Great Celestial Master Chapter 90

The LAN family’s abacus was broken when a mutilated body was found in the rice field beside the highway the next morning. If it’s just a general murder, even if it’s a vendetta between heavenly masters, they can also operate secretly.

But the plaingrain ghost Sutra on the body, the cold black gas left on the body, and the black jade paste extracted from the autopsy all point to the same person as the murderer of the campus corpse case.

As for the real murderer of the campus corpse case, it is obvious that the case has been closed, but in the secret service department, many people know that Shan Hexuan has never stopped investigating, because he firmly believes that there is another murderer.

Although lankaian has not been mutilated, only the real murderer can do the runes on his body and the materials for drawing runes. Now it is more obvious that the killer’s ability has been improved. He needs the power of human soul to achieve his own purpose. However, the killer is not satisfied with the power of ordinary people. Now he begins to attack the young Heavenly Master.

Once this incident happened, the nature of the incident was no longer just the task of the secret service department to solve the case, but also a direct threat to the safety of Xuanmen Heavenly Master. Therefore, when it was determined that the murderer of LAN Kaian was the real murderer of the original campus corpse shredding case, the secret service department notified him at the first time, and issued a notice in the whole Xuanmen system.

Xuanmen has an app software with various forums, which is specially used for the communication between heavenly masters. For example, if you exchange the points of pills in the secret service department, you can solve doubts and earn money for others. Generally, any major event in Xuanmen will be released in the app. So when the announcement was issued, almost all heavenly masters knew that there was a murderer eyeing their heavenly master.

This can also be regarded as a reminder to all heavenly masters. When walking outside, we should be more vigilant to prevent accidents. For the LAN family, the situation was extremely bad. Their people died so miserably that the murderer had not been caught, which undermined their original plan.

When he learned that the brothers and sisters didn’t mean to go back to LAN’s house to get the relics, the five elders with a bad temper broke a table in anger.

The three elders sighed: “now this matter will be put down for the time being. If the white jade is really in their hands and they can hide these years, we don’t have to be in a hurry for a while. Now they are vigilant, but people always have a time to relax and start secretly at that time.”

The five elders were dissatisfied: “why wait? One more day is another day’s change. Since they want to die, we don’t have to be polite. It’s much easier to kill an orchid jade carving and an orchid that is no different from the dead than to set them up.”

The second elder said, “we can’t open the white jade and interpret the information in it with our cultivation. Now there are few people who can open the white jade in the Xuanmen, so even the white jade is of little use in their hands. If they are forced to hurry, they will take the white jade out and fall into the hands of other aristocratic families or sects, then it will be trouble.”

In fact, they are most worried about Siyang. Now there are only a few family owners who can open the white jade. As for the two foundation builders, let alone the two little children, they may not even want to see them. So they are not worried that someone will solve the secret of Baiyu for them.

But the cultivation of Si Yang is unpredictable. They are not sure whether Si Yang can open the white jade, so they would rather wait a little longer to start secretly than face-to-face.

LAN Jinxiu is still waiting for the news of the LAN family, but he didn’t expect that the LAN family may be too concerned and dare not act rashly. After several days of calm, the LAN family did a large-scale ritual and made a confession to the sky. After burning three letters of guilt in a row, the Tianji incident was calmed down, and then a group of people returned directly to the old house in Jincheng.

When LAN Jinxiu received the message from Yuzhuo, he was tasting Siyang’s new tea in Siyang’s small garden. After being slightly stunned, seeing Siyang pouring tea for him, he immediately smiled clearly.

Si Yang raised his eyes and looked at him: “why do you suddenly smile?”

LAN Jingxiu smelled the fragrance of tea and said, “people with complex thoughts often think too much. If they read wrong and take wrong steps, it’s better to be pure. If they are pure, there may be unexpected gains.”

The LAN family is worried about what he knows, but it can’t happen. Even if he can’t get the secret of baiyuli, he can’t ask Siyang for help. This is between him and the LAN family. No matter how powerful Siyang is, he won’t involve him.

Although he didn’t understand why LAN Jingxiu felt it, he said along with his words: “maybe that’s life. It’s destined to miss and have. No one is sure about this kind of thing.”

LAN Jinxiu took a sip of tea. It tasted a little lighter than the tea made by Siyang before, but it had more flower fragrance. The aura was not as abundant as before, but it had more long aftertaste. He used to drink coffee and had no research on tea. Now he only drinks the tea given by Siyang. Even the tea specially provided outside is bitter. So as long as it’s from Siyang, he can’t taste good or bad. He just thinks it’s all delicious.

Si Yang asked, “how about this kind of tea as a drink for your farm?”

LAN Jingxiu disagreed: “would it be better? These can be used as special tea.”

Si Yang opened the teapot and said, “look inside.”

LAN Jingxiu looked at the probe and found it was a tea bag.

Si Yang said with a smile: “these are tea dregs, not complete tea, so only the tea leaves are missing, but a few petals are added to improve the taste. Anyway, if the tea dregs are lost, they are also wasted. If you think it is appropriate, use them as tea for the farm.”

They were chatting. Si Yang’s mobile phone rang, and then they heard Li Hao’s cry for help.

Si Yang frowned slightly: “have you brought the amulet I gave you?”

