Great Celestial Master Chapter 82

When LAN Taihong recovered from this sudden oppression, he could not help standing up. Facing a young man younger than his son, he couldn’t accept that he should bow his head first. Before he came, all the scenes he had imagined had not happened, but he had made a low head posture.

No matter whether the oppressive feeling brought to him by the moment Si Yang appeared just now is an illusion or not, he came here today to resolve a festival. Anyway, he has stood up. It should be out of courtesy. He simply opened his mouth and said, “take the liberty to come, and please don’t blame Si Daoyou.”

Siyang went straight to the sofa and immediately brought a cup of tea from his dream after sitting down. When Siyang opened the tea cover, a faint fragrance of Qingling tea spread in an instant. Even others could feel a sense of lightness and lightness when they smelled it. Then look at his tea with a faint aura. LAN Taihong’s face suddenly became a little ugly.

He just thought that the surname Si might have a big background. Even their LAN family’s annual output of this aura tea is only a little. Like his position at home, he can only get a few kilograms a year, and it’s also economical to drink it.

Just now he thought that if the Secretary’s family could take out this top-level spirit tea to entertain guests, it was estimated that things would not be too stiff. It might be solved in the holiday. But I didn’t expect the slap to come so fast. Compared with the cup in his hand, I’m afraid the hospitality is equivalent to tea dregs.

Si Yang looked at LAN Taihong and saw his face clearly. He thought he was superior to others and was used to being praised. Now he is so shameless that no one can accept it. It should be said that the brain is not disabled to a certain extent.

“I know your intention, but I don’t know if you know what your son did?”

LAN Taihong sat down again, his face slightly stiff and said, “my son has been arrogant since childhood and acted a little too overbearing. I’m afraid he’s been taught a lesson by Taoist priest Si these days. I hope Lord Taoist priest Si won’t argue with him any more. I’ll discipline him severely in the future.”

Siyang drooped his eyes and drank tea without making a sound.

The one on the side took some sarcasm from the soft voice of the dream: “What you said is really light. In a word, adults have brought all the mistakes. It’s my master who has the ability to keep his own things. If you are robbed according to the domineering nature of the young master, your strength is not as strong as others, you may only feel that you deserve it. The majority of adults are to forgive those unintentional mistakes, not arbitrary and domineering people.”

LAN Taihong couldn’t bear to say, “the ghost servants around Si Daoyou really know the rules.”

From the dream Liangliang said: “the little woman is not talented. She was born in the Forbidden Palace hundreds of years ago. After three character enlightenment, she is familiar with the four books of women. She has also read poetry, books and rites slightly. She knows the rules and understands more what it means that the son doesn’t teach the father.”

LAN Taihong’s whole Rage: “you!”

“Mr. LAN.”

Si Yang shouted not lightly but not seriously, and stopped LAN Taihong’s words: “do you know what happened to those who once had crooked ideas in front of me?”

LAN Taihong seemed to be a duck pinched by the neck and suddenly shuddered.

Si Yang said, “so you should be glad that this is a legal society and your son is still alive. If you sincerely apologize, I’ll forget it. But have you ever said an apology since you entered the door? Xiaofuzi.”

As soon as Siyang’s voice fell, xiaofuzi, who had been hiding in the corner with the Fat Chef, immediately ran over and stood beside him from the dream: “master.”

Si Yang looked at LAN Taihong: “he is the ghost servant your son wants to rob. You should know how much damage it will do to the ghost servant’s soul if you forcibly erase the mark of the Heavenly Master on the ghost servant. Now I don’t need you to apologize to me. Apologize to him. As long as he accepts your apology, I’ll let your son go.”

LAN Taihong’s face became more iron and blue, and asked his tangtanglan family to apologize to a ghost servant? This is the biggest insult to him! No matter how humiliating you are, it’s unreasonable to ask your servant to apologize!

LAN Taihong almost clenched his teeth and said, “I came in good faith. Why does Heavenly Master Si humiliate me so much!”

Si Yang smiled softly: “what is humiliation? He is the one who suffered the most in this matter. Even if he is my ghost servant now, he was not the same person before his death. If you don’t want to, it’s OK. When I think the punishment is enough, I will release your son naturally.”

LAN Taihong said coldly, “does Heavenly Master Si want to be the enemy of my whole LAN family?”

Si Yang met his eyes unswervingly: “if you can represent the whole LAN family, if you think so, I can only accompany you.”

The worst thing he didn’t want to happen happened. In the final analysis, he underestimated Siyang’s temper. Relying on his old age, he was also a respected senior in the Xuanmen. He was always respected everywhere. He couldn’t lose face for a moment. Even if he gave way and apologized to a junior, he still couldn’t say it. As a result, he was stiff and couldn’t stand down.

LAN Taihong has never lost face like this, but he doesn’t dare to really fight with Si Yang. The other party has a spirit tool in hand. If he really starts, he will only suffer a loss, which will only be more humiliating.

