Great Celestial Master Chapter 96

Shan Hexuan opened his eyes with the help of talismans, but Shen ran hasn’t recovered yet. It’s OK to deal with the wronged spirits and ghosts. A little Taoist ghosts can’t deal with them. Therefore, after following Shan Hexuan into the house, he only felt a chill, but he couldn’t see anything.

After Shan Hexuan closed the door, the lingering spirit of yin and evil was blocked in the house. The whole house is a standard single apartment with one room and one living room. The decoration in the house is very simple, even a little cold. There are not many items, but everything is placed neatly, so neat that it is like a commercial house.

Shen ran originally wanted to jump down from Shan Hexuan and search the house, but he was forced to shiver for several times by the cold air in the house, and then slipped into Shan Hexuan’s chest pocket, which is also convenient for him to wait for an emergency. He won’t be thrown off by Shan Hexuan.

Shan Hexuan took the sword that had been refined by Siyang and carefully investigated it in the house. When he opened the door, the Yin evil that was thicker than the living room was like a mass of black mud, sticky and almost unable to breathe.

After checking that there was no source of Yin evil in the room, Shan Hexuan quickly stepped back and fed himself and Shen ran a pill. Such a strong Yin evil also had a great impact on them. I don’t know whether the man has continued to kill secretly and how many people have been killed since the body shredding case. Such a strong Yin Qi is absolutely impossible for ordinary things.

Shen ran picked it in Shan Hexuan’s chest pocket and asked, “it must be the real murderer. The breath here is disgusting and thick. Every breath feels that a lot of sticky dirt has been sucked in. Are we going to lie in wait for the guy to come back?”

Shan Hexuan took out several talismans. Where the ignited talisman passed, the lingering evil spirit was receding a little. Shan Hexuan said, “no, maybe he found us. The man has run away. No one has lived here for at least a week.”

Shen ran said sadly, “I’ve been run away. The world is so big. Where are we going to find it?”

Shan Hexuan burned one piece of Rune paper after another to dispel the Yin Qi in the house. It is estimated that Xiong Xiaohua did something in the house, so the breath in the house was isolated and did not leak out. Therefore, they searched almost carpet like several times, but never found anything useful. However, this Yin Qi will permeate out sooner or later. At that time, this area will be infected by Yin and evil spirits. It doesn’t matter if you encounter heavy Yang Qi. If you encounter heavy Yin Qi and many negative emotions, you must die.

“It’s better to issue a wanted notice than to look for a needle in a haystack now that there are target suspects.”

Shen ran was relieved when he heard this. He pretended to be a little pet and wandered around the community every day. It’s also very hard to investigate abnormalities layer by layer. It’s a pity if it’s wasted. Now he’s one step closer to the real murderer, So he asked happily, “thanks to me, you can see that you searched alone before. You haven’t found anything useful for a long time. Now with my help, you have locked the murderer at once.”

Seeing that Mingming volunteered and brought a group of bear children together in the whole green neighborhood to do something to save the stray chinchilla, Shan Hexuan was very kind and said, “well, thanks to you.”

If his tail had not been pressed by himself, Shen ran would have wanted to hold it out and throw it twice. He is so capable. He is an elite when he is a man and an elite when he is a demon!

The evil spirit in the house is too strong. It can’t be eliminated at once. Now he just dispels it a little, and someone will be arranged to follow up later.

When they left the community, they happened to see the person who had disappeared for a long time. Shan Hexuan was impressed by this person. At first, he thought Shen ran was the ghost servant of Siyang. When he tangled with this man, he thought they were the relationship between human and ghost, but now it’s a different way for human and demon.

He was worried that Shen ran would expose himself when he saw Zhuang Chen. He instinctively wanted to cover his chest pocket and suppress Shen ran in the pocket. But Shen ran found Zhuang Chen faster than him. When he raised his hand, he had jumped out of his pocket.

Zhuang Chen did not appear in the community alone. There were two people around him, one was an old man with white hair and young face, and the other was Jin Wenxi, who had been tortured by him and was skinny but still alive.

