Great Celestial Master Chapter 83

Seeing that Siyang came back, he was always the first to meet him from his dream. He took his coat and backpack and hurriedly served tea. Seeing that Siyang had no other orders after sitting down, he turned around and did something else.

Shan Hexuan hurriedly got up and said hello: “elder Si, take the liberty to come here. Excuse me.”

Si Yang smiled and said, “don’t be so stiff. Everyone is young. Why do you have to do that old-fashioned thing? Even Deng Yang from your place called me by my name.”

Shan Hexuan’s life has always been a simple straight line. Dealing with ghosts is much more than dealing with people. It’s impossible to say that he doesn’t understand some worldly wisdom. Otherwise, how can he climb to the position of captain in government organs and units. It is impossible to say that they are very good at it, otherwise their second team will not be the lowest resource in the whole department.

His most is to abide by his duties, understand the rules, and he has always had a clear hierarchy. Other places may look at seniority by virtue of age, but Xuanmen always speaks by strength. Even if Si Yang is very young, or even nearly ten years younger, his cultivation is there, that is the elder.

However, this is not the first time Si Yang said such words. If he stubbornly followed the etiquette of Xuanmen, I’m afraid he would be rude, so he had to obey Si Yang’s meaning.

After calling Shan Hexuan to sit down again, Siyang looked at the chinchilla who was biting the apple and asked, “what’s the matter?”

Shen ran turned his eyes and looked at Si Yang and Shan Hexuan. He sighed and turned around with the apple in his arms. He didn’t want to be beaten back in public. He also felt ashamed, okay.

Shan Hexuan thought that Shen ran could not speak after he changed back to the original shape, so he explained: “it’s Japanese.”

Si Yang frowned slightly: “is there another group, or have those people not left yet?”

Shan Hexuan pursed his lips and looked a little cold: “it should be said that it was the Chinese who took refuge in the Japanese.”

Shen ran, who was gnawing at the apple, suddenly said angrily, “it’s a traitor, a running dog and a traitor! What kind of Chinese, that kind of talent doesn’t deserve to be called Chinese!”

Shen Ran is the kind of person who makes trouble, can be quiet, and can pretend to be a male God by leaning on that confusing face when pretending. But after getting familiar with him, you will find that he is a little mature occasionally, but in fact he is still a big boy. People with this personality usually love face, and Shen Ran is probably one of them.

His own voice is relatively gentle and clear. Just listening to the voice makes people feel that he should be a warm man. But now he has changed back to the prototype, he has turned into a child’s voice. It feels like the childish voice of an 11-year-old boy before he changes his voice.

So after Shen ran breathed out his mouth, he retracted his head and covered his mouth with two short front claws.

Shan Hexuan seemed surprised. He probably didn’t expect that Shen Ran’s voice was so different after he changed back to the original shape. Although he came back with Shen ran who changed back to the original shape, Shen ran kept silent all the way, so he rarely looked at him with his emotions exposed.

Originally, he hasn’t calmed down about Shen ran suddenly becoming a chinchilla. Even if they believe whether there is a demon in the world, they haven’t seen a demon cultivated into a spirit in China except for the bat spirit in the West.

If he didn’t know that Shen ran was Si Yang’s man and was the first demon to find Cheng Jing after the founding of the people’s Republic of China, he would definitely take it back to the Bureau. So he found that Shen ran couldn’t change back at once, so he had to send it back in person. By the way, he also wanted to find out what was going on. After all, not long ago, they knocked a lot of good things at Japan in the name of the Japanese yin-yang division killing their Chinese Heavenly Master.

Si Yang did not unexpectedly explain: “the life span of the demon is different from that of people. It’s very long. He’s only a hundred years old. He can only be regarded as a minor in the demon world.”

Shen ran widened his eyes and looked at Si Yang. He seemed to have some doubts. He knew so well about the goblins, but it didn’t seem surprising to think that Si Yang was mysterious everywhere. However, I couldn’t help but defend myself: “I’m about to grow up. I can grow up in this year or two at most!”

However, no one cared about his defense, because Shan Hexuan soon talked about what happened today.

He is still tracking down the murderer of the campus corpse shredding case. Since Si Yang identified what the black powder was last time, he has had a lot of conjectures. The most serious one may be that someone behind him created one or more instruments that can collect the angry souls of human beings through some mysterious force, which was spread through evil methods, Entice the person who accidentally gets that thing to go astray and commit insane murder.

If a powerful Heavenly Master did this behind his back and used ordinary people as chess pieces to achieve his purpose, then when they didn’t notice it, they didn’t know how many people died. The whole of China is so big that if we don’t investigate the source as soon as possible and only passively take action after the crime is committed, we don’t know how many people will die.

However, this is also his worst guess. It is also possible that someone accidentally got an antique living in an evil god. In order to meet his desire, he did not hesitate to commit a felony to worship the evil god to achieve his goal. Therefore, in the limited clues, Shan Hexuan could only check everywhere with a compass every day, so he happened to meet Shen ran who was fighting with others.

