Great Celestial Master Chapter 85

Ignoring the noisy Shen ran, Si Yang looked at Shan Hexuan: “is this trip going well?”

Shan Hexuan said: “there are some twists and turns, but it’s smooth. In addition to ginseng, Shen ran said that these herbs also have spirituality and can be used as medicine. However, I don’t understand alchemy. I don’t know much about it, so I brought all I can bring back. In addition, I found a lot of red stones.”

The red stone mentioned by Shan Hexuan is a pile of things scattered on the ground that look like roadside miscellaneous stones. The stone shell has patterns like water patterns. However, after the stone is broken, the stone core is a very red color. If it is separated and refined and mixed with vermilion, it can increase Yang and make the charm even more powerful.

However, this kind of red stone is very rare. There are not many ores generated by absorbing the vigorous Qi of heaven and earth. After being studied and used by the Heavenly Master, it is difficult to find a good red stone until now.

Si Yang has not seen this kind of stone, but even if it is not broken, he can feel the hot smell wrapped around the stone. Siyang took a piece and pinched it gently, and the stone split in two. The stone center was indeed a blood red color. The strong Yang Qi made several ghost servants in the house uncomfortable and avoided some.

Si Yang said, “this just can be buried in the mountains to remove Yin Qi.”

Shen ran hurriedly said, “this is very rare. Many heavenly masters can’t find it now. In addition to the symbols, it can also be used to light up, or directly polished into ornaments to wear. It’s quite evil ward off!”

Because now red stone is becoming more and more scarce, and there are very few complete pieces like this, all that can be found on the market are red stone powder, which may not be available for sale according to grams. If you wear it directly with red stone polished into jewelry, it’s a luxury. They got so much back that they were rich. As a result, Siyang had to be buried in the earth!

Si Yang looked at him and said, “do you have an opinion?”

Shen ran shrinking and pitifully, “you are the boss, you has the final say.”

At this time, after the Fat Chef prepared food for Shen ran and Shan Hexuan and sent it out, he immediately rushed to the ground with heartache when he saw the ginseng everywhere: “how can such good things be put like this, piles and piles? You don’t know how to pack them and bring them back. Just carry them in such a sack. Look at these torn roots. What good things are so ruined.”

The ginseng is golden and round. It looks chubby, especially like a little doll. Its roots still carry soil, but it’s a little dense. It takes some effort to clean it up. Fat Chef hasn’t seen anything good in the palace for so many years, but it’s really the first time to see such a good-looking Shen Dang.

Si Yang said, “tidy it up and put it away.”

The Fat Chef quickly replied, “Hey!” While carefully separating the ginseng from a pile of things, he read: “fortunately, I know some ways to preserve the ginseng. These must be well preserved.”

Si Yang said, “no need. Just put it in the warehouse. There are arrays to keep.”

The Fat Chef picked away the messy grass and stones he couldn’t understand and took the ginseng carefully. Xiaofuzi wanted to help, but the Fat Chef drove him away for fear that he might hurt the roots of ginseng.

Shen ran saw that the Fat Chef only had ginseng in his eyes. He took a pile of herbs as weeds and said painfully, “uncle, you can be gentle. The grass you picked up is more valuable than ginseng!”

The Fat Chef said, he really can’t see the value of this kind of grass that can grow on the roadside.

Siyang chuckled and said, “do you want to eat the things in the back bag or make wine?”

Shan Hexuan carried the bag that was still twisting: “this snake has been a good thing for at least a hundred years. It was not easy to catch it alive. Let’s see what you do with it.”

As soon as Siyang picked his fingertips, the bound bag suddenly loosened. Inside, a yellow and white mottled snake with thick thighs of adults appeared half of its body.

The snake remained motionless, but its slightly trembling body proved that it was still alive.

The Fat Chef and xiaofuzi, who followed the crowd, were startled by the snake and stepped back one after another.

Si Yang said, “roast it and eat it. I’ll eat snake meat today.”

The Snake must be a little spiritual. Maybe he understood Si Yang’s words. The whole subject lowered his head, pasted it on the ground, carefully leaned under Si Yang’s feet and tried to release goodwill.

The whole body was so dusty that it was like picking up rags from outside. He was very calm. He shouted angrily: “this guy! We ran all over the mountain after us. Why are we so obedient to you? Look at the wound on one tendon’s face. It was smoked by this snake tail! Racial discrimination!”

