Great Celestial Master Chapter 89

If it’s just a huge snake, maybe it’s not terrible. There are many heavenly masters in their group. It’s easy to deal with a snake. Unfortunately, this snake is not only huge, but also exudes aura. It is obviously not an ordinary snake.

Just after they came out of the house, the snake suddenly appeared behind the crowd. The instinctive reaction of several heavenly masters was to take out their weapons and talismans, but the giant snake was like wearing an invisible armor and was almost invulnerable.

Perhaps it was the public’s behavior that angered it. Originally, it just stood still, but then it took the initiative to attack. Now there are still some people on the ground who can’t get up because of the snake’s tail.

What the two elders saw when they came out of the house was the picture of the group of boys being pulled to the ground. Although the three elders and five elders of the LAN family had not contacted Si Yang, they still knew that Si Yang lived next door to LAN Jingxiu, but they came to deal with family affairs and didn’t intend to provoke Si Yang. Naturally, they didn’t pay much attention.

Now I heard the words of the young man on the wall, and combined with the news that the elder came back to tell them, the two young men are estimated to be Si Yang’s apprentice and Si Yang’s ghost servant.

Although they haven’t dealt with Siyang, they also know the extent of Siyang’s weakness protection from LAN Taihong. In addition, they didn’t want to create complications, so they had to say, “we were negligent. Because our children died unexpectedly, we acted impulsively and didn’t pay much attention. Let’s leave now.”

Hearing this, the big snake suddenly rushed over and opened its mouth. It was so huge that it could swallow a person alive. In particular, those eyes without emotion are cold and bloodthirsty. Those who are stared at only feel a chill on their backs. As heavenly masters, they have not felt this fear for a long time, except for meeting extremely fierce ghosts.

The elder who protected the LAN family behind him was unmoved and didn’t even resist the defense.

Seeing this, Li Zezhi waved to the snake: “come back, Xiaobai.”

Like deliberately intimidating them, the big snake suddenly approached the huge snake head and hissed out the snake letter. Seeing that the people were scared back and forth, it was satisfied to twist its body and retreat. After climbing to the wall, it rubbed its brain bag in the palm of Li Zezhi’s hand. It was very close.

Li Zezhi calmed Xiaobai and said, “in the middle of the night, you are so noisy and there is no boundary. Is it not only your LAN family in the world, or have you always been the same bully?”

The snake also turned his head and stared at the group coldly, hissing and spitting snake letters.

Although they were very oppressed, the two elders apologized again and again: “we are rash. We will pay more attention in the future. Please forgive me. We will leave now and never make any noise again.”

Seeing their attitude, even if xiaofuzi and Li Zezhi want to make trouble to teach these guys who have eyes above the top a lesson, it’s not very interesting, so they have to let them go.

Si Yang, who has just finished practicing his sword and is taking a bath in the bath, shook his head helplessly. He is young. What reason do you need to make trouble? It’s better to fight first.

After waiting for someone to leave, Shang Qishui came forward and stroked the snake: “Xiaobai is really powerful. As soon as he came out, he solved the annoying essence!”

The snake shook its tail with a little pride. Its eyes were no longer so cold. It seemed that it was still smiling and wrapped Shangqi water with its body.

LAN Jinxiu looked up at the two people on the wall and said, “did your master wake up?”

Li Zezhi said with a smile: “my master is practicing sword in the training ground. His sword spirit is too strong. I can’t even carry it. I can’t even watch. I have to come out. Then I heard the news. I originally wanted to bring Xiaobai to help. As a result, they were so knowledgeable. As soon as Xiaobai came out, they apologized and left without even fighting.”

LAN Yuzhuo also smiled at them and said, “thank you tonight. If you hadn’t brought Xiaobai to help, I don’t know how long they would be entangled.”

Xiaofuzi said curiously, “do they want to plant a frame? I just heard something about the dead.”

LAN Yuzhuo shook his head and said, “I didn’t know the specific situation, but there was a dead man who had quarreled with me before, so they came to me to ask about the situation.”

Xiaofuzi hurriedly said, “why do I think it’s strange? Oh, anyway, if they dare to find something, we’ll scare them in vain!”

LAN Yuzhuo smiled at the speech: “OK.”

Seeing that the matter was solved, Li Zezhi and xiaofuzi took Dabai back. LAN Jinxiu and the three of them also returned to the house. Before LAN Yuzhuo asked, LAN Jinxiu said, “no matter what excuse the LAN family uses, you must not go back to the LAN family.”

