Great Celestial Master Chapter 8

Seeing that things seemed to be under control and suppressed by the golden bell, he Boyi couldn’t turn any waves for a while. Everyone was relieved at last. If they were not worried that he Boyi would find an opportunity to escape, they would have little time to come up with a more comprehensive response, and they would not plan to work hard.

If such a powerful magic weapon had helped them in the morning, they would not have chosen to burn jade and stone. Now they can finally take a breath.

One of the 11 bald monks came over and said, “thank you for your help this time, but I don’t know what you’re going to do with he Boyi. If you need us, please tell me.”

With the help of their younger generation, the rest of them cleaned up a little. Although most of their real Qi was consumed, they didn’t fall down. After taking pills to regulate their breathing for a moment, they gathered around one after another.

“I don’t know what to call this Taoist friend. I’m Xiang Guangcheng of Xiang family in Xining.”

Si Yang nodded at him, “Si Yang.”

LAN Yuzhuo helped his master to come forward: “master, this is master Si, master Si Yang. This is my master. Thanks to my master this time, I can’t repay your kindness. If you need anything in the future, LAN Yuzhuo will go through fire and water!”

Before LAN Yuzhuo’s master could speak, Si Yang said directly, “you don’t need to go through fire and water. The previous conditions have been negotiated. It’s not a kindness for us to clear up our money and goods.”

Si Yang then looked at the Golden Bell: “He Boyi has already abandoned his body and relies on evil Qi to practice. This golden bell is the bane of Yin Sha and will kill Yin Sha bit by bit. When all Yin Sha are eaten away, he Boyi will no longer exist, but I’m afraid you still need to guard during this period of time. Of course, if someone can bless the Buddhist scriptures, the processing speed will be faster.”

The bald monk heard the speech and said, “don’t worry, Taoist friends. This matter can be handled by our Linggu Temple.”

Hearing Si Yang’s words, LAN Yuzhuo thought a little and couldn’t help asking, “senior, this golden bell is the nemesis of Yin evil. Can it also nibble away the Yin evil wrapped around people?”

Siyang smells Yan Weidun, Then he said: “There are two ways to describe this situation. One is the Yin evil caused by evil. The Yin evil has long been integrated with its own breath. If there are many evils, even if I don’t say more about the results, you should be clear. The other is passively contaminated. You go to the wrong place, touch the wrong thing, or be secretly plotted. It can be solved when the Yin evil has not been connected with your own luck, that is It’s OK to deal with it, but its life must be damaged. ”

LAN Yuzhuo paused: “elder, if the Yin evil was brought by someone’s plot in the womb, the person himself has not done evil, and even has been doing good deeds. Can there be a solution to such a thing?”

Hearing LAN Yuzhuo’s words, Siyang subconsciously thought of the man he saw at school that day. He was also haunted by Yin and evil spirits, but there was a looming golden light of morality, which was simply a combination of contradictions.

After thinking about it, Siyang said: “the one brought out of the fetus has been integrated with his own breath. If you want to pull it out, you will die. The way to protect your life can only find a balance from it. It is right to do more good deeds. In addition, it is with the help of external forces, such as some mild magic tools, but that is not a long-term plan. This itself is a dead knot and difficult to solve.”

It’s hard to solve, and it’s not without a solution, but Si Yang won’t say the solution. The birth of any boundary is the derivation of yin and Yang. Life is Yang and death is Yin. The living have the cultivation methods of the living, and the dead have the cultivation methods of the dead.

As LAN Yuzhuo said, people are naturally confused with the existence of life and death. This itself is a kind of unique constitution. As long as you master the right cultivation method, it is a solution. If this constitution is in the cultivation world, it is definitely the leader in demon cultivation. Unfortunately, although there is a thin aura on the earth, there is no magic aura. Although this evil Qi is similar to Yin Sha, it is different in essence. Yin Sha is the result of evil. If you forcibly absorb Yin Sha cultivation, the result will be he Boyi’s self destruction.