Shan Hexuan looked down at the native chinchilla and expressed his gratitude for the nickname.

Si Yang looked at Shen ran: “do you eat or not?”

Shen ran coughed softly. Although he was tortured by the gang and almost eaten as food, they should be angry after they lifted its nest, So he said, “why don’t you keep it as a pet? It seems that this big guy can take care of the house. Anyway, you can hold it. If the Japanese come to find something in the future, they will enlarge the snake god, and you will enlarge the snake and eat them!”

Si Yang looked at the big snake and said, “snake gall is a good thing.”

The whole snake suddenly stiffened. It hasn’t been out of the mountain for a hundred years. As soon as it comes out of the mountain, it becomes Chinese food. The human world is terrible.

Finally, the snake naturally stayed and was kept in the backyard for the time being. They don’t know the herbs that Shen ran treats as a baby, but they are brought back as a baby because they smell like medicine and have aura. But in fact, those are just the rations of the snake. Even if they are used as medicine to refine elixir, they can only refine the animal elixir fed to the spirit beast.

Because of his poor performance on the mountain before, Li Zezhi was thrown into the training ground by Si Yang and practiced hard for several days. When he came out, he was almost scared to death when he saw a big white snake at home.

But the big snake was unexpectedly docile and friendly to people. It was called a stimulus to keep such a big snake. Li Zezhi was afraid from the beginning to like it very much. If there was anything delicious, he wanted to give it something to eat.

Snakes basically eat living things, but this snake has been living for more than 100 years. Although it is not enough to cultivate, it is not a real demon after all. There is no blood inheritance. If Siyang doesn’t do it, even if it has human nature and wants to become refined like Shen ran, it may take hundreds or even thousands of years. However, it is more or less spiritual and instinctively knows what is good for it. Therefore, after coming to the Secretary’s house, because there are no living creatures to prey on, it only drinks the Lingquan water in the small fountain in the garden every day. The water full of aura is better for it than food.

On the other hand, LAN Yuzhuo didn’t go home after coming down from Putian mountain. He went directly to LAN Jingxiu’s company. No matter whether her brother was busy or not, he hurriedly came up to offer treasure: “brother, you can drink it. It’s purer than the aura in the pill, but it’s better to dilute it for the first time. I’ll get a cup.”

LAN Jingxiu pulled her: “what is this?”

LAN Yuzhuo said what happened on the mountain: “although Reiki can’t dispel the evil Qi in your body, it can strengthen your physique. There were too many impurities in those pills in the past, and it’s not good to eat more. If you can only drink this Reiki in the future, it must have a lot of benefits!”

Looking in high spirits, he looked like he had some treasure. He carefully poured the spirit liquid into the water cup and diluted LAN Yuzhuo. LAN Jingxiu sighed silently, but didn’t take the cup: “drink it yourself.”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “have a drink first. I have an appointment with Deng Yang and they will continue to go to the mountain to help brother Siyang tomorrow. Sister Jing Rou said that there will be some tomorrow.”

Her brother can indeed make money. There is a lot of money in the world, but some things can’t be bought with money. Although brother Siyang can take such good things as a reward for labor, which proves that this spiritual liquid is not an important thing for brother Siyang, they can’t see what good things brother Siyang has and offer to buy them with money, So she has to go to the mountain to plant land in exchange for this.

LAN Jin said, “I have the array drawn by Si Yang, and I haven’t taken the pill for a long time. Now it’s still good. It proves that I don’t need those things now. In the future, we’ll completely break off the relationship with the LAN family. Maybe we’ll get some obstacles and make things difficult at the beginning, so you should pay more attention to cultivation and become strong so that you don’t need to rely on anyone in the future.”

LAN Yuzhuo thought that my brother was worried that they would be more difficult without the shelter of the LAN family in the future, So he patted him on the shoulder wisely: “don’t worry, most of my talismans can be drawn independently now, and the master also said that we will come soon. We are not alone. Your master probably guessed your plan. Anyway, the master said that I will support the elderly in the future. Naturally, where am I? Where is the master with me!”

LAN Jinxiu directly held up the cup and poured it into LAN Yuzhuo’s mouth. LAN Yuzhuo was afraid that the water would spill out, so he had to drink it with his mouth open. He glared at his brother and hurried into the rest room to meditate.

