Great Celestial Master Chapter 79

Although the matter was not provoked by xiaofuzi on his own initiative, it was true that he broke someone else’s home. Moreover, seeing that the boy was a high school student, he suddenly made his home like that and couldn’t tell the reason. However, even if he did, I’m afraid his parents wouldn’t believe it. That’s all. The pot was always carried by the boy himself, so Siyang asked xiaofuzi to give him the compensation.

In addition to money, he also specially refined a white jade. Wearing it on his body can prevent all ghosts from invading him and protect his life when necessary, which can offset the value of the sword.

However, after this incident, Si Yang also knew how rare several ghost servants in his family were and how many people in the world went out without brains. So he searched through a pile of sundries to find out many storage appliances he robbed in the past, and then melted them and refined them again. He directly refined thin silver rings in batches. On this silver ring, defense array was added. There is storage space inside. Although it is not too large, it is more than enough for people in this world now.

In addition, he specially printed the religious emblem of Hengtian Sect on the silver ring. The founder of Mount hengtianzong was a great emperor of sword repair. The physical shape of the sword idea is the moon spirit. Therefore, the ancestral emblem of hengtianzong is a totem in the shape of a half moon.

Si Yang regretted this. Although he had realized his sword meaning, he was not strong enough to condense his sword spirit. If he can condense the sword spirit, then the hengtianzong on earth will naturally establish a totem in the shape of his sword spirit.

If he is still in the immortal world, then his greatest wish in his life is to achieve the throne, which should be what every monk strives for. Now his wish is to see what his sword spirit looks like in his lifetime.

Si Yang gave the refined silver ring to each ghost servant: “this is the storage ring. After instilling your ghost power later, this storage ring can only be used by yourself. There is also a spirit tool in it, which is for your self-defense. I don’t want it to happen again.”

Because of Si Yang’s special command, even LAN Shang came back. One person came forward and took a silver ring. As soon as the ghost force lost, he immediately felt the space in the silver ring and the things already placed in it.

Even if they have been ghosts for so many years, they have never seen such a storage device. Although I heard that there are such magical things in some thousand year old Tianshi families a long time ago, I only heard of them. But I didn’t expect that they now have one hand, one by one, carefully touching the silver rings that have been worn on their hands. They cherish it very much, not to mention there is a spiritual weapon in it.

When all the ghost servants went to drum up their new weapons happily, Lanshang began to report business to Siyang. In addition to all normal sales, she is a little dissatisfied with the status quo.

Hearing LAN Shang’s words, Si Yang was surprised: “expansion?”

LAN Shang nodded and said, “although the Japanese chemical plant under President LAN alone can meet the market demand of Yuji, if you want to develop others, it will be limited.”

Si Yang said, “tell me what you think.”

Lanshang said: “The Royal muscle has opened up the market. Although the Royal muscle will not be eliminated by the market in more than ten years, even if it remains unchanged only by virtue of its efficacy, and even can occupy an unshakable position in the ever-changing daily chemical market with the precipitation of time, with only one Royal muscle, the market is still too small. I want to build a Chinese daily chemical Kingdom and establish our own The company has a whole industrial park. In the future, it will produce products with different positioning according to market demand, such as make-up, clothing, accessories, and even drugs. ”

Siyang smiled: “it’s a good idea, but drugs can’t be touched. It’s too troublesome. There are too many things involved, but you can try cosmetics such as Meibai pill oral liquid.”

Lanshang knows a lot of prescriptions that have long been lost. Although she was a person hundreds of years ago and has indelible old traditional ideas in her bones, it is undeniable that the advancement of Western medicine is indeed desirable. However, the popularity of Western medicine has also led to the decline of traditional Chinese medicine. The real good things of the ancestors have long been broken. Today’s traditional Chinese medicine can only be regarded as some dross, which is not as shallow as the royal doctor’s entourage in the palace.

However, she also knows that once some things are taken out, they will indeed cause some trouble. What’s more, she just knows some prescriptions used by the empress, and she doesn’t understand deeper things. However, it seems feasible to make some make-up, which can also save some unnecessary numbness.

Lanshang said: “as for the site selection of the industrial park, there is no suitable place in Zhongdu. I am more optimistic about the area of Lanjiang River. However, if we do not cooperate with others for financing, there will be a big gap in capital.”

Si Yang said, “it’s not a problem. Let’s do it.”

Having received Siyang’s words, Lanshang naturally felt more relieved. She felt that the change of women’s status in this society was the most satisfactory place in the world. Her ambition and desire were deeply buried in the harem in that black-and-white era, but she didn’t expect to have such an opportunity hundreds of years later. She can’t wait to take off. She also wants to see how far she can fly.

After LAN Shang left, he sat on the stairs and looked at the little Fuzi in the living room with a faint sigh.

Siyang looked at him. Xiaofuzi sighed, “sister LAN is going to buy land to build a garden. I’m still delivering takeout. They are all ghost servants. Why is the difference so big.”

Si Yang smiled: “because you are still young.”

Xiaofuzi looked at his hand and said sadly, “it’s a pity that I’ll never grow up.”

Si Yang said, “do you want to grow up?”

Xiaofuzi was silent for a while and shook his head: “no, it’s good now.”

Isn’t it because he was not old when he died and was brought back by his master even if he didn’t have a skill? So it’s good now. Sister LAN is a very capable person. Even if he grows up, he just looks grown up and his nature doesn’t change like that. That’s it.

