Half Immortal Chapter 1

Half Immortal Chapter 1: The Promenade Hotel / Corridor Hotel (1)

The night is deep and the star Heron rises.

Yan Wei is lying on the bed in the bedroom. His eyes are closed and his thick eyelashes tremble. He is matched with his tall nose and thin lips. It looks so good that people can’t open their eyes.

The mobile phone rang continuously, directly through Yan Wei’s eardrum, tearing him out of his sleep.

He still narrowed his eyes sleepily, and then he saw the color of the night – he had slept directly for a day since last night?

The phone is still shaking.

Mingming slept for a long time, but Yan Wei was still a little tired. The night wind blew in from the gap of the open window and brushed his cheek, which made him sober.

Yan Wei took a look at the call hint – he is his good friend who specializes in psychology.

He yawned, rubbed his eyes, got up and washed quickly. Then he picked up the phone with his mobile phone, walked to the window and wanted to pull himself out of sleep with the wind.

“Why?” he leaned lazily against the window. Sure enough, he woke up slowly in the light wind.

At the other end of the phone, a friend’s voice came: “how come no one answered your phone during the day?”

“I slept.”

“You can sleep too much!”

“Maybe I had a nightmare with you.”

“….” the other party choked and said, “Yan Wei, I told you that our hospital has recently received a new project. Can you use your IQ to analyze it for me?”

Yan Wei’s family is in a good condition. However, his over strict family style breeds his anti bone. He has done a lot of new and exciting things, and has done a lot of strange part-time jobs.

He has been freelancing for a long time. He has seen all kinds of people, and his ability to see people has become more and more skilled.

Although he is a layman in psychology, he can always see through people’s hearts and analyze everything clearly. Over time, his friend always came to him for analysis when he had problems.

He saw the strange and smiled: “No.”

Friend: “… Dad!!”

“Then tell me quickly. The old rule is not to tell others that I am involved in analysis.”

The other party hurriedly said, “I know. You don’t like to be noticed. I promise not to tell others! Well, recently, there has been a new psychological phenomenon in the industry. Suddenly, some people have the same illusion. They say they will see a tall black building anytime and anywhere…”

Yan Wei listened, leaned against the bedroom window and looked into the distance bored.

“… no matter where they go, they can see the tall building casually, and with the passage of time, the building gets closer and closer, as if asking them to go in. Yesterday, I asked a patient suffering from this hallucination. He said that the building was right in front of him, and he was afraid and didn’t dare to go in. As a result, you know? The patient just committed suicide! And he had this before Like other people who were hallucinating, he committed suicide… ”

Yan Wei’s eyes suddenly solidified not far away.

Friends’ voices continue: “… many people said they saw this illusion. Some said they didn’t dare to go in. Before long, these people committed suicide in strange ways. Some people said they wanted to go in and have a look, and then these people either had an accident or disappeared. I think this must be a new type of suicide disease. People who want to commit suicide will have this illusion -”

Yan Wei’s eyes were still frozen in front. He interrupted his friend’s words, and his tone suddenly sank: “it’s not an illusion.”


“The dark building? Can you see how high?”

“The patient said he couldn’t see it. The top of the building went directly into the cloud, and the height was unpredictable.”

“Is there a window?”

“Yes, but I can’t see inside the window. The window is also black. Did you think of anything? Hello?… hello? Yanwei? Are you still there?”

Yan Wei didn’t speak for a moment.

His home is in a high-rise building. Looking out on weekdays, he can see the night view of the city.

But now, in front of him, the towering dark building blocked most of the line of sight in front of him.

– as like as two peas in a friend’s description, the towering sky and black building.

The strange phenomenon that had just appeared in other people suddenly appeared in front of him. Yan Wei raised his hand, rubbed his eyes, and repeatedly confirmed that the building was in front of him.

It’s about himself. Yan Wei forces himself to calm down and think about what his friend just said about the building.

He’s pretty sure he’s not suicidal.

After those “patients” saw the building, many committed suicide, and a small number of people who said they were going in disappeared

If I didn’t want to commit suicide, so I saw the “illusion”, but because I saw that the black building didn’t go in, so I “committed suicide in all sorts of strange ways”?

Those who said they wanted to go in may have really gone in. Did something happen after going in? Some people are still dead, some people haven’t come out yet, so they disappeared.

He came to a conclusion at once.

Only “patients” can see the building, so others who can’t see can’t help at all.

After seeing this building, you will die if you don’t enter.

But if you go in

“… hello? Yan Wei, are you still there?”

Yan Wei recovered.

He has never been a person dominated by emotions. Since things have happened, he will not be entangled in useless emotions, but will directly start looking for solutions.

Yan Wei slowly accepted his current situation and whispered, “I’m here. You just said…”

The corners of his mouth were slightly aroused, and his eyes were frozen. In his light brown eyes, his surprise gradually dispersed, replaced by a challenging interest, “those who don’t go in have committed suicide, and those who say they want to go in have died, but some people are missing?”

