Great Celestial Master Chapter 86

LAN Jinxiu moved quickly. As long as the price was appropriate, he didn’t hesitate to sign the share transfer. Although the LAN family ate the most of the shares of LAN family in the end, the company still belonged to LAN family in the end, but changed its head. Business as usual in operation. Even without LAN Jinxiu, there seems to be no major mistakes. After all, there are no changes in the top management of the company.

So for LAN Jingxiu’s decision, from the beginning of anger and hatred, it became cynical. It’s true that no one can live without him. Without him, LAN’s family is making great progress every day. The LAN family are waiting to see how down they will be in the future without the two brothers and sisters of the LAN family.

Near the new year, when there is heavy snow, the Putian mountain in Siyang is bounded by array, so it can be said that the four seasons are like spring, which does not affect the planting speed. The planting on the mountain is attracted by Lingquan water, and the secret service department can basically have a relationship with Deng Yang and LAN Yuzhuo.

As for those punished LAN family, although they also want to find a chance to see if they can get some spiritual water, no matter how they linger, they also have to complete their daily workload, so they have to go down the mountain after the punishment.

Because of the holidays with the Secretary’s family, even if they want spiritual spring water again, they can’t brazenly go up the mountain and exchange it for labor. If people just don’t give them the LAN family, it will be even more humiliating. Looking at some grassroots heavenly masters of the secret service department, their cultivation was not as good as theirs, because they went up the mountain to plant trees and exchange spiritual spring water every day. Their cultivation increased day by day. One by one, they failed to get in touch with the LAN family because they flattered the LAN family in the past. They were not happy in their hearts, and some were more or less angry.

Anyway, the situation of the LAN family suddenly became a little difficult to say in the secret service department, but in the end, the family is big and the cause is big, and no one said anything in front of them, but the discussion behind it must be indispensable, and the Heavenly Master will gossip.

Other sects also heard some news about Putian mountain, but Shanji of Linggu Temple was the first to come to the door. He asked Siyang with a smile whether he needed any manpower.

Now there are almost enough people on the mountain. LingMi is a long-term job. So Siyang simply handed over the planting of LingMi to Linggu Temple. They changed a group of young monks to go up the mountain every quarter and settled the Lingquan water once a month, which is regarded as the salary. Of course, there is no objection to this kind of cooperation. Anyway, their Linggu Temple also has a farm, but they are divided into a group of people to help farming. They still earn some Lingquan water.

Later, after the initial planting of the whole Putian mountain was completed and the whole mountain closure array was completely opened, the spirit was so strong that it was filled with the spirit of the whole mountain. Only then did they know that they made a lot of money in this cooperation. They almost broke their head in fighting for the quota of going up the mountain every quarter. Even if there was no spirit spring water to do white work, they were willing to do it. Every breath and breath was spirit, Go up and make money!

There is a large array on the mountain, but LAN Jingxiu at the foot of the mountain doesn’t have the ability to arrange the array for his own farmland, so he can’t reclaim the farmland in cold winter. He can only buy some diluted Lingquan water from Siyang to raise the land during this period. After all, it has been abandoned for so many years and affected by the Yin Qi on the mountain. I’m afraid it will take several years to fertilize the soil in a general way, However, there are private resorts, but they have begun to be built.

LAN Jin, who has money and leisure, has become a jobless wanderer. In addition to occasionally going down the mountain to see the progress, he is also studying the delicious food of Zhongdu. Although Si Yang has studied in Zhongdu for nearly four years, he has not yet reached the point of bringing every piece of land in Zhongdu. Therefore, with such a guide, he will naturally eat and drink.

However, when passing a commercial building once, Si Yang couldn’t help looking at it more.

Seeing his eyes, LAN Jin said, “that’s the old LAN family, but now the boss has changed, and the whole signboard set has changed. Although it hasn’t been long since I left, it really makes people feel some emotion.”

Si Yang said, “will you want to go back? You developed it all by yourself.”

LAN Jingxiu shook his head: “I don’t want to. It’s just a forced development. Now it’s good.”

Siyang smiled and asked, “is there a Heavenly Master of the LAN family who took over the LAN family?”

LAN Jinxiu thought: “the Heavenly Master should not be mentioned, but some also know a little. The LAN family itself is a Xuanmen family. Those who can engage in business do not have much talent. As long as they can be trained, they must be trained in the aspect of the Heavenly Master and will not spend their mind in other places.”

Siyang didn’t speak again. There was such a big dark cloud with evil spirit on the building. I don’t know whether no one found it or it can’t be solved. The evil cloud covers the top. It’s not an ordinary ferocity.

