Great Celestial Master Chapter 98

Dihan building is located in the central urban area, but it is not the oldest commercial area. It was built and developed a little later. Although dihan building is the place where LAN Jinxiu started his business and the headquarters of LAN’s enterprises, this building was not built by LAN. Later, LAN Jinxiu made money and expanded Lan’s scale. He didn’t want to change places, so he spent money to buy it.

Before, the LAN family broke the mystery on the roof of dihan building, which is known by the Xuanmen circle, but no one foolishly calculated what the mystery is. And several elders of the LAN family sent out to appeal to heaven. What they heard was just to cover up the fact that the LAN family broke the secret of heaven, rather than solve the evil spirit that would bring disaster.

So during this time, both the informed Department of the government and the people of the LAN family seem to be living step by step. In fact, they have been guarding against what kind of natural disaster it will be. In the past few weeks since the beginning of the new year, fire prevention performances alone have been performed no less than three times, just to minimize casualties and evacuate the masses when something really happens.

But everyone was on guard against an accident in dihan building, but unexpectedly, it was the whole area that had an accident.

Subsidence has often occurred in recent years. What is less serious can only be regarded as surface subsidence. Large subsidence can be regarded as surface collapse, and some even directly collapse into a huge pit. Dihan building should be regarded as a relatively serious surface subsidence, but because there are many high-rise buildings, Some old buildings with good foundation have slight inclination and cracks. I’m afraid the construction quality of some new buildings is not up to standard. The large cracks seem to be splitting into two halves.

Such serious surface subsidence is the first case in China. Although there are many places of subsidence in recent years, most of them are sudden subsidence on some roads or uneven expansion caused by excessive temperature. Repairing it will not affect the use. But the subsidence around dihan building has reached the point of evacuating people.

In particular, when the ground subsidence occurred, the vibration amplitude was very large. Everyone thought that an earthquake had occurred and rushed out all at once. There was a commercial area itself, and there were many residential areas around, with a large population density. Under the panic, not many people were injured due to the ground subsidence. Those injured or even died are all caused by crowding and trampling at present.

The TV news broadcast the situation of the scene, because it was uncertain whether there was any danger of subsidence. Even the news shooting was carried out by aerial photography. A group of soldiers in military uniforms went deep into the subsidence area to transfer the crowd, and the wounded were carried on stretchers to the military medical tent in the distance. It seemed that the situation was under control.

Xiaofuzi and the Fat Chef sighed: “sure enough, the times are progressing and developing well. If this kind of thing were changed to our era, where would it be so efficient? From appropriation to disaster relief, the area is a little far away. It may not be able to provide relief to the people in ten days and a half months.”

What xiaofuzi saw was the disaster at the scene, while what Siyang saw was a large dark background sky in the live picture broadcast by aerial photography. Those dark clouds indicate that the real disaster is about to begin.

Seeing that Siyang was also paying attention to the situation on TV, xiaofuzi asked carefully, “master, do we need to donate?”

In the past, Siyang came to the charity donation in person. Later, those things were handed over to xiaofuzi. Every month, an additional sum will be allocated according to the income of the talisman shop and donated to children’s charities more or less.

Xiaofuzi knew that his owner seemed to be more lenient to children, and even donations were always inclined to children’s needs. Therefore, he was not sure whether to donate money for the current situation, so he asked carefully.

Siyang was staring at the TV and didn’t say anything. Xiaofuzi looked at the Fat Chef and didn’t dare to say anything. The Fat Chef turned back to the kitchen. He was just a ghost servant. He didn’t need to worry about the livelihood of the people.

Seeing this, xiaofuzi also took Dabai to the backyard. There was only one dream left in the living room. Since Jingrou was arranged on the mountain, congmeng has taken care of all the chores at home and abroad. Compared with Lanshang and Jingrou, from the dream is obviously more satisfied with the current situation. She is not a very ambitious person, so she pays more attention to Siyang’s service. No matter when Siyang is at home, she will always be in a place that doesn’t disturb Siyang, but can appear in front of him at the first time.

There is a time limit for the broadcasting of news on TV. After the picture is broadcast, Si Yang waved his hand, and a wave of turbulence opened on the TV screen, and the picture changed back to the disaster scene again. This time, it is no longer the picture of aerial broadcast, but the whole perspective of looking down, which can clearly see the whole range of the depression.

Siyang looked at it for a while and suddenly said, “from dream.”

Two steps forward from the dream: “master.”

“Do you think there are really floating butchers in this world?”

From the dream, I bowed slightly: “from the dream, I think there is something in my heart, there is nothing in my heart, and naturally there is nothing.”

Siyang just smiled and waved her back. At this time, LAN Jingxiu rang the doorbell outside. From his dream, Si Yang nodded. Then he went to open the door.