What makes Shen ran react so violently is not because he sees Zhuang Chen, but that Zhuang Chen is no longer an ordinary person. He has cultivation and enters the Tao.

Zhuang Chen can’t practice. When he liked Zhuang Chen so much, he wanted to be with him for a long time. He didn’t want to teach Zhuang Chen to practice. He is a demon. The life of the demon itself is longer than that of human beings. Naturally, he knows more than human beings. Although he doesn’t practice hard, he still knows the method of human cultivation. It’s a pity that Zhuang Chen is not suitable for cultivation. He was born without Tao. So now that Zhuang Chen entered the way, he would be so surprised.

Shan Hexuan stopped because of Shen Ran’s action, but Zhuang Chen rushed over because he saw Shan Hexuan. It was he who took Shen ran away from him at the beginning. After he woke up from the car that day, he never saw Shen ran again. No matter what method he used and how many so-called heavenly masters he asked for, it was useless.

Now he saw the man again and immediately lost his mind and rushed up: “it’s you! Where’s Shen ran! Where did you catch Shen ran!”

Shan Hexuan stretched out his hand and easily blocked Zhuang Chen away. With a cold look, he said, “people and ghosts are on a different road.”

It was not easy to meet the man who took Shen ran away. How could Zhuang Chen let go so easily: “who are you? How can you let Shen ran go?”

Shan Hexuan has never been interested in arguing with others. When Zhuang Chen entangled again, he directly drew his sword out of the scabbard and put the blade against Zhuang Chen’s neck: “I’m a Heavenly Master. It’s my duty to surpass the ghost. Living people have the way of living people, and dead people have the way of dead people. No matter how deep your feelings were before, death means that everything is written off.”

Shan Hexuan said, looking at Shen ran holding his leg three or two times and climbing up. Little black bean stared at him, directly stretched out his hand and grabbed him, holding it in his hand, and continued to say to Zhuang Chen, “so you don’t have to pester me, it’s no use pestering me.”

Zhuang Chen didn’t believe: “it’s impossible. Shen Ran is still there. He hasn’t been reincarnated. Otherwise, you wouldn’t say that that day. Tell me where Shen Ran is. No matter where he is, I will find him!”

Seeing his eyes struggling endlessly in his hands and biting his Shen ran with his small teeth, Shan Hexuan put him in his chest pocket, took back his sword and asked, “found it, and then?”

Zhuang Chen said coldly, “that’s what I told him. There’s no need to report to you.”

Shan Hexuan glanced at him: “since it’s between you, you don’t have to bother me.”

Zhuang Chen was furious: “you!”

Shan Hexuan pointed the sword he had just put down to Zhuang minister again: “you used to be an ordinary person. I don’t care about everything with you. Now that you have entered the Tao, everything should follow the rules of the Xuanmen. It’s my duty to spend the ghost. You have to find it. Go to the underground and find it yourself. If you keep pestering like this, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Seeing that they were so fierce, the old man with crane hair and young face came up and seemed to want to talk to them. But before he could speak, Shan Hexuan directly drew Zhuang Chen with his sword and beat him back two steps. Even though he entered the Tao with some secret skills, his cultivation was shallow and he was not Shan Hexuan’s opponent at all.

At this time, Shan Hexuan had thrown out a border sign, blocked all around and looked at the old man.

The old man was not afraid, and seemed to have some helplessness: “I can’t wait for you to have advanced cultivation, but you seem to have gone too far in bullying people with your cultivation.”

Shan Hexuan said coldly to him, “I don’t know which Azan in Thailand you are. Can you get an entry permit if you enter China?”

The old man’s face was slightly stiff. I probably didn’t expect that he was only seen face to face. After all, his Chinese clothes and even appearance are no different from those of Chinese people. He still has half of Chinese descent.

Shen ran leaned on Shan Hexuan’s chest and looked at the three people. Zhuang Chen looked at Shan Hexuan coldly. Looking at such Zhuang Chen, Shen ran was a little complicated for a time. This was not the Zhuang Chen he knew. The Zhuang Chen he liked was sunny, and everywhere he went was the most dazzling existence of the crowd, attracting his yearning like a sun. But now Zhuang Chen is dark and angry.

