Great Celestial Master Chapter 87

After half of the banquet, Si Yang prepared a new year gift for each ghost servant. It’s not much important. It’s his special soul nourishing pill. There are twelve in a bottle and one in a month. It’s just a year.

The ghost servants accepted it happily. Compared with the soul nourishing array made by the master, the pill refined by the master is really good.

After giving it to the ghost servant, Si Yang gave Li Zezhi a card: “this is your lucky money. I’ll find you a teacher to make up lessons in the next few years. When the school starts, you’ll go to class and study from the second year of senior high school. You can’t delay your study and practice in the future.”

Li Zezhi didn’t expect to have lucky money and go to school, so he happily accepted: “thank you, master!”

After giving them all their things, Si Yang gave LAN Yuzhuo a small wooden box. LAN Yuzhuo didn’t expect to receive a new year gift from brother Siyang. The whole surprise was: “even me?”

Siyang said with a smile, “this is beauty pill. Girls love beauty. In the new year, they should also be beautiful.”

LAN Yuzhuo smiled, narrowed his eyes and nodded vigorously: “thank you, brother Siyang!”

LAN Yuzhuo then took out several gifts from one side of the bag, including almost everyone, including the ghost servant of the Secretary’s family: “this is a new year gift for you. I wish you a happy New Year!”

Seeing everyone, Shen ran became a chinchilla, and his whole face was more sad. He looked at Shan Hexuan eagerly. We had fought bandits together, dug ginseng in a mountain, and he secretly hid a red stone to give Shan Hexuan as a gift. Shan Hexuan should have prepared a gift for him.

However, it’s a pity to disappoint Shen ran. Shan Hexuan never thought of preparing a gift at all. However, because he was invited to Si’s house for the new year, he did prepare a gift in addition to the annual gift, but it was given to Li Zezhi, Si Yang’s disciple, and it was given when he entered the door. So at the moment, seeing Shen Ran’s eyes, he was a little stunned. What if he didn’t prepare a gift.

Siyang asked people to take out two gift boxes, one of which was the size of a palm, and handed them to Shan Hexuan. “It’s for your chinchilla.”

As soon as Shen ran heard it, he rushed to Shan Hexuan’s leg and wanted to see what it was. Shan Hexuan opened it according to his meaning. There was a bell tied around his neck. Suddenly, the little black bean’s eyes stared round!

Then Siyang handed another one to Shan Hexuan: “although this was originally your thing, I added it to your new year gift to see how it is.”

Shan Hexuan quickly took over: “thank you.” As soon as he opened it, a long silver sword lay quietly in the box, and there was a cold light on the edge of the blade. When Shan Hexuan’s hand touched it, the sword even made a sound buzzing, as if it was responding to him. The sword is still his sword, but the whole is like being injected into life and turned into a living sword.

Si Yang said, “all things have spirits. If you treat each other sincerely, everything can live.”

Shan Hexuan nodded again and again: “thank you, I will cherish it!”

After sending it around, Si Yang looked at LAN Jingxiu and smiled and stretched out his hand: “you also have this. Here you are. Happy new year.”

LAN Jinxiu took it and opened it. There was a small bead, about the size of a newborn baby’s fist. It was as white as jade and flawless as a whole. However, it looks like jade, not jade, not pearl. Even LAN Jinxiu, who has seen many good things, can’t guess what it is at once.

Si Yang said with a smile: “when living in water, putting this on the water will continue to derive aura. You can put it in your other house. At that time, there will be some light aura in your whole farm. It is also good for people to live in an environment containing aura for a long time.”

LAN Jingxiu frowned slightly: “this thing is too valuable.”

Si Yang smiled: “what’s valuable or not? Don’t forget that half of the income of your farm is mine. In the future, just raise the price of the resort and make more money for me.”

Hearing this, LAN Jinxiu couldn’t help smiling: “OK, I’ll make more money for you in the future.” With that, LAN Jinxiu said to him with a glass: “happy new year. This year is probably the happiest year I’ve ever had.”

Si Yang smiled and said, “happy new year. It will get better and better in the future.”

LAN Jinxiu took out a brocade box from his pocket and handed it to Siyang: “a new year gift for you.”

Si Yang reached out and said, “can you open it?”

LAN Jingxiu nodded.

When Siyang opened it, there was an incomparably bright sapphire. The sapphire was oval with multiple cutting surfaces. It was very bright and gorgeous in the light. It was very valuable at first sight.

Although this gorgeous gem diamond is just a little better looking stone for Siyang, his mind can’t be measured by value, so he smiled and said, “it’s beautiful, I like it very much, thank you.”

LAN Jin said, “this is not an ordinary gem.”

Siyang took the sapphire out of the box with some doubts. When his fingertips touched the cold of the gem, his eyes suddenly changed a little.

