it was because Si Yang looked better than the man who was still on the ground and didn’t look much. He also said a few words to him. He felt less terrible, so he boldly asked, “are you a Heavenly Master? Is the heavenly master a Taoist who subdues demons and catches ghosts?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “the Heavenly Master doesn’t just refer to the Taoist, but the powerful Taoist must be the Heavenly Master.”

Siyang asked xiaofuzi to stop. At this time, LAN Jingsheng couldn’t even cry out. He just had a little cultivation. Where could he stand the beating of spiritual whip. It’s Xiao Fuzi who does it. Xiao Fuzi doesn’t have any accomplishments. If Si Yang does it, he will be scared if he goes down with a whip.

Si Yang stood up, looked at the mess in the room, and looked at the young boy: “send your account later. I’ll compensate you for the damage today. I’ll take the sword first, but I won’t take it for nothing. You’d better keep it a secret. If you say it and cause any trouble, you can’t afford it.”

The high school boy hurriedly said, “I’ll keep it a secret! No one will say. I don’t want any compensation, that is, I smashed some furniture. It’s okay. I said I’d give you the sword. Take it. I don’t want anything.”

Si Yang didn’t argue with him. What should be given must be given. After Xiao Fuzi picked up the man, he went home first. Xiaofuzi tied LAN Jingsheng with a whip, looked at the two women on the ground, and said to the boy, “your takeout is ruined. I’ll make it up for you later. I’ll give you more delicious food. It’s considered to make up for it. Remember to give five-star praise!”

Xiaofuzi said that and flew away from the balcony with LAN Jingsheng.

When the two beautiful women saw that everyone had left, they stood up and tried to open the door. With a twist, the door opened. They ran away in a hurry. I thought I was with a great big man. I didn’t expect to be cleaned up so miserably in just a few days. It seems that you should find a place to avoid after you go back. Don’t find them.

High school boys looked at the tragic scene, but they didn’t take it seriously. After the rest of their lives, they felt that tonight was really too exciting!

The whole process took about ten minutes. Siyang’s front foot came back. LAN Jinxiu’s back foot came with two cans of caviar. When he saw Siyang, he smiled at him: “add vegetables. They have just been transported. They are very fresh.”

Xiaofuzi gave the people he brought back directly to Jingrou. Anyway, there was a basement at home and was blessed by a special array. The taste of the people who were locked in was guaranteed to be remembered for a lifetime. At the beginning, the two Japanese were stupid in it!

Back in the house, xiaofuzi went straight to the kitchen and repackaged one. This time, it was fast. He came back in less than a minute. Left at this time is still sitting in the ruins of the high school boy silly eye, delivery is now so good, does he still have the need to study?

When eating, LAN Jinxiu saw that xiaofuzi looked at him twice, so he stopped his chopsticks and asked, “look at me like this, do you have something to say?”

Xiaofuzi glanced at Siyang, and then quietly picked up the rice.

Si Yang said, “just now a man with water in his head wanted to erase the mark on xiaofuzi and accept him as a ghost servant, so I taught him a lesson. Now he is still locked in the basement.”

Xiaofuzi added: “the man said he was from Jincheng Lan’s family. He looked ordinary, tall and arrogant.”

LAN Jin said, “I have a bad relationship with the LAN family. My sister’s master is only a sacrifice of the LAN family. At best, it’s just a relationship of interest cooperation.”

Si Yang said, “in that case, it’s just right. The mountain is opening up wasteland. It’s the time to need manpower, Jingrou.”

Jingrou hurriedly replied, “yes.”

“The things on the mountain will be left to you in the future. Just arrange them according to my plan. Tomorrow, you will take the boy up the mountain. Let him dig a tree pit, let him plant seeds one by one. If you don’t obey, take a whip. If you have half a breath left, feed him a pill to revive him with blood and continue to work.”

Jingrou answered again, “yes.”

Everyone in the room: “…” in terms of the degree of cruelty, no one can compare with the master / Siyang.


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