When the whole is covered with snow, all kinds of exams before the winter vacation have begun, and Li Hao, who is filming outside, has also returned to school. During this time, Li Hao’s crew was in a panic. However, this matter has not been exposed yet. I don’t know whether I’m holding back a big move or negotiating the price.

Because he talked to Si Yang before he left. At that time, Si Yang told him something to avoid, so Zhou Fang has been gossiping with Li Hao about their crew. Is there any news.

Until Li Hao came back for the exam, their crew didn’t move. However, the film is only half done. Li Hao will have to go back to shoot it for a few months after the exam. So Zhou Fang thought that something might have happened in the back, but he didn’t expect it to happen. It just hasn’t burst out yet, and outsiders don’t know it for the time being.

“I think there must be a problem here. You don’t know. I always remember Yangyang’s words. I don’t open the door at night. I’m very tired after training every day. After returning to the hotel, I can do skin care by willpower. Anyway, no one asked me out. As a result, two nights ago, someone knocked at the door. At that time, I went to open the door as if I had a short circuit in my brain. ”

Zhou Fang lay on the bed with his head propped up and looked at him: “then, who’s outside the door? Did you wrap a bath towel and say there was no water? Did you come to ask you to borrow the bathroom?”

Li Hao turned his eyes: “you’ve seen too many TV dramas. I’m going to open the door. As a result, when I came to the door, I suddenly seemed to be awake again. I looked out through the cat’s eye. It’s an actor of the same crew, a man, but I thought about it and went to take a bath without paying attention.”

Li Hao said, “do you know what happened later?”

Zhou Fangzui said, “pick up soap?”

Li Hao threw the pillow at him: “Go and pick up the soap! He came to ask me to attend the birthday party. That day was the birthday of Mao Xingchao, the hero of our crew. I knew his birthday. During the day, he cut the cake in the group, and the director deliberately finished work in advance. Then he invited us to have dinner, and I went too, but I left early. Anyway, I went back to the hotel around 9 o’clock. Later, I knew that he was dead We also have a second stall. Mao Xingchao rented a banquet hall in the hotel. Anyway, he ate, drank and had fun. In addition to some friends he found himself, the crew, staff and some stars, almost all those who lived on the upper floors were invited and everyone went, but I didn’t open the door and didn’t refuse on the spot, I also thought that if someone asked me the next day, I would say I was too tired and fell asleep. As a result, everyone was late the next day, and no one asked me why I didn’t go. ”

Cang Yongfeng, who was trying to take a part-time job and began to chew books only after the exam these days, looked up from the book and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Li Hao nodded: “It’s a big deal. They’re playing hi. All the men and women in the room have let go. What do you think is the situation? Three or four people play together everywhere. Some underwear is lost all over the floor, and the men’s and women’s are almost boundless. It’s almost comparable to the wine pool and meat forest of King Zhou in those years. The scene sounds spicy. What’s more exciting is that it was photographed, and the whole video 。”

Zhou Fang and Cang Yongfeng widened their eyes: “ho! It’s so wonderful, and then? Why don’t you have any news now?”

Li haodao: “Not all news can be sent out. Anyway, I basically know what I should know. After I came back for the exam and got off the plane, the wechat information will be crowded by the broker as soon as I started up. I just asked if I was involved. Fortunately, I didn’t participate at all. If I was involved, the economic company will buy the sealing fee according to the situation. If I can buy it, I’ll be fine. I can’t buy it Come down and wait until it explodes in the future, then it’s over. So now those involved in this matter are estimated to be crazy. They can talk about what they can talk about. If there is a company, it depends on whether the company is guaranteed. After the news explodes in the future, they can know who has been saved and who has been abandoned. ”

Zhou Fang touched his chin: “so, is paparazzi very profitable?”

Li Hao smiled: “Of course not. If ordinary paparazzi can get such news, it should be reported and sent by the people above. If someone buys the news, it is also the people above. The most is to give you some hard money. Otherwise, you don’t know how you die when you send it. So I say that the most thankless occupation in the world is paparazzi. You work hard with people and get an exclusive photo You may not be able to make money, but you have to be suspected like a street mouse. ”

Cang Yongfeng tutted softly, “what do they want?”

“Make a living. Compared with stars, paparazzi really don’t make much money, but compared with ordinary people, they don’t earn much less. If they get an exclusive and divide the bonus according to the size, if they are bought and pressed down this time, the paparazzi who get the first-hand resources can be divided into at least 100000 or even hundreds of thousands.”

Zhou Fang asked again, “how many people are involved this time?”

Li haoba whispered to them at the bedside: “There’s a lot. Mao Xingchao must be the worst one. I think he must have been done by someone. Otherwise, even if he wants to have such a private party, it’s impossible for anyone to invite. Everyone in the crew basically cooperates for the first time. They are not familiar before. How can they play this restricted level as soon as they come up? Moreover, I think Mao Xingchao has a problem, because I have a rival play with him and don’t get in touch with him Not much. Although the amulet I wear doesn’t respond, I feel a little chest tightness and dizziness as soon as I get close to him. ”

Li Hao then turned to look at the quiet beautiful man by the window: “Yangyang, do you think there’s something unspeakable doing this?”

Si Yang shook his head: “I don’t see myself. It’s hard to say.”

Zhou Fang also asked, “Yang Yang, do you think it will be suppressed in the end? If the news breaks out, the whole entertainment circle will be fried. It’s so exciting. Emma, suddenly I feel like I know a lot of inside information. It’s great.”

Siyang looked up at three curious faces and shook his head: “I can’t hold it.”

On the night Si Yang said this, a report blew up the whole network.

Mao Xingchao had a late night tryst with an 18 line artist and immediately died.


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