Great Celestial Master Chapter 84

Originally, Siyang said that Lan Jingsheng’s story had been turned over. LAN Ziming planned to go back and just beat it. However, after that sword, when he returned to LAN’s house, he directly called his father and son to the ancestral hall.

All the children in the family must be present. In front of the public, they unkindly announced what happened outside LAN Taihong and LAN Jingsheng, severely punished their family salaries for several years, and asked them to think behind closed doors and reflect.

In fact, the punishment is not heavy. Although they have family salaries, it is not all their source of money. However, it is too hurtful to think behind closed doors and punish in front of everyone.

At the thought that his son has become timid and no longer has the vitality he once had, LAN Taihong breathed deeply: “Elder, haven’t my son suffered enough this time! The man named Si Yang doesn’t pay attention to our LAN family at all! Even if he really made a big mistake, the punishment should be enough. You ask me to apologize. In front of those outsiders, I threw my face on the ground and apologized to him. Now you are punishing us and thinking behind closed doors. Is it possible that our LAN family is really afraid of his Si Yang!”

What made him more angry was that the seal he used to protect his son was a magic weapon! It’s broken! For an aristocratic family like them, magic tools may not be as noble as heaven, but not everyone has them. In particular, the seal was obtained by his own strength, and now it is broken!

He didn’t dare to say anything about it. Otherwise, his son was beaten. As a father, he apologized, and even his proud magic tools were broken. Don’t want his old face at all!

LAN Ziming slapped him in the face: “Lan family, what about LAN family? You can’t recognize yourself under the name of Millennium family?! with your corrupt family style, even the family inherited for thousands of years will have to be destroyed by you! The details of LAN family come from yourself. Look what you look like now! What do you like to rob directly? What’s the difference between you and robbers! This time you hit the iron Only on the board did I know how many things you said you had done too much when I didn’t know! ”

LAN Ziming then glanced at the people in the ancestral hall: “I put my words here today. In the future, if I know that you do something morally corrupt outside, you will run rampant with the power of the LAN family. I don’t care about your status and talent in the family. If you are found once, you will be expelled from the LAN family. It’s useless for anyone to intercede!”

Hearing this, everyone lowered their heads and dared not say a word. Some people never disdain to do things that bully people by relying on family affairs, and their faces look relaxed. Some are used to misbehaving outside. When they hear that the punishment is so heavy, they look at the father and son kneeling in the middle. If they didn’t act outside and be found by the elder, how could the elder lose such a temper and implicate a group of people.

LAN Ziming took a panoramic view of the people’s faces. Feeling tired and disappointed, he waved his hand: “all that should be said today is said. Go back. Being a man, it’s better to rely on yourself than anything. The family is not a shelter that will never fall down. Otherwise, no matter how deep the family is, it will be defeated sooner or later.”

After they all left, the second elder and the third elder who didn’t open their eyes from beginning to end in the ancestral hall opened their eyes.

LAN Ziming looked at the ancestral tablets and sighed deeply, “you can’t be rich for three generations. If you are prosperous, you will decline.”

The Third Elder said, “it’s almost time for the owner to go out.”

LAN Ziming shook his head and said, “it’s no use going out of the customs. Unless the LAN family has a foundation building immortal, they can only keep a low profile. The foundation building immortal is out of time.”

The second elder said, “have you ever explored the cultivation of Siyang?”

LAN Ziming looked dignified for a moment: “the cultivation has not been found out yet, but the strength is afraid to lose the real person.”

As soon as these words came out, the faces of the other two elders couldn’t help but change: “how can it be so young.”

The three elders suddenly said, “how old is he this year?”

LAN Ziming said, “twenty years old.”

The second elder was silent for a while, as if muttering to himself: “twenty, at the beginning, the divination before Wen Cang died. The LAN family has been prosperous for twenty years. Does it mean him?”

LAN Ziming said, “if the LAN family is rotten from the root, why are you afraid of prophecy? The prosperity and decline all come from the root.”

Looking at the ancestral tablets, the three elders sighed silently. It’s not easy to maintain such a large family.

At the top of the mountain in Siyang, there are a lot of white workers with their own accomplishments. At first, everyone still rejected the matter of digging pits and planting trees. At least they are also famous heavenly masters. Although today’s society does not highly respect this kind of mysterious thing, and they should be careful and low-key in laymen, they have different abilities from ordinary people, There are also some people who think they are superior in mentality. It is certainly impossible for them to be willing.

However, no matter how unwilling they were, this was also what the elder said. Although they didn’t return to their home, later, people who knew them asked them about what happened to LAN Taihong and his son in Zhongdu, and informed them of the fire sent by the elder after returning to the main house. So one by one dare not make trouble again, just want to finish the punishment quickly and go back to be a low-key man.

Although the work has been done, the effect can only be said to be barely up to the standard, because each of them has been divided into an area, and filling that area is equivalent to the end of the punishment. Therefore, some people are very fast, although some are perfunctory, but at least on the edge of being qualified, Jing Rou basically planted almost, and then released the people.

Some people don’t know whether they just take this place as a vacation or they are too casual and slow, but they have to complete the minimum progress every day, so Jingrou doesn’t care about them.