As soon as LAN Jinxiu entered the room, he saw the picture displayed on the screen. At a glance, he saw that it was not the broadcast of any instrument, but the picture projected by Si Yang through the space with his cultivation, so after a slight pause, Then he sat on the sofa next to him and said: “Yuzhuo just got a call and hurried out, but let me ask you before leaving. Xuanmen plans to do a Dharma to dispel the evil spirit left after the disaster. I don’t know how many casualties will be caused this time, so the specification of the Dharma has not been determined yet. If you have this intention, the leader of the Dharma will come personally to show your sincerity. If you don’t want to Yi, say hello in advance and they won’t bother. ”

Si Yang shook his head and said, “I’m not interested. I won’t go.”

LAN Jingxiu smiled and said, “OK, I’ll help you refuse.”

While they were talking, the picture on the screen was showing that several soldiers rescued a pregnant woman from the sunken building. Perhaps the pregnant woman didn’t rush out with the crowd in order to protect her stomach, but the situation was not very good. When she was rescued, she even had blood on her lower body, covered her stomach with her hands and white face, but begged someone to save her child.

The rescue crowd was a little flustered because of this pregnant woman who seemed to be giving birth prematurely. Everyone rushed in and out. After sending the pregnant woman to an ambulance that had just turned around, people continued to rescue her without stopping.

There are also a group of frightened children, crying loudly, who are picked up one by one from the sunken building. It is a toy store. Today, a 4WD race is being held, and the scope of the sunken area is just at the door of the store. The whole street is horizontally sunken, so the people trapped in each shop have to rescue them one by one.

After a long time, Siyang sighed and took out his mobile phone to make a call.

Seeing this, LAN Jinxiu immediately shouted to him, “Si Yang.”

Siyang turned his head and looked at him. LAN Jingxiu pursed his lips slightly and struggled in his eyes. In the end, he didn’t say anything. He just smiled: “it’s okay, just ask if you’ll be busy later and if you have time to have dinner together.”

Si Yang looked at him for a while, then nodded: “OK, tomorrow is the first day of school. I bought him a house around the school. Tonight is a celebration for him before entering school. Let’s see if Yuzhuo and her master have time. If so, let’s come together.”

LAN Jingxiu answered, “there’s nothing else. I’ll go back first.”

Si Yang nodded: “it happened that the fat chef made the new brewed fruit tea, which was only made of ordinary dried fruit, but added unique ingredients. He said he wanted you to taste it. If he could, he wanted to sell it in your farm.”

LAN Jingxiu was surprised: “is this Lao Fang’s sideline?”

Si Yang said with a smile: “well, he has been fascinated by live broadcasting recently, so he wants to make some extra money.”

LAN Jinxiu smiled: “well, I’ll go to Lao Fang and get some.”

After LAN Jinxiu left, Si Yang got through to Zhou Qin, the captain of the secret service team.

As soon as Zhou Qin saw the call, he thought it was master Si and there was something to call him, but he was stunned when he heard the content of the phone.

“Evacuate the left and right sides of the street where dihan building is located. You still have an hour.”

Realizing what Si Yang was talking about, Zhou Qin’s whole heart jumped: “Si Tianshi?”

Siyang chuckled: “I said what I should say. It’s up to you whether you do it or not.” Then he hung up the phone.

On the other side, Zhou Qin was stunned for a few seconds and rushed directly into his boss’s office.

When Siyang hung up, LAN Jinxiu, who had already returned home, sighed helplessly. In fact, he just wanted to stop Siyang. There are always all kinds of natural and man-made disasters in the world. What should not be said is everyone’s life. Even those who are saved because someone has revealed the secret are not necessarily grateful to the person who revealed the secret.

But what Siyang wants to do, he has no right to intervene and will not intervene. No matter what he wants to do, he can only do his best to support it.

LAN Jinxiu went all the way to the basement. As soon as the door opened, there was a warehouse that looked very ordinary. After LAN Jinxiu went in, it was like penetrating an invisible film. The ordinary warehouse immediately became a place like a void space, surrounded by a vast starry sky and layers of fog at his feet, In the middle, there is a semi human high cylindrical stone platform, on which there is a glass sphere, and there is an irregular iron sheet in the glass sphere.

LAN Jinxiu walked towards the stone platform, put his hand on the glass sphere and drove the iron sheet inside with divine consciousness. He wants to see the consequences of Siyang’s revelation, find the cause and effect line, and then absorb the cause and effect. It’s just a waste of cultivation. Since Si Yang wants to save the world, he can bear the rest of the cost.

After a long time, LAN Jingxiu opened his eyes, but frowned again. There was nothing. It was a blank. He couldn’t see the cause and effect of Siyang’s revelation.

So who is Si Yang?


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