Great Celestial Master Chapter 93

Bai Jing’s words made everyone in the house look silly again, and then suddenly his brain hole was a little crooked, so the ghost fox hated the man who made Bai Jing moved, so he started to kill him? Suddenly, people’s eyes on the ghost fox were even more wrong. This is a male fox!

Bai Jing didn’t notice the people’s expressions and continued: “I hide things from Xingchao very well. We are serious. His career is on the rise. If it is exposed, my reputation is higher than him, which will form a label for him and is not conducive to development. Therefore, we hide them well and never meet outside.”

Xu Shuo was almost laughed angrily: “even I kept it from you? Your confidentiality work is really in place!”

Bai Jing lowered her head and didn’t dare to see Xu Shuo: “I don’t want to hide it from you, but Xing Chao said that you are my closest person now, which is equivalent to my family, so I hope to give you an impression that he can match me. When the time is ripe, we’ll tell you together.”

Xu Shuo took some sarcastic light and said, “then?”

“Then suddenly one day, Xiaobai smelled the smell of other women on him. Xiaobai said that if the two didn’t have that relationship, they couldn’t be infected with the smell of others, so Xingchao betrayed me.”

Xu Shuo said, “so Xiaobai killed him? Was Mao Xingchao killed by Xiaobai?”

Bai Jing looks at Xiaobai on the ground and doesn’t know what to say. Although she didn’t do it directly, Xiaobai did kill her.

Siyang Road: “A ghost fox is also a fox. It is also a ghost fox that has absorbed more than ten years of faith cultivation. Its ability is more powerful than before. There is no need to kill. Just drop the peach blossom evil spirit for him. If he is a person who practices self-cultivation, he can slowly dissolve it by himself. If he is a person who is addicted to sex, the more miscellaneous the breath on his body, the heavier the evil spirit, and the more serious it can be fatal. Therefore, Mao Xingchao died of the peach blossom evil spirit of the ghost fox Huasha, so the ghost fox is infected with the cause and effect of killing evil, which will be eaten back. ”

Li Hao was so surprised that he almost couldn’t shut up. The entertainment industry is so complex. It seems to have nothing to do with it. I didn’t expect that there are so many connections behind it.

Xu Shuo was silent for a long time and finally sighed: “master, if you continue to keep this ghost fox, will it have a bad impact on Xiaojing? It depends on Xiaojing’s power to maintain it. What if Xiaojing can’t provide the needs of ghost FOX one day?”

The meaning of this is obviously biased towards the latter, Siyang Road: “The reason why this ghost fox could gain a little faith from Bai Jing was that Bai Jing was sincere to her, but she had never done evil before and after her death, and even got some opportunities. The soul body is pure enough. Now it has been infected with the evil spirit of cause and effect. Naturally, it can no longer survive through Bai Jing’s faith in the future, but because this ghost fox has been connected with her luck, it only Bai Jing really wants to raise it, and the ghost fox is willing to stay with her. Through some other deposit things, the ghost fox can be left behind. ”

“Deposit? Master, what kind of deposit?”

Siyang said, “the Millennium peach wood can be any jade with aura.”

Xu Shuo said, “so if you raise this ghost fox, you just need to find something for the ghost fox to deposit, but you don’t need Xiaojing to pay anything in the future?”

Si Yang shook his head: “That’s not what I said. In any case, the ghost fox is still a ghost and belongs to Yin. Although their Qi luck is connected, if they are infected with Yin for a long time, it will still have some influence. Therefore, Bai Jing needs to regularly remove the Yin Qi from her body and do more good deeds in the future, and the things that the ghost fox deposits should also be changed regularly. Generally speaking, it will be easier to feed than before, but the price will be lower Yes, the ghost fox can no longer practice in the future. ”

Bai Jinglian hurriedly said, “I’m willing to raise it! Master, I choose the latter, I’m willing to raise it!”

Si Yang nodded: “in that case, I’ll take it away later. You can find the deposit and give it to me. I’ll clear it first.”

