Great Celestial Master Chapter 91

Bai Jing is a pop diva with a great reputation, so generally staying in a hotel is basically wrapped up with the staff, either on the first floor or connected to several floors. It’s basically all her people, which can also prevent paparazzi from touching it. So there was so much noise in the front room that it didn’t disturb the people in the hotel, and no one came to watch the excitement. They were asked to go back to their room by the agent.

The reason why Li Hao is here this time is that the episode in their film will be performed by Bai Jing. As the hero of the film, it is natural that he also starred in the MV of this song. He came here today to meet Bai Jing and talk to each other, or at least let Bai Jing meet him. If he feels appropriate, he will have the opportunity to play this MV. Unexpectedly, they just sat down and talked for a few words, and such an accident happened.

When Li Hao sent Siyang away, Still sighing: “Yang Yang, do you think I really need to find a place to say goodbye? This is not my life year. How can I feel that strange things can happen wherever I go? And this crew is too unlucky. The former male leader ended so badly, and now the singer of the episode is like this. Is it really not the upper body of the fox spirit? You don’t see the hair on his face. It’s terrible!”

Si Yang smiled: “do you want to go up later?”

Li Hao sighed: “even if I leave, at least I have to go up and say hello. It’s a queen of heaven. Even if there’s something wrong with her, isn’t it the agent? If I leave like this and offend someone, don’t mix up in the future.”

Si Yang said: “the man is not a fox spirit, but he is indeed a fox with a little Taoist practice. He is just a ghost fox, and he should not be an innocent person lying on the gun. He has to pay for something, get something, get something, and naturally pay something.”

Li Hao hissed softly: “so Bai Jing will be like this now. Is it the dirty thing she provoked? My God, I haven’t had much in-depth contact with the entertainment circle. I came across this kind of thing. It seems that the circle is really not in general chaos!”

Siyang frowned slightly: “do you want to stay?”

Li Hao said without hesitation: “of course! I will try to be a clean stream in the circle!”

Si Yang said with a smile, “then you should remember this sentence. The entertainment industry is flashy and easy to deviate.”

Li Hao hugged Si Yang’s neck: “don’t I still have you? If I go wrong, you should pull me back and beat me hard until I wake up! But don’t worry, I’m firm and I won’t go wrong!”

Si Yang’s intuition has a follow-up, and when he sees Feng Zhengming’s first glance, he can be sure that the other party knows himself. But the man’s breath is very strange. He should have never been in touch with it. From the perspective of cultivation, that is, the ordinary Heavenly Master level, is not very powerful.

But what he cared about was that the man made him feel a little strange, and he couldn’t say it again. It’s like he clearly saw through everything of the other party at a glance, but his intuition has a feeling of not seeing through, and the monk’s intuition is always accurate.

However, Si Yang did not take the man to heart. Even if he was hidden, he was just a person who seemed to be unable to see through. In front of absolute power, all calculations were futile.

A few days later, Li Hao contacted Si Yang again: “I’m not sure what happened last time. I don’t know exactly. Bai Jing’s agent contacted me. I only said to ask first and didn’t promise them. Bai Jing’s agent said that if Bai Jing’s problem was solved, there would be 200000 yuan of thanks later, even if it couldn’t be solved. How about Yangyang if you didn’t Interest, I will help you refuse. ”

Si Yang said, “then go and have a look. Make an appointment.”

Li Hao said: “it’s very urgent over there. After all, Bai Jing delays a day’s work and doesn’t know how much money to lose, so she can do it as soon as possible, but she’s not in good condition now and can’t get out at all. It’s the last hotel. It depends on when you’re free.”

Si Yang: “OK, tomorrow, tomorrow morning.”

“OK, can I go and watch together?”

Si Yang smiled: “yes, if you’re not afraid.”

Li Hao snorted: “then I’ll wait for you tomorrow. I love you so much ~”

Si Yang had no choice but to shake his head and hang up the phone. The people on this planet are much more open than those there. It’s really nothing for women to get tired of men.

LAN Jinxiu took Siyang to see the bamboo forest. At the beginning, Linggu Temple gave Siyang a lot of bamboo. Knowing that Lan Jinxiu also planned to plant a bamboo forest, LAN Jinxiu simply planted the bamboo sent by Linggu Temple at the junction with LAN Jinxiu bamboo forest, which just connected into a whole bamboo path.

Seeing that Siyang hung up the phone, he said, “there is a famous stewed bamboo shoot in the neighboring province. I just wanted to say whether I want to try it. It seems that I’m not free now.”

Si Yang said with a smile: “in two days, go and earn some extra money first.”

LAN Jingxiu said with a smile, “can you ask what’s the matter? I feel that a Heavenly Master like you can sometimes be dangerous, but life is also very interesting. Behind every ghost, there is some past, an obsession, or love or hate. Every event can see a different life.”

Si Yang said, “that thing in the entertainment industry, one day later, I raised something I shouldn’t have and was eaten back.”

“Guman boy?”

Si Yang glanced at him.

LAN Jin said, “that’s all I know, kid, Guman boy.”

Si Yang shook his head and said, “no, I’ll show you when I get it back.”