Soon, the bare Putian mountain became green one by one, and the land contracted by LAN Jingxiu at the foot of the mountain began to work.

According to Siyang’s plan, in addition to the vegetables and fruits on earth, Putian mountain will set aside a separate area to plant the specialties of Xiuxian world, and the largest cultivated land at the top of the mountain will be planted with LingMi. After all, it is eaten every day. There are also some spirit grass, which will be fed to some animals in the future. After several generations of evolution, although it can not become spirit animals, the meat quality must be much better than the taste of animals on earth.

Because the whole Putian mountain is too big. Now the whole once rocky wasteland needs to be planted, the gravel needs to be cleared, and the wasteland needs to loosen the soil and fertilize before digging seedlings under the pit. Fortunately, the Heavenly Master has some skills that are not with foreigners, and he doesn’t know what Jingrou sprinkled on the mountain. The next day, the whole mountain soil becomes black and fat, It makes the punishment of those races more smooth.

With a batch of people coming down the mountain after the punishment, Deng Yang and LAN Yuzhuo came up with a batch of people and their own equipment. Deng Yang carrying a hoe smiled at Jingrou and said, “these are the elites of our team. Now there is no task in hand, so he came to help brother Siyang develop the wasteland. Where we need to do it, sister Jingrou can say!”

LAN Yuzhuo was very familiar with the people in the Si family, so quite a female man said, “sister Jingrou, you can say that even if you fill up the mountain, it’s no problem!”

She also knew what had happened on the mountain before. Although her strength must be better than brother Siyang’s little thumb, she also wanted to help. There were few scenes where she could see the LAN family make a fool of themselves. But maybe team Zhou was afraid that she would be difficult to do between brother Siyang and the LAN family, so they arranged a task for her and staggered it.

When a laborer came to the door, Jingrou would not refuse, and impolitely pointed to a mountain: “there, the master plans to plant a peach tree there.”

Deng Yang looked back and promised: “no problem! Give it to us. Where are the saplings?”

Jingrou smiled: “then go over there and I’ll send the saplings later. Since you’re here to help, it’s naturally different from the treatment of those punished. If you can plant all this piece today, you will definitely have unexpected harvest.”

As soon as Deng Yang heard that it was good, he quickly asked Jingrou several times. Seeing that Jingrou refused to say, he simply took his brothers up first. Although LAN Yuzhuo proposed that they come here, Zhou Qin agreed. Zhou Qin thought realistically. Being able to make friends with a Heavenly Master like Si Yang is absolutely beneficial.

Deng Yang just followed LAN Yuzhuo to help. Others have a good relationship with them, so they should come to experience life.

These masters brought by Deng Yang are grass-roots heavenly masters with little background. They have good character. They have long heard of Si Yang’s reputation. Now they have such an opportunity to get in touch with him and work hard one by one.

However, although there are many people who can finish this piece in one day, they can’t do it without using some spiritual cultivation. Anyway, it’s about the follow-up pills. If they can make a good impression, these pills are not a matter.

When the group of people who were punished on the other side of the mountain completed today’s workload and passed the peach forest being planted, several sharp eyed saw that they were colleagues of their own group, so they walked over curiously one by one.

Looking at their work in full swing, someone was surprised and said, “Why are you here? Have you committed a crime?”

Deng Yangchao said to them, “voluntary labor, dealing with all kinds of ghosts and evil things every day, the whole person is overcast. If you have the opportunity to move, you can relax your muscles and bones.”

Those LAN people said nothing about this. They wanted to loosen their muscles and bones. They went to practice a set of sword and fist techniques to ensure that they were loose in place. If they didn’t want to practice, they went to the gym. They were so full to plant trees in the mountain.

In particular, I saw LAN Yuzhuo among them. They came here to be punished. As a person of the LAN family, he came to help those who let them be punished. Isn’t that equivalent to a traitor of the LAN family.

Suddenly, someone couldn’t help but say, “Miss LAN is different. She’s special… She knows the great meaning?”

LAN Yuzhuo directly and impolitely said, “shut your mouth. You’ll only shout. It’s so promising. You can resist if you are dissatisfied with the punishment.”

The man was ridiculed by a woman in public. He immediately lost his face and said angrily, “what are you talking about? It’s really an ill bred wild girl!”

Others hurriedly persuaded the quarrel, but they were not as fast as the runes thrown out by LAN Yuzhuo. As soon as the talisman was pasted on the man, a fire came out and burned his clothes at once.

Others immediately rushed to put out the fire.

The one who was burned was even more angry. He took out his weapon and rushed towards LAN Yuzhuo.

At this time, Jingrou suddenly appeared out of thin air, brushed the ground and whipped directly on the ground. Looking at the punished people, she said coldly, “believe it or not, I disabled you today and sent you back to the LAN family. Your LAN family won’t say a word of No.”

Those who were punished were obviously afraid of the ghost servant of the Si family. When they heard this, they dared to be angry but dared not speak. They just stared at LAN Yuzhuo fiercely, thinking that soon the annual ancestor worship of the LAN family will begin, and she will look good at that time!

