Half Immortal Chapter 100

Half Immortal Chapter 100: puppet Castle (13)

In the room, two fish flying boats sit opposite each other, and a new chess game has begun.

It can be seen from the tidiness of the room that Yu Feizhou and his good Puppets – whoever is a good puppet and who is a player – began to play chess as soon as they met, and did nothing else at all.

Yan Wei can’t laugh or cry.

He was the first to enter the room of the fish flying boat and said, “I can’t find a different one.”

The two men looked back at him, and Wen shouted, “Yan Wei.”

Yan Wei: ”

He didn’t worry about anything wrong with the fish flying boat and the good puppet of the fish flying boat. He said directly: “No need to distinguish. At present, there is no way to distinguish – unless it is different after the start of the game. But after the start of the game, the good puppet and the player have been confused, even if they are injured… If I remember correctly, the fish flying boat helped me transfer the wound at that time? According to our current body index, the wound has already recovered, and there are no scars left at all As a way of discrimination. ”

The two fish flying boats were stunned.

For a moment, the two men put down their chess pieces and said peacefully, “well, there’s no difference.”

Yan Wei reluctantly spread his hand.

Sometimes, if you think purely, you can quickly think about the origin of the problem.

Too many people think too much. Once they encounter an uncontrollable self, their worries and vigilance will only become more and more serious. No one can see the existence of a complete omnipotent alternative ID without wavering. The more people think, the easier it is to get trapped. On the contrary, fish flying boat, who has never been keen on fighting and sophistry, is not trapped at all.

He stepped forward, raised his hand, gently ordered the tea table with his fingertips, and said to the two fish flying boats in front of him: “No distinction is right. But let me remind you that we must pay attention to protecting each other. Because we can’t tell whether we are the players outside the copy or the good puppets created in the copy. The good puppet is dead and the ID is still there, but when the ID is dead, the good puppet will become a bad puppet, and the ID will always die in this copy.”

If you are not sure who is who and do not intend to distinguish at all, you should do your best to ensure the survival of both sides.

The fish flying boat obviously understood this truth and nodded together: “don’t worry, you too.”

At the same time, the two took out a knife and looked at each other.

For a moment, one of them put down the knife, the other took the knife and took a cut at himself. The blood flowed from the shoulder of one of the fish flying boats. Yan Wei only felt that the pain on his shoulder suddenly disappeared.

“My body index is high and my recovery is fast. There are too many places for you to work hard on this copy.”

Yan Wei’s heart warmed: “thank you.”

He didn’t say much. He turned and walked out of the room of the fish flying boat, and helped the two close the door. Lin Zhen was no longer outside, so he thought he should go back to the guest room to have a rest. Only Yan Mingguang was smoking not far away, his bony hands holding cigarette butts, and the burned cigarette hair gave a faint red light. The smoke had dispersed completely.

Seeing him coming out, Yan Mingguang’s fingers moved and the cigarette butts were crushed by him.

The man’s black pupil swept and looked at Yan Wei’s shoulder. The windbreaker and lining still had a big hole in this seat, and the surrounding was soaked with blood, but the skin and flesh were intact.

Yan Mingguang’s originally slightly tense look seemed to slow down a little, and the unhappiness that had been lingering around him since he had just disappeared.

When Yan Wei sat down by the bed, Yan Mingguang raised his hand and pointed a black ring at his fingertips. A set of folded clothes appeared in his hand. It seemed that the top was a gray blue windbreaker.

“Put it on,” he said.

Yan Wei said with a smile, “know me, Mr. Yan. Do you know why I like to wear windbreaker? There are many things I can bring, and there is a sense of security that I can start a long trip at any time…”

The man just nodded, “well.”

Like I knew it.

Yan Weizheng took the hand of the clothes.

No, this man should have known.

Before he came back from the 99th floor, Yan Mingguang must play a very important role in his life in the world inside the building. It is so important that even if he can’t remember anything, he will still see those vague fragments with Yan Mingguang in his sleep. Even under the true and false, it seems that he is not true to them because Yan Mingguang is on his side It’s not fake and unwavering.

Yan Wei took the clothes, looked up at Yan Mingguang, and remembered the gentle kiss that the man fell on the corner of his eye before entering the copy.

Compared with the kiss in the warm water in the dream, it is too skimpy, but it still makes people blush.

Yan Wei blushed. He took his clothes and held them in his arms. He lowered his head slightly and said, “I haven’t met another you yet…”

As like as two peas in front of Yan Mingguang, he will never tell him what happened in those lost memories.

He said, “I’m not sure I’m wrong. Don’t lose your temper then.”

Yan Mingguang was unmoved: “No.”

Yan Wei: “… How can you be sure not?”


“No fun.”

I really don’t know what can make Yan Mingguang lose his temper.

He straightened his face: “but seriously, ice, I’m still a little worried. Another self of fish flying boat and I has appeared. Our character leads to the final peace, which is the inevitable outcome. But you and Lin Zhen…”

Although Yan Mingguang looks cold and indifferent on the surface and treats others very well, he is decisive inside. This person can’t live in peace with another self. I’m afraid he will have to be entangled at that time.