So he could only stand on his neck and shouted, “master Si is young and energetic, but don’t ruin his good future because of a moment’s anger. This time, my son is unjustified. Master Si has detained him for so long. Now you and I might as well step back and release master Si. I’ll give you a heavy gift later as compensation.”

Si Yang said, “I’ve never changed my decision. Your son is now transforming on the mountain under my bag. Either you apologize, or I’ll let him go when your son is transformed, or you can go to the mountain and rob him back. The former will turn the page when it comes to the former, and the latter will be conceited for life and death.”

LAN Taihong has never seen such a person who doesn’t know how to live or die! The whole was trembling with anger: “good, good! Master Si is really tough! In that case, don’t blame me for being rude!”

As soon as LAN Taihong finished speaking, he brushed his sleeves and left. He thought he was an orchid family. Do they really think they are soft persimmons? There is a spirit tool in his hand, so he runs rampant and will destroy himself sooner or later!

After the man left, xiaofuzi asked cautiously, “master, do you really want to go against the LAN family?”

Si Yang: “are you afraid?”

Xiaofuzi shook his head hurriedly: “I’m not afraid! Will this make brother Jinxiu very embarrassed? And sister Yuzhuo, will they be unable to communicate with us in the future because of this?”

Si Yang smiled: “there are no eternal friends and no eternal enemies in this world. How to get along with each other has its own popularity laws. You can’t force it or force it.”

Xiaofuzi nodded vaguely, looked at it from the dream, and couldn’t help asking, “master, are we going to Putian mountain? The LAN family should take people to rob people. Just a sister Jingrou. What if we can’t fight.”

Si Yang said, “when they really take people up, you can go there. It’s just that you can take turns to practice.”

Knowing the whereabouts of his son, LAN Taihong directly found the LAN family who worked in the Secret Service Department of Zhongdu, and a group of people ran directly to Putian mountain. Jingrou had already received the news from xiaofuzi and kindly opened a way for them to come up smoothly so as not to be lost in the mountain.

Although not all heavenly masters will be on standby in the secret service department, it is still abnormal that more than a dozen people are missing at once. Zhou Qin, the leader of a group, soon received the news and inquired about the context of the matter. He had no choice but to report the matter and rushed there with others. Otherwise, the fighting of a group of heavenly masters is much more serious than the fighting of a group of gangs.

When LAN Taihong came to Putian mountain, he couldn’t believe his eyes. His son was naked in the winter and dug a hole with a spade. Next to him was a pile of small trees that seemed to be going to be planted, and the saplings behind his son were obviously newly planted.

Next to his son, a woman with a white whip stood watching his son dig a pit and plant trees like a supervisor. Although there were no scars on his son, there was something wrong with his face. After he shouted twice, he seemed to have lost his soul and continued to dig the pit without any reaction.

LAN Jingsheng has never been so desperate in his life. His accomplishments were sealed and he was forced to dig pits and plant trees. At first, he resisted, and then he would be beaten to death. That’s really going to die. Even if he begged for mercy and was willing to plant trees after a few whips, the vicious woman didn’t stop. After he really smoked him to death, another pill saved him.

He also said that first let him feel the taste that life is worse than death if he doesn’t obey. After he was almost killed for the first time, LAN Jingsheng was afraid and asked him to plant trees. As long as the woman stood by, he didn’t dare to be lazy.

However, the woman is also a ghost servant and doesn’t need to rest at all. It seems that she doesn’t have to do anything except guarding him. He is tired and moves slowly. Even his original clothes are broken and can’t be worn. Then let him work with his bare upper body. It’s more convenient to smoke in this way.

The whip was also a terrible thing. The wound on the body healed in a few breaths, but the pain of the split skin and flesh did not reduce by half. LAN Jingsheng doesn’t know how long he has been working like this day and night. Anyway, as long as he can’t stand falling down, the woman will give him a pill and he will be resurrected with blood.

He hasn’t rested since he was caught on the mountain. The despair can’t be described in words. The whole person is numb to collapse. He felt that he was a machine without thought. He really wanted to die. He really hoped that the woman could kill himself. Now what he was most afraid of was not the whip, but the small pill. It was the pill that made him suffer endlessly.

When he heard someone shouting at him, LAN Jingsheng didn’t even react for a while and continued to dig the hole.

Seeing his son who has been tortured to be an adult, LAN Taihong’s eyes are red. He is such a son. He always gives what he wants and won’t make him unhappy at all. But now, his baby son has been so abused. I think he wanted reconciliation before. This time, the whole person is going crazy and rushed up to rob people.

Jing Rou brushed the ground and whipped it on the ground. LAN Jingsheng heard the terrible whip and instinctively hugged his head and squatted down to cry for mercy.

