Half Immortal Chapter 10

Half Immortal Chapter 10: The Promenade Hotel (10)

Yan Wei knew he was right when he saw his clever look.

These two people are different from other initial players who don’t know anything. From the beginning of entering the copy, Gao Ming was quite calm, and there was no big problem with his direction all the time. And he is also the first player to propose that “ladder” is an abstract game breaking concept. Gaoming didn’t even stay on all the stairs of the corridor hotel like other players. It seems that he firmly believed that “ladder” is not a physical concept from the beginning.

Although sun Shi is not as clever as to break through the pass and has high quality, the “life-saving thing” he just said is enough to show that sun Shi is not an initial player.

The corridors around are quiet and treacherous, and portraits and mirrors are staggered, reflecting a bleak light. Yan Mingguang put away the blade and sat silent. He didn’t respond to Yan Wei’s words, as if he had really inspired Yan Wei.

Gao Ming pushed his glasses nervously.

Yan Wei said casually, “whether it’s a virtual game or this copy of life and death, it’s normal to have old players as long as there is a sequence before and after starting to break through the customs. But I remember Lou said that after passing the customs, you will enter the next floor? Then why do old players exist on the first floor? You seem to… Don’t want us to know?”

His light brown eyes moved, his thin lips slightly aroused, and his voice was clear and clear.

Yan Wei seemed to chat with his friends. After talking, he gracefully picked up the napkin in front of the table and wiped the corners of his mouth stained with some vegetable sauce bit by bit. Finally, he even took out the wet paper towels he didn’t know how many bags he had with him and wiped the corners of his mouth again.

Gao Ming looked at him and gradually relaxed his vigilance.

For a moment, Gao Ming sighed: “in fact, Yan Mingguang saw it. I don’t say you’ll guess it sooner or later. Yes, sun Shi and I are not initial players. We are downstairs players.”

Yan Mingguang raised his eyes, and a trace of surprise flashed on his calm face.

Yan Wei blinked, her thick eyelashes trembling slightly. He murmured: “… Downhill player?”

“Yes. If we can get out of the replica alive, you will find that the building is actually a complete world. It even has a living area and entertainment area for players to live in. Living there is even the same as the world we come in. You can also exchange points for everything and achieve everything… I’m far away. The most important thing is that the building is particularly balanced.”

“There are three concepts under the rules: building lifting, building lowering and gambling. Under the rules of building, the number of floors does not have to be boarded one by one. If players have confidence in their strength, they can directly cross several floors – this is called building lifting. Why Sun Shi and I copy on the first floor is because we lower the building. Starting from the second floor copy, there is a falling step in the building in addition to the rising ladder Ladder. If the player finds the descending ladder before death, he can leave the replica alive, but it is considered that the replica has failed. He needs to lower the floor and break through again. How many floors to lower depends on the failure degree of the replica. Whether it is lifting or lowering the floor, it will make the replica more difficult. ”

Yan Wei sneered silently.

Even if it is down, it is also an old player who is more powerful than the players on the current floor. Moreover, falling and lifting both bring about an increase in difficulty, which is very unfriendly to the players who are already on this floor.

This so-called balance is actually the law of the jungle.

He glanced at Yan Mingguang. This time Yan Mingguang said, “so you failed to climb the stairs and appeared on the first floor?”

Yan Mingguang’s tone was very weak, and his voice was warm and cool. Gao Ming didn’t dare to neglect it at all, so he nodded quickly: “Yes, I’m actually a player on the second floor. Although I have experience in two or three copies, my strength is very ordinary. I failed to climb the third floor. Fortunately, I found a ladder to escape. I was lowered two floors and appeared here. Sun Shi should be the same. He may have been lucky in his previous copy and painted props, so he escaped with props in the studio.”

His eyebrows moved: “that gambling building…?”

Gao Ming took off his glasses and rubbed his eyebrows. He was very worried and said: “starting from the second floor, if the difficulty of the copy is much higher than that of the current floor – it is generally brought by too many players who drop the floor or lift the floor, and if the players in the floor identify that the players in the copy have the ability to survive, he will directly broadcast the copy in the entertainment area of the world in the building and start the gambling.”

