Great Celestial Master Chapter 92

Bai Jing’s behavior was unexpected. The ghost hurt her like that. Bai Jing was really fascinated by the ghost.

Xu Shuo subconsciously stretched out his hand to pull Bai Jing back. He finally expelled the ghost from his body. How can he be contaminated again. But when he touched Bai Jing’s body, the fox, who had just been beaten to the ground and screamed, rushed at him and grabbed him with sharp claws.

Xu Shuo instinctively dodged and retreated. Just when the claw of the ghost fox was about to scratch Xu Shuo, Si Yang gently brushed his two fingers, and a powerful force suddenly bumped the ghost fox to the ground and rolled it for several times. Originally, it was not much, and his solid body became more and more transparent.

Feng Zhengming, who was watching from a distance, flashed slightly in his eyes. He seemed to have some unexpected strength of Siyang, but he didn’t show a penny. He was still quietly watching.

Bai Jing sees that the fox is whipped away and wants to rush over, but Xu Shuo pulls her: “Bai Jing, wake up! What are you doing! Are you dazzled by ghosts? You can see clearly that it’s the thing that caused you this way. Bai Jing, wake up!”

Bai Jing struggles to open Xu Shuo’s hand, but these days her body is almost hollowed out by the ghost fox, which can’t withstand the power of an adult man. She can’t move under control, So I had to cry and beg: “ah Shuo, let go of me, please, it can’t be anything. I beg you, leave me alone, okay? This is my own business, please leave me alone, I beg you, ah Shuo, don’t hurt it, it’s not bad, it’s really not bad!”

Xu Shuo hugged her: “you have to tell me what’s going on, so I can help you. Otherwise, I’ll just ask the master to help destroy the ghost!”

“No! Ah Shuo, no! Don’t hurt it. Please, ah Shuo, it doesn’t hurt me, and it won’t hurt me. Let it go! If you kill it, I’ll die!”

Xu Shuo frowned deeply, held Bai Jing’s shoulder and tried to explain to her: “no, Xiaojing, believe me, the master is very powerful. He will help you solve this matter and won’t let you have an accident!”

While they were pulling, Si Yang casually found a sofa and sat down. The ghost fox was suppressed on the ground by him and couldn’t move. Now it can’t hurt people. Hearing Bai Jing’s words, Si Yang said, “just as she said, she can’t live if she kills the ghost fox.”

Xu Shuo was stunned: “why? Master, isn’t that thing expelled? As long as it goes beyond the limit, it should be all right?”

Si Yang shook his head: “then ask her how long this little thing has been with her.”

When he forcibly pulled the ghost fox out of Bai Jing’s body, he saw some past. He thought Bai Jing was greedy for glory and wealth, but he didn’t. in that case, the solution can be changed.

Xu Shuo looked at Bai Jing: “Xiao Jing?”

Bai Jing bowed her head and cried, avoiding the problem.

Xu Shuo anxiously wanted to grab her shoulder and shake it twice: “Xiaojing, what are you hiding at this time? If you have any problems, let’s find a way to solve them together?”

The ghost fox lay on the ground, looked at Bai Jing and tried to climb towards her, but as soon as its paw touched the seal painted by Si Yang, it withdrew in pain and looked very poor.

Li HaoDuan was sitting next to Si Yang, and his small eyes kept floating on the ghost fox. Such a miraculous thing is really a lifetime. It’s too eye opening.

Feng Zhengming sat on the sofa opposite Siyang and looked like a spectator eating melons, but only he knew what he thought. Occasionally inadvertently, he looked at Si Yang and smiled at him.

Li Haoyue, who looks like this, thinks this guy must have come deliberately! Just wanted to bite Siyang’s ear, he was motioned by Siyang’s eyes to be quiet and don’t talk, or he was carrying an image. He was angry into a puffer fish face.

Under Xu Shuo’s repeated questioning, Bai Jing told the truth: “for 20, 20 years, Xiaobai has been with me for 20 years. I have kept it for 20 years. It won’t harm anyone. It has never hurt me. Ah Shuo, please, don’t hurt it!”

As soon as he said this, all the people in the room were stunned except Si Yang, who was calm. Even Feng Zhengming was somewhat surprised. Bai Jing is now in her early thirties. If she has been in her twenties, it proves that the ghost fox followed her.

However, the ghost fox only had a bit of Taoism before he died, but finally fell into the beast of the ghost. If it doesn’t have enough strength to support it, it won’t last long in the sun. The ability to maintain it in the sun is either ghosts, learning from the essence of the world, or absorbing the essence of human beings.

Although the ghost fox is very coquettish, it is obviously infected during this period of time, so before that, it should have really not harmed people, so Bai Jing has been raising it for more than 20 years, and I don’t know what method to use.

Xu Shuo didn’t expect that it was 20 years. He had known Bai Jing for only more than ten years. He thought that this ghost was stained by Bai Jing after taking a wrong path in recent years. It turned out that it had been there from the beginning?

