Great Celestial Master Chapter 88

The first day of the Lunar New Year is not over yet. That night, two LAN family children were hit by evil spirit. One of them was injured by evil spirit and couldn’t be rescued at last. The other one hurt his heart. Now he lives on with pills. Even if he can survive safely in the end, the future situation may not be good.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, because Tiansha killed a family child, the LAN family once again became the focus of attention. I don’t know which immortal their family offended. Things happen one after another. It’s a bad time.

The evil spirits can be large or small. Generally, the place where the evil spirits appear indicates that there will be some natural disasters in this area. Even the Heavenly Master may not be able to see the evil spirits. At most, he can sense some disaster warning when he is in it.

Even if you can see the coming of the heavenly ghost, the Heavenly Master will not publicize it, but avoid it by himself. Man made disasters can be prevented, but natural disasters can’t be resisted. That’s not something that can be resisted only by personal strength. Even more, if the secret is revealed, the situation will only become more uncontrollable.

This is not a matter that one or two heavenly masters can save the lives of one people. In ancient times, it was not that some righteous heavenly masters noticed that there would be a vast natural disaster somewhere, so they worked hard to warn. However, the final result is that the heavenly master died miserably because he revealed the secret. Those people who avoided the disaster because of warning will usher in a greater catastrophe. Therefore, there has been a saying since ancient times that the king of hell wants people to die in the third watch and will not leave people until the fifth watch.

So at the moment, dihan building has become a hot potato. Although Tiansha was accidentally broken, it is inseparable from their LAN family after all. The state cannot ignore what will happen here. Although it does not know what kind of disaster will happen and when it will happen, it has secretly established a rescue team. No matter what happens here, we should evacuate the masses as soon as possible.

Therefore, the LAN family is angry because of this. Even if they don’t take the initiative to break the secret, if they are involved in this matter, they can be said to be wronged. In the face of such a big event, several elders of the LAN family had to go out. At least they had to work together to remove the whole LAN family from this matter.

In front of the overall situation, the matter related to the future luck of the whole LAN family is the top priority. However, in the face of personal feelings, their relatives died in an accident, which is a very sad thing. However, I heard that someone blamed them for breaking the evil spirit this time. Some words were not too much. They talked behind their back that they shouldn’t pray this time. As a result, they didn’t ask for blessing, but caused disaster.

Some excessive words mean that those who are not good at learning should not go. If there are no dead people in this matter, even if they break the Tiansha, the LAN family can hide the matter from the public. It’s because of the dead man. As a result, it can’t be concealed. If the elder fails to cover up the matter from the secret, the LAN family doesn’t know what kind of counterattack they will encounter.

The only deceased in this matter was not a Heavenly Master. Although he entered the way of Xuanmen, he was young, low in cultivation and still in the learning stage, so he failed to survive after the evil spirit collision. The reason why he was at the blessing scene was that his brother was the successor of LAN’s enterprise.

The deceased’s name was LAN Yuanxin. He was only in his early twenties and was still a college student. His brother’s name is Lan Ziang. Because he has no talent for cultivation, he will go into business. Because LAN Ziang will be in charge of LAN’s enterprise in the future, he was also present when praying, and his brother naturally followed, but he didn’t expect to encounter such an accident.

After this incident, if someone in the LAN family offered condolences or two, LAN Ziang might not be so cold hearted. After all, he also knew it was an accident. No wonder anyone. But what he first heard was the blame behind some people. When several elders of the LAN family came, perhaps because they were busy with the secret of heaven, they had no time to separate themselves from others. They just asked someone to make good arrangements for LAN Yuanxin’s afterlife and try to rescue another one who was still alive, so they turned and hurried away. As a result, LAN Ziang was even colder to the whole LAN family.

He now knows clearly how Chulan felt when he left. If the family is a little warm, even if he tries his best to support it, it’s a pity that the whole LAN family is too cold. It’s not humane at all. Family interests are higher than personal feelings. This is really the sadness of the big family.

So when everyone was busy with Tiansha, LAN Ziang quietly transferred Lan’s shares to him. Less than two months later, the person in charge of LAN changed again and again.

When LAN Jinxiu sold his shares, LAN was booming, so he sold them at a good price. However, LAN Ziang took over less than a month ago. This is typically a problem within LAN’s family. Anyone who wants to buy it should weigh it a little. Don’t buy a money losing product. So LAN Ziang finally sold at a price that couldn’t be lower. This also led to the sharp decline of the whole stock market of LAN’s foreign trade, and it was close to the limit in just a few days.

At this time, someone blamed LAN Jinxiu’s brother and sister for the source of this matter. Although it was unreasonable and inexplicable, it was true that everything began when LAN Jinxiu’s brother and sister wanted to make a clear boundary with the whole LAN family. Since he released the news that he wanted to sell shares, until now, after a series of things, the whole loss of LAN’s money is measured in billion.