At the thought that maybe it was because he made Zhuang minister like this, he was full of miscellaneous and unspeakable, and unconsciously made a cooing sound.

Shan Hexuan’s chest is not a small living creature. How could Zhuang Chen not see it? But it’s not unusual for strange people to have strange hobbies, so he ignored it directly.

Shen ran didn’t even look at himself. Sure enough, the novels are deceptive. As long as you really love each other, no matter what your lover becomes, you can recognize it at a glance, shit!

When he and Zhuang Chen were not communicating with brain waves on the same channel, Shan Hexuan stared at the head lowering teacher in Thailand. This kind of capable people from various countries are generally not allowed to enter and leave the country at will, and they must obtain the permission of a certain department. Otherwise, in case of contact, you can catch or even kill for no reason.

Obviously, the old man also knows. He doesn’t know the strength of the man in front of him, but from the sword in his hand, he can see that it’s definitely not an ordinary product. If you really want to start, although you don’t necessarily lose, you can’t get good, So I had to keep a low profile and said, “the entry formalities have been prepared, but I don’t know where to apply for it. I’m sorry. If it brings trouble to your country, please forgive me.”

Shan Hexuan said coldly, “then please come with me. Before you get permission, you must be under our supervision, otherwise there will be any unnecessary misunderstanding. I don’t think your country will want to be an enemy of China.”

The old man hurriedly said, “this is nature, so please bother your Taoist friends.”

The old man said to Zhuang Chen, “I’ll go through the entry formalities with this Taoist friend. You go back first.”

Zhuang Chen nodded when he heard the speech. His attitude was not respectful, but he was very obedient. Shen ran glanced back and forth between them. As for Jin Wenxi, who had been standing motionless in the corner with his head down, he couldn’t help looking at it for several times. Is this still the proud little piano prince who lined him gray? The whole… Feels like a walking corpse, just like a shell, which is empty.

Shan Hexuan pushed Shen ran, who was about to fall from him, into his pocket and signaled him to pay attention. Then he took the Thai head lowering division back to the Bureau.

Send people to the Bureau. Naturally, someone in charge will take over. Shan Hexuan doesn’t need to intervene in the later things. On the way back, Shen ran couldn’t help asking Shan Hexuan, “why did Zhuang minister enter the Tao? His breath is different from that of the Heavenly Master. Now he’s mixed with the head lowering master. Did he learn to descend? And Jin Wenxi is curious and strange. He’s like a living dead man. No, I’ll investigate it!”

Shan Hexuan said, “that’s not a living person anymore. It’s a human Gu.”

“Human insects? Human shaped insects? So is Jin Wenxi really dead? Then why didn’t you care just now and let them go!”

Shan Hexuan glanced at him: “human Gu is based on human matrix and let Gu insects parasitize on themselves. The process is very painful, but if it succeeds, it can directly become a great demobilized master. It is a way of cultivation. Most of the demobilized masters in Thailand practice themselves, just like cutting off their head for cultivation. This is a matter of personal voluntariness and I can’t control it.”

Shen Ran’s little black bean’s eyes widened: “what about the Zhuang Minister? Won’t he also become a human Gu?”

“What will happen, what won’t happen, the human demon is a different way.”

Shen ran looked at Shan Hexuan angrily. When waiting for the traffic light, he left a sentence: “I’m going to investigate.” Then he was ready to jump out of the window.

Shen Ran’s speed was not slow, but it was no faster than Shan Hexuan, who practiced sword all day. Shan Hexuan didn’t look at him. He grabbed him as soon as he stretched out his hand, And don’t be objective: “don’t forget your Tang Monk meat. Since Si Yang put you here, I have the obligation to ensure your safety. If you want to investigate by yourself, I’ll send you back to Si Yang now, and the rest has nothing to do with me.”

Forced to grasp in his hands, he had to look at Shen’s face with his eyes. “You are the boss, you has the final say.”

Shan Hexuan put him in the passenger seat and closed the window.

Shen ran leaned on the chair and sighed sadly. When can he recover? It’s too human rights to be a pet.


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