Looking at the eye on the ground, Si Yang looked at Bai Jing’s ghost Fox and said: “This madness is because it is infected with the evil spirit of cause and effect and has done bad things. In the past, it can stay in the sun well because it has never harmed people, and its breath is pure, so it does no harm to Bai Jing. But once it harmed people, its breath is impure, and staying with people will have a bad impact on people. Bai Jing has fed it for so many years, and their luck has long been tight Closely connected, that’s why I lost control so quickly and was backfired. ”

After finishing the meal, Si Yang looked at Bai Jing, who looked down and wept: “they have been together for too long, and because of feeding, they have long been in one of Qi luck. If they forcibly collect the ghost fox, it would be equivalent to forcibly cutting off half of Bai Jing’s life. It is inevitable that their vitality will be seriously injured. It’s hard to say what will happen in the future.”

Although Xu shuota was surprised by this, he soon calmed down: “master Si, do you have any solution? I didn’t think it would be like this before. The original price doesn’t count. As long as you can solve this matter, the price will follow you. Even if you waste your family and property, as long as you can keep Xiaojing’s life.”

Bai Jing looks at Xu Shuo in a daze. Maybe it’s an accident. Xu Shuo’s decision is probably unexpected. Xu Shuo is so desperate to help her. Although they are not relatives, they are better than relatives, but even if they are relatives, sometimes they may not be able to make such a great sacrifice. You know, after so many years as a diva, she has made a lot of money in various endorsement concerts. Not everyone can say no.

Xu Shuo sighed and stroked Bai Jing’s hair: “as long as you live, everything is still possible. Talented people are never afraid to start over.”

Xu Shuo said, looking to Siyang for help: “master, please help us.”

Si Yang said: “the solution is naturally there. It depends on how you want to solve it. Dispose of the ghost Fox and continue to raise the ghost fox.”

Bai Jing looks at Xiaobai, who has been with her for 20 years. Just when she wants to speak, Xu Shuo stops her: “master, what are the results of these two methods? What harm will they do to Xiaojing?”

“Bai Jing will only be hurt by forcible elimination, but the fox is a ghost. It shouldn’t have been forced to stay in the sun. As long as the Qi belonging to Bai Jing is taken out of his body and returned to Bai Jing, Bai Jing won’t be much hurt, but this process is ten thousand times more painful than beating the ghost fox out of his mind.”

When Si Yang said this, Feng Zhengming’s hand trembled slightly and forcibly took away his luck. It was impossible. If possible, the man would be terrible, even more terrible than he expected.

Bai Jing looks at Xu Shuo in panic and helplessness. Her eyes are full of begging. She would rather give up half of her life than treat Xiaobai like this.

Xu Shuo was silent for a moment: “what about keeping it?”

Si Yang said, “as long as you clear up the evil obstacles from its back, and don’t harm others in the future, you can naturally get along with Bai Jing as before.”

Although what Si Yang said seems very simple, Xu Shuo knows that no matter what kind of solution it is, it must not be easy. But he didn’t understand one thing: “master, I don’t know what bad has the fox done?” Since there is a small resting place for it and it has been fine for so many years, it should be able to live in peace all the time.

Si Yang smiled: “ask Bai Jing of your family. I think she should know very well.”

By now, Bai Jing has felt that there is nothing to hide, so she just starts from the beginning.

The first time she saw Xiaobai was when she was ten years old. She went to her grandfather’s house in the countryside for the summer vacation. At that time, she couldn’t tell the difference between a fox and a dog and greeted Xiaobai as a dog.

Probably because she fed Xiaobai meat. Later, Xiaobai always came to play with her. She also gave Xiaobai the name. Although Xiaobai is a brownish red fox, she gave it such a name when she was a child because her surname is Bai.

Later, when she went to Grandpa’s house again in winter vacation, she couldn’t find Xiaobai. At that time, she was very disappointed, but she didn’t expect that one night, she heard Xiaobai’s cry again. She followed the cry and went out to find Xiaobai. As a result, she found Xiaobai huddled in a ditch. She thought Xiaobai was hurt, so she took Xiaobai back, fed him, and secretly kept him at home.

At that time, she didn’t notice the problem. Later, one day, she found that Xiaobai’s body turned translucent. At that time, she didn’t feel afraid. Maybe it was the little pet she had fed for some time. She just felt so magical. She continued to keep Xiaobai secretly from adults.

But after that, she didn’t regard Xiaobai as a little pet who didn’t understand anything. She would start talking to him and chatting with him. Until the end of the winter vacation, she was going back to the city. She asked Xiaobai if she would like to go with her. At that time, Xiaobai nodded. That was the first time Xiaobai directly responded to her.

Back in the city, she found that food seemed unable to maintain Xiaobai’s needs, and it became weaker and weaker. At that time, Xiaobai was her only friend. She was reluctant to let her friend disappear and was afraid that Xiaobai would disappear. She cried and begged Xiaobai not to disappear, no matter what she was asked to do.

Later, Xiaobai bit her finger and sucked a little blood, and then the situation got better.

However, this situation did not last long, because Xiaobai’s demand was growing. Later, even if she stuffed it hard, Xiaobai was unwilling to drink her blood again. Just when she thought she was really going to lose Xiaobai this time, Xiaobai told her that as long as she could be loved by many people, sought after by many people, have her own followers, and then sincerely share her faith, it could absorb those forces and stay.

So over the years, Bai Jing has worked so hard, not only to really fall in love with singing, but also to let Xiaobai stay with her.

But all this changed after feeling for Mao Xingchao.


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