Gambling?… interesting.

Yan Wei smiled silently.

Gao Ming then said: “If a replica starts live broadcasting and gambling, players in the world inside the building can choose to bet with points to bet on the success of the replica. Winning players can get the right to choose the next replica. Losing players will passively arrange into the replica selected by the least people – which is usually the most difficult. Gambling buildings are very fascinating, but there are many losing players because of the replica It’s too hard to die on this shortcut. ”

“What about that floor…?”

“That’s why I don’t want you to know.” Gao Ming wiped his old black framed glasses with a sad face. “You should hear the prompt now.”

Before Gao Ming’s voice fell, Yan Wei’s mind rang out the prompt sound of the building.

[since you already know the existence of the world inside the building, the remaining functions of the information panel will be opened for you in advance. Players can now enter the exchange mall, gambling building interface, etc. from the information panel.]

[it is detected that the player discovers the rules in the building in advance, opens the mall and gambling building panel in the replica on the first floor, and the player will be rewarded: 1 body index, 1 perception and 1 point. At the same time, in order to balance the replica, the difficulty of the replica will be increased.]

[it is detected that the difficulty of the replica exceeds the limit. The current replica passively opens the gambling building. Players in the replica with the existing gambling building interface can also participate in betting.]

At this moment, the same prompt sound sounded in the minds of all players.

[please note to all players that the difficulty of the copy is increased.]

[the location of the replica is the Promenade Hotel, and the duration of the replica is reduced to three days. At present, the remaining replica time is two days. If the ladder is not found before midnight tomorrow night, it will be regarded as a customs clearance failure. The limit of ghosts in the replica is reduced, and the possibility of death trigger is increased. The possibility of prop falling is relatively increased, and the customs clearance reward is doubled. All players are asked to look for clues and strive to survive.]

The world inside the building is in the center of the entertainment area.

In the gambling building area, the drunken lights are shining brightly, and the three-dimensional projections on the open-air square are suspended in the noisy mid air – that is the current situation of copy live broadcasting, which has greatly increased the difficulty for various reasons.

In the picture, the skeleton kissing the statue of God broke the player’s heart, the pale Baker made a blood red cake with the player’s liver, a body soaked in water… Cruel and bloody pictures emerge one after another.

In the building without copies, players walk under various stereoscopic projections and enthusiastically search for difficult copies worth betting.

Someone suddenly fell to the ground, looked sad and murmured: “I lost the bet… I’m finished, I’m assigned to the copy of nine levels of difficulty!? I’m just a five level player… I’m dead… Why should I bet that the players in this copy will pass the customs? No one can pass this kind of difficult copy!!!”

Suddenly, an open place on the square fluctuated slowly, the air directly above trembled, and a new copy was projected live.

——That’s a very difficult one-layer copy!

“What’s the matter? Has a new difficult copy opened the gambling building? Or the first floor?”

“Is it because there are too many players descending the building that makes it more difficult, or does a new person know all the rules of the world in the building before issuing a copy, so it triggers the balance mechanism?”

“Are there too many players coming down the stairs? I know that player! His name is sun Shi. I passed through the first layer of dungeons with him before. He is not the initial player. However, there are too many novices on the first layer of dungeons. After the difficulty is higher, the whole army is usually destroyed…”

The person who lost the bet just now rushed over with bright eyes, without hesitation pressed all the remaining points on this copy and said: “I failed to press this copy! How can I succeed in a novice copy… I can exchange for a simple copy right away!”


After explaining everything, Gao Ming looked at the copy with great difficulty.

But he kept saying that Yan Wei, who tried to protect and take care of, was not distressed. Instead, he studied the information panel alone there.

For a moment, Yan Wei slightly bent her eyebrows and eyes, opened a button on the information bar and said, “I open the privacy button of the gambling building, and the projection of the gambling building will no longer cut into my perspective, and see my mosaic face?”

His eyes were bright and his expression was casual and natural. On his good-looking face, there was a full desire for challenge.

Gao Ming looked at it for a moment and nodded: “yes. But… If we pass the customs, players who do not close the privacy will also get feedback from the gambling house. If you close it like this, no one will know your situation, but it’s no good.”