The evil spirit is also a kind of spiritual spirit of heaven and earth. There is no distinction between good and evil, but the friars who cultivate with the evil spirit are more free-minded and behave more or less uninhibited. Therefore, they are more seriously liquidated by the heaven when they cross the robbery. In the eyes of the friars who cultivate themselves with the spirit spirit, they become evil and evil for a long time.

I can only say that the man LAN Yuzhuo said was really untimely.

LAN Yuzhuo, who had hoped for it, smelled that his eyes were slightly dark, but it seemed that he listened to this kind of words more. He soon adjusted his mind and said, “please give me an account, and I will collect everyone’s remuneration to the elder.”

Siyang originally intended to send it directly to her via wechat, but on second thought, he took out a business card and wrote the card number behind it. Zhou Fang wanted to get the business card for him. It printed the website of his online shop. Since he is engaged in the business of talismans, he can only sell them to ordinary people by luck, but if he sells them to insiders, there will be more people who know the goods and it is also a way to make money.

He said that this trip’s wealth broke out, and he was right.

At this time, the Yao family came over with the Yao Xin and bowed directly to Si Yang: “I’m Yao Lei, Yao family in Haicheng. Just now, my nephew offended me a lot and asked Tao you to forgive me. Today, the great grace of saving life, Yao will never forget…”

Before Yao Lei finished speaking, Si Yang raised his hand and interrupted him, Yao Daoyou said with a smile: “you’re welcome. We’ve talked about the conditions for saving people before. You love me and I wish. Then there’s no grace afterwards. Now it’s here. You can deal with the aftermath. When the evil spirit dissipates, xiaojinzhong will naturally return to my hands. You don’t have to worry. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go first.”

A few of the real Qi consumed too much. Those who were adjusting their breath quickly got up and sent them off. It’s just that the time is wrong, and they really don’t have much energy to make friends with people. After sincere thanks, they don’t even have time to say two more words. Such a young figure suddenly appeared in the metaphysical world. They are still a little confused at the moment. They have to smooth it out after the event.

These people are probably used to being sought after by people on weekdays. It’s just private. Now in the public, even if they want to catch up and make friends, they still have to take some face into account, so they wink at their younger generation and ask them to quickly take out their exquisite skills to get close to Siyang.

However, as soon as he received the signal from his elders, before he could take action, he saw Siyang disappear directly from their eyes. The young people were stunned directly, but the elders narrowed their eyes slightly. Someone sighed slightly: “so in addition to a few people, there are actually some reclusive experts who have never been born? Who can see the way just now? Is that person because of his cultivation or is he a young man?”

Master Shanji of Linggu Temple saluted the Buddha’s name and said, “now the Xuanmen is declining. It would be a good thing if there are really experts who are not born.”

After master Shanji said that, Shang Qishui, the master of LAN Yuzhuo, said, “if it’s just experience after entering the world, I’m afraid I have to be born.”

Shang Qishui’s words made everyone silent again. If the resource conditions permit, who is willing to join the WTO to pollute cause and effect. It is said that monks existed long before the emergence of the so-called civilization in history. At that time, practitioners lived in an era full of aura and were born to practice. But I don’t know when, Reiki began to become mixed, and the resources of cultivation became more and more scarce. Slowly, people are divided into two categories, one is practitioners who gradually avoid the world, and the other is mortals who start to stay away from those practitioners and live an ordinary life because they can’t practice.

However, the ancestors of mortals were originally separated from the world of monks. Although the issue of cultivation became more and more blurred with the fracture of inheritance, more legends were derived. Even after some high-ranking and powerful people in the mortal world read some ancestors’ letters, they intended to return to the world of monks again and want to become immortals. Unfortunately, at that time, even the hermits could not find the resources for cultivation, not to mention those mortals.

Finally, after the practitioners paid a great price, they finally calculated a glimmer of vitality for the practitioners. After China’s entry into the WTO, they practiced by relying on the national fortune and avoiding the way of heaven. That’s why there were so many so-called alchemists working for imperial power in ancient times. Some are really greedy for the wealth of ordinary people, and some just want to steal national fortune to cultivate longevity.

