Great Celestial Master Chapter 81

LAN Yuzhuo really didn’t expect LAN Jingsheng to be in brother Siyang. When she received a call from the LAN family to ask her to help find LAN Jingsheng in Zhongdu, she just thought that the boy who didn’t know how to live or die had provoked something terrible and was trapped. As long as they are in their own family or recognized by their own family, they will leave a soul card in their own family. As long as they are alive, that soul card is good. If the soul card is broken, it will prove that they are dead.

LAN Jingsheng’s soul card is still alive, but he missed the exam and can’t be contacted. Therefore, the LAN family just asked the LAN family working in the Secret Service Department of Zhongdu to help find it. If the soul card was broken, it is estimated that the LAN family would have come long ago.

LAN Jingsheng didn’t have much contact with LAN Yuzhuo. She and her brother were born in a branch. In ancient times, the status of the branch was equivalent to serving the slaves of her family. Anyway, few of our family valued her and her brother. Later, she was a little noticed in the LAN family. She was allowed to participate in some large-scale sacrificial activities because she had a talent in talismans and was close to a master who regarded her as her daughter. In terms of closeness, she was really not close to the LAN family.

LAN Jingsheng had a very poor impression in her few contacts. He looks ordinary, because he has a father who has good cultivation and is very protective of his shortcomings. Although he is not arrogant, he does not pay attention to many people. And she and her brother are the group of people who are not paid attention to, so they look at his nostrils and white eyes every time.

What’s more, LAN Jingsheng once said that when they were at home, they should stay where they should be and don’t walk around. He also said that the ancestors were really old and confused and let all beggars come in.

When she was young, she was only in her teens. She had just practiced with her master. Her brother was only four years older than her, and she was only 16 years old that year. However, he could afford life early and was tortured by evil spirits. He looked mature and thin. She will always remember the disdainful look in her eyes and the way her brother led her away without saying a word.

Although she doesn’t want to offend her family, she doesn’t want to offend her family. Check it anyway. If that guy gets into any big trouble, she can be a messenger at most to save people. She should be careful to bear revenge, so she won’t save him.

Unexpectedly, the boy really got into trouble and even provoked brother Siyang. LAN Yuzhuo looked at her brother with some Entanglement: “Brother, how can you solve this problem? LAN Taihong’s nature of protecting the calf. If he knew that Lan Jingsheng was detained, would he kill Zhongdu? LAN Taihong, I guess brother Siyang was not afraid. I was afraid that the whole LAN family would be mobilized in the end. After all, LAN Jingsheng was the only one in our family to take the exam this year, but he was detained. This is a pity LAN Taihong not only avenged his son, but also the face of the LAN family. What should I do? ”

LAN Jinxiu looked at his knotted sister with wrinkled eyebrows and asked calmly, “this matter can’t be done well. Since Si Yang said that, it must be impossible for him to let him go. If the LAN family can’t swallow this tone and doesn’t come out to mediate wisely, it’s not impossible to get revenge. If it’s time to choose, what will you do then?”

LAN Yuzhuo gave a light Tut and reached out to hold the elder brother, Lean on him and say: “Of course, I’m brother Zhan Siyang. In the Xuanmen, the LAN family did give me some shelter, but that’s on the premise of my value. How much money you give the LAN family every year. Almost all the money you earn hard has been given to them. The shelter you gave us from the LAN family has long been paid off, not to mention how much I draw for them every year Fu Li, even so, they have never seen us as family members. We are just tools to make money for them, but brother Si Yang is different. Although he is even younger than me just by looking at his age, when I am in front of him, I feel like I am surrounded by my elders. What’s more, if you work harder, you may really become a family in the future, That’s a family. Brother, if only brother Siyang could be a family with us, then I would have two brothers in pain. ”

LAN Jingxiu touched her head: “this year’s home has not been given yet.”

LAN Yuzhuo looked up at him: “so…?”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t go on with this topic, Instead, he said, “I’m going to circle a place at the foot of Putian mountain and build a private Pavilion. It will be the nearest place to Putian mountain. Although the aura is not as good as that on the mountain, it must be not bad compared with other places. I’ll leave a room for your master. It’s also a good choice to practice and provide for the aged there at that time.”

LAN Yuzhuo was silent for a while. Seeing that the elder brother was serious, he nodded: “OK, I will tell the master. The master said long ago that I will make a living in the future and rely on me to provide for the elderly. Now it’s good. Even such a good place for the elderly is ready. The master must be very happy.”

LAN Yuzhuo’s master Shang qishuigao doesn’t know whether he is happy, but LAN Jingsheng’s father LAN Taihong is furious. LAN Yuzhuo knows. It’s like she’s in trouble and implicating his son, Lan Yuzhuo just said lightly: “the whereabouts of people have already been heard for you, and I have told you about the cause of the incident. As for the latter thing, I am not qualified to have such a younger generation.”

LAN Yuzhuo finished, and without waiting for the other side to continue swearing, he hung up the phone directly. For the LAN family, who don’t treat people as people, she can always stay away from each other.

LAN Taihong doesn’t need to find anyone to investigate who Si Yang is. Although the name is not well known in their Xuanmen circle, it must be known. Not to mention anything else, that mouthful of Lingzhong is enough to make people greedy and afraid. If Si Yang didn’t have that strength, it’s not sure who the bell is now, but his strength is too unpredictable. At least no one found out his bottom on the mountain where he Boyi was suppressed that day.

