Great Celestial Master Chapter 9

Siyang’s favorite house is a single family villa in the Fourth Ring Road, covering an area of about 1000 square meters. There is a basement and a three-story small high-rise building up. What makes Siyang most satisfied is that the house comes with a large garden. The neighbors are far apart and the wall is high. It is quite quiet in the noise. This property has just been on sale, but due to the geographical environment and floor area, even if it is expensive here, there are absolutely many people who want to buy it.

When Si Yang first saw the introduction map here before, he thought he liked it. What he liked at a glance proved that he was destined to be here, so he took a chance to make money. If he couldn’t buy it, he wouldn’t force it. It’s the same to choose a far place to buy a house. At most, he just drove far away.

Thinking of driving, Si Yang couldn’t help but curl his lips silently. How good the immortal cultivation world is. There will never be road congestion and waste of time on the journey.

When Siyang stepped into the sales department, a girl wearing professional clothes and exquisite face came over with a smile. The girl just said hello when she was stopped by a man who was very angry.

LAN Jinxiu just passed by here today. He suddenly wanted to see the decoration progress of his own house on a whim. As a result, before he drove in, he saw Si Yang walking towards the sales department. LAN Jinxiu subconsciously chased him and made an interception. Looking at the confused salesperson and the unknown Siyang, LAN Jingxiu pretended to be calm and said to the salesperson, “I’ll take charge of this distinguished guest.”

The younger sister subconsciously glanced at the manager not far away. Seeing the manager gesturing to her with his eyes, she quickly obeyed, smiled politely at Siyang again, bowed and retreated.

LAN Jinxiu turned his head and bumped into the eyes of the stars. There seemed to be a dark abyss. Once he went in, he couldn’t pull it out again. The heart also seemed to break into a restless little creature, beating in it. LAN Jingxiu lowered his eyes slightly, forced himself to wake up, restrained his deviated mind, politely came forward and said, “Hello, Mr. Si, my name is Lan Jingxiu. LAN Yuzhuo is my sister. Thank you for your help twice.”

Siyang tilted his head and raised his eyebrow in doubt: “do you know me?”

LAN Jinxiu nodded: “just yesterday, I went to the University of technology and had something to do. Yuzhuo came to me and saw your picture on the wall of the school journal. I didn’t expect to meet you here so coincidentally today. Yesterday, she Mei also said that she would make an official prayer post and thank you very much.”

LAN Jinxiu said, “I don’t know when Mr. Si is free, but I have a favorite cuisine. Please give us a chance to thank you.”

Siyang smiled and didn’t refuse: “I’ll talk about it when I’m free. I came to see the house today.” The implication is that I don’t have time to make friends with you. Either you come to introduce the house to me, or you let someone else’s salesperson come to introduce the house to me. Please get to the point.

LAN Jingxiu said, “I don’t know what Mr. Si likes. I can introduce it for you.”

Si Yang smiled and looked at him: “that’s troublesome for Mr. LAN.”

Seeing that Siyang had no objection, LAN Jinxiu subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief, and his stiff body softened a little.

Siyang pointed to the miniature landscape of the villa area and asked, “are there any houses there?”

LAN Jinxiu looked at it and nodded, “yes.” He is a developer, even if not, he can make it have.

In particular, with the promulgation of some national policies, there are fewer and fewer villas in prime locations. Some houses with large floor area are moving out more and more, and it is not allowed to occupy urban resources. Therefore, most of the houses have been ordered before they have been built. Only a small part is sold to the outside world, but it is often purchased at a high price by people with sensitive information through various relationship channels before it is sold. Another small part is kept for themselves, that is, reserved for some human contacts.

It can be said that the construction of such a miniature landscape in the sales department is just a gold sticker for the facade. You can only see it. You can’t buy it with money.

LAN Jinxiu took Siyang to the miniature landscape and asked, “which one did Mr. Si like?”

Looking at it, Si Yang asked, “which buildings haven’t been sold yet?”

LAN Jinxiu pointed to the ones he had reserved. Seeing that the one he liked had not been sold, Si Yang was immediately happy: “I like this one.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded: “no problem. Since Mr. Si likes it, this house will be regarded as…”

Before he finished speaking, Si Yang said with a smile, “if you say you want to give it to me, I don’t want it.”

LAN Jingxiu paused and said, “let me give Mr. Si an internal discount. If Mr. Si is willing to make me such a friend, please don’t refuse my kindness.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “OK, thank you very much.”

Seeing that Siyang accepted, LAN Jinxiu was relieved, picked up the calculator and pressed a number. This time, Si Yangdun stayed. Even if LAN Jinxiu gave a very low discount, he even seemed to erase a lot of change directly. Even if he now had a sum of money in his hand, it seemed… Not enough.

House prices are really expensive beyond imagination. No wonder there are more and more house slaves these days. It’s really bad.

Although it wasn’t enough, it wasn’t much worse. Just when Si Yang thought whether Li Hao’s small treasury of his rich second-generation roommate could lend him some first, LAN Jinxiu said again: “I have another unkind request.”

Si Yang, who was thinking about his roommate’s small Treasury, subconsciously said, “what?”

“Mr. Si is also a person of Xuanmen. I think Mr. Si can also feel the situation on me. That day, she Mei also told Mr. Si about my situation. At that time, Mr. Si said that if there were mild magic tools, it could suppress some of my evil Qi, but now it is difficult to find magic tools.”