Although there is no custom of the new year in the immortal world, Si Yang has followed suit in Rome in the past 20 years. But in the past, he and Grandpa were the only two people. During the new year, some neighbors sent each other preserved fish and bacon, but there were no relatives to visit. Now grandpa has died, and there is no need to go back to his hometown in the countryside.

It is the ghost servants in the family who are all Chinese people. They all look forward to the new year from the first snow. The Fat Chef even prepared the new year banquet early. Seeing their strong interest, Siyang followed them.

LAN Jinxiu and LAN Yuzhuo also broke off their relationship with the LAN family this year. Naturally, there is no need to go back to the main house to participate in any blessing and ancestor worship. The new year of Xuanmen is much more complicated than that of ordinary people. In addition to various rules inherited from the old ancestors, all Xuanmen families or large sects will do legal things in their respective jurisdictions.

Every year, these families have two large dharmas, one is the new year and the other is the Qingming Festival. What Dharma should do is to transcend some lonely souls and wild ghosts who are not offered sacrifices and transcend them to where they should go. This can not only maintain the balance of yin and Yang and protect the stability of that region, but also accumulate Yin virtue for the family. So often at this time, if there is no important thing for the children of the family outside, they have to go home.

In the past, LAN Jingxiu and his family also wanted to return to the main house. When they were young, they would be treated with some white eyed ridicule. When they grew up, their brother and sister’s ability became prominent. Those who were unfriendly would not be foolishly shown, but the neglect of the air sometimes hurt people more.

LAN Yuzhuo especially dislikes the Spring Festival. In that huge and cold ancient house full of sense of time, she feels all kinds of discomfort. Although her surname is LAN, she never thinks she is from the LAN family. This year is good. They don’t have to go back to suffer any more, so it’s her first time to prepare for the new year in high spirits.

And her master Shang Qishui also moved out of the LAN family’s old house after LAN Jinxiu sold all the shares of the LAN family. LAN Yuzhuo was still thinking about whether his master would be difficult to do because of their brother and sister. Unexpectedly, her master told her that his agreement with the LAN family was only 20 years, and this year is better, it is 20 years.

LAN Yuzhuo knew that the reason why her master would offer sacrifices to the LAN family was because of a promise made in those years. Whether to go or stay after 20 years was entirely up to her master’s willingness. Now her master followed her to leave the LAN family. It can only be said that she has fulfilled her promise, which is not treachery. However, why is there such a commitment? LAN Yuzhuo chased her master and asked her several times, but her master didn’t tell her.

Shang Qishui’s era was the period when all kinds of feudal superstitions were most rampant. Even if one sentence was wrong, it would be criticized. I don’t know how many talents and cultural relics were destroyed in that era.

The Heavenly Master who taught Shangqi water amulet was reported and caught. Finally, he ran away and went to a small rural village as a barefoot doctor. But I didn’t want to bury myself in the wilderness with the ability of a Heavenly Master, so I chose a child with good character in the village to try to teach something almost without any choice.

Unexpectedly, Shang Qishui is better than blue. The Heavenly Master who taught shangqishui never went out of the small village again. When he went to the village, he was not young and half of the loess was buried. When he taught everything he could, he went there within a few years.

Later, Shang Qishui grew up and left the village. He became more knowledgeable. Many things that the old Heavenly Master taught him at that time could not be understood at that time, but later he slowly understood and integrated into it. Indeed, he honed his skills. In particular, he is very gifted in painting and likes to study. Later, during the reform and opening up, he also took advantage of that time to get a lot of isolated books. After his own research, the talisman became more and more powerful, and slowly broke into some famous schools.

Later, because of some things, he became the sacrifice of the LAN family. After no longer living in a fixed place, he only needed to study the talisman wholeheartedly, but gradually became a master of talisman. Maybe it’s because he has experienced many things. After getting older, Shang Qishui’s whole person is slowly calm down and no longer as vigorous as when he was young. He hasn’t been married all his life, so he really treats Yuzhuo as his daughter. Therefore, those who love houses and Ukraine pay special attention to LAN Jingxiu.

I learned from Yuzhuo that Jinxiu’s feelings for Siyang are not very optimistic. Although Jinxiu is very excellent, this excellence is within the scope of ordinary people. Even if Si Yang likes men, I’m afraid he won’t like an ordinary man, but he doesn’t object. Young, maybe true love will work wonders. So the first day he came to LAN Jinxiu, he visited Siyang.

During this visit, he became friends with the spirit snake of the Secretary’s family. The most refined animals he saw were weasels and foxes. In the early years, there were many such things in the mountains. Although there were many folk legends about the five people, many people still worshipped the five people before breaking the feudalism, but later there were more and more steel and cement, and these things ran deeper and deeper into the mountains without incense, There are fewer and fewer spiritual nature.