Deng Yang also pulled Lalan Yuzhuo and advised her to take it back. He knew that Lan Yuzhuo had a bad relationship with the LAN family. Even if she was in the same department, she didn’t get close to any LAN family. When the other party was better, she almost moved a lot of hands. After all, it was in brother Siyang’s territory. It was too big and ugly.

Seeing that both sides were quiet, Jingrou looked at the peach forest. Only a few saplings had not been planted in time, but the pit had been dug, so she took out several long glass pipes filled with water: “thank you for coming to help today. Just drink directly.”

Deng Yang and others took over the long glass tube handed by Jing Rou one by one, and then curiously opened the seal, and a strong aura immediately spread out. Deng Yang’s eyes widened in surprise. For fear that his aura would dissipate, he quickly drank them all.

That aura instantly filled his limbs and bones. Don’t mention that Su Shuang’s strength. He crossed his legs and didn’t see where it was. He sat down and sat up directly, trying to absorb every trace of aura in place.

The earth is an era of the end of the law. Because of the lack of Reiki, they always need more external resources for cultivation, but the best thing is Reiki.

Seeing this, the others immediately opened the glass tube in their hands, drank it, and then meditated on the spot together. The almost exhausted Reiki filled up in a few breaths, but it’s not over yet. The Reiki in the body, which is so rich that it’s like getting rich overnight, is still wandering around. Everyone takes the time to absorb it. The Reiki that can be drunk directly is still so pure and so precious. They’re not sure they can own it when they take it down the mountain. It’s safe to drink it here quickly.

The punished people naturally felt the aura when they opened the glass tube, but they drank it all before they tried to absorb some aura from the air.

As the people of the LAN family, they are not rich though they are not short of pills and talismans. In particular, they have never felt such pure aura in their lifetime, and their eyes are red with envy.

Some people even couldn’t help Chaojing Judo: “miss Jingrou…”

Jingrou raised her hand and stopped them: “you were left to open up wasteland because you were punished, and these people came to help voluntarily, so they didn’t have any money and didn’t sell it.”

Jingrou finished saying that Lan Yuzhuo didn’t drink, but put it away. She said, “it’s best to drink the spirit liquid while the spirit power is exhausted.”

LAN Yuzhuo said with a smile, “well, I know, but I’m a talisman. It’s only cultivation for me when I draw a talisman, so I keep it for a suitable time.”

Hearing this, those people of the LAN family snorted with disdain. They really lost the face of the LAN family because they had never seen the world.

LAN Yuzhuo didn’t know what they were thinking. He rolled his eyes. At the thought of this year’s big brother’s decision, he was very comfortable. At least half of their economy was cut off at once. I really hope they can be so high in the future!

Deng Yang and others woke up from meditation and stood up and moved their muscles and bones one after another. They had never drunk pure spiritual liquid in their life. Just that bottle can’t compare with many pills. So Deng Yang looked at Jingrou and asked, “sister Jingrou, if we come back tomorrow, do you still have this drink?”

Jingrou said with a smile, “naturally, you can’t do white work.”

Deng Yanglian hurriedly said, “then I’ll come back tomorrow!”

Other people responded one after another. They were originally running to climb the relationship. Unexpectedly, they got such great benefits. If they can have a bottle of this kind of spiritual liquid every day, their cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds!

Jing Rou is also very satisfied with this. It’s just that there is a little less diluted Lingquan water than the water for watering trees, so she can get free labor. In the future, she doesn’t have to worry about having no free labor. After all, such a large piece of cultivated land still needs people to plant. In particular, the owner said that the yield of LingMi is small, but it can be harvested once in almost three months. LingMi can also make wine. I’m afraid LingMi field will never be free. Now people are ready-made.

Jingrou goes back to report the progress to Siyang. At this time, Siyang’s home has been filled with a pile of ginseng, grass and stones just dug out of the soil.

In addition, there is a chinchilla covered with dirt and dusted for some time, and Shan Hexuan, who looks ok but has a color on his face and looks a little embarrassed.

Jingrou came forward and said, “everything is fine on the mountain. Today, Mr. Deng and miss LAN brought people to help. I decided privately to dilute some of the Lingquan water and gave it to them as a reward.”

Si Yang nodded: “since the mountain has been handed over to you, you just look at it and don’t have to report everything to me.”

When Shen ran heard this, he couldn’t sit still at once. He quickly got up from the sofa. He rushed too quickly and almost fell off the sofa. He was held by Shan Hexuan for a moment before he stabilized: “mountain? Did you buy a mountain?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “yes, Jingrou did a good job. She will take care of everything on the mountain in the future.”

Shen ran looked at Jing Rou and Shan Hexuan. He almost wanted to cry: “then, what about me?”

Si Yang slightly raised his eyebrow: “you? When you recover, what can a little pet do? Dig a hole with your short claws?”

Shen ran fell to the side sadly, hugged his big tail in his arms, and pretended to cry.

Shan Hexuan picked up his tea cup and drank tea. The chinchilla who was beaten back to its original shape probably completely let go of himself. He has experienced the appearance of the play essence these days.


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