Great Celestial Master Chapter 97

The old man with crane hair and young face is a head lowering teacher in Thailand, azanphon. There are generally two kinds of head lowering division in Thailand, black and white, but that was a long time ago. At that time, the communication was not developed. Only when they made a reputation, would someone come to the door and hire them with a lot of money. At that time, the division of head lowering division was clearly divided, with black clothes falling and white clothes falling.

However, with the development of communication, the head lowering division now pays more and more attention to reputation, and the head lowering division in black is the representative of evil in the eyes of ordinary people. Therefore, unless they reach an unparalleled position in this field, they will not care about the positioning of the outside world. Otherwise, for the sake of reputation, few people will directly flaunt themselves as head lowering division in black, Of course, in addition to several big black headmasters who have joined Thailand’s national treasure level, most people still prefer white headmasters.

The reason for entering the country is to visit the tomb of his relatives. He has half of his Chinese ancestry. All the application materials have indeed been prepared and the letter of guarantee from the Thai government. Therefore, the approval passed quickly. Until it was approved, azanpeng was allowed to move freely out of the hotel and meet people outside the secret service department.

After he was lifted, Zhuang Chen came directly to take people back from the hotel to the villa. On the way back, after confirming that he was separated from the surveillance of the secret service, Zhuang Chen said, “the thing you said is no longer there. I took the black jade and looked for it several times, but there was no response.”

Azanpeng looked like a fairy spirit. He didn’t react much when he heard the speech. He just opened his eyes and looked at the scenery outside the window for a while. Then he opened his mouth somewhat coldly: “the man we met last time was the captain of group 2 of the secret service department. Since the man appeared in the community, it proved that the black box had been exposed.”

Minister Zhuang frowned slightly and said nothing. He knew about the black box from the headmaster. As for the real use and power of the black box, he had reservations for the time being. Before Shen Ran’s accidental death, his world was scientific. Even now, he has seen, even experienced and embarked on these unscientific roads, but for the so-called longevity and strength, these are not his persistent things.

All he wants is to let Shen ran come back to life, even if it is only a short hundred years. So he will try his best to help azampo find the black box, but it doesn’t mean that he wants to place all his hopes on the black box.

Seeing that Zhuang Chen stopped talking, azampong said: “we need to find something faster than the people in the secret service department. Now our advantage is that we know what we are looking for, and they don’t seem to know what it is, so time is running out.”

Azampong closed his eyes again. Although this man is not easy to control than the one surnamed Jin, the more difficult he is to control, the more capable he is, the more useful he is to him. It’s a pity that the child surnamed Jin is a good seedling. However, he has formed an enemy with Zhuang Chen. Now Zhuang Chen has taken him to raise Gu. If only they could use it for him together.

As for Zhuang Chen’s path to monasticism, Shen ran kept thinking about it before he knew the truth of the matter. It’s not that he has a lingering love for Zhuang Chen. In the past, he lived in an emotional world. There was only Zhuang Chen in the world, and no one took him out, so he was so brain dead.

Now there are more people and more things in his world, and he suddenly feels that feelings are actually that kind of thing. It’s just that he is lonely in his heart and needs sustenance and company. But now life has become full, and feelings are dispensable. But even if he let go of his obsession over the years, Zhuang Chen accompanied him in the end. After entering the human world, most of the men in his life still have friendship and don’t talk about love. He can’t let him go.

Finally, Shan Hexuan couldn’t resist Shen ran. If Shen ran didn’t take him to dig ginseng in exchange for the good things Si Yang added to his sword, where would he have weapons comparable to magic weapons. During this period of time, he couldn’t watch Shen ran run out and expose himself carelessly, so he had to help him investigate helplessly.

Unexpectedly, this investigation had unexpected results.

Looking at the information on the table, Shan Hexuan frowned and remained silent.

Shan Hexuan’s subordinate monk who has investigated these materials is still amazed: “the boss is worthy of being the boss. His intuition has never been allowed. I didn’t expect that this group of people really have a different purpose. It’s obvious that there is a plan to go to the grave, as well as the Zhuang minister.”

When the monk mentioned Zhuang Chen, Shen ran, who was sitting at Shan Hexuan’s table, subconsciously looked up at the monk. The monk took out a piece of dried meat from the jar to feed the chinchilla. The normal chinchilla eats grass, but his boss’s estimation is abnormal. He only eats meat. Anyway, it’s all right to see the chinchilla eat like this. Now the group feeds the chinchilla very miscellaneous. Basically, he gives it whatever he wants.

Shen Ran has no leisure to pack pets to eat dried meat. One claw waved the dried meat away. Shan Hexuan put his hand on Shen ran and motioned him to be calm and not to be seen as abnormal. Then he urged the monk: “what’s the matter with Minister Zhuang?”

The monk saw that the chinchilla didn’t eat, so he fed the dried meat into his mouth. This is the dried meat made by their virtuous boss. People can eat it. While chewing the dried meat, he said, “be cruel to yourself and his little lover.”