Unfortunately, at that time, the way of heaven seemed to have no room for practitioners. The difficulty of cultivation led to a fault in the inheritance of monks. Since human reproduction, in a real sense, there are no so-called monks. Even the mental skills of cultivation are incomplete. How to cultivate them? Where are the monks. If we really want to define their present existence, we can only call them warlocks. However, because of his unique talent, he came into contact with some shallow Taoism, but he was not allowed to enter. He could only contact some fur objects, such as expelling ghosts and catching demons, observing Yin and Yang and watching Feng Shui, that’s all.

So Shang Qishui said that if there are still unborn experts who have to be as silent as the world’s talents, if the already bad environment continues, I’m afraid even their warlocks will fall into a desperate situation. Maybe in the future, their warlocks will become ancient legends.

But it’s no use for them to speculate here. When the sky collapses, there are still tall people standing on it. First deal with the things in front of them.

After the crowd dispersed, Yao Lei looked at his nephew. Yao Xin was like a plucked quail. He didn’t dare to fart next to him. Touching his uncle’s eyes, Yao Xin shrunk his neck and wanted to explain, but he opened his mouth. Finally, the words to his mouth were: “… Sorry.”

Yao Lei sighed heavily: “What’s the use of telling me I’m sorry? I’m your elder. I can tolerate you and tolerate you, but others don’t owe you. If today because of your collision, Taoist priest Si turned around and left directly. What consequences would you have if you said that because of you? You are also a talented person. You have been popular since you were young. I’m afraid Taoist priest Si’s face is different from your age Up and down, but he has such cultivation and transposition thinking. If you were contradicted like that today, what would you do with your mind? ”

Yao Xin thought, if he wants to be contradicted like that, he must turn around and leave, so that they have no eyes, let them bear the consequences themselves. On this thought, the cold sweat that had not been dried out came out again.

Yao Lei patted Yao Xin on the shoulder: “I won’t talk about you today. Think about it for yourself. You are also gifted. Who is not the pride of heaven? People are even far more than you. But how do people behave in the world and how do you behave in the world? Xinzi, the Yao family can’t protect you all your life, and you can’t stay under the wings of the Yao family all your life, okay?”

Yao Xin nodded heavily.

When a group of monks were sitting in front of the Golden Bell and reciting the Buddha Dharma, Si Yang was brushing his computer in his bedroom, wondering whether to rent a place for a short time or go to a hotel for a while. With his current savings, if he doesn’t live in that luxury suite, he can probably stay in a hotel for a month. At that time, the money from Hou lanyuzhuo was going to call.

The price he offered them was 10 million yuan for each person, but it was 50 million yuan to solve he Boyi. The 50 million yuan should be shared equally by all or by the state. However, Si Yang estimated that the latter was more likely. When he went up, he saw an army guarding below, which proved that the state was also involved in that matter. The state allocation may be a little slow, or it’s a short rent?

Zhou Fang put his packed luggage on the ground: “really don’t go to my house?”

“No, you go quickly. Be careful of the delay.”

Zhou Fang was still worried and said, “you can’t live in the bedroom in two days. If you don’t have a place to stay, come to me and I’ll be the only one in my family.”

Siyang smiled and nodded: “it’s Zhou’s mother. If you don’t leave early, be careful to go out and be roasted.”

Seeing that Siyang was not willing to go with him, Zhou Fang exaggerated a sigh. When he walked to the door with his bag, he couldn’t help giving two instructions before he left the bedroom.

Not long after Zhou Fang left, Si Yang received the remittance notice. Seeing the amount above, Si Yang slightly raised his eyebrow. He thought that all accounts involved with the country could be delayed. Unexpectedly, the speed was so fast. In only three days, a lot of money arrived, and there seemed to be more.

As soon as I retired from the SMS interface, I received LAN Yuzhuo’s wechat. In addition to thanking he Boyi, I also explained that the extra money was a reward given by the state. Siyang gave her an OK sign and got up to go out. When he got the money, he could buy a house.


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