LAN Yuzhuo said, “why? What about our parents’ relics? Don’t you want them either?”

“There are no relics. My parents didn’t leave any relics when they died, but I have something in my hand that the LAN family has been looking for for for more than ten years. They are not sure whether it is in my hand, so they want to find a reason to let us go back. Once we go back to the LAN family, many things can’t be controlled by us, so remember, don’t believe anything from the LAN family, absolutely not Fall into their hands. ”

LAN Yuzhuo is really confused. Her brother has something very important in the LAN family? But her brother never told her about it.

When she just wanted to ask what it was, LAN Jingxiu directly pressed her head: “don’t ask more. I said that we may encounter many obstacles after leaving Lan’s house, but as long as you are firm and strong enough, everything will pass.”

LAN Jinxiu turned and went upstairs. LAN Yuzhuo looked at Shang Qishui: “master.”

Shang Qishui shook his head: “your parents were gone when I came to LAN’s house, so I don’t know what’s going on here, but your brother must be right. He is the closest person in the world and won’t hurt you.”

He still remembers that when he first saw their brothers and sisters, the thin little boy, like a wolf cub, protected his younger sister who didn’t know anything at that time. He also watched the brothers and sisters grow up over the years. Otherwise, he didn’t dare to say that Lan Jinxiu would never hurt his sister. He was absolutely sure.

In fact, his favorite apprentice was not LAN Yuzhuo, but LAN Jingxiu. He liked LAN Jingxiu’s firm but fierce eyes at a young age. Such a child remembers revenge, but also remembers grace. As long as he is given a chance, he will never be willing to be mediocre. Unfortunately, the evil spirit was so fierce that he couldn’t suppress it. Being able to endure in such a powerful evil spirit until now is enough to cultivate Lan’s terrible mind.

It’s a pity. If such a person can practice, he must be the pride of Xuanmen today.

As LAN Jingxiu expected, the LAN family came for another purpose.

Three elders came out of the LAN family this time, apparently because they broke the Tiansha, but in fact it was for a white jade. This white jade has recorded very important information, which has been lost for more than ten years. Few orchids know about the existence of white jade, but they have never stopped secretly looking for it in recent years.

Just some time ago, LAN Jinxiu sold Lan’s shares and drew a line with the LAN family. A series of actions brushed a lot of sense of existence in the LAN family, and many people were talking about it. It happened that when the son of an old servant was drinking with others, he chatted with their brothers and sisters and told them something he had accidentally seen.

The old servant, named Yungu, is a servant of the LAN family for generations. He has served the LAN family all his life. At that time, he also took good care of LAN Jingxiu’s brother and sister. But no one thought that the white jade that the LAN family had been looking for was in the hands of Yun Gu. Yun Gu was a servant who served the ancestors of the LAN family in those years. Although she was a servant in name, she had a high status in the LAN family, and she was also one of the people who knew the existence of Baiyu.

According to Yun Gu’s son, before she died, she called her brother and sister to her side. At that time, LAN Yuzhuo was only four or five years old, and LAN Jinxiu was less than ten years old. At that time, Yun Gu’s son didn’t think much. He just thought it was his old mother who took pity on the two poor children. So I didn’t care when I saw my mother wearing a white jade around LAN Jingxiu’s neck. Although they have been loyal servants of the LAN family for generations, they are not short of money. The jade has a general head and is not a good thing, so he didn’t take it to heart when he gave it to the two children.

When I was drinking, I thought of the stubble of that year, and then I said it with some sigh.

Although they learned the news of the suspected white jade, the LAN family were not sure whether the white jade that Aunt Yun gave LAN Jingxiu was the one they had been looking for. In order to make sure everything was safe, they wanted to find some reason to let the brother and sister go back to the LAN family. It happened that at this time, the people of the LAN family broke the Tiansha in the, so they simply came out with three elders.

Lankaian did have an accident. The soul card has been broken. It can be determined that the person was really killed, but the body was not found. What’s more strange is that the soul Summoning can’t be summoned. The soul of ordinary people will stay within seven days after death, and the soul power of the Heavenly Master is different from that of ordinary people. There is no need to have any obsession and will not dissipate easily. However, LAN Kaian summoned his soul for him after twelve hours, but he didn’t summon anything back. Either the soul is trapped or the soul is lost, which proves that the murderer is definitely not an ordinary person.