LAN Jinxiu looked at the closed door, turned his chair and faced the huge French window. He looked at the good luck and bad luck brought by the people who hurried below. Occasionally one or two were mixed with some dead spirit, as well as the golden wealth of the whole area, and there were a few invisible evil spirits in those wealth.

LAN Jingxiu looked at all this indifferently. His eyes were full of condensation. The owner of the LAN family was about to leave the customs. He had waited enough for twenty years.

Recently, the most popular topic in the Xuanmen is the LAN family. First, they provoked Siyang, but they didn’t hold it down. My son kicked the iron plate and I came to save him. As a result, he was confused and almost tore his face completely. Fortunately, the elder of the LAN family appeared in time to save the deadlock. The result was that the young one was beaten, the old one came to apologize, and a group of LAN family children went up the mountain to make up for their mistakes.

Although Si Yang has become a little famous in Xuanmen, with mysterious origins, spiritual weapons and unpredictable accomplishments, compared with the LAN family, he still lacks the inside information in the eyes of others. After all, the LAN family has been inherited for thousands of years and is an old family of Xuanmen, while Si Yang is just a rising star in the eyes of outsiders. As a result, the elder of the LAN family apologized in person and pressed his children to plant trees for others on the mountain. This move is worth pondering.

In fact, they still want to see what happens to this Xuanmen rookie if he plays against the old power LAN family, and who is better.

Another thing is that the famous God of wealth of the LAN family sold the whole Lan’s shares. You know, LAN’s enterprise is now a chicken that can lay golden eggs, and the hen has been raised very well. Even if you don’t do anything, you can make a lot of money by developing existing projects.

People didn’t understand LAN Jingxiu’s practice, but after he directly released the news, there were still many people who acted. LAN’s largest shareholder is Lan Jinxiu, who has an absolute voice in LAN. But in addition to him, there are other investors in LAN’s family. Among them, LAN’s family has the most people. After Lan’s development, LAN’s people are also optimistic about Lan’s prospects. Even under the banner of LAN’s family, they completely bought shares in white wolf empty handed.

Now, seeing that LAN is cautious and iron, he wants to go. One by one, he plans to repeat his old skills. He wants to press him with the LAN family and take away his shares without spending a penny.

However, LAN Jingxiu obviously can’t make them happy. He doesn’t just release information internally, but also says that the one with the highest price will get it. Some people wonder whether Lan Shi is causing an economic crisis. Everything looks good on the outside, but in fact there have been mistakes inside, so LAN Jingxiu wants to get out. After all, with such a large enterprise and such thick fat, who will let go when ordinary people bite.

However, some people didn’t dare to do it easily, while others came to the door with a large amount of money for fear that the cake would be robbed after a slow step.

LAN Jinxiu’s move naturally shocked the people of the LAN family. LAN Jinxiu also said his intention without hesitation to completely draw a line with the LAN family.

At this time, many people in the LAN family can’t sit still. With the increase of funds provided by LAN Jinxiu every year, LAN Jinxiu now occupies most of the economy of the LAN family. Among the four Xuanmen, the LAN family has the best economic situation, because LAN Jinxiu is comparable to plug-in wealth. Once LAN carefully repairs the fault here, although it will not cut off the whole LAN family’s economy, it will have a great impact, which is certain.

Although it is not clear why LAN Jingxiu’s move is so sudden, the LAN family still came some highly respected people to persuade him with emotion and reason.

The meaning of this is nothing more than that Lan Yuzhuo, as a member of Xuanmen, needs the help of LAN family. LAN family’s influence is also indispensable for the development of LAN’s enterprise.

Hearing all these words, it means that their brother and sister can’t leave the LAN family, LAN Jin said coldly: “I’m afraid you have misunderstood what I mean. I only sold Lan’s shares because I’m tired of this treacherous business environment. Now I’ve wrapped up a mountain and will develop towards the farm in the future, rather than starting a new stove. Therefore, I don’t need the support of the LAN family in business in the future, and Yuzhuo doesn’t have much ambition. The money I get from selling shares now is enough for us Brother and sister have no worries about food and clothing all their life. Instead of carrying a big burden, I think leaving the LAN family is a better choice for our brother and sister. ”

The people from the LAN family immediately said angrily, “you mean our LAN family has dragged you down!”