Si Yang immediately said, “do you want to ask me for a magic weapon?” He said that Lan Jinxiu, a man in a high position, was so enthusiastic. Especially, he was obviously cold and arrogant. Even if he was really grateful, he would not be so enthusiastic as to drive away the salesperson to introduce the house for him in person, which seemed too strange. If there is still something to ask for, it makes more sense.

LAN Jingxiu was worried that what he said would embarrass Siyang. After all, not everyone in Xuanmen has magic weapons. Magic weapons are really something that can’t be met and asked. It’s true that people with money and power may not be able to get them: “I know magic weapons are rare, so I said it was an unkind request, but if not, please don’t embarrass Mr. Si. I’m abrupt.”

Si Yang said, “stretch out your left hand.”

LAN Jingxiu obediently stretched out his left hand to him. When Siyang’s cold fingertip touched his palm, LAN Jingxiu almost subconsciously wanted to retract, but he held back. The sight almost glued to the white slender fingers, and the heartbeat became more and more uncontrollable.

Si Yang checked the Yin evil spirit in his body. As LAN Yuzhuo said, it was brought out of the womb and completely integrated with his breath. But in addition to Yin Sha, there is also an external vitality, which hovers in his body, so that he will not be completely eroded by Yin Sha.

It is also because of this vitality that Lan Jingxiu’s Yin and evil spirit is in a balanced state, so as not to hurt others and himself too much. But once the Yin evil is too heavy and the vitality is missing, LAN Jingxiu, because he is just a physical fetus, he must not be able to resist the cool air. At that time, his own pain needless to say, will bring bad luck to those who have come into contact with him.

Such a person should have lived to such a large extent, and I don’t know how much effort the people who paid for him spent behind his back.

Si Yang took back his hand: “there are many people here. Find a quiet place.”

LAN Jinxiu hurriedly said, “I have also installed a house here. It has been decorated. Now I am decorating the furniture. It may be a little messy. If you don’t mind, you can sit down and take a look at the one you like.”

Si Yang naturally didn’t mind. Even if LAN Jingxiu didn’t say, he would have to go to the field to finally confirm whether to buy or not. The house is still some distance from the sales department, so Siyang directly took LAN Jinxiu’s car and followed him into the house. All the way, LAN Jingxiu was introducing him to the facilities of the villa area. There were four entrances and exits in the southeast and northwest, and people were on duty and patrolled 24 hours. All foreign objects will be directly collected by the security room, and then delivered to the door by the security personnel. Outsiders will not be allowed to enter at will.

Hearing this, Siyang almost subconsciously asked, “don’t let me in when I order takeout?”

LAN Jingxiu Weidun didn’t seem to expect to be asked this question. Who can live here doesn’t have a cook, but he probably didn’t expect people like Si Yang to ask such a question. Inexplicably, he seems to be grounded and not so high.

“According to the regulations, it is not allowed to enter, but the security guard will take the takeout and send it to the customer’s home after confirming that there is no problem.”

Looking at the regressive scenery, Si Yang thought silently that he heard that there were many remnant souls in the Forbidden City. He wondered if he could catch one or two imperial chefs and go shopping sometime to try his luck.

After a while, they arrived at their destination. LAN Jinxiu pointed to the other side adjacent to them: “that building is what you saw just now. I’ll show you around later.”

LAN Jingxiu’s house is in a modern style. Large pieces of floor glass make the whole space clean and atmospheric, which makes people feel very comfortable. Some potted plants and other items are also placed properly. Even some pendants and furniture on the wall are obviously instructed by people. However, his sister LAN Yuzhuo is a person of Xuanmen. Even if she doesn’t understand it, someone she knows must understand it. She has to help her brother.

LAN Jinxiu took Siyang to visit: “Mr. Si, I don’t know what you think of the feng shui of this house. Where do you need to correct it again?”

Si Yang said, “call me Si Yang directly. Sir’s call is also in honorific terms. It sounds like you’re talking to a bad old man.”

LAN Jinxiu’s eyes lit up, and the corners of his mouth even raised a smile: “Si Yang directly asked me to repair it. Are we friends?”

Si Yang said with a smile, “I have accepted your friendship discount. Of course, I am a friend.” Then he looked around the surrounding environment: “I’m not good at Feng Shui, but your breath here is very comfortable. In terms of pattern, you tend to dispel evil spirits. Combined with your own situation, it should be more appropriate. Otherwise, if you live in a place for a long time, you are infected with too many Yin ghosts, but you can’t disperse, which will do more harm to yourself.”

LAN Jin said, “I haven’t lived in yet. I’m sorry. It’s impolite to have no tea for you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s get to the point. Your current situation is in a state of balance. It seems that someone handled it for you not long ago. If you rashly give you a suppressed magic instrument, it is easy to tilt the balance, so the general magic instrument is not applicable. I have something that seems to be very suitable for you, but it can’t be seen or touched, and the price is not cheap. You need it “Is that right?”

LAN Jingxiu did not hesitate: “yes.”

Si Yang just wanted to tease him, but he didn’t expect that the man promised so simply, so he smiled and said, “for the sake of our friends, I’ll make you cheaper, 50 million.”

LAN Jin said, “OK.”

Si Yang slightly raised his eyebrow: “then untie the button of your coat.”

LAN Jingxiu, who was very crisp and neat, couldn’t help pausing when he heard this. Even if he was nervous again, no matter how many small emotions in his heart, he could look expressionless. He looked calm and light, and his ears climbed a little red.


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