“Why not? Brilliant. When the difficulty increased, Lou rewarded me with a point. What do you think this point is used for?”

Gao Ming was stunned. After a few seconds, he suddenly realized under the reminder of Yan Wei: “this is the hint for players to bet!”

“Give up the feedback of opening the live view, and let those who watch the projection know nothing about us – knowing nothing means they won’t gamble,” Yan Wei smiled. “The odds of successful customs clearance will naturally be very high. At this time, I bet on successful customs clearance, and the feedback will be much better than simply opening the projection.”

He put his only point into the gambling building interface, did not hesitate to choose the option of “perfect clearance for players” and bet.

Yan Mingguang also finished all this without saying a word.

Later, Yan Wei patted Gao Ming on the shoulder and said to him, “thank you for telling me this. I promise, I will bring not only the improvement of difficulty… But also the double reward.”

The young man stood up slowly and gathered the two sides of the windbreaker. He wore a shallow smile around his mouth, which made all players look pale. The difficulty of improving it did not affect him at all, but made his eyes dotted with self-confidence.

“Let’s go,” Yan Wei raised his eyebrows. “Let’s go to the hospital.”

Gaoming suddenly couldn’t accept Yan Wei with such a big contrast. Until the three arrived at the hospital, Gaoming still didn’t come back.

Later, Gao Ming watched Yan Wei enter the hospital with his own eyes. He pretended to be a delivery man and communicated with the security personnel for a while. After getting the information, Yan Mingguang stunned the security personnel. Yan Wei put on the security clothes and talked with a new intern for a while.

Before long, Yan Wei played it all over from takeout to security, interns to doctors in the archives, and finally got the needed clues in the archives.

Gao Mingmu stared: “you and you used to pretend…?” he thought he had more experience and was at least half an old player. He said to take care of Yan Wei many times!

He was a little ashamed: “I’ve taught others…”

Yan Wei just smiled silently, printed the files he had retrieved, and said calmly, “the copy time is compressed. We only have more than 30 hours left. We have to find out the key quickly. As expected, there are important clues in this hospital. The owner of the hotel, that is, all the portrait painters, saw a disease in the psychological Department of this hospital ten years ago.”

The printer made a rustle and printed a case and a medical staff file.

Yan Wei first picked up the case ten years ago.

On his side as like as two peas, Yan Mingguang slowly unfolded the artist’s self portrait. The case was mixed with the self portrait. The man on the portrait is exactly the same as the picture of the patient in the case.

“The painter saw psychological diseases in this hospital ten years ago,” Yan Wei turned to the next page, which is the description of his condition, “He said that he had a mental disorder. He was very gifted in painting, and his portraits had an innate aura. Coupled with his pursuit of perfection, every painting was very exquisite. He made a lot of money from portraits, and even opened a corridor hotel dedicated to displaying paintings. But one day, I don’t know why, his aura seemed to be like Almost exhausted, he can no longer draw portraits and live eyes… ”

So the painter began to fall into mania.

He came to the hospital to see a doctor and take all kinds of medicine. He even hired a professional psychological consultant in the hospital and went to the corridor hotel every few days to give him psychological counseling. But this seemed to be of little use. Instead, his psychological disorder became more and more serious, and he could no longer draw vivid eyes.

Yan Wei turned the case record to the penultimate page. The diagnosis also said that the patient’s condition was getting worse and worse.

But on the next and last page, on July 3 ten years ago, the painter recovered.

“This……” Gao Ming looked surprised. “The day before yesterday, his condition was getting worse and worse, but he completely recovered on the last page? This……”

Yan Wei had a vague guess: “he suddenly found a way to draw his eyes. Moreover, on the same day, on July 3, ten years ago, the psychologist who saw him disappeared.”

Yan Wei turned down again – that’s the information of the doctor who saw the painter.

In the upper right corner of the document is a certificate photo. The woman in the photo is wearing a drooping braid, a white coat and a gentle smile.

And her appearance

It is the only complete portrait of a female doctor in the studio on the top floor of the hotel!


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