Great Celestial Master Chapter 80

Mao Xingchao is a second-line male star. He is in his thirties. For men, this age is not too old. Especially, he takes the acting route and is not a little fresh meat idol. Popularity is still good. A few years ago, there were several TV series fires, which brought him up.

To the outside world, Mao Xingchao’s image is a very stable person, because his acting skills are really good, there are not many black fans, and the popularity of passers-by is also good. Although he can’t squeeze into the front line, if he can continue to develop steadily, at least the bowl of rice in the entertainment circle can be old.

Therefore, when the news that Mao Xingchao died in the immediate wind broke out, how was the first reaction possible? Some fans of Mao Xingchao also said that it was a prank to fabricate the news and asked the authorities to refute the rumor quickly.

As a result, the official did not give a statement, and even Mao Xingchao himself did not appear, so Mao Xingchao’s fans began to panic. After the rumor was confirmed, the headlines in the entertainment industry were dominated by this news.

In ancient times, people were ashamed to talk about sex, so if they died suddenly because of this kind of thing, they would only think that this person was too licentious, had a bad style and misbehaved. But now people know that instant wind is just a sudden death caused by sexual intercourse. It is a sudden disease.

Mao Xingchao himself is an unmarried adult. Even if the object is an 18 line little star, it is also a normal man and woman love of others. Therefore, even if such news breaks out, the outside world tends to have two views on him. One feels that others are not good, and the real gentleman will not indulge in this kind of thing. One thought he was unlucky, but he died suddenly in normal nightlife. It’s also very sad that he died so disgracefully.

Just when people thought Mao Xingchao’s death was the biggest news of the month, they didn’t expect that the day before his funeral, a famous gossip V in the circle issued a notice in the morning that a century wide scandal would break out at 8 p.m.

At that time, some people said that although Mao Xingchao died disgracefully, if there were more news in the follow-up, it would be regarded as dividing the attention to him and allowing him to go quietly.

As a result, I didn’t expect that by 8 p.m., a video was released from all channels. The key is that it is still high-definition without coding. Because there has been a big V notice before, those who pay attention to gossip news have been watching at that time. They are afraid that the explosion is about their own love beans. All day long, the major powder groups began to check whether there is any black material dug out, and they are still speculating about which star it will be, especially those who have never stopped being black.

But I didn’t expect such a big story to come out in the end.

However, this high-definition video without coding was soon banned because the content was too obscene. But even so, it was seen by many people, and many of them were hidden.

One of the most shocking is that the protagonist is Mao Xingchao! When I think about his death, the fans who are still talking for him after his death are all bad.

Li Hao had already received the news and specially shared the gossip with his roommate. He was not at the scene at that time, but it is likely that the agent had seen the video from some channels, so he also mentioned the content with him, but he was still stupid when he saw the video with his own eyes.

Except for the hot eye video, their whole crew is red. This is really black and red.

Li Hao looked sadly at his roommates: “when I heard Yangyang divining for me before and calculated that the crew might have problems, I shouldn’t think that as long as it doesn’t involve me, it doesn’t matter. I shouldn’t take the play. Now it’s good. It’s estimated to be really cold.”

Zhou Fang gloated: “what are you afraid of? You just don’t make a movie. It’s miserable for others. Look, Qiu Yuanjie and ban Xun, these two small fresh meat are very popular now. You can see their fans on the bullet screen every day when you watch all kinds of programs. Who can understand that others are ruined and have a bright star.”

Li Hao then heard the phone ring. As soon as he saw it was the deputy director, he sat up straight and answered the phone. After a good meal, I even wanted to cry as soon as I hung up the phone: “the deputy director called me and told me to concentrate on the exam first and have a good rest after the exam. I’ll see how the crew arranges, so that I don’t have a burden. Even if I really stop shooting, I’ll tell me as soon as possible, so as not to delay my schedule.”

Cang Yongfeng said, “it seems that your crew is really cold. The deputy director called you personally.”

Li Hao said: “the deputy director likes me very much and takes good care of me in the crew. It is estimated that the team received the news on the day I came back. Anyway, the original shooting stopped and the whole crew was empty. The deputy director specially came to ask me if I had attended the party that night. When I heard that I said no, he asked me to go back to school.”

Zhou Fang gave him an idea and said, “why don’t you let Yang calculate another divination for you?”

Before Li Hao spoke, Si Yang said, “it’s best not to repeat one thing too many times, otherwise good luck will be lost. Let it be. At least I don’t see anything particularly bad in you.”

Li Hao was probably just a small gravel at the foot of someone else’s life. Although it was so close, it was somehow not involved. The whole thing was picked out cleanly.

Moreover, some netizens even listed the list of actors who can be ranked by the whole crew. Although Li Hao has just made his debut, he is not famous, and his first TV series didn’t even come out, but he can’t stand people’s high appearance. Moreover, there are not few scenes in the play. After being picked out by netizens, he found that Oh, there is a little fresh meat that has just made his debut, which is so clean?

Some netizens said that no one came out, and they never showed up on what occasion. They were basically a white paper from the passers-by. They disdained to play with him. So netizens make complaints about it because I am small and transparent, so I thank the stars for not killing it.

However, the staff of the crew later sent a document saying that Li Hao had also been invited, but unfortunately, during the exam week, Li Hao was still a student and wanted to take the exam, so he declined the invitation and didn’t go.