Bai Jing’s agent is Xu Shuo. He has been in the circle for more than 20 years. He entered the industry at a very young age. He was originally running for his debut, but later he became an agent. Bai Jing is one of the artists he has been with for the longest time. Sheng Sheng has become a Chinese queen from a small resident singer in the bar.

Xu Shuo has been in the circle for so many years. He hasn’t seen anything. He has everything for internal and external application, but often those ends are not very good. So he warned Bai Jing from the beginning that only with your own strength can you laugh to the end and step by step, so that you won’t roll over.

Bai Jing has always been obedient and won’t do anything to get out of the position. So far, they are no different from their family. But he never thought that Bai Jing would be caught.

Looking at Bai Jing now, Xu Shuo is not worried about the destruction of his money tree, but really worried about Bai Jing. They have gone through so many years together. After a lot of storms, he would rather Bai Jing be tired of the entertainment circle and quit the circle than end up in disgrace.

“Xiaojing, even if it’s not for me and yourself, I hope you can tell me the truth. Look at your appearance now. Don’t you love beauty best, Xiaojing. Don’t be afraid. If you make something you shouldn’t do, I can find the master to help you solve it, as long as you don’t touch those things again. If not, tell me what happened, right Isn’t someone hurting you behind your back? ”

Bai Jing, who was in a daze on the sofa, turned a deaf ear to Xu Shuo’s words and didn’t respond at all.

Xu Shuo persuaded for a long time, and finally could only sigh helplessly.

When Siyang and Li Hao came, they just saw Feng Zhengming at the door. When Feng Zhengming saw Si Yang, his Danfeng eyes bent slightly and said with a smile, “see you again.”

Si Yang also said with a smile, “hello.”

Feng Zhengming glanced into the room: “the person’s obsession with things is too deep. My ability is limited and I can only suppress them. Therefore, in order to prevent her from making trouble again, I can only come and purify it every day. If you mind the presence of other heavenly masters, I can leave first.”

Si Yang said, “I don’t mind. Just feel free.” Maybe the star’s agent will let Li Hao come to him. That’s what this person means. Since you want to get close, give him a chance to get close.

Li Hao is not stupid. As soon as he associates, he detects something wrong. This step by step seems to be an accident and coincidence, but it is too coincidental and more inevitable. Realizing this, his face sank slightly. He doesn’t want to become a tool for others to get close to his friends, especially this man is also a Heavenly Master. Who knows what kind of calculation he holds.

After Si Yang entered the house, Xu Shuo quickly got up and greeted him: “master Si, you are here. Please help my Xiaojing. She has been tortured by something she doesn’t know.”

Siyang looked at the woman on the sofa. Bai Jing has been on fire for many years. Although she made her debut early, she is now in her thirties. However, female stars usually pay great attention to maintenance. Even in their thirties, they look as young and beautiful as they are in their twenties. The last time he saw Bai Jing, although the situation was not very good, Bai Jing was also a beautiful beauty at that time. Now, the woman on the sofa has dry skin and thin body. She looks like a woman in her sixties, as if she had been sucked dry.

Si Yang walked over. The woman bowed her head and folded a thousand paper cranes. She was very serious and focused. Nothing in the house could arouse her interest and attention.

Xu Shuo said: “Master Si, I’ll tell you the truth. I really don’t know whether Xiaojing raised something she shouldn’t have or was framed. No matter how I ask her, she won’t tell me. I ask you to keep it a secret. Xiaojing is a good person and has done a lot of public welfare in private. I really don’t want to see her end up in disgrace.”

“If she doesn’t say it, let those who can say it speak.”

Si Yang then stepped forward and said to the woman on the sofa, “do you come out obediently, let’s have a good talk, or let me get you out?”

The woman who had been folding the thousand paper cranes with her head down looked up at him, then pulled the corner of her mouth and smiled like disdain.

The smiling others subconsciously stepped back. It was clearly a well lit room, but it was inexplicably cold and dark. There was a creepy feeling of being stared at by ghosts.

Seeing this, Siyang also smiled: “since you don’t cooperate, I have to do it directly.”

Bai Jing’s eyes suddenly changed, and the whole pupil turned red, but before she could move, Si Yang slapped her on the forehead, then grabbed it with his five fingers, and a harsh and shrill cry sounded. A mass of red things were torn off Bai Jing by Si Yang.

As soon as the red thing fell to the ground, it was unwilling to rush at Bai Jing, who fell soft on the sofa again. As soon as Si Yang raised his hand and patted it gently, the whole red thing was broken up, revealing a brownish red fox.

Li Hao couldn’t help looking at Siyang and said it wasn’t a fox spirit. It wasn’t a fox spirit. What is it!

The little thing that showed its original shape opened its sharp claws and showed its teeth fiercely towards Si Yang.

Seeing this, Si Yang slapped the ghost fox again: “little thing with short memory, believe it or not, I’ll blow your soul out with a slap.”

The ghost fox was beaten by Si Yang and rolled on the ground for several times. It screamed in pain. Finally, it realized that the man in front of it was not easy to provoke. Its eyes looked longingly at Bai Jing, but because Si Yang was blocked there, it didn’t dare to make any action.

At this time, Bai Jing, who has recovered some physical strength, suddenly got up from the sofa and jumped at the ghost fox to block Siyang. Her voice was a little sad and shrill: “no one of you is allowed to move it! No one is allowed!”


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