The four young men who fought with Shen ran had colorful hair and looked more like street gangsters, but their skills were obviously trained. Although he didn’t know what was happening at present, Shen Ran’s moves had used spiritual power, and the group was able to resist with ease, and one of them even had a magic weapon in his hand, which was obviously not a grudge between ordinary people.

Seeing this scene, Shan Hexuan immediately came forward. No matter what personal grudges they had, the public fought so recklessly without even setting a border. If ordinary citizens saw it or sent it online, it would be another pile of trouble.

Not to mention, it is also within their scope of duty to restrain the ghost servants and protect the ghost servants of the Heavenly Master who have been registered in their department.

However, it was obvious that the group of people were even more arrogant than he thought. After he showed his identity, he not only did not restrain at all, but also directly showed his intention to kill.

Speaking of this, Shen ran didn’t know whether it was because he had been exposed or because he broke his voice and didn’t hold it anymore, Angrily, he said, “this fool is just a muscle! Without looking at the magic weapon in others’ hands, he rushed up to fight people with a broken sword. Isn’t this hitting stone with an egg! When he realizes that it’s wrong, he should quit immediately and call someone to come. In our territory, doesn’t that person come every minute? I said that after I break, he can support it at least, but he won’t listen!”

Seeing Shan Hexuan looking down at himself, Shen ran tried to widen his eyes to express his dissatisfaction with him. The chinchilla’s eyes can be as big as a big mouse, but the two are so angry that they stand up, and their thin big ears have a stronger sense of existence.

Si Yang couldn’t help but look at his angry ears. It was too dramatic, and then he asked, “then, you were beaten back to your original shape. You lost the fight, so you escaped back?”

Shen ran hummed, “we didn’t lose! But we didn’t win. Anyway, those people didn’t get anything good.”

“They seem to know our secret service very well,” Shan Hexuan said

Generally, when dealing with such very human things outside, government departments like them first report to their families, which is the most basic process, whether to people or ghosts. The group just heard him say that Shan Hexuan of the secret service department directly said that he was the captain of the second group, and said that if he could kill a captain, he would make more money.

Later, they naturally fought. The four people themselves were killed, and the moves were deadly and ferocious. One of them also had a powerful magic weapon in his hand, which was like a Vajra pestle. It was an adult small arm long, with a hollow circle at one end. There was a crystal stone with aura in it, and a coiled dragon carved at the other end, which was lifelike.

The spirit power of the Vajra pestle is strong, and the sword in his hand can be said to be vulnerable to a blow. If he didn’t protect it with spirit power, his sword would turn into pieces of broken iron in a few moves.

Although they said it in a sentence, Si Yang can also imagine the situation at that time. Even if Shan Hexuan’s strength is good, but it is not enough to compete with the magic weapon, they have suffered a lot from the gap in weapons. The other party can control the magic weapon and prove that their cultivation is absolutely not bad. It is good that they can retreat all over.

Shen ran said, “those people were determined to kill us. They might have seen me alone before. They didn’t even bother to set up the barrier. As a result, he rushed up regardless of the situation. The group immediately set up the barrier and trapped us inside. In the end, if I hadn’t tried my best to break through the barrier, they would have succeeded!”

Shan Hexuan nodded after hearing the speech: “indeed, we really want to thank Mr. Shen for this time. If Mr. Shen hadn’t broken through the barrier, we’d be hard to get away.”

Hearing what Shan Hexuan said, Shen ran was a little embarrassed. He scratched his face with a short claw. He was a little shy and said, “I can’t say that. You’re completely implicated by me. If I really want to say thank you, it should be me to thank you. If I didn’t have your help, it would be difficult for me to get out.”

Siyang took a sip from his tea cup and said, “how did you get beaten back to your original shape?”

Shen ran hurriedly said: “It’s not the last gun! I don’t know what’s in it. It can restrain the demon force. I broke the barrier. After a lot of talismans were thrown down, I blocked them for a while. Knowing that we would suffer if we continued to fight, of course we ran quickly. As a result, when I ran, I was stabbed by that thing again, and then it became like this.”

He wouldn’t say. Finally, Shan Hexuan took him away with a fast sign. As a result, he changed back to his original shape on the way. Then, under the extremely surprised and surprised eyes of Shan Hexuan, he stuffed him into his chest and brought him back.

Anyway, he was completely exposed this time, and he couldn’t be rescued.

Shan Hexuan looked at Si Yang: “Si… Si Yang, what’s the matter and what’s the purpose of that group of Japanese?”

Si Yang smiled: “What’s the purpose? Of course, the purpose is the demon pill. There are few demons in China who can become refined. He is found because he is not yet an adult and sometimes can’t control the evil spirit. For ordinary people, the demon pill is almost equivalent to the elixir of immortality. The demon’s long life is all because of the Demon power in the demon pill. If the Demon power is full, he will be strong , when the Demon power is exhausted, the demon will naturally die, but the demon will die if it leaves the demon Dan, but the demon Dan will not be affected if it leaves the demon. ”

Si Yang said and looked at the chinchilla on the sofa: “so you are as old as Tang monk in other people’s eyes, not to mention the Japanese. If people who don’t want to die or long for longevity know your existence, you won’t be safe anywhere.”


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