Monk LAN Jin: “Although it’s just a legend, it’s said that this is the key to a secret storehouse more than 3000 years ago, which records the address of a secret storehouse. It’s said that 3000 years ago, there was a very powerful tribe. They occupied a mysterious territory and isolated it from the world with special methods. No one can find the entrance there except their own people. I heard that there are rare treasures everywhere People have a long life. Through various descriptions, some people speculate that the mysterious place may be the ruins of ancient friars. However, it is only speculated that this gem has been handed by many heavenly masters, but nothing can be seen. Maybe it is just a legend, but it is indeed something more than 3000 years ago and has collection value. ”

On one side, Shang Qishui and Shan Hexuan couldn’t help looking at the speech, Shang Qishui even said: “it is true that this legend is true. It is said that the sapphire was in the hands of the LAN family more than ten years ago, but even several elders didn’t see any fame. Later, it was taken out and sold at an auction. At that time, it seemed to have been bought by a European. Unexpectedly, it returned to China more than ten years later.”

More than 3000 years ago, China was a period when wooden jewelry was more common. Because of the difficulty of purification, gold, silver and jade were used by princes and nobles. Ordinary civilians did not have that condition. There was no grinding tool for hard objects such as gemstones and diamonds. It would cost a lot to Polish one, which did not meet the needs of the market. But this sapphire is indeed the funerary object unearthed in an ancient tomb 3000 years ago, together with some deeds of the tomb owner in the tomb and the description of the miracle of this gem, so it is particularly special.

Si Yang put it in his hand for a moment and then put it into the brocade box: “it’s really a good thing.”

As for how good it is, he didn’t say. Sealing the jade slips in transparent gemstones to confuse people is indeed a good hiding method.

On New Year’s Eve, everyone ate and drank, watching the Chinese New Year’s party, until the clock turned. Looking at the fireworks blooming on TV, Shang Qishui said with some emotion: “although fireworks are prohibited for environmental protection, without those things, I always feel that there is less smell of years.”

LAN Yuzhuo hasn’t had a happy year since she was a child. This year is the first time she feels the happiness of New Year reunion, so she doesn’t quite understand Shang Qishui’s annual flavor. She thinks it’s very annual now: “don’t let go. Look at the current haze. I feel that in a few years, I’m afraid even the sun will not be seen in China.”

Si Yang said, “if we can find the whole dragon vein of China and make a large-scale blessing, maybe the whole China will become different.”

LAN Jingxiu leaned against the sofa and looked at Siyang. LAN Yuzhuo said curiously, “what’s the difference?”

“The national fortune is strong, the momentum is prosperous, and the dragon vein is stained with dust. Naturally, it will not wake up. If the dragon vein wakes up, it will be a natural barrier. At that time, all Chinese people and Chinese territory will be protected by the dragon vein. Maybe the whole environment will change greatly, with beautiful mountains and rivers and no fog and haze, but I can only think about this large-scale blessing.”

Li Zezhi also asked curiously, “why?”

Si Yang glanced at him: “If you had studied Chinese history, you wouldn’t have asked such a silly question, because the territory of China has been fragmented. Many areas that originally belonged to the territory of China have now become the territory of other countries. You know, China once occupied more than half of Europe, so it’s almost impossible to pray with the dragon vein. In addition, few heavenly masters have that ability The power of the dragon to pray. ”

Shang Qishui also sighed: “Xuanmen is declining. Due to the environment, human beings have done too much damage to the environment. In ancient times, human beings respected nature, and nature has given back their powerful power. Now people destroy nature, and what nature gives back is the increasingly difficult living environment, which is very fair.”

Si Yang leaned lazily aside to listen to their discussion on environmental issues. As soon as he turned his head, he collided with LAN Jingxiu’s vision, so he smiled at him: “you talk, I’ll make a phone call.”

Although he doesn’t have the habit of paying New Year’s greetings, even the new year’s greetings are basically sent by wechat, but this year is the fragrance year of Cang Yongfeng’s sister. Although he didn’t come to the scene, it’s polite to call to greet him.

LAN Jinxiu waited until he hung up after talking outside. Then he pushed open the French window and walked towards him. Siyang looked into the room. Even Shan Hexuan was pulled by LAN Yuzhuo and xiaofuzi to play a game. He smiled helplessly: “why, do you think it’s noisy inside and get some air?”

LAN Jingxiu said after Weidun: “Si Yang, can I ask you a question?”

Si Yang said seriously: “psychological counseling is charged by the second, 100 yuan a second. From now on, ask.”

LAN Jinxiu smiled. The light projected from the house brightened half of his cheek. The angular facial features looked soft in the light: “if a person’s life is too long, will he be very lonely?”

Si Yang didn’t expect him to ask this question. He never thought about it before he came to the earth. Instead, he occasionally thought about it these years. He is an outsider, and time is fixed for him. As long as he is strong enough that no one has the ability to kill him, he can even live the same life as heaven and earth on this earth.

If the people around you have only a short hundred years, too long life is naturally lonely and boring, although this kind of long life is yearned for by everyone in the immortal world and strives for it at all costs. The purpose of becoming a great emperor is to have an immortal time and an immortal body. So whether you are lonely or not depends on the environment.

“This kind of thing depends on what individuals value most. If there are family members and lovers, but only themselves live in the end, it is naturally painful and lonely. If they are only alone and in order to pursue strength, the so-called long is only for ordinary people, let alone lonely.”

