Great Celestial Master Chapter 99

After receiving the evacuation instruction from above, the rescue team prepared earlier took action immediately. Because the subsidence is only within the street where dihan building is located. When the subsidence stops, although the surrounding people not far away are still terrified, they still gather outside the enclosed area to watch. Although some people are constantly dispersing them, such a scene is rare. A lot of people take photos and watch the excitement.

However, with the arrival of armed special police dispatched from various districts, the situation of watching the excitement was soon suppressed. The whole three streets, including the rescue of the trapped disaster area, had to be evacuated within 50 minutes. This is probably the first time that Zhongdu has evacuated in such a large area in recent years, but when the masses see this posture, they are also panic one by one. If it were not for the orderly dispersion of the government’s forces, the spread of panic would probably lead to a second stampede.

Si Yang sat at home and looked at the scene. Li Zezhi, who had finished practicing sword and taking a bath, sat upright on the sofa, but his eyes were full of the phone call just now. I don’t know what Shifu calculated before making the evacuation call, but it should be a revelation.

Although he hasn’t been exposed to these things for a long time, he also knows what he should know. No one who reveals the secret has ever come to a good end. Although it might be cold-blooded and selfish to think so, he didn’t want to lose his master in order to save those people.

Seeing the boy peeking at himself, Si Yang glanced at him and said, “if you have anything to say.”

Li Zezhi coughed softly, “master, will it not have any effect if the friar reveals the secret?”

Si Yang asked, “do you know what the secret is?”

Li Zezhi thought for a moment and said, “heaven means the way of heaven in the Taoist gate, which is the beginning of the law of all things. Machine naturally means secret. Therefore, for practitioners, the secret of heaven is the secret of the way of heaven that cannot be divulged.”

Si Yang nodded: “It’s understandable. Everything has its own way. Once someone breaks that way in advance, the later way will be disordered, and the person who breaks it is the origin of the disorder. All the development of the later will be related to the person who breaks it, for better or worse. Naturally, this cost is not affordable for ordinary people. Therefore, all practitioners keep secret about the secret of heaven.”

Li Zezhi bit his lips, puzzled and afraid in his eyes: “then why…”

Si Yang smiled: “why did you reveal the secret?”

Li Zezhi said, “aunt LAN showed me some files of Xuanmen. Many people who revealed their secrets… Didn’t end well. Will this incident cause many deaths? If the disaster is more serious, will Shifu pay more? Shifu, i… I don’t want you to have anything to do.”

Si Yang looked at the boy and said with red eyes, but smiled: “since the secret of heaven is the secret of heaven’s way, if heaven’s way can’t pose any threat to me, if I let out its secret, what can it do to me?”

Li Zezhi gave a silly sound.

Si Yang said, “so practice well. It is said that practitioners practice against the sky, but many things are subject to the rules of the sky. This seems to be contradictory, but to put it bluntly, if you want to go against the sky, you have to go along with the sky because you are not strong enough. If you are strong enough to ignore this day, you can’t hurt yourself by any cause, effect or secret.”

Li Zezhi’s eyes lit up: “so won’t master pay any price for revealing the secret?”

Si Yang nodded his head, and Li Zezhi looked adored: “so is master strong enough not to adapt to this day?”

Siyang looked at him and smiled without saying anything. Li Zezhi thought he had the answer. He knew that master was very powerful and super powerful. He was the most powerful person he had ever seen since he was so old. But I didn’t expect that master was more powerful than he thought! He had a master who didn’t even need to pay attention to heaven. Suddenly, he felt that if he didn’t work hard, he wouldn’t be worthy of being such a master’s Apprentice. So he stood up directly and said firmly, “master, I continue to practice sword. Although my talent may be bad, I will try my best to practice and never give you shame!”

Then he went upstairs bravely.

Si Yang shook his head funny. He’s really a silly boy. God, it’s so bad. He’s just a bug.

Chinese soldiers have never let the people down. They evacuated all the people in the three blocks within the last time from the above. According to the current statistics, only two people died due to trampling and 17 were injured due to failing to escape into stable buildings in time when they fell. At present, they have been sent to the hospital for treatment, No other new casualties have been found for the time being.

While the news station that was watching the subsidence broadcast the safe evacuation of the personnel, there was a sudden loud noise, and the whole picture shook violently. A violent jet force in the distance shook even people outside the isolation area. Several aerial cameras were directly shaken down, and several that were far away survived, taking pictures of the moment of explosion.