Seeing that his once spirited son was tortured so miserably, several fathers can keep reason, not to mention that he himself is not a calm person. LAN Taihong gnashed his teeth and roared, “Si Yang! I, LAN Taihong, will never die with you!”

The noise called the numb LAN Jingsheng back to his mind. LAN Jingsheng, squatting on the ground with his head in his arms, was shocked. It seemed that some couldn’t believe the people he saw. At that moment, his mind was blank. His instinct was faster than his thinking. He got up and ran towards LAN Taihong: “Dad!”

Jingrou gently hooked the corner of her mouth, whipped LAN Jingsheng and whipped him back.

At this moment, the porcelain solid drawn by LAN Jingsheng drew a deep blood mark on LAN Jingsheng’s body. LAN Jingsheng was not spared during this period of time, but it was the first time that he was so cruel. He flew half into the air and fell down. The whole person rolled violently on the ground in pain and screamed hoarsely.

LAN Taihong said, “you want to die!”

Jingrou raised her eyebrows and smiled: “you are not qualified to mention the taboo of my master. This is our private mountain. You are so rude and intruded in front. Do you still want me to be polite to you?”

The LAN family brought by LAN Taihong, regardless of their relationship with them, must be united when they come out of the same family and fight against outsiders. Seeing that their own people were so humiliated, they were equally angry: “you’re just bullying too much!”

Jing Rou’s eyebrows and eyes were cold: “it’s only a person.”

Xiaofuzi had already told him about his family affairs. He could finish the matter with a simple apology, but LAN Taihong thought he was superior and felt that apologizing to their ghost servants was losing his identity. You know, before they became ghost servants, they were also 100 year old ghosts in the palace. Ordinary heavenly masters were afraid to provoke them easily. How can I get to their LAN’s house? It’s too low to bear an apology.

As soon as he said this, the group of children from the LAN family rushed up without LAN Taihong’s orders. If you don’t give them some color to see, it’s easy to bully the LAN family!

Looking at the person who rushed towards her, Jing Rou was not afraid at all. She raised her whip and greeted her. Although she didn’t know any skills, the spirit whip in her hand gave birth to a spirit. She just needed to follow the guidance of the spirit whip to deal with these rookies, just like pumping melons, one by one, one by one.

Soon, the LAN family’s children tried to feel the whip beating on them. They also understood that Lan Jingsheng’s current situation was not because he was not determined, but because the family’s weapons were really terrible. Even if you only get a whip, the pain is really unbearable.

Jingrou, who gave away the heads, didn’t even bother to look. She went directly to LAN Taihong: “you still want to live with my master. Your Excellency looks down on yourself too much.”

LAN Taihong’s most powerful weapon is the magic seal, but he gave his son self-defense before. Now only one ring bell is still available. However, he knew that the woman in front of him was a ghost servant. Runes were the most useful for dealing with ghosts. In addition, not long ago, Shang Qishui didn’t know where to get some good things, which greatly improved the power of the whole talisman. Besides, the success rate of thunder guiding talisman increased by several percent.

LAN Taihong directly took out the thunder guiding charm. When avoiding the white whip in the woman’s hand, he quickly read the spell in his mouth. The golden light of the charm in his hand suddenly appeared. Bursts of clouds came from the originally clear and cloudless sky, and the thunder was muffled in the clouds.

Those LAN family children who were knocked to the ground by Jing Rou opened their eyes for the first time.

After completely activating the thunder guiding charm, LAN Taihong no longer dodged the white whip and directly attacked Jing rou. At the same time, there was a loud noise in the sky, and a purple ray of thunder hit Jingrou hard.

Zhou Qin just came over at this time. Seeing that the people of the LAN family had used thunder guiding talisman to deal with the ghost servant of the Siyang family, his whole face changed greatly.

Deng Yang came with Zhou Qin. Seeing the lightning that was about to fall in the sky, he didn’t want to throw his peach wood sword out directly, hoping to resist it. If Jing Rou had any trouble here today, with Siyang’s temper, he couldn’t imagine what would happen!

In front of Tianlei, all ghosts have no resistance. They don’t think Jingrou can survive under this Tianlei.

At this time, the sudden change occurred. Tianlei, who should have fallen towards Jingrou, was split by a fierce sword Qi, which split the mountain into a deep sword mark.

The falling sky thunder was split to both sides. For a time, there was flying sand and stones. Jing Rou’s face did not change from beginning to end. Even the seat she stood did not move for half a minute. His eyes swept to the group of people in the LAN family, holding a white whip, the corners of his mouth tilted slightly, and his eyes were full of ridicule.

All the people looked at the thrilling scene and couldn’t help looking in the direction of the source of sword Qi.

I saw a young boy with short hair, who was not very old and had a young face. He was holding a long sword emitting light in his hand and slowly came towards the people. The sword spirit of his whole body had not dissipated. The slight tremor of sand and stones on the ground also made the people looking at him suffocate.


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