The five immortals are also called the five immortals. They are mice, snakes, foxes, weasels and hedgehogs. These five animals were the most common in ancient times, so many supernatural legends were extended through these animals. Among them, the fox is the most cunning and the weasel is the most supernatural. They are the two immortals that have been handed down for the longest time. They are still worshipped today.

In the past, when Shang Qishui was young, he didn’t have any family background. He still needed to find some materials for drawing talismans in the mountains. Once he lost his way in the mountains. Although this reason is very nonsense, although he couldn’t be called a Heavenly Master at that time, he still had some skills. Otherwise, it must be no problem to identify the location in the mountains and forests. But that time maybe there was some mountain charm as a demon, and suddenly there was fog on the mountain. However, his cultivation at that time was low, and he had only a few talismans. If something really happened, he might not be able to run out.

Later, a big white snake appeared. The snake was snow-white and huge, but looking at him made Shang Qishui feel soft. He finally came out of the mountain with the big white snake.

Later, he knew that the day was a special month of frost night. The essence of the moon would be sprinkled along the moonlight on the earth. The fine animal in the mountains would run out and learn from the essence and worship the moon.

This day is very important for animals. If it is destroyed by human beings, it is even more bitter than people digging their ancestral graves. So if the big white snake hadn’t brought him out at that time, he might not have come out.

Since then, he had a natural affinity for snakes. Later, he also tried to go into the mountain again, but he found nothing. So when he saw the big white snake in Si’s house, he really liked it. Unfortunately, he can only draw runes and can’t refine pills. Otherwise, he can study the pills that can be fed to animals and help the snake cultivate.

As a result, the Secretary’s family has two more regular Xuanmen guests, one Shanji monk of Linggu Temple and one shangqishui, a master of talisman. Linggu Temple where Shanji is located, as an old temple, has a lot of treasures. Although it must not be enough to see compared with Siyang’s, after learning that Siyang contracted a mountain, it also sent a large area of top-grade purple bamboo and the Golden Lotus unique to Linggu Temple, which is regarded as a congratulatory gift.

Shang Qishui is more direct. He has nothing to take except the talisman, but Si Yang’s talisman is better than him. However, after a period of time together, he found that Siyang seemed to be able to draw only the most used runes, and he didn’t know much about some special runes. However, I think Si Yang majored in kendo, and I’m afraid the talisman was only slightly involved. Therefore, Shang Qishui asked Si Yang’s meaning. Seeing that he had no objection, he held a class once a week. When teaching jade carving, he also taught with Li Zezhi, Si Yang’s Apprentice.

Although Li Zezhi can’t specialize in talismans in the future, he should be knowledgeable. At least if he encounters some unpopular talismans in the future, he won’t know anything.

So after both sides get along very well, we simply celebrate the new year together.

In addition to them, because of Shen ran, Shan Hexuan, who was alone, was also invited to the Si family for the new year. Shen Ran is a truly refined demon. His identity must not be revealed. The Si family used to be a good helper, but now there are more Shangqi water. In order to prevent exposure, Shen ran can only stay with Shan Hexuan before he can change back to human shape. After all, it’s over if he stays in the Si family and accidentally relaxes and exposes, It’s better to stay outside and be a pet and be vigilant all the time.

So this time Shan Hexuan was invited to Si’s house for the new year, and Shen ran was just brought as Shan Hexuan’s pet.

The Fat Chef’s cooking skills are not easy to say, because this is also the first year they left the palace, so the Fat Chef rolled up his sleeves and worked hard. The table was full of all kinds of delicacies, including xiaofuzi and LAN Yuzhuo. The atmosphere was very lively.

The spirit snake, who was accepted as the pet of the family, did not dare to be a demon in front of Si Yang. However, because monk Li Zezhi loved it, he was also put in for the new year. At the thought of being chased by this big guy in the mountains, Shen ran almost drilled a mouse hole. He ran directly to the head of the big snake and sat waiting for Shan Hexuan to feed him. No way. His current identity is Shan Hexuan’s pet.

Seeing this, Shang Qishui smiled and said, “it’s really a guy with spirit. Ordinary small animals like to be close.”

All the ghost servants who knew about it in the house looked at the big snake with pity. They were manipulated and turned into pet snakes. Now they are riding on their heads by a chinchilla. Probably there is no worse snake than white.

Li Zezhi doesn’t know Shen Ran’s identity yet. It’s just that the ghost servant at home told him there was another person in the family, but now he won’t come back until some time because he’s out. So he knows there’s another one named Shen ran at home, but he doesn’t know that Shen Ran is the chinchilla squatting on the head of the snake.

He also sighed: “Uncle Shan is powerful, and his pet is also very brave.”

Shan Hexuan took a bowl and spoon to feed the chinchilla. When looking at Shen ran carrying the crowd, he turned his eyes directly and couldn’t help but sip his mouth and smile.


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