Xu Shuo said: “I don’t know if there are suitable things there. There are a mixture of good and bad things outside. It’s difficult to distinguish between true and false. We don’t know where to buy something suitable for ghost fox.”

“This ghost fox has practiced and practiced Taoism. The general spirit jade is not suitable. It will be replaced in a short time. It is better to replace the Millennium peach wood. I have a millennium peach wood bead here, which is two million, but it will be replaced once in at least ten years.”

Xu Shuo was very straightforward: “OK, then we’ll take this peach wood bead. I don’t know how to calculate the cost this time, master?”

Si Yang said, “it’s still your previous price of one million, but in addition, you have to spend an additional four million to do good deeds. Although the ghost fox didn’t kill directly, it also killed a life. It’s a punishment to abandon its cultivation and make it unable to do evil in the future.”

Although Bai Jing is very distressed, Xiaobai does harm to others because of her. In the end, she just pays some money, but Xiaobai has to be abandoned for cultivation, which is unfair to her and Xiaobai. But if you want to keep Xiaobai, you can only abandon cultivation.

Bai Jing looked at Xiaobai who had been with her for 20 years and said, “master, can you reincarnate? If reincarnation, can Xiaobai be a man in his next life?”

Si Yang said, “I can’t control the matter of reincarnation. I can’t answer you if I’m not a man. But if you want to send it to reincarnation, I can still do it.”

Hearing this, the ghost fox, who had been lying on the ground, suddenly struggled fiercely and showed great resistance. Bai Jing wants to pass, but Xu Shuo always pulls her. Now the evil spirit on the ghost fox has not been solved. What if it is out of control again.

Bai Jing had to cry at Xiaobai from a distance and asked, “is it worth abandoning cultivation in order to stay? Xiaobai, you can go to reincarnation. Whether the next life is an animal or a human, it’s a new life. It’s better to stay with me and be a ghost fox.”

The ghost fox chirped and sat on the ground obediently. The beautiful fox eyes were full of attachment and reluctance.

Li Hao thought of the ghost servant in Siyang’s house and looked at Siyang, but he still didn’t speak. Although he feels that the ghost fox is very unjust, and Mao Xingchao is also unjust because he just died of flower heart. Bai Jing just loves the wrong man more unjustly, but now it is such a result. I really don’t know what to say.

It seems that Bai Jing is the lightest punishment, but the ghost fox abandons her cultivation. I’m afraid there will be no less pain and guilt in her heart. The entanglement of two people and one ghost will never come to a happy ending because of one person’s death.

Si Yang noticed Li Hao’s eyes and slightly raised his eyebrows: “what do you want to say?”

Li Hao asked implicitly, “is there any other choice?”

He didn’t want Siyang to be embarrassed, but he couldn’t help but want to help the ghost fox. He felt that this kind of sentimental animal was more like a person than many people. Although it also hurt people, its original intention was not evil thoughts. It just wanted to protect the people it wanted to protect. For animals, this idea was not wrong, but people had to bind those animals with human shackles. Although Mao Xingchao was wronged for dying of Huaxin, he somehow felt sorry for the ghost fox.

Siyang understood Li Hao’s meaning. Yu Guang noticed the line of sight that Feng Zhengming had been projecting from the opposite side, and then smiled: “naturally.”

Bai Jing and Xu Shuo were stunned and hurriedly asked, “what choice?”

Si Yang said: “I personally refine the body of an animal. The ghost fox can eat, drink and play like an ordinary animal and appear in front of people, but it can only be maintained for 60 years. After 60 years, the body will be destroyed naturally, and the ghost fox can no longer stay in the sun and go directly to reincarnation.”

Bai Jing followed its idea and asked, “Xiaobai, what kind do you want?”

The ghost fox licked its mouth and patted the ground three times with its tail. It wanted the third kind.