Shen ran and Shan Hexuan frowned at the same time, The monk continued: “The Zhuang minister was an ordinary man before, and he didn’t know how to get obsessed. He followed azanpeng and planted poisonous insects in his body. Because he was investigating azanpeng’s group, I took Guza to investigate this time. Guza smelled the smell of insects from a distance before he came near. He said there was a secret skill. Planting poisonous insects in his body can gain power, but if you want to If the insect doesn’t bite back and hurt itself, it needs to keep raising insects to feed the insect in the body. The more powerful the insect is raised, the stronger its ability is, and the more powerful the insect needs to be fed. If it doesn’t have the ability to keep the insect in the body all the time, it’s a way to find its own death. ”

Shan Hexuan said, “what’s the matter with his little lover?”

The monk immediately revealed his gossip: “I’m afraid this matter has something to do with the ghost servant of senior Si’s family, that is, the dog blood gossip. When I love you, you don’t love me, I die, and then you regret it. However, it is said that at the beginning, Zhuang Chen didn’t accept Shen ran and fell in love with the disorderly man named Jin Wenxi. It was because he planted his head down, and the Japanese thing happened. But Zhuang Chen probably doesn’t know, so he should just be It’s an accident. Anyway, Shen Ran has become a ghost servant now, and Zhuang minister’s head is sober. In turn, he hates Jin Wenxi who lowered his head. Jin Wenxi is now the container for Zhuang minister to raise insects. While filling his body with various precious things, he raises insects in his body to feed the insects in his body. Anyway, Jin Wenxi is no different from the dead, The whole was sucked dry. ”

The monk said and shook his head: “dregs, really dregs, boss, you say, it’s not useless to be accepted as a ghost servant by senior secretary. Look at the several people in the palace accepted by senior secretary. Now each of them can withstand the sky. How can that calm have no eyes for such a person?”

Being ridiculed, he clumped himself into a ball and lay on the table without saying a word. Shan Hexuan knocked on the table: “other people’s feelings can’t be discussed by outsiders.”

The monk said, and felt that it was not good to talk behind other people’s backs, so he ended the emotional gossip topic, say: “Anyway, now they are a group of people. It is estimated that the Zhuang minister’s keeping poisonous insects in his body is also the help of azanpeng. Azanpeng seems to have come to the grave in China. He did go to the cemetery to worship, and even invited Taoist priests to do Dharma. They did a good job of face work, but they were more like looking for something. Later, azanpeng was sent by the secret service department When the guard was on guard, the Zhuang minister seemed to be looking for something in the green neighborhood with something, but now he seemed to be sure that it was gone, so he began to look for it in other places. What a coincidence, boss. Do you think they would look for something in the hands of the corpse Shredder? ”

Shan Hexuan pondered for a moment and said, “find someone to stare at them. Don’t act rashly if you find anything. Report it to me at any time.”

The monk nodded and said, “well, one more thing, boss, I heard a news from other groups today. Because our group hasn’t recruited new people for a long time, it’s interesting to reduce the expenses of our group. Is it true?”

Shan Hexuan didn’t hide it from him: “it does mean that, but it’s my business. Just do your work well. There should be many of you.”

The monk hurriedly said: “It’s not the boss. If you can’t fight for it, don’t follow the hard people above. In fact, we can do it now. We can make more extra money. We can earn less benefits. Don’t lose money in the end. Instead, we will directly dissolve the second group and merge with the first group. Now there are only these two groups in the secret service department. I don’t want to work with a group of Childe brothers, those guys If our eyes are above the top, we all prefer less welfare, but the environment is comfortable. ”

After the monk expressed the wishes of the whole group, he went out. There were only Shan Hexuan and a chinchilla left in the office. Shen ran lay down from a ball of wool into a wool carpet.

Shan Hexuan looked down at the information and didn’t answer him. Shen ran couldn’t help but say, “one track, someone in your department is good at poisonous insects. Can you get the poisonous insects out of Zhuang Chen’s body? I’ll hire them with a lot of money!”

Shan Hexuan looked at him sideways and said, “everyone has his own choice. You can’t control him all his life.”

Shen ran solemnly corrected him: “but he will do it now because of me. I can’t ignore it. I feel that my demon power is recovering faster and faster. Maybe I can change back to a person in a short time. I’ll go and have a good talk with him at that time.”

Shan Hexuan slightly raised his eyebrow: “for you? Are you sure it’s not because of your desire?”

Shen ran: “…” why is this man so annoying!

As a “spy” placed in the Secretary’s house, xiaofuzi fed Dabai and watered the flowers and plants. Seeing that Siyang came down from upstairs, he quickly and politely welcomed him: “master, xiaofuzi has something to ask.”

Si Yang looked at him and said, “ask.”

Xiaofuzi said what Shen ran told him again, and then asked, “so can the Zhuang minister be saved?”

Si Yang smiled: “do you think the person who made a deal with the devil can still be saved?”

Xiaofuzi blinked, so this means there’s no help?

When Siyang came to the living room, the Fat Chef quickly brought out the prepared afternoon tea. Siyang casually turned on the TV. A news immediately attracted the attention of several ghost servants in the house.

Dihan building, the LAN’s enterprise once founded by LAN Jinxiu, has sunk in the whole area. Now the disaster is serious and the casualties are uncertain.


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