So LAN Taihong thought about it before and after, and gave up the idea of looking for Shang Qishui. Although Shang Qishui is a rare talisman who can be called a master now, he is so anti bone that he can come to their LAN family to offer sacrifices because of some old events in those years.

When Shang Qishui was young, he got to know a highly gifted son of the LAN family. Even his generation didn’t know what happened later. He only knew that the man who was once regarded as the heir of the LAN family died out. It was Shang Qishui who came back with the man’s bones. Later, after a long talk with their master all night, Shang Qishui became a sacrifice of the LAN family the next day, And treat each other with the etiquette of distinguished guests, and their owners are also directly closed, and have not been out so far.

However, Shang Qishui was very proud at the beginning. Except for his good feelings with the dead LAN family’s children, others were regarded as air. Later, a group of LAN family’s children let Shang Qishui pick an apprentice, and ended up accepting a wild girl who was not one with the LAN family. Although Shang Qishui is a sacrifice of the LAN family, LAN Taihong is not sure that he can let Shang Qishui help to swim around and bring back his son, so after arriving at Zhongdu, he went to Linggu Temple first and planned to find master Shanji for help.

After seeing master Shanji, LAN Taihong explained his intention directly: “The dog was young and ignorant, committed a mistake and offended master Si. Now he must have the intention of repentance. This is the scope of Linggu Temple. Since LAN came here, he must have come to visit him first. I also heard that master Shanji had a good personal relationship with master Si. He often drank tea and exchanged Buddhist culture. I wonder if master Shanji could recommend one or two to avoid me coming to the door rashly and being too Tang “Sudden.”

Shanji saluted the Buddha and said, “although I don’t know the reason, Si Xiaoyou is not unreasonable, and Si Xiaoyou is broad-minded. If it’s common, I’m afraid he won’t care too much about people. Lord Lanshi can directly hand over the worship post. If there is any misunderstanding, just make it clear.”

LAN Taihong didn’t expect that the charity society would refuse directly. He was afraid that the other party would not give face and finally broke down. It’s enough for him to lower his figure if he can come on his own initiative. It’s absolutely impossible for him to humble himself and apologize again! Therefore, it is the best policy to find someone who has status and is not the LAN family to mediate.

How can Shanji not understand LAN Taihong’s meaning, but he can’t do it, but he doesn’t want LAN Taihong to really offend Siyang, So he said, “I’m ignorant. If Lanshi doesn’t come to the door and accuse me, if it’s over, it’s a good fate. If Si Xiaoyou thinks your childe can be brought up, it’s also your childe’s blessing. Lanshi should not force it. As long as your childe doesn’t make any big mistakes, Lanshi can rest assured. Si Xiaoyou always knows how to do things.”

Lock up his son and beat him. Does he have to thank the boy? If the other party is not Shanji and this is not Linggu Temple, LAN Taihong could not help yelling. However, this Shanji didn’t give face, and LAN Taihong had nothing to say. He greeted casually with a smile and left.

After LAN Taihong left, Shanji sighed helplessly, hoping that the LAN family would not make mistakes. Although there are not many contacts with Siyang, and their exchanges are all about understanding Buddha, through those contacts, Shanji is not difficult to see that Siyang seems easy-going and indifferent, but the murderous spirit that seeps into the bone and soul is so powerful that it is terrible.

In the living room of the Secretary’s family, LAN Taihong forced himself down and tried to pretend to be nothing. He sat on the sofa and brought tea from his dream: “Mr. LAN, please have tea. The master will come later.”

LAN Taihong nodded slightly at her, took a sip from his tea cup and tried to calm his mood. Just before entering the door, he was actually a little proud. Although the Secretary’s family was shrouded in the border, if there was no leader, he might not be able to find the door anywhere. However, he soon found a place where the boundary overlapped. If he guessed correctly, it should be the entrance. Try it, and it was the gate. He still thinks that such a small skill is really not worth looking at.

As a result, when the door was opened, a strong aura came to his face, which shocked him. He saw flowers and trees and decorations in the house all the way. Although he couldn’t see any fame or name, he could feel the strong fluctuations emanating from those objects, and each one surprised him.

When he learned that the one who opened the door just now was only one of the ghost servants of the Secretary’s family, LAN Taihong was completely speechless. The strength of the ghost servant is related to the Heavenly Master. Too strong ghost Heavenly Master can’t hold down, too weak ghost, and the powerful Heavenly Master can’t look up to it. Therefore, looking at the ghost servant can also see the ability of the Heavenly Master. The servants of the Secretary’s family, if they don’t open their eyes, can’t see that they are not living.

LAN Taihong put down his tea cup and asked from his dream, “do you know if my son is here?”

From the dream: “No.”

LAN Taihong: “then he…”

Before he finished speaking, he greeted the man from upstairs from his dream: “master.”

LAN Taihong also turned his head and looked at him at the same time. Young, this was the first thought that flashed in his mind when he saw Si Yang, and then an uncontrollable fear came out. Mingming seems to have no accomplishments, and his breath is the same as that of ordinary people, but it can give people a sense of oppression that they can’t get rid of. He has only felt this feeling in two people, one is Wu Ting immortal of Lushan sect, the other is yiruo abbot of Linggu Temple. Both of them are foundation building immortal.


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