Then the netizens looked at Emma, a top student of the University of technology. This is a famous university in the country. The staff was immediately established. They have dignity and knowledge. The key is that they can live stably. There are several non impetuous young people in their twenties who can have a good relationship with their predecessors. Who will refuse because of the exam? It’s just a party, You can hang up once you play? That’s because people can see from the essence that those people are not good things. People don’t play such a rotten game.

So the TV series hasn’t come out and the film hasn’t been made yet, but after this, Li Hao has gained a lot of fans. There are too few high-quality idols these days. They must be pink.

Li Hao is a blessing in disguise. The group of people exposed by the video felt what despair is this time. In addition, so many resources have been invested in the early stage, and the protagonist is dead, which is equivalent to the whole remake. Moreover, the whole crew was involved in this scandal, which is unprecedented. Even if there is no problem with the later funds, who is willing to join the crew with such a shocking scandal.

The director himself is not a famous director, which makes the whole situation worse.

However, it is said that the situation has not been bad for a long time. The cast that was soon divested has new investors. A very young returnee rich second generation, with money in his hands and the network resources of the cinema, wants to try to invest in a play. After seeing the news, I became a little interested in the script shot by the crew. Later, I learned that the crew was about to stop filming because of financial problems, so I simply injected capital into it.

However, with money, the difficulty in terms of personnel is that they can’t hire actors who are about the same as Mao Xingchao. Finally, investors seem to be very satisfied with Li Hao. Although his acting skills are not so exquisite, the victory is that he can be polished, and his image is also in line with the setting of the protagonist in the play. It’s just a little younger, but you can decorate it through later makeup.

So Li Hao changed from a supporting role of four or five or six men to a leading role. However, because of the video scandal, the crew can’t hire the second and third tier who can bring their own traffic. They can only find some students who only want opportunities in the film academy.

But anyway, the film continues to be made, that is, the whole staff has changed their blood. And it happened at the beginning. It’s really hard to say how it will be released in the future. It’s completely the shooting of a dead horse as a living horse doctor.

After Li Hao finished his test and happily entered the crew again with his luggage on his back, Zhou Fang gossiped with Siyang: “Yangyang, do you think Haohao can succeed this time?”

Si Yang shook his head.

Zhou magnified: “ah, there are twists and turns?”

Si Yang said: “the trajectory of human life is not invariable. Sometimes a small idea and action can change the whole life. Unless it is an in-depth and detailed calculation, this random look can only see whether there will be any disasters in the recent period of time.”

Zhou Fang heard this and began to pack his bags. He also talked to Si Yang: “my family will go to Maldives to enjoy the sunshine beach this new year. I will bring you souvenirs. How about the sand I stepped on?”

Cang Yongfeng said impolitely, “why don’t you just bring another bottle of fart you let go in the Maldives?”

Zhou Fanglan’s disgust: “eh, how can you be so disgusting, annoying ~”

Si Yang looked at them and just smiled. Hearing the sound of wechat, he looked down and looked out of the window. Seeing that Lan Jinxiu’s car had been parked downstairs, he asked Cang Yongfeng, “do you go home for the new year or stay outside to work?”

Cang Yongfeng said: “go home, this year my sister’s fragrance year, but I also received several translators, which can be completed at home.”

Si Yang nodded and pulled up his suitcase: “if you have anything, please contact us. The person who picks me up is coming. I’ll go first.”

After getting on the bus, LAN Jinxiu handed Siyang the little heart he bought on the way. Although there is a chef in Siyang’s family, it’s good to change the taste occasionally, but after looking at Siyang, I couldn’t help asking, “what’s the matter? What happened?”

Siyang looked at him suspiciously: “why do you ask?”

LAN Jin said, “intuition.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “it’s nothing. It’s just that the fate track of a classmate has changed. It’s strange, but it’s nothing. It’s not a bad thing anyway.”

According to Li Hao’s life style, although he can become famous, it’s not now. There will be a trough in the middle. It should be this period of time. This situation will last for a year or two before it rebounds. However, Li Hao’s face has changed recently. He has jumped over the trough and started his career to rise. He looked carefully and didn’t see anything bad. It seems that maybe it’s really like what he told Zhou Fang that people’s fate may change at any time.

When Si Yang said it was okay, LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask any more questions, Instead, he said: “Yuzhuo received a call from the LAN family two days ago and asked her to help find LAN Jingsheng in Zhongdu. I didn’t tell Yuzhuo about LAN Jingsheng’s presence there, because the recruitment of the secret service department has ended, but I didn’t see LAN Jingsheng, so the secret service department contacted the LAN family to confirm whether LAN Jingsheng gave up the recruitment or something happened.”

Si Yang said, “then you ask Yuzhuo not to look for it. Tell the LAN family directly that the person is here. Either let me release them after I finish planting trees, or let them come to me by themselves.”

“In terms of seniority, LAN Jingsheng’s father LAN Taihong is my second uncle, but he is my family and I am a branch, so there is basically no intersection, but I heard that LAN Taihong has a hot temper and is a little short-sighted.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “don’t worry. I’ve seen a lot of things like playing the small ones and coming to the old ones, but I’ve experienced more in order to destroy the whole family for a small one.”

LAN Jinxiu: “…” suddenly felt that the whole LAN family was a little bad.


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