Great Celestial Master Chapter 94

After solving Bai Jing’s problem, Si Yang got up and said, “the matter has been handled. Take the ghost fox seven days later.”

Xu Shuo and Bai Jing, who were still in shock, quickly thanked again and again. Although they didn’t lose a little money this time, the result was the best for them.

When Siyang wanted to leave, Feng Zhengming naturally didn’t stay any longer, but left with Siyang. Xu Shuo wanted to drive them back. After being rejected by Siyang, he enthusiastically sent them downstairs before leaving.

As soon as Xu Shuo left, Li Hao couldn’t help but say: “last time I came and went in a hurry, I didn’t have time to say. I didn’t expect that President Feng was also a member of the Xuanmen. It’s really surprising.”

Feng Zhengming didn’t mind what he said. He said with a smile, “I just know a little about it. Naturally, I’m not as good as one ten thousandth of Si Daoyou. Originally, I thought about how to create an appropriate opportunity to get to know Si Daoyou, but I didn’t expect Bai Jing to happen. It seems that we should be destined.”

Before Li Hao spoke again, Feng Zhengming said directly: “I want to get acquainted with Taoist priest Si. In fact, I just want to express my gratitude. Taoist priest removed a big cancer for Xuanmen. Unfortunately, I was also a victim. In those days, he Boyi was rampant, and many young heavenly masters were forced to take refuge abroad. I was one of them. More relatives were killed by him at home. Now that the cancer was removed, I was finally allowed to return home. All this is better OK, thank you, Si Daoyou. ”

Si Yang smiled at the speech: “I just helped once. How do I feel like I’m involved in the whole Xuanmen at once? Everyone has to thank me.”

It was really rude, but Feng Zhengming didn’t even change his face. He still smiled and said, “it’s my fault that has caused trouble to Taoist friends.”

Li Hao inexplicably smelled the breath of knife light and sword shadow, and instinctively approached Si Yang. Thanks to him, he thought that the second generation of returned rich people was quite good. It seems that he had less experience and was almost cheated to sell it and pay back the money. The man’s mind is too deep. Fortunately, his family is smart and can be seen through at a glance!

At this time, a black business car came. LAN Jinxiu rolled down the window and looked at Siyang: “are you finished?”

Si Yang nodded, turned to Li Hao and said, “we’re going to have stewed bamboo shoots. Are you free?”

Li Hao swallowed his mouth and shook his head reluctantly: “I have to go back to the company and go to the crew in the afternoon. During this time, I came to make up some scenes before I was in Zhongdu. I have to fly again in a few days. I can only get together after the film is made.”

Si Yang said, “then go and be busy. If you have something to do, contact me again and put out your hand.”

Li Hao stretched out his hand obediently, and Siyang drew a rune in the palm of his hand: “I’m leaving.”

Li Hao touched the palm of his hand and nodded: “eat more, and even my share will come back.”

Si Yang directly went around to the other side of the car and took the co pilot. LAN Jinxiu also said goodbye to Li Hao, and then looked at Feng Zhengming naturally.

Feng Zhengming knows LAN Jinxiu, but LAN Jinxiu may not know him. Some people in the circle knew more or less about the brothers and sisters of the LAN family. When he first went abroad, the man’s sister entered the secret service department at a young age because she couldn’t get the pill at LAN’s house. She worked extremely hard in exchange for the pill that could sustain her brother’s life.

At that time, they talked about the LAN family behind their backs. What they did was too much. They either left it alone and let it live and die. It’s normal for a large family to take so many people into account. But the owner of the LAN family left them at his home. As a result, the two brothers and sisters lived such a miserable life because of their isolation. They had to make a living by themselves at a young age. Isn’t this a joke for outsiders.

I just didn’t expect that such a weak person in those days has grown to such a level now, and even the matter of drawing a line with the LAN family some time ago is not small. What surprised him even more was that the two brothers and sisters got Si Yang’s eye edge and were so close to him.

At the moment when their eyes met, Feng Zhengming smiled at him, but LAN Jinxiu withdrew his eyes indifferently, rolled up the window and drove away directly.

Feng Zhengming didn’t think so. He turned to Li Hao and said, “I’m driving. If you want to go to the company, I can give you a ride.”

Li Hao shrugged at him: “I also drove here, so thank you. No need.”

Feng Zhengming smiled unchanged and said, “do you think I’m using you to get close to Si Daoyou?”

Li Hao immediately cools his face and looks like how you want to find excuses and sophistry.

Feng Zhengming shook his head with a helpless smile and said: “It’s the same Xuanmen circle. If I want to get close to Si Daoyou, there are many ways. I invested in that film because I really like the script, and your image conditions are good, especially your life of popularity, so I chose you. I just didn’t think you were his classmate. I was surprised to see Si Daoyou in the hotel that day. Before that, I really wanted to I’m looking forward to seeing you one day, but I’m sure I’m not taking advantage of you. ”

Li haochao picked his eyebrows, smiled and said, “so what’s the use of explaining these to me? Now you’re the investor of the play, and I’m just an actor. It’s not certain whether you will cooperate in the future, so you don’t have to explain so much to me.”

Feng Zhengming said, “if I become friends with Si Daoyou in the future, do you still have such a bad impression of me?”

Li Hao said, “let’s wait until you become friends.”