LAN Yuzhuo, who heard this outside the door, pushed the door in directly: “Isn’t it? You don’t know how much money my brother gives to your LAN family every year! If it’s not for our surname LAN, you don’t think it’s safe to give this money to any Xuanmen family sect?! how many things my master and I have done for your LAN family and how many talismans we have provided! Apart from what we have paid, how do those people of your LAN family treat you What a face! After so many years in the LAN family, all the children of the LAN family can receive some resources of the LAN family every year. What about me! Have I received one of your pills! Have you seen a man in the LAN family who treats our brothers and sisters as his family?! Why, now our brother and sister don’t want to be sucked by you again. You still don’t let go! Go, go and tell the outside, say we are ungrateful, wolf hearted, white eyed wolf, see who is more ashamed! ”

Although they are not the elders of the LAN family, they are also managers with status. Although LAN Yuzhuo is telling the truth, when a younger generation says so, they also want face. They only thought that something had happened to their younger generation in private, which made the brother and sister separated from the LAN family and wanted to act as a peacemaker to mediate, which was over. Now that they are said, their old faces can’t hang up.

I can’t help being a little angry, but I’m pulled down by others, One of the uncles who had a good relationship with LAN Jinxiu’s parents stood up and said, “I know you have wronged your brothers and sisters over the years, but anyway, the LAN family gave you shelter at the beginning. Now you two have grown up, and Yuzhuo is the prime time for cultivation. Soon the owner will leave the customs. Don’t ruin your future because of a moment’s anger.”

In fact, there have been different voices in the family about their brother and sister. At the beginning, it was the master of the family who left the brother and sister. It’s not a big problem to stay for more than two meals. On the contrary, it can appear that they are more kind. However, although people stayed, LAN Jingxiu was already a little old at that time. LAN Yuzhuo didn’t show his talent at that time, and he looked closely at his sister. He couldn’t be adopted by other people in the LAN family, so they had to support each other to grow up.

Later, LAN Jingxiu’s amazing fortune, and because he was full of evil spirit, people couldn’t see through the life style at all, and LAN Yuzhuo worshipped Shang Qishui as his teacher, showing his talent for drawing talismans. Their brother and sister came into the eyes of some people at home.

In order for LAN Yuzhuo to live better in LAN’s family, LAN Jingxiu began to make money desperately when he was not an adult. He offered a large amount of money every year just to give his sister a good learning environment. At first, they took these for granted. As the LAN family, it was their duty to worship the LAN family. Over time, this should become a neglected habit.

When LAN Jinxiu proposed to draw a line with the LAN family and would not offer money to them in the future, they realized that they had gone too far to their brothers and sisters in recent years, blindly asking for money, but never giving much warmth.

Some people think that the biggest benefit is that the LAN family gave them shelter. The benefits they brought to the LAN family are not even enough. Now they want to leave when their wings are hard. They are simply white eyed wolves.

Some people think that the LAN family’s practice is too cold hearted. If someone is a little nicer to the brothers and sisters, things may not turn into this situation. Because of these differences, they will come out this time to see if they can mediate. It’s best to be able to recover, but judging from the current situation, it’s estimated that it’s impossible to recover.

LAN Jingxiu said coldly, “you don’t have to worry about the future of our brothers and sisters. Please go back. If you want shares, prepare enough funds, otherwise the price is appropriate. No matter who it is, I will sell. In the future, our brothers and sisters have nothing to do with the LAN family.”

Seeing their brother and sister’s resolute attitude, they had to say, “the master of the house will leave the customs soon. At that time, the cultivation will be another level. Yuzhuo, you don’t think for yourself, but also for your brother. Maybe there is a solution to the evil spirit on your body?”

LAN Yuzhuo hesitated when he heard this, but LAN Jingxiu said, “everyone has his own life. You’ve never bothered about my life before, so don’t bother you now.”

It was useless and impatient for several leaders to persuade them. After all, the brothers and sisters of the LAN family were not very serious. They snorted coldly, left a sentence of ignorance and left.

LAN Yuzhuo looked at her brother with some worry. She was not afraid of being targeted by the LAN family or being cut off from her cultivation resources. She was only afraid that she would really miss the way to save her brother.

LAN Jingxiu touched her head and said, “don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

LAN Yuzhuo just sighed. They just want to live well. Why is it so difficult.


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