It happened that LAN Kaian had a dispute with LAN Yuzhuo on the day of the accident, so the elders of the LAN family took advantage of the situation and asked LAN Kaian’s parents to come to the door and make some noise on the grounds of inquiry. They came to the door again to persuade and inform LAN Jingxiu about their parents’ relics.

If their brother and sister are on guard, there must be a ghost in their heart. At that time, LAN Yuzhuo can only kill LAN Kaian. With the reason to clean up the door, even if she is forcibly taken away, outsiders can’t say anything. As for the real murderer who killed LAN Kaian, it doesn’t matter in front of the importance of getting back the white jade.

Originally, things didn’t need to be so complicated. The LAN family wanted to get rid of LAN Jinxiu’s brother and sister. They could win people in any name. As for reputation, it was something that the weak would need to care about. It’s just that Lan Jinxiu’s brother and sister have a good relationship with Si Yang. Because of this uncertain factor, they have to plan more for comprehensiveness.

Obviously, what the LAN family thought, LAN Jinxiu also thought, and even their behavior of making trouble for LAN Kaian was almost guessed. After confirming that everyone in the room slept again, LAN Jinxiu opened the window and disappeared into the room without any energy fluctuation.

Nearly 300 kilometers away from Zhongdu, in the wilderness, a man’s body was bound by vines extending from the tree, his hands were hung in a large font in mid air, and his body was covered with strange scriptures with special pigments. In the dark mountain forest, only the faint candle light in front of the man’s body lit up. From a distance, you can vaguely see a man half kneeling on the ground, holding an object in his hand, and whispering a spell.

LAN Jinxiu threw away the remaining strands of hair at random. Fortunately, LAN Kaian’s family came to make trouble tonight. He left a few strands of hair in case, but it came in handy. Although he found LAN Kaian’s body, he didn’t go out directly, but quietly watched the man’s behavior.

Xiong Xiaohua painted the last stroke on LAN Kaian’s head, and then showed a strange and satisfied smile. It’s really not his fault today. The blame is on these heavenly masters who have higher eyes than the top and don’t pay attention to ordinary people.

He just came home from work as usual. He was knocked down on the ground and didn’t say it. He thought he was in the way. Looking at the head with runes in his hand, Xiong Xiaohua coldly recalled the corners of his mouth: “now, do you still think I’m in your way?”

As he spoke, he put his head next to the black box, and then looked up at the corpse hanging in the air, which had no head, and the soul that was also entangled by invisible forces.

When the black silk thread permeated from the box wrapped the head covered with runes, the vaguely visible soul began to struggle, but it seemed to be suppressed by a force, and could not make a sound, but the whole mountain forest began to have dark winds.

Now Xiong Xiaohua is no longer the weak chicken who can only start at the people who have no accomplishments, and he will no longer think about making big news. The resentment of ten ordinary people who died miserably did not even have enough energy from a cultivated Heavenly Master. Even more, he doesn’t need to make body oil from his body to stimulate resentment. When one day he can completely master the magic box, no one will be his opponent.

When he was imagining the future, he keenly felt that there was more breath behind him. Xiong Xiaohua immediately hugged the black box in his arms and quickly withdrew.

When he turned around and looked, he saw a man in a black cloak, with black breath all over and unable to see his face, coming out of the darkness. And the black box in his hand vibrated excitedly, as if he had met the food he had been longing for for for for a long time. But Xiong Xiaohua instinctively felt dangerous. He couldn’t even raise the slightest idea of confrontation.

LAN Jinxiu glanced at LAN Kaian’s body and almost dissipated soul, turned his head to Xiong Xiaohua and said coldly, “get out.”

Xiong Xiaohua is not stupid, and even has an extreme sensitivity to his own safety. Although he really wants to kill, he is not sure whether he will be killed. Since this man asked him to go away, maybe the other party didn’t intend to expose him at all. Anyway, the black box is still in his hand. As long as you give him time, sooner or later, no one can say “roll” to him!

After Xiong Xiaohua left, LAN Jinxiu sucked the wisps of black gas wrapped around LAN Kaian. Without the biting of black gas, LAN Kaian’s soul finally recovered some sanity. He stared in shock as he looked at the man in the cloak gradually emerging.

He knew he was dead, but as long as he didn’t lose his soul, even if he became a ghost servant, he could still stay in the sun. So he was unwilling to see that the visitor was LAN Jinxiu. Although he was extremely shocked, he instinctively asked him to survive.

“Help… Help me… Please…”

LAN Jingxiu looked at him, his expressionless face, his eyes getting cold.


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