Half Immortal Chapter 101

Puppet Castle (14)

Half Immortal Chapter 101: puppet Castle (14)

At the time of the explosion, the whole castle was quiet.

At midnight, players were caught off guard by sudden good and evil puppets and hidden rules, which caused the initial chaos. However, in the second half of the night, players with a little strength slowly adapt and find their own rhythm. Most of them choose to conserve their energy and make plans first, and not many people move in the aisle of the castle.

This should have been the last calm before the day’s fight, but the explosion came so suddenly that when it just happened, the whole castle was still very quiet, and only the evil puppets walking up the aisle made a slight sound of footsteps.

But in a few minutes, with the sunlight outside the castle, all players gradually realized what had happened to the explosion.

——The light board under their feet doesn’t light up.

With everyone’s numbers, there was no trace at the moment, and the whole castle floor became ordinary and treacherous black.

Someone repeatedly chopped his feet and confirmed that the digital light did disappear. Then he gritted his teeth and said, “Damn it, we only needed to go to places with many numbers. When we saw a player catch one, how can we judge now…”

“Will it be a new problem for the copy? Destroying the lights is not good for everyone.”

“… maybe it’s the players who are not sure to live?”

“No way,” the man said to his teammates, “The puppet’s number is so important that everyone can think of the power box. Don’t forget, even those of us who just want to get a little point and leave want to go to the power box and wait for low-level players who want to destroy the power, but we don’t have confidence, so we didn’t go. The competition has been going for a long time. I don’t believe people without information are waiting for a rabbit next to the power box, but powerful players Don’t you stop yourself from catching people… ”

“Let’s go out first – it’s dawn and everyone has a good rest. Some players… Start hunting.”

First floor of the castle, in front of the power box.

The ground was covered with blood.

A few hours after midnight, more and more low-level players realize that they are no different from good puppets. As the game goes on, they will only become prey to other players. However, most players who can live to 30 or 40 floors have some experience – some people will think of destroying the power box and hindering hunting.

But they want to come and destroy the power line. Xu Miaomiao naturally wants to keep people here waiting for the rabbit.

Those players who think they are smart have already become the points of the other shore flower at the moment.

But at the moment, after a pool of blood, the power box that was originally quietly located in the corner was blackened. In the air, the fishy smell of blood was mixed with the smell of burning.

A player of the other shore flower solemnly stuffed the mini walkie talkie props into his ears and said, “Miao Miao, it’s me.”

Two as like as two peas in the air at the end of the intercom, “the lighting power is destroyed.”

The player looked at the smoky power box that had been blown up and looked very ugly. It was clear that he was talking to his teammates, but his tone was more frightened than surprised, and his voice trembled: “I’ve been staring at it all the time. We haven’t left half a step since we went downstairs…”

At the other end of the walkie talkie, Xu Miaomiao’s words let him breathe a sigh of relief: “it’s not your fault.”

But when the next word came, the man looked stunned and opened his eyes incredulously.

“Although you’re not very good, you’re more than enough to deal with those wastes. It’s not when you’re watching. It was arranged before we came.”

The man was surprised: “how is this possible? It’s faster than you and faster than everyone in this copy to get all the hidden rules of the copy…”

While getting all this as soon as possible, we should quickly arrange all this, paralyze them before, and kill them by surprise now.

At the other end of the walkie talkie, Xu Miaomiao seemed to smile gently.

She said, “Xue Wan won’t want to spend that effort playing this circuitous deduction with me… Which hidden fool did he enter again?”

Top of the castle, stargazer.

Xue Wan leaned against the wall in the corner with his eyes half closed, holding a serrated long knife.

He heard the explosion and didn’t move. He just raised his eyelids and looked down at his feet – the digital light had disappeared.

Then, with a sneer, he continued to close his eyes and sleep.

The angle of sunlight rises slowly with the passage of time, the first night of the game is about to pass, and the footsteps on the aisle are becoming more and more dense – the sudden explosion of the power box almost woke everyone up, and the players began to act in advance.

Yan Wei, who can lead to all this, did not wake up.

Since entering the world inside the building, Yan Wei’s sleep is not good. He has no sense of security by nature. Instead, he is full of vigilance. If Yan Mingguang is not on his side, he has always just fallen asleep. A little wind and grass can wake him up from his sleep.

But this time, when the explosion sounded, Yan Wei just turned over uneasily in bed, closed his eyes and frowned.

He could not hear the deafening sound, but felt as if he were in a sea of blood.

It was a real sea of blood. There was a lingering smell of blood around, which made people sick and sick. There were many huge ships floating on the sea, which were rusty, with an old stale smell intertwined with the smell of blood.

There were people standing on every ship.

Yan Wei subconsciously felt that those people were also players.

He also stood on the deck of one of the ships. The sea shook against the rusty iron ship and gave a disgusting smell. The whole ship swayed badly. He leaned against the fence and looked out. The players around him seemed to look at it intentionally or unintentionally, with bad eyes.