“Ah, yes, what’s the matter?”

Yan Wei muttered to himself: “… That is to say, some people will see the black building, and those who see it may not die until they go in.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

In the colorful city, the high-rise building directly inserted into the clouds is very obvious, dark, as if to absorb the surrounding light.

It was very close to Yan Wei, as if it were opposite his building.

The black building stood there in silence, but the people passing by seemed unaware. Only Yan Wei saw it seriously.

Maybe the black in front of him was too gloomy. Yan Wei felt the wind blowing very cold for a moment. He trembled slightly, turned back, picked up the clothes on the hanger and put them on.

He put on his windbreaker, wrapped his scarf in his spare time, and said in the confused voice of his friend on the phone, “it’s not an illusion, because I see it too. Since the invisible person can’t do anything, I’ll go in and solve it myself. If I ‘commit suicide’, remember that it’s not an illusion. If I come out alive, your research should have an answer.”

Yan Wei hung up.

The black building seemed to see him. When Yan Wei came downstairs, the building had completely appeared in front of him, as if it had moved hundreds of meters out of thin air in such a big city.

It was dark without any additional decoration. Only the still dark windows on each floor revealed that it was an immeasurable building.

At the bottom, in front of Yan Wei, an open door was facing him.

The inside of the door was still very dark and could not see anything clearly. The surrounding street lamps emit warm yellow bright light, but they do not disperse the darkness of the building at all.

Yan Wei looked up and stood by the street watching quietly.

He is an extremely rational man.

Now that he sees this building that will not enter and die, he will find the optimal solution in the shortest time.

——That’s walking in.

After a while, he took a deep breath, raised his feet, and walked through the unconscious crowd around. The windbreaker swayed gently with his steps. He slowly stepped into the dark building and plunged into the darkness.

[welcome to the building.]

[there are ninety-nine floors in the building. Each floor is a random replica. There are players, NPC and replica boss in the replica. Most of the modes are supernatural terror. The initial players will start from the first floor, climb to the top, then they can completely survive and leave, and bring the abilities obtained in the building into reality.]

[there are two ways to climb the stairs: first, crack the replica through the clues in the replica and find the ladder upstairs. If you climb the ladder alive, you will succeed in climbing the stairs; second, clear all bosses in the replica and pass the customs automatically.]

[players have basic values: body index and perception.]

[body index represents the player’s fighting ability and physical quality, and perception represents the player’s speculation and perception of danger and ghosts. In addition to the basic values brought by the player, you will have the opportunity to increase body index and perception after completing the replica and the branch line in the replica. The replica customs clearance will be rewarded with points, which can bring you everything.]

[all player information is stored in the black ring and can be consulted at any time if necessary.]

[number of layers of this copy: one layer.]

[location of this copy: Promenade Hotel.]

[current player data: body index 4, perception 26, number of layers 0, score 0.]

[players have arrived, copy open.]

[players cannot kill each other in the copy.]

[all players are requested to follow the NPC’s instructions, rely on their abilities, survive in the copy and find the “ladder”. If they violate the rules, they will bear the consequences.]

[please note that the copy may die at any time, and there is only one penalty for copy failure: death.]

The sound of the word “death” dragged very long, and the echo swung back and forth several times around. The ethereal and gloomy sound dispersed with the darkness in front of us.

Yan Wei felt that a ring appeared on his hand, and a small window floated in front of him, recording the information said by the gloomy voice just now.

——According to the information instilled into him by this voice just now, the name of this window is called the information panel, and all information can be seen on this panel. The black ring that suddenly appeared on his hand is the medium to contact the information panel. As long as he gently slides over the ring, the information panel will pop up in front of him or in his mind.

He glanced at the interface, and before he could take a closer look, the information retracted into the black ring in his hand.

The surrounding suddenly turned upside down, and the light slowly appeared in front of Yan Wei.

He frowned and subconsciously raised his hand to cover his eyes.

After a moment, the discomfort caused by the strong light slowly dissipated. Yan Wei put down his covered hand and found himself in a new place.

The crystal lamp on the ceiling rotates slowly and scatters bright and translucent light. Floor mirrors and decorative portraits are placed on the surrounding walls on both sides, which makes it very wide.

This is a hotel lobby.

Like him, there are eight people next to the front desk of the hotel lobby, different men and women, including him, a total of nine people.

The rest of the people also showed surprise or doubt, and looked at the quiet and empty hotel lobby with only nine of them in panic. As soon as Yan Wei appeared, those people looked at him more or less, and their eyes were full of the meaning of looking at him. As soon as someone turned his eyes, they showed quite amazing eyes, which had been glued to Yan Wei’s face.

Yan Wei hated this rude sight. He raised his eyebrows and glanced at the person who looked at him. The man suddenly looked at Yan Wei and moved his eyes awkwardly.

