Great Celestial Master Chapter 95

In the green neighborhood, a little Lori with a comb and debate was picked up by her mother from the kindergarten. Her little hand held her mother’s big hand tightly and walked in the direction of going home. Suddenly, I saw something in the grass with my sharp eyes, screamed with surprise, and then tried to get rid of my mother’s hand and run over. But was pulled by the quick eyed mother: “what’s the matter, girl?”

The little girl pointed to the flower bed and said, “there’s a little cat!”

The girl’s mother looked up and just saw the back of a gray and white little thing running away. Unfortunately, the speed was too fast, so she ran away at once, so she had to take the little girl and continue to go home: “well, people have gone to find their mother, and we have gone home.”

The little girl was still reluctant to part with the kitten she had just seen, and kept looking back until the mother and daughter walked away and hid in the corner. Then she showed her head and breathed an exaggerated sigh of relief. I looked around and saw that there was no one. Then I ran out of the community.

Shan Hexuan sat in the car with the window open and pasted a yellow talisman in an inconspicuous place in the car. This talisman was asked by Shen ran to Siyang. It was not a little stronger than the hidden information talisman uniformly distributed by the public he used before.

In the past, the hidden interest symbols issued by the public were disposable products, and the quantity issued every month was also limited. If the use exceeded the standard, each group had to buy it by itself. The talisman painted by Si Yang is more effective. Needless to say, a talisman can last for at least half a month. For their heavenly masters who work outside, it is very important to hide their own breath. Otherwise, ghosts will instinctively resist and avoid when they feel the approach of the Heavenly Master. If they are detected by ghosts, it will be more and more difficult to catch them.

Although the talisman is good, the price is not cheap. He originally wanted to prepare some in the group every month and use it again under special circumstances. On weekdays, when the team members are on business, they still use the talisman issued by the unit. However, Shen ran suggested that the talismans distributed every month should be sold on a platform in the Xuanmen app, and the money sold should be used to buy the talismans in Siyang. Anyway, a talisman can be used for half a month and pasted on the car. Whoever has a task to go out will use the car.

They didn’t have many cars in the second group. Except for his own private car, there were only three cars in the group for the members of the second group. In this way, they don’t have to misappropriate other benefits to buy talismans every month as before, but they can have a lot of money surplus that can be used as bonuses. However, this is what their insiders know. The other groups only saw their talismans and laughed that the second group was getting poorer and poorer, and even the public goods distributed had to be sold privately in exchange for money.

Considering that the welfare of their group has been improved a lot because of Shen Ran’s series of proposals, but their reputation abroad is getting poorer and poorer. As a result, none of the newcomers who have just received training this year choose group II independently. The newcomers in group II will be zero again this year. I don’t know whether to be angry or laugh.

Just thinking about it, he saw that although Shen Ran’s limbs were not long enough, he ran towards the car at a slow speed. Then he took off inconsistent with his body shape and jumped in from the window. Shan Hexuan turned the kettle aside and poured more than half of the water covered to him.

Shen ran quenched his thirst and sighed with great tiredness: “today, I was almost caught back as a pet again. I said you’re not sure that the corpse shredder is in this community? Don’t let me work for nothing. The households you let me run are empty. There is no one at home. In the daytime, people also have to work, okay? I ran for nothing.”

He still doesn’t understand why he began to help Shan Hexuan. In addition to looking for the corpse shredder here and being ‘fostered’ by Si Yang, he also helped him catch a lot of ghosts, but it is said that the money made by those ghosts he caught can’t be exchanged for his meals. He didn’t know before that the current Heavenly Master was so poor that he would reward hundreds to thousands for catching a ghost, which really limited his imagination.

Just two days ago, xiaofuzi sent him a message that his master had caught a ghost fox outside and was being held at home for purification. It is said that he went out and made 100 million in one morning. Look at this in front of him. It’s really more popular than people.

Shan Hexuan ignored Shen Ran’s dissatisfaction. Although he always complains, he still can’t help rushing up first every time he has something. It’s not that Shen Ran has a sense of justice and wants to eliminate harm for the people. He’s just curious and wants to try if he thinks it’s interesting.

Even at the beginning of catching ghosts, he didn’t intend to take Shen ran. Shen ran was curious about the profession of Heavenly Master and insisted to follow. Then he found that although Si Yang sealed his evil spirit, he didn’t seal the evil force. The effect was gradually fading, and the evil force was recovering little by little. He was very good at dealing with ghosts, so he didn’t want to stay at home by himself anymore.

So that now the whole two groups know that he has pets. He is still a smart and refined chinchilla. He swaggers around in the group all day. It is said that with his captain, he has become a bully in two groups. I thought I was as modest as a jade childe, but I didn’t expect that my nature should be like this.

After Shen ran complained, he saw Shan Hexuan looking at the stacks of materials and didn’t respond to himself. He stepped on his arm directly, and then climbed to his shoulder and sat down. He looked at the materials in his hand. On that page of paper was the distribution map of the whole green neighborhood. Shan Hexuan drew a circle on the paper: “now there are five people in the whole green neighborhood who are the most suspicious.”