But he didn’t care about these eyes. He just looked at these bloody colors and was really uncomfortable. He turned and returned to the boat.

He felt like he was going through all this, but he felt like a spectator.

He went back to the dark aisle in the boat. It seemed that some people came in with him. When he walked, he didn’t hesitate and walked directly in the direction of the person he was looking for.

The feeling of emptiness and reality became deeper and deeper, and his feeling became more and more real.

The person he is looking for is… Yan Mingguang.

He thought. At the end of the corridor, he saw a man leaning against the corner of the wall, slightly lowering his head and holding a cigarette in his hand. The smoke lingered around the man and added a little haziness. Yan Wei could not see his predecessors clearly in the dim light, but he still judged at a glance that this was Yan Mingguang.

He came forward almost intuitively and shouted, “Yan Mingguang!”

The man paused and looked up at him.

Yan Wei quickened his pace.

In an instant, he came to the man and saw his cold but not alienated face.

“There are about four players who have failed to cross the 99th floor in this replica. Others are not worried. As for the replica, I have guessed. I’m afraid it’s a long and tortuous replica -”

The man suddenly interrupted his words: “Yan Wei.”

Yan Wei said, “hmm?”

Yan Mingguang walked slowly in front of him.

The faint smell of smoke around the man has always been an exception to Yan Wei, who has always been a clean addict. He never rejected it. But at the moment when the man approached, he suddenly felt that the smell of smoke was pungent and the momentum of the other party was quite oppressive.

Those pure black eyes looked at him through the lens. In the depths of the eyes, Yan Wei could not capture the emotion.

It’s deep and creepy.

… Yan Wei always thinks something is wrong.

But the picture in front of him was not clear. He only saw Yan Mingguang’s face, and everything around him was vague.

The man said to him, “it’s hard.”

Yan Wei was stunned and smiled: “when was I afraid of difficulties?”

“Will die.”

“I’m never afraid of death. Besides, you’re still with me. It doesn’t matter whether I live or die. We’ll just be together.” Yan Wei said, but he was very surprised – when was he such a heart and lung?

The man didn’t feel his heart and lungs: “let’s find the downstairs passage now. It’s not too late. I’m afraid there’s something wrong with you. Let’s go.”

Yan Wei found it hard to understand: “what’s the matter with you? What are you talking about? We went upstairs… Just to break the ninety-nine story copy and completely end all this? Why did you suddenly let me give up -”

“Yan Wei.”

It was interrupted by another shout of his name.

It’s the man’s cold voice again.

But this time, the voice came from behind Yan Wei.

He subconsciously turned back and was caught off guard when he saw Yan Mingguang standing behind him and looking at him with a dignified look.

“You are not…”

Yan Wei looked back, but he saw Yan Mingguang still standing in front of him.

As soon as he breathed, he subconsciously took a step back to one side, sideways looked at the two Yan Mingguang in front of him, and suddenly felt a little confused.

Just listen to the Yan Mingguang who just appeared behind him and said, “come here, it’s not me. He’s lying to you.”

Yan Wei was about to open his mouth when the whole hull suddenly shook. The fuzzy world revolved around, and Yan Wei suddenly opened his eyes!

——It’s a dream.

Yan Wei suddenly sat up, clenched the bedding tightly with both hands and gasped. His forehead was filled with cold sweat, and his pale brown eyes were still at a loss with lingering palpitations.

It is also a dream with Yan Mingguang in a strange copy.

Was that the copy he had been to before he lost his memory? 99… It’s the copy on the 99th floor!?

Did he and Yan Mingguang encounter any danger of not distinguishing true from false before? Why are there two——

“Yan Wei.”

It was another short cry. The sound line was cold, but it was not alienated at all.

As like as two peas in a dream.

Yan Wei suddenly became excited. Subconsciously, he turned his head and saw Yan Mingguang half squatting by the bed, frowning slightly and looking at him with great concern.

Yan Wei didn’t have time to think more. He backed back a little while holding the bedside and took out a short blade from the black ring in an instant.

“– who are you?” he said, “are you a good puppet or Yan Mingguang?”

The man paused and still looked at him unprepared. His eyes flashed a trace of confusion and slight surprise. Yan Mingguang asked him, “what’s the matter with you? What happened just now?”

Yan Wei was stunned.

He slowly put down the short blade in his hand.

He always thought that for him, the difficulty of this copy lies in the struggle and identification between his own ID and good puppet. Once he figured out the joints, the ID and good puppet can be regarded as having passed the only psychological difficulty.

But after the vague but frightening dream – or memory – appeared in his mind, he realized that the psychological difficulty of this copy for him was not himself.

It’s Yan Mingguang.

He didn’t know what the dream buried in the depths of his memory symbolized the past he and Yan Mingguang had experienced, but he could feel fear from his emotional ups and downs at the moment.

Not afraid of unpredictable puppets and ghosts, not defenseless players in fear copies, or even fear of life and death.

He seems… Very, very, very afraid to admit Yan Mingguang’s mistake.


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