People remembered that there was an underground oil pipe at the intersection of this street, because there was a long distance from the subsidence, but they didn’t expect that the movement of the subsidence would lead to the explosion of the oil pipe.

Although the explosion was a moment, the collapse of many buildings within the scope of the explosion was not a moment. The movement of building collapse for several minutes, whether on the scene or the people seen through several surviving aerial cameras, were shocked and scared.

Especially those evacuated people who thought they were in the safe area, it was probably the first time in their life that they passed death so close.

Si Yang looked at the dark clouds in the sky gradually dispersing. With a wave of his hand, the picture on the screen disappeared.

When Si Yang went to play with his little garden with scissors, Zhou Qin called. Zhou Qin hesitated in a voice on the phone: “all personnel evacuated safely. Master Si, what’s the situation on your side

Siyang smiled and said, “I’m far away from the place where the incident happened. It can’t affect me.”

Zhou Qin couldn’t help saying, “master si…” that’s not what he wanted to ask.

Si Yang said: “I just see the degree of subsidence is a little deep, especially the high floor of dihan building. If the tofu residue project falls down, it will affect the surrounding areas. For safety reasons, I suggest you evacuate, so don’t think too much.”

Zhou Qin gave a little pause. It seemed that he was not sure whether he should believe this. If there was no reminder from Siyang this time, they really thought that Tiansha was just a subsidence. If there was no large-scale evacuation at that time, the casualties of this explosion would be incalculable. Especially within the scope of the explosion, there is also a kindergarten and a primary school.

Now think about the situation that is likely to happen before. Zhou Qin’s feet are soft for a while. Si Yang’s warning definitely saved more than 100 lives. So if he revealed the secret, the price he would pay would be too high to even think about it.

But listening to Siyang’s voice calm, and nothing seems to have happened at present, Zhou Qin is confused again. But anyway, this time Siyang has made a great contribution to the country.

Zhou Qin calmed down a little and said, “thank you for your reminding this time. Now the head is busy dealing with the matters after the explosion, but for your help, I will win the biggest thank-you gift for you. In addition, we will keep the previous phone call confidential.”

Siyang hung up the phone, clicked, cut off the brightest flower in full bloom on the wall and inserted it into the long necked white jade bottle, which immediately sent out bursts of flower fragrance. The big white plate is under the stone platform of the fountain. With the food and rich aura of the Secretary’s family, the color on the body becomes more and more uniform and white after taking off the skin. Now it is so quiet. At first glance, it seems that it is a statue of the fountain platform.

Siyang gently shook the vase: “it’s another long rain.”

Dabai opened his eyes, looked up at the sky and vomited a snake letter, as if echoing what Siyang said.

Siyang looked back at it and said, “although the year is worse, the last snake molt can still be used. It’s just that the amount is a little less. You should hurry to practice hard and molt more times.”

The whole big white snake was frozen and vomited snake vomit letter. It was supposed to be. Although there was food, drink and aura here. If Siyang was in a good mood, he would also be given a pill to eat, but now he has to take care of his family with his children and molt his skin for medicine. It is said that he will be thrown into the mountain for a while. In order to keep his snake gall, he felt that he sold his soul and body, Snakes have a hard time.

When it was just getting dark, it rained cats and dogs across Zhongdu. The rain was big and strange. The current technology has been able to accurately predict the rainy season in advance, but before the heavy rain suddenly falls, the whole meteorological bureau did not predict in advance at all.

Because of the geographical environment of Zhongdu, as long as the rain is heavy to a certain extent, it is a large area of flooding. A few years ago, dozens of people died due to rainstorm and flooding. After the disaster, the drainage system in Zhongdu was continuously improved and replaced, but no matter how perfect it was, it was impossible to drain the accumulated water at the first time. Therefore, during the rush hour, many people were blocked by heavy rain.

In the Xuanmen, several heavenly masters with high accomplishments looked at the rain and looked complex.

Shanji, sitting in the high Pavilion in Linggu Temple, looked at the pouring rain outside. After a long silence, he gently saluted the Buddha’s horn to drive the rain and turn the evil spirit. Except for Si Xiaoyou, he really couldn’t think of the second person who would do such a thing. Sure enough, all sentient beings have thousands of faces. The more benevolent they are, the more they feel like a rock. And those who seem to have a cold heart may be frozen with a precious trace of benevolence.

In the hotel, Feng Zhengming looked at Zhongdu washed by the rainstorm and smiled coldly with a glass. He was soft and strong. He liked it.


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