Shen ran asked, “the ones you asked me to see today?”

Shan Hexuan said, “Bao Bowen, from gate 3, 18th floor, building 7, is a surgeon. He is 32 years old. He is calm and a golden bachelor. His hobby is collecting antiques.

Wang Tao, a pharmacist at gate 2 on the ninth floor of building 13, is 35 years old. He has a wife and a daughter. He looks like a good man, but he has special hobbies in private. ”

Shen ran hurriedly looked at Shan Hexuan: “what?”

Shan Hexuan looked at Shen ran with unclear eyes and said, “abuse rats.”

Shen ran looked at Shan Hexuan without any emotional ups and downs: “I’m a chinchilla. You don’t have to look at me with that strange look.”

Shan Hexuan thought that chinchilla is also a mouse family. Although it is both a dragon and a cat, it has nothing to do with these two species. But don’t say that. The self-esteem of spermatogenic animals can’t be hurt.

Shan Hexuan continued: “However, although this man has a habit of abusing rats, he is the least likely to commit a crime, but it cannot be ruled out. The other is the school doctor, 31, who lives with his girlfriend. His interpersonal communication is very normal and has no bad hobbies. The other two are Longda, 30, who lives in No. 3, ninth floor, building 15. He is a math teacher in a primary school, but his girlfriend is Forensic medicine, he seems to be very interested in this matter. Most importantly, we found that his grandmother is a zombie, but she has died.

The last one is Xiong Xiaohua, who lives in No. 3, 13th floor, building 16. He graduated from the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine and now works as a pharmacist in the Department of traditional Chinese medicine in a class III hospital. He is 29 years old. He is kind and has a good reputation in the neighborhood. He is single, but he is also the most suspicious. ”

Shen ran didn’t understand: “why?”

“Life traces, although the first four are included in the suspicious range because of their occupation or people around them, according to the tracking investigation of the team members, the life traces of the four people are normal, and the things they eat, use and daily manufactured garbage belong to the category of normal people, but this Xiong Xiaohua is very strange.”

Shan Hexuan said and turned the information in his hand to the last page, Click the trend chart on the data: “Since October last year, Xiong Xiaohua’s life has become irregular. According to the survey, Xiong Xiaohua’s life in front of him is very regular. He goes to the supermarket twice a month to purchase some daily necessities. There is little difference in the amount of expenses and deposits per month. However, after October, he takes out more than deposits. Until December, he lives twice a month The purchase has become one. Up to now, he has not been to a large supermarket for two months. He buys supplies casually in the downstairs convenience store. However, his domestic waste is gradually decreasing, especially the food intake, which obviously does not meet the needs of normal people. ”

Shen ran stared at Shan Hexuan with his mouth open. After a long time, he spit out a few words: “do you go through other people’s garbage every day?”

Dan Hexuan looked at Shen Ran’s genuine curiosity and not tasked with it. He was rather helpless. “We are heavenly teachers, not policemen, and do not need to make complaints about that.”

Shen ran suddenly remembered that they were heavenly masters, not police. They almost confused their roles. Looking at the photos of Xiong Xiaohua on the data, Shen ran suddenly thought of saying, “look at the face. Isn’t a group of guys who are born with Yin and Yang eyes and always go to Si Yang to eat? Ask him to help look at the face and meet these people. Maybe they can lock the target.”

Shan Hexuan shook his head and said, “his face has been seen and is normal. Since the man can hide his breath and avoid the pursuit of the Heavenly Master, he naturally has good things to disguise in his hand. His face can’t be accurate.”

Shen ran said, “what’s the matter? Where do you want me to go?”

Shan Hexuan received the information: “no, catch it directly.”

“Ah? No evidence.”

Shan Hexuan glanced at him: “the Heavenly Master doesn’t need evidence to catch people. Intuition is enough.”

Shen ran tutted twice: “ferocious, which one do you want to catch first?”

Shan Hexuan ordered the information book: “the most suspicious one should be caught first and then eliminated.”

Shan Hexuan said and got off the bus directly. Shen ran squatted on his shoulder and sat steadily. They had been to the whole green neighborhood for many times. They were even more familiar with the route than delivery people, and came to the entrance of building 16 at once.

At No. 3, 13th floor, building 16, Xiong Xiaohua’s residence, Shen ran stepped on it in advance. There should be no one at home.

Shan Hexuan came to the door and first sensed the breath around him. It was normal. The compass in his hand didn’t point to the energy fluctuation. Then he put his hand on the doorknob. With a click, the door of the electronic lock opened.

Shen ran suddenly got his mouth up: “how did you do it?”

Shan Hexuan said, “everything has its own magnetic field.”

He opened the door as he spoke, but he couldn’t say the rest, because if it was visible to the naked eye in the house, the entangled spirit of yin and evil was almost the same as the Pansi hole in the journey to the West. It seems that there is no need to check the remaining ones. The real murderer is probably ten or nine.


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