Li Hao then turned and walked towards the parking lot. Feng Zhengming seemed to want to stay, raised his hand, then put it down, watched Li Hao turn into the parking lot, his eyes drooped, the smile on the corners of his mouth cooled for a few minutes, and walked away without looking back.

On the ground, there were a few black insects that were still twitching, and soon died.

On the bus, LAN Jinxiu didn’t ask Si Yang how things were handled. He asked, “did the person who asked you to handle things invite the Feng family this time?”

Xuanmen circle is not small, but it is not large. In this era of advanced communication, even if the same circle is spread all over the world, it can not get out of this circle. It is normal to know each other. Listening to LAN Jingxiu, he seemed to know Feng Zhengming. Si Yang was not surprised: “it’s said to be a coincidence. He fought upstairs and talked about cooperation downstairs. When he noticed the abnormality, he went upstairs to check, so he happened to run into it.”

Monk LAN Jin: “The Feng family kept a low profile in the Xuanmen. It seems like a corner of peace, but in fact, there are some forces overseas. They are best at Gu insects. Their ancestors have the same roots as the Yi family of Southwest Yi. It is said that the ancestors of the Yi family passed on their families and didn’t pass on their families. There was a common woman who was unwilling to obey the rules of the family and was born to dedicate herself to others, so she has been secretly learning and straight away When she was going to be married, she began to pretend to be obedient. On the night before her marriage, she stole several poisonous insects from her family and eloped with a grass-roots master surnamed Feng. ”

LAN Jinxiu said and looked at Siyang, Continue: “At that time, a mountain apart was equivalent to a world apart, so the two eloped away from the territory of the Yi family, but they developed steadily. The figure of the Feng family didn’t appear in the Xuanmen until more than 100 years ago, but their method of feeding Gu insects was similar to that of the Yi family’s ancestors. It was only after tracing its roots that they learned that there was such a thing in those years A thing of the past, but at that time, China’s internal and external troubles, more capable people and different scholars can ensure more peace. Under the overall situation, it is naturally impossible to infighting, so it can be regarded as acquiescence to the existence of the Feng family. ”

Si Yang said, “there is such a past. What is the degree of the Feng family in the Xuanmen now?”

“It’s not easy to say. To some extent, the Feng family belongs to those who make the country difficult to make a fortune, but they only made money in those years and contributed a lot to the reunification of China at a critical time. Later, because some old parties of the Yi family were intolerable, they transferred their power overseas, but left some people to maintain development in China and try not to have any conflict with the Yi family During the conflict, they made their fortune by reselling national cultural relics during that special period. Although later, after the stable development of China, they obtained more Chinese cultural relics from abroad and gave them to the National Museum, the wind evaluation is still not very good in the eyes of the older generation, especially those who are good at poisonous insects, even if they are heavenly masters to some extent, Will also instinctively guard against. ”

Si Yang nodded thoughtfully: “you people here like to play with insects. It seems that I have to keep a little pet to be on guard. What if I accidentally get caught one day? After all, tigers also have time to nap, don’t you think so.”

LAN Jingxiu nodded approvingly, “well, be prepared.”

At the traffic light, a group of students in high school uniforms passed through the zebra crossing in front. Seeing that Si Yang seemed to be staring at someone, LAN Jinxiu looked down Si Yang’s eyes and asked, “has Li Zezhi’s school been selected?”

Si Yang took his eyes back from the group of students and nodded: “well, Lanshang has been finished. School will start next week.”

LAN Jin said, “there are also schools in Xuanmen. There will be heavenly masters who are good at different things to teach in turn, and they will be attached to well-known universities. In fact, Li Zezhi can go to Xuanmen school.”

Siyang smiled when he heard the speech: “there is also that kind of school. It seems that the Xuanmen of China is also developing very scientifically.”

LAN Jin said, “the master of jade carving planned to send jade carving, but the number of referrals was not enough, so he couldn’t go in.”

Si Yang said with a smile, “so all the teachers there are all kinds of Xuanmen elites?”

LAN Jinxiu suddenly thought of one thing: “Xuanmen college is backed by the country and spared no effort to support by major families. There are abundant resources. There will be an exchange meeting every few years. According to the age, the students of Xuanmen college will compete with those rejected by major families. The winner can get rich rewards. This year seems to be the exchange meeting year. If you think Li Zezhi can fight and send him to the world It’s good to participate. ”

Si Yang said, “that’s a good proposal. I have to urge the boy to practice. I know to play with Da Bai all day.”

Li Zezhi, from the small garden of the Si family, sneezed fiercely. He saw the big white snake hitting the ball with the tip of its tail and said to xiaofuzi: “it’s easy to get angry when I open the live broadcast these days. Do you think I can make a debut when I open the live broadcast like the big white hitting the ball?”

Xiaofuzi chewed the beef trunk road: “it’s not your debut, it’s your debut, and then you’ll probably be killed by your master.”

Li Zezhi’s brain hole opened: “then you say, what will happen if Da Bai becomes a Taoist priest?”

Xiaofuzi thought, “maybe a group of people will shout that Jianguo can’t be refined, and then someone will come to check the water meter.”

Li Zezhi, who had just come into contact with the Internet, based on the principle of asking if he didn’t understand: “what does it mean to check the water meter?”

“Someone will come and invite you to the relevant state departments for tea.”

“Ah, well, alas… We can only appreciate such powerful skills by ourselves. What a pity.”

Xiaofuzi sighed with bulging beef jerky: “yes, what a pity.”

Bai is helpless and tired to take care of his children.


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