Something seems to have happened there. Li Hao’s voice is a little hasty, and the background is still very noisy: “take it, take it, sister Bai Jing doesn’t dare to come near me, but she’s fierce, and her face still grows hair, like the hair of some animal. Yang Yang, do you know what’s going on? Can you handle it? She’s fierce, and her nails are still long!”

At the other end of the phone, there was another sound of screaming and smashing. Si Yang hurriedly asked, “where are you now?”

Li Hao hurriedly said, “I’m in Zhongdu, in the Rose Hotel on Renhua road. I’m in room 2103.”

“You wait.”

Siyang hung up the phone and repaired to LAN Jin: “old fat said he had sorted out some simple recipes for you. Go to the kitchen and find him. I’ll be back in a minute.”

LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask much, nodded and said, “OK, be careful.”

Not far from the door of the Rose Hotel, an invisible wave of space passed by, and Siyang’s figure appeared out of thin air. People passing by seemed not to see it, and they were still in a hurry.

Siyang walked into the hotel hall as if there were no one else. When the elevator door was closed, his appearance gradually appeared in the mirror in the elevator. Siyang glanced at the camera in the corner. When the elevator door was opened, a strong smell made him frown slightly.

When I came to the door of room 2103, I thought the chaos and noise had not happened. Although the house was in a mess, it was very quiet at this time. As soon as Si Yang entered the room, he saw a group of people around the room. Li Hao Yu Guang, who was standing at the door of the room, saw someone coming. As soon as he turned around and saw it was Si Yang, he immediately ran to him in surprise and whispered, “lying in the trough, Yang Yang, how fast you are! I haven’t hung up for five minutes!”

Si Yang glanced into the room and stood beside the bed like several bodyguards, but their clothes had been caught and rotten, and there were bleeding scars on their bodies. An elite man looked at the bound woman on the bed with a deep frown, and the woman on the bed was sleeping without any blood color on her face and no abnormal hair on her body, but she had a very strong smell.

At the head of the bed stood a young and handsome man, who was lowering his head and lighting a light yellow candle. As the incense was lit, the smell in the house was dispelled a little, and the woman on the bed was returning to blood a little.

Li Hao whispered to Siyang: “The situation just now was really terrible. Sister Bai, the person in bed, suddenly went crazy. She had a lot of hair on her face. When she caught someone, she grabbed it, scratched it and gnawed it. However, when she rushed towards me, she seemed to be blocked by my amulet, and then she didn’t dare to attack me. All of a sudden, the situation was out of control. I immediately called you to see what to do. It’s over As soon as I hung up your phone, our investors came in and pasted a sign on sister Bai’s forehead, and sister Bai fell down. Now I don’t know what I’m doing, but it seems very powerful. ”

Si Yang said, “investors?”

Li Hao nodded, Close to his ear and continue to whisper: “Wasn’t our previous film almost yellow? Later, others withdrew their capital, and then a returnee returned home to invest and asked me to be the male owner. He was downstairs. He had an appointment with an author of Jinjiang literature city to talk about the adaptation of novels and scripts. I don’t know if he came up when he heard the news. I didn’t expect that he was still hidden, A person who looks very scientific can’t do such an unscientific thing. I wouldn’t call you if I knew someone could solve it. I let you go for nothing, but why are you so fast? ”

“I’m nearby.”

Li Hao said, “Yang Yang, is sister Bai possessed by a fox spirit?”

Siyang looked at him: “where did so many animals become sperm? This is a scientific world.”

Li Hao: “…” believe you, there is a ghost. Oh, no, believe you, there is no ghost!

At the same time, Feng Zhengming put the lighted incense at the head of the bed and said to the crowd, “you have to tie the bell to untie the bell. I can only help her suppress it temporarily.”

The man who looked very elite quickly said, “master, please help us. We don’t know anything about this. Can you tell me what to do? Has someone done something to Bai Jing in my family?”

Feng Zhengming shook his head, then turned his head and looked at Siyang: “I don’t know what you think of this matter?”

As soon as he said, they found that a stranger came to the room at some time. But the agent is not stupid. When Feng Zhengming called the man that way, he naturally wouldn’t kick him out as an ordinary spectator. He quickly asked politely, “I don’t know what to call this gentleman? Please forgive me for the mess in the house and the poor reception.”

Li Hao just wants to roll his eyes. How can he entertain him just now? Tian Tian’s agent is really good at speaking. However, he also quickly opened his mouth and said, “this is my classmate, Si Yang, but he is also a very powerful Heavenly Master. Just now, I was afraid of making a big deal, so I quickly contacted my classmate to help. Unexpectedly, President Feng was also an expert.”

Siyang looked at Feng Zhengming, raised the corners of his mouth and smiled: “I don’t bother the two masters. Since Mr. Feng has done it, I won’t do much.”

After Si Yang finished, he asked Li Hao to take out the amulet. Sure enough, there were several scorch marks on it, so he replaced it with a new one: “although there is amulet protection, you’d better stay away. I’ll go first.”

Li Hao nodded: “then I’ll send you.”

Feng Zhengming watched the two men go out of the room. He just smiled and didn’t ask them to stay. Anyway, the future is long.


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