Yan Wei took back his eyes and thought about the “upstairs”, “players” and “Corridor Hotel” he had just heard. He had roughly understood what had happened.

He and the other eight players are now making copies of this “Corridor Hotel”.

There are several players talking.

“… where the hell is this place? I thought the black building was an illusion. There must be nothing when I walked in! Why did it appear here in the blink of an eye?”

“I don’t want to come in at all, but the building is getting closer and closer to me and appears directly in front of me. I didn’t notice that I came in one step…”

A short haired woman even cried: “why can’t I get out… My cell phone can’t get through… I want to go back…”

“The voice said that you can’t go out until you find the ladder. What’s the ladder? Where is it?”


“You… Also saw a black building come in?” someone asked Yan Wei, with a trace of expectation in his words, “You’ve been in for a few minutes without any new people. It should be the last one. Since we appeared here, we’ve been watching people appear constantly. There’s no signal on the mobile phone, the door can’t be opened, and we don’t know what happened for dozens of minutes. Do you know some information about this strange place? Do you know how to get out?”

“I don’t know.” Yan Wei took out his cell phone and looked at it – there was really no signal.

The player showed a disappointed expression.

Yan Wei put away his mobile phone, went to the gate of the hotel and pushed the closed door.

Sure enough, as the player said, the door could not be pushed open at all, as if some force had blocked the door.

He didn’t make a meaningless attempt and returned to the front desk. A group of players guessed and asked in a panic. In addition to Yan Wei calmly observing around, there was a silver haired man who didn’t say a word from beginning to end.

The man stood alone, leaning slightly against the front desk of the hotel, with a cigarette between his slender fingers.

He wore a pair of silver framed glasses, his hair color was cold silver, and he looked gentle and clean. However, his eyes covered under the lenses were cold and indifferent, and his mood was calm. This was a face that said that strangers should not disturb wherever he went, but Yan Wei looked very pleasant.

Aware of Yan Wei’s sight, the man suddenly raised his eyes to his sight. But the man didn’t respond, and took back his eyes coldly in a moment.

The exterior and interior are the same, very high and cold.

Yan Wei: ”

He hissed in his heart, and also made a look of indifference and retracted his eyes.

At this time, on the corridor at the other end of the elevator in the hotel lobby, a young man in a tuxedo and a bow tie came towards them.

The young man’s complexion is very pale. He is so thin that his tuxedo is a little loose on him. His cheeks are tighter and his eyes are sunken. He seems to be thin with only skin and bones left. Obviously, he is not a player.

This so-called copy doesn’t give them breathing time at all. It has begun.

“All the guests are here at last,” the thin man in Tuxedo smiled at them and raised his finger to the corridor where he came. “I’m the waiter here. I’ve prepared dinner for you. Invite the guests to the restaurant with me. After dinner, stay here and visit the painting exhibition tomorrow.”

Although the waiter was smiling, his voice was ancient and undisturbed, and there was no tone fluctuation in his low voice.

Such a voice echoed in the hotel lobby, even more gloomy and terrible.

Among the other eight players, except the silver haired man who was still leaning on the front desk and looked indifferent, some even stepped back in horror to stay away from the strange waiter.

A player standing on Yan Wei’s side has collapsed and shouted hysterically: “what dinner? I don’t know!! why don’t I go out? Why can’t the door be opened here!? where is this in the end? I don’t go to any restaurant. I want to leave!!!”

The standard smile on the waiter’s face suddenly collapsed.

He walked slowly forward, his sunken eyes looked at the shouting player, and his voice became more and more low: “what are you talking about? You’re not going to the restaurant?”

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated.

He turned and saw that the waiter had come to the player.

Now the situation is unknown. He doesn’t want anything to happen because of a reckless person. He whispered to the player, “calm down first, and we must accept the reality immediately. Lou said not to disobey what NPC said. Doing so will only bring serious consequences…”

The man was frightened by the waiter’s approach and hurriedly stepped back, “I’m not going -”

His voice stopped abruptly.

——The skinny waiter suddenly raised his thin hands and easily broke the player’s neck. Blood splashed out. No player was contaminated with blood except the waiter.

But the screams of several other players immediately sounded around.

“Ah –!”

Yan Wei made no sound.

His eyes rested on the floor mirrors posted on both sides of the hotel lobby.

The mirror scattered the bright light from the chandelier, illuminating the figures of nine players, including him. In addition, there was no other figure.

The mirror didn’t show the waiter at all.

This guy is not human at all.

In the picture reflected in the mirror, it seems that the neck of the hysterical player has been completely broken by something invisible, and the blood splashes out and flows all over the ground. The head with open eyes and unbelievable expression “Gudong” rolls to the ground, and the headless body is about to fall down. Blood flows across the neck and blood vessels are broken.

In front of the player who just broke his neck… Nothing.


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