“None of us can beat you, and you can’t surpass yourself. I just hope another you won’t appear at the critical moment when we fight against others.”



“He won’t appear,” Yan Mingguang said slowly. “Even if he appears, he is me and he won’t affect you.”

“You know yourself. Now that you say so, I’m relieved. That’s Lin Zhen. His character really gives me a headache. On the other hand, he must be disorganized and undisciplined. Moreover, Lin Zhen always likes to challenge invincible things. The ID and the copied ID are tailor-made for him. If you encounter it, Lin Zhen may be able to play until the end of the copy. You It can defeat Lin Zhen, but we can’t tell who is a good puppet. We don’t know who to look for… ”

Yan Mingguang thought for a moment and said, “then the two will faint together.”

Yan Wei: ”

It’s a good way.

It’s better than two evil kings mixing the water.

“OK, let’s have a rest first. Go to bed, Yan Mingguang. Don’t worry about me. I’m not dead today. Nothing can happen. Moreover, it’s midnight now. Many players also need to rest. These hours should be peaceful. Based on my own understanding, I’ll destroy the power box in about three or four hours. You can take advantage of this time to have a rest.”


The first floor of the castle.

A tall woman stood in front of the power box. She has neat short hair, light pupils, a black cloak, a long, slender black stick with long arms in her hand, and a card in the other hand.

“The power box is all right…” she muttered, “it seems that we are the earliest.”

Behind the short haired woman, her teammates spread their hands: “Miaomiao, do you think too much? You are the one who has been to the high-level copy in a special way. Where should you be afraid of so many copies of this 49 level copy?”

Next to the power box, on the nearest ladder, another woman with short hair and light eyes came down slowly.

In addition to the long black stick in her hand, she also carried several bloody weapons in her other hand.

If Yan Wei and others are here, you can recognize that this is the weapon of the organization player who got the first point earlier. When they were fighting among themselves and fighting with Sven men, these weapons were already stained with blood.

And she has two of these weapons in her hand.

As like as two peas of wooden steps stepped on the stairs, she stepped down to the front of the woman and walked to the woman who was exactly the same as herself.

She looked at another self and said, “I went to the stargazing platform to verify – I can get the score of that player by seizing the player who has scored and giving it to the black robed man. I’m too lazy to tell who is a good puppet and who is a player. I gave all these people to the guy who can’t see the face. Here, look at the ranking table. Now we are the first.”

Xu Miaomiao in front of the power box hooked the corner of his mouth, and his light eyes flashed a trace of contempt.

“I overestimated them. This copy… Maybe only Xue Wan needs to pay attention.”

Another Xu Miaomiao also smiled: “since only Xue Wan deserves attention – just catch him. He must have a lot of points.”

The top floor of the castle.

A young man who looked only twenty years old held a long knife with serrations in one hand and pressed the man in black tightly in the other.

He totally disregarded the possible consequences of shooting at NPC. He actually pressed the man in black to the ground and pointed a knife at each other!

Around, his teammates tied up all the players who had just come to the observatory to exchange points.

The young man with the serrated long knife sneered and said to the black robed man, “you don’t have much strength? You want to crush all of us. If you really have that strength, you would have done it yourself. Why do you rely on this rule for exchanging points and gold coins?”

The black robed man’s dumb voice was angry: “what are you doing?”

“I think it’s too tired to catch people one by one. It’s really troublesome to grab coins.” the young man pretended to sigh, “I really don’t like working hard for people. Why don’t you work for me? Next, you let me hide here. They ask you to change. Just do it. When I see any fat sheep, I’ll come out and help you catch the fat sheep together. You’re happy, isn’t it good?”

Instead of fighting with people to win points, it’s better to wait for a rabbit in the place where you get points. Wait for a person with more points to catch people and throw them into the meat grinder. It’s easy to get high scores.

But what this needs is absolute force and the madness of daring to challenge the rules.

The young man raised his eyebrow: “of course, you don’t want to. Now, I’ll catch a few people and get the first place, and then kill you. No one… Can get points. Then I’ll be the first. There’s no need to play any score. Just kill the person who gives the points.”

The black robed man earned a little and seemed to want to say something. The young man directly raised his foot and kicked him, smiled and said, “I know that killing your castle may become very dangerous, and there will be many unknown situations. But so what? It’s the waste, not me, who can’t live.”

long time.

Black robed humanitarian: “… You hide.”

The young man tilted his head, put away his long knife and waved to his opponent.

About an hour later, the name of the organization “other shore flower” was hung at the top of the ranking table, with a score of 4 points.

Among the four players in the competition, Xu Miaomiao’s name is followed by all the scores obtained by he’an flower, which also means that the four scores of he’an flower are all from Xu Miaomiao.

These 4 points hung for some time. At this moment, they were suddenly pressed down by another organization rushing up from 0 points.

Qi Xing, Xue Wan, 13 points.

A few hours later, the whole castle heard an explosion from the first floor of the castle.


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