“And you?”

Si Yang smiled: “I ah, my life has just begun. How can I know what will happen in the future.”

As for the future, Si Yang actually thought that there were no more than three ways to live, one of which was to become an old monster, just like the only two foundation builders in China, who had passed the Ming Road in the country. One kind of nature is to change your identity and live in a different place every few years. Otherwise, find a deep mountain to make a barrier and practice in isolation. As soon as you close your eyes and open your eyes, hundreds of years will pass.

LAN Jinxiu smiled and didn’t ask any more.

Si Yang was puzzled: “why do you suddenly ask this question?”

LAN Jin said: “it’s probably because of seeing Shen ran. If he hides his identity, one day the people in the room will grow old, but he is as young as ever. Suddenly, he feels that the stillness of years sometimes doesn’t seem to be a good thing.”

Si Yang looked into the room with LAN Jingxiu’s eyes. The little chinchilla wanted to play with everyone, so he jumped up and down with Shan Hexuan’s clothes, but because there were Shang Qishui and LAN Yuzhuo in the room, he wanted to hide himself from exposure, and his hair was fried.

After all, he hasn’t been tempered for a long time and can’t be stable in mind. Maybe he hasn’t really realized the difference between demons and people. Perhaps this is the purpose of Grandpa Shen ran. Let Shen ran live in the human world as an ordinary person. For the goblin, it won’t be long before he can feel the difference between man and demon. Only after experiencing life and death can he really grow up. Over time, he won’t easily have feelings for human beings. Without feelings, he won’t be sad.

The new year’s Eve was spent in this thought-provoking problem. The next morning, Shanji brought several of his own disciples to pay a new year’s call. Fortunately, Siyang had already prepared. There were not many others. For example, there were many qinglingdan that could be sprinkled in large quantities. In the past, the most important thing on him in the immortal cultivation world was to treat all kinds of blood returning injuries. Now the world is too stable. On the contrary, there are more things that can calm people down.

So every disciple Si Yang brought by Shanji gave a bottle. There were not many in one bottle, just six, but he had four disciples and only one himself. It seems that we should take more disciples, otherwise we will not receive the cost of gifts during the new year and festival in the future.

Shanji knows that there are many good things in Siyang. As his apprentice, there must be no shortage of things about cultivation, so he gave a big red envelope: “if you are free in the future, come to Linggu Temple. There are many green hairy turtles in Linggu Temple and many scenic spots that will not be open to ordinary tourists. Find a senior brother to take you around at that time.”

Li Zezhi looked at Si Yang and saw him nod. Then he reached out and took the red envelope: “thank you, master. I will go to Linggu Temple in the future.”

Shanji nodded with a smile and turned to Siyang to talk about another thing: “did sixiaoyou receive the news about what happened last night?”

Si Yang shook his head: “no, what happened?”

Shanji said: “last night, several heavenly masters of the LAN family prayed for blessings once a year on the dihan building, but they were eaten back. I don’t know when, there was a mass of evil spirit hidden in the air. At that time, people didn’t notice that they collided with each other in the middle of praying for blessings. Two of the younger heavenly masters vomited blood on the spot and fell to the ground. Now they are still being rescued in the LV family’s hospital.

The LV family is also one of the four members of Xuanmen. They have been guarding Zhongdu together with Linggu Temple for many years. However, the LV family involves many mundane affairs and has opened a hospital. Because the LV family was born in Xuanmen, there was a special department in that hospital, which was actually practicing medicine by a group of Xuanmen heavenly masters who knew the art of medicine. Most people see a doctor naturally with the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. If people in Xuanmen are injured by ghosts and evil things, it is natural to adopt the treatment of heavenly masters.

Hearing what Shanji said, Si Yang naturally thought of the evil spirit he saw in LAN Jinxiu’s former office building, so he said, “is dihan building the building where Lan’s enterprise is located?”

Shanji nodded and said, “it’s true that in the past, the Heavenly Master of the LAN family who was in Zhongdu every year would also pray there for blessings, money and blessings. He has always been safe. This year, there was a sudden increase in the heavenly evil spirit, and it happened to be broken by the LAN family. I don’t know whether it was lucky or unfortunate.”

Si Yang seemed puzzled when he heard the speech and said, “the evil spirit is not formed in a day. Since he is a Heavenly Master, why can’t such a large amount of evil spirit be found in advance? Even if he doesn’t look up, he can feel the evil spirit when he approaches.”

Shanji said, “this is a natural disaster, not a man-made disaster. It is not visible to ordinary eyes. Now the evil spirits gather, and there will certainly be a disaster in that area, that is, I don’t know whether the LAN family can solve it.”

Siyang knew that the evil they could see was only Yin evil, human evil could be solved, and heavenly evil could not be eliminated. I don’t know whether LAN Jinxiu is lucky or the LAN family is out of luck and has bad luck. It’s good to solve this kind of thing at this time. If something really happens, just change a LAN leader. It’s a time when people’s hearts float. I’m afraid it’s even worse.


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