Half Immortal Chapter 102

Half Immortal Chapter 102: Puppet Castle (15)

The heart palpitations just now lingered around. With one hand holding the edge of the quilt and the other holding the short blade just taken out, he was still a little defensive. But Yan Wei’s muscles have relaxed, and his reason has slowly returned.

——Whether it is a good puppet or Yan Mingguang’s ID, as long as it is Yan Mingguang, it can be trusted.

He said, “I can trust you.”

Yan Mingguang said without hesitation, “you can trust me.”

The man paused and added, “as long as it’s me, did you just think of — what did you dream of?”

Yan Wei raised his eyes.

There were many footsteps outside. The fish flying boat knocked on his door and said, “Yan Wei, come out quickly. It’s dawn.”

Lin Zhen also shouted, “little pet, you won’t sleep in at this time? Come out quickly. Yan Mingguang is gone. His door is open and no one can see it.”

Nature is impossible to see. Yan Mingguang is now beside his bed, looking at him with a worried look and waiting for his answer.

He shouted, “Yan Mingguang is here. We’ll come out immediately.”

Then Yan Wei put away his short blade, lifted the quilt, got out of bed and cleaned up his look. He said to Yan Mingguang, “I had a nightmare. Yan Mingguang, I almost couldn’t distinguish between dream and reality just now. I doubt you now, because I don’t know whether it’s true or false.”

The man naturally handed him his windbreaker coat hanging at the head of the bed and said, “what nightmare?”

“It was a sea of blood. There were several ships floating on the sea, and we were in bed. I saw two of you… Like the present good puppet and ID, there was no difference. I was talking to one of you, and you kept persuading me to give up, and then suddenly… Another person appeared behind me, so I don’t believe you who advised me to give up…”

Yan Wei has calmed down at the moment, and his mind returns to reason. His previous experience overlaps with the fragment of this suspected dream, and he immediately understands the key.

The man was already walking towards the door of the room. Yan Wei raised his hand and held each other. He said, “Yan Mingguang.”


“Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Yan Mingguang obviously knows. But the man didn’t say anything just now. He didn’t want him to know at all. Yan Wei learned from Lin Qing that maybe he had told the people close to him before formatting. Even if he met him, don’t tell him everything before, but people are curious.

What’s more, it’s this complicated and confusing about itself.

He said: “before, I could pretend to be stupid. When we reached the top, everything would naturally open to the moon. But I think now I need to know something… Did we ever walk through the copy together, and there were two you in the copy? I was afraid of all this, did I… Miss it?”

He didn’t ask the reason or relationship, because he knew that maybe Yan Mingguang didn’t want to say these.

He just wanted to ask about the dream.

Outside the door, Lin Zhen quickly knocked again and urged Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang to come out. There were many footsteps outside, and even occasional screams from nowhere. Yan Wei knows that the castle doesn’t light up at night, and it’s the darkness that puppets and NPCs like in all copies. There won’t be many active players. But the light is a little bright during the day, and he destroys the power supply, so that everyone can’t see the numbers at their feet. At the moment, someone will screen puppets and players room by room to save time. They must leave quickly.

Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang. His light brown eyes reflected the figure of a man with a serious look. He said: “I hope you can seriously answer me and tell me everything you know