Bai Jing is also more inclined to the third kind. Although Xiaobai can always follow her, she can no longer eat slowly. She can only see, but she can no longer touch Xiaobai. If she can, she wants to feed Xiaobai meat and give it a good hug.

“Master, we want a third solution, can we?”

Si Yang said: “yes, but the cost is not cheap, 100 million.”

Li Hao almost couldn’t help but take a breath. It’s too expensive. An animal is so expensive. I’ll go to the ghost servants in Yangyang’s house… It’s too expensive. It’s more expensive than gold! Poverty limited his imagination.

Bai Jing said without hesitation, “OK, I’ll transfer the fee to the master immediately.”

Si Yang nodded. He didn’t know when there was a small bell in his hand. Si Yang shook the bell towards the ghost fox, and the ghost fox became a wisp of smoke and floated in: “I’ll take the ghost fox first, and I’ll contact you in seven days. As for what animal you do, you can find a photo for me, and I won’t charge you for the customized fee. Remember that the money for charity can’t be less.”

Bai Jinglian hurriedly said, “thank you, master.”

Xu Shuo then said, “master, can Xiaojing recover? Or can it recover only when the evil spirit of the ghost fox is gone?”

It has always been beautiful, but now the whole old man is the same as people in their fifties and sixties. Before, he was concerned about Xiaobai and couldn’t care about anything. Now Xiaobai has a final conclusion. Only then did he realize that he looks more or less embarrassed and can’t lift his head.

Si Yang glanced at her: “her essence absorbed by the ghost fox has long been transformed into the power to maintain the existence of the ghost fox.”

Xu Shuo’s face suddenly changed. Although Bai Jing was also uncomfortable, he accepted it calmly: “everything started because of me. Xiao Bai was abandoned to cultivate accomplishments and prospered the Dynasty… Now I just look older and can be regarded as the lightest punishment.”

Feng Zhengming, who had been quietly watching, suddenly said, “there is a Qi tonic pill in the Xuanmen, which can supplement the essence lost by ghosts.”

As soon as these words came out, Xu Shuo and Bai Jing subconsciously looked at him. Feng Zhengming seemed somewhat helpless and said, “I’ve just returned home.”

They could not hide their disappointment immediately, and then couldn’t help looking forward to Siyang.

Siyang hooked his lips and smiled: “I have three hundred thousand Qi tonifying pills.”

Xu Shuo was immediately happy: “I don’t know how many pills Xiaojing needs to eat in such a situation?”

Si Yang said, “half of them are enough. You can grind the remaining half into powder and add it into the soup. You can eat a little every month as a health tonic.”

Feng Zhengming narrowed his eyes slightly. Xu Shuo hurriedly asked Siyang for one, and then they witnessed the miracle of a fairy pill. Once the half white pill was taken into the mouth, after a few breaths, the old and wrinkled face became flat and bright like a living person. The whole complexion was white and bright, and the color of Qi and blood was very beautiful.

Bai Jing touched her face and rushed to the floor mirror next to her to check it carefully. It’s amazing. It’s incredible.

Xu Shuo had a feeling of panic. They seemed lucky to meet a real master!

Feng Zhengming slowly breathed out a breath and lowered his eyes to hide the emotion in his eyes. Qi tonifying pill is very precious. It can replenish the essence Qi absorbed by ghosts, which is equivalent to a life-saving pill to a certain extent. But what’s precious about it is that one of the herbs has almost disappeared, which has been cultivated by the state with great efforts. However, more than a decade ago, the cultivation base was destroyed by he Boyi, and all the herbs were destroyed. Therefore, Buqi pill is more and more rare.

But even before the herbal medicine was destroyed, the effect of Buqi pill was definitely not as powerful as that given by Siyang to Bai Jing, not to mention that Bai Jing only ate half of it. Three million yuan, just his one Qi tonic pill. It’s not too much to ask for 30 million yuan. After all, it’s the real essence. The result of repeated tests was that he couldn’t see through Siyang more and more.


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