Years later, when LAN Yuzhuo returned to the secret service department to exchange points for pills, it was obvious that some people avoided her. However, in addition to those who obviously stood in line with the LAN family, others were friendly to her, especially those who could go to Putian mountain to help plant trees and exchange spiritual liquid because of her relationship, reminded her to be careful recently.

LAN Yuzhuo thanked others for their kind reminder. Unfortunately, when exchanging pills, he bumped into the guy she burned her clothes and almost fought on Putian mountain.

The boy’s name is LAN Kaian. He is a little older than LAN Yuzhuo. Although he is also from a side branch, he is naturally arrogant because of his good talent and his parents are close to his master’s family. He was brought up by a leader of the family when he was young. All the resources in the family are fully provided for him.

The reason why he didn’t like LAN Yuzhuo was not LAN Yuzhuo’s origin, but that the LAN family held an internal competition one year, and he was bigger than LAN Yuzhuo, but he was defeated by her. Since then, he didn’t have a good face for LAN Yuzhuo. It’s certain to encounter sarcasm every time.

Now there are so many things happening in the LAN family. All this started with their brothers and sisters being demons. Now I saw LAN Yuzhuo. LAN Kaian would easily let go and directly stopped in front of her. She didn’t have a good face and said, “broom star, white eyed wolf, have you and your brother’s conscience been eaten by dogs? The LAN family supports you to grow up, and that’s how you repay the LAN family?”

LAN Yuzhuo glanced at him coldly. He was too lazy to take care of this foolishness and planned to bypass him and leave. But LAN Kaian didn’t intend to let LAN Yuzhuo go like this. He stretched out his hand and blocked the way: “why, guilty?”

LAN Yuzhuo’s eyes swept over him, hooked his lips and sneered: “I think your Yintang is black. I’m afraid the disaster is coming. Instead of playing tricks here, it’s better to hurry back to your LAN family for shelter. Anyway, your LAN family has a conscience and won’t die for you.”

LAN Kaian narrowed his eyes slightly: “you have sharp teeth and sharp mouth. If you have the ability, let’s fight!”

LAN Yuzhuo hugged his hands around his chest and said with disdain in his eyes, “I never compete with my defeated generals. If you want to die, just annoy me. Recently, my master has been in a hurry and has drawn a lot of thunder charms. I’m worried that I won’t have a chance to practice.”

LAN Kaian heard her mention the old things again. He still mentioned the things he still hates. His whole face was gloomy: “what skills do you have besides relying on your master!”

LAN Yuzhuo snorted: “it’s better to worship a master I can rely on than some people. Up to now, the young master who serves others like a servant has come to pretend to be a tiger. He doesn’t even have a position. He’s not a son, a nephew, or a teacher or apprentice.”

LAN Yuzhuo pushed away his hand and walked away without looking at his ugly face. It’s a waste of time to talk to such a confused person.

LAN Yuzhuo thought it was just an episode. Unexpectedly, the LAN family made a noise at the door that night.

The people who came were LAN Kaian’s parents. The reason why they came was that LAN Kaian’s soul card was broken. They hurried to Zhongdu, but unfortunately they didn’t find their son’s whereabouts. It happened that there were several elders here in Zhongdu, so they begged the elders to help summon the soul, but no matter what method they used, they couldn’t summon the soul.

Later, I learned that LAN Kaian had a dispute with LAN Yuzhuo today and broke up unhappily, so I came all night to ask about the situation. Several LAN family members accompanied LAN Kaian’s parents.

Those people had no good feelings for LAN Jinxiu’s brothers and sisters, and because LAN Jinxiu gave up LAN’s family and made a clear distinction with the LAN family, LAN’s shares fell sharply and accidentally broke the Tiansha. A pile of bad thoughts became more and more unpopular.

So when I came over, it wasn’t a question. The whole tone was a question.

LAN Yuzhuo doesn’t like everyone in the LAN family. Being questioned like this, who can have a good temper to talk to you, especially LAN Kaian’s death itself has nothing to do with her. They haven’t even seen her since the intersection in the morning. Even if they ask, they won’t ask her.

As a result, in the middle of the night, there was a whole quarrel. In addition, LAN Kaian’s parents cried all kinds of tears when their son died but couldn’t find the body. The scene was chaotic.

It was so noisy that several runes were thrown out, and the loudest ones were caught off guard. Fortunately, it’s just a thunderstorm charm. It’s like being hit by lightning and electric shock, but it won’t cause much damage.

They were confused by Shang Qishui. Looking at the people coming down from upstairs, they remembered that Shang Qishui had left Lan’s house and now lived with LAN Yuzhuo. At the thought of this, everyone was even more upset.

Even if Shang Qishui is single, his name as a master of talisman is true. Some talismans can only be drawn by the ancestors of others, but they can only ask shangqishui for help. Not to mention, many people come to the door for advice every year, and the number of talismans they practice and make is not small. All of them belong to the LAN family, so they can save a lot in the talismans.

Now when they see Shang Qishui, they all feel that he really deserves to be LAN Yuzhuo’s master. He is also a white eyed wolf. The LAN family trained him into a master of talisman, and now he left with a pat on the ass. So the respect for the master was lost because of his character, and his words were not so polite.

“We are dealing with family affairs. Please don’t interfere with master Shang.”

Shang Qi snorted: “my disciple has told her everything she knows. What else can you ask? It’s so noisy at night. Is this your LAN family’s tutor!”

One of them suddenly snorted coldly: “she has a holiday with LAN Kaian, which is known by the whole secret service department. LAN Kaian is used to being competitive. Who knows if he will run to intercept LAN Yuzhuo again after LAN Yuzhuo leaves the secret service department.”

LAN Yuzhuo frowned coldly: “what do you mean? Are you saying I killed LAN Kaian?!”

The man looked like he knew what you had done, but said, “I didn’t say that, but if people are doing, heaven is watching, there will always be retribution.”

LAN Yuzhuo wanted to say something else. He was stopped by LAN Jingxiu. He looked at the group of people who asked questions and said in a cold voice: “you have asked about the matter, and we have also said it. We can’t make it any more. Please come back and we’ll have a rest.”

Hearing this, Kaian’s mother suddenly rushed over and tried to catch LAN Yuzhuo: “Yuzhuo, tell me where Kaian is and whether anything else happened to you later. I beg you to tell me that I have only one son!”

LAN Yuzhuo frowned: “are you deliberately looking for trouble!”

Shang Qishui couldn’t bear it and said, “since you don’t want to go, don’t go today!”

As soon as he spoke, two more people came in. They saw that they were the three elders and five elders of the LAN family.

This time, three elders came out of the LAN family because they broke the Tiansha. Now there are two at once. It seems that they really don’t pay general attention to LAN Kaian.

Seeing them, Shang Qishui said directly, “don’t deceive the LAN family too much! What’s the plan today? Let’s hand over LAN Kaian before you give up?”

The Third Elder said, “we are investigating the matter of Kaian. Please don’t argue with a mother who has just lost her son.” Then he came forward and patted LAN Kaian’s mother: “this matter has nothing to do with Yuzhuo. It doesn’t help if you make trouble here.”

LAN Kaian’s mother knelt directly to the Third Elder: “Third Master, please help me. Now Kai’an doesn’t know where his body is. He is also the child you watched grow up!”

The three elders sighed: “you get up first. My LAN family’s children died miserably outside. We must find out the truth about this matter. Don’t worry.”

Shang Qishui directly interrupted their conversation: “I said you’ve had enough. At night, others have to rest. Can you please go back?”

The five elders asked everyone to wait outside the house, Then he looked at LAN carefully: “Your brother and sister insist on drawing a clear line and breaking off the relationship with the LAN family. That’s also your decision. We respect your decision. However, in the early years, your parents still have relics to keep in the LAN family. We learned about this not long ago. Go back to the LAN family and take away the relics one day. What’s the future of you two and have nothing to do with the LAN family in the future.”

Hearing that their parents had relics left in LAN’s house, LAN Yuzhuo looked at her brother in surprise, but saw that her brother had no unexpected expression, but his face was still a little cold, and suddenly felt a little strange.

Before they could say anything more, there were bursts of screams outside.

The two elders hurriedly ran out to have a look. Some of the people in the LAN family were pulled to the ground, and some armed men were holding against a huge snake.

When the snake saw the two elders, it was only cold and spitting out the letter. Its huge body made people’s scalp numb.

The two elders didn’t expect that there would be such a spiritual giant snake here. The snake’s half erect body was almost as high as the wall of the house, and instinctively stood on guard.

Shang Qishui followed them out and saw that it was Dabai next door. He also looked at the LAN family children who were crawling on the ground and hiding behind the two elders. He sneered impolitely: “it’s really promising.”

Hearing what Shang Qishui said, the two elders of the LAN family naturally understood that he must know the snake, so they turned and asked, “did you raise this snake?”

Shangqi waterway: “of course not. I can’t hold such a spiritual snake.”

As soon as Shang Qishui’s voice fell, he heard the sound of eating melon seeds. They followed the sound. The two teenagers sat on a wall, eating melon seeds and watching the excitement. Just now, there was no one on the wall.

Seeing them looking at him, xiaofuzi smiled and said, “you don’t sleep in the middle of the night. It’s so noisy that you delay my master’s rest. Since you don’t want to leave, don’t leave.”

Like echoing his words, the big white snake that had been standing still twisted its huge body, and the snake letter in its mouth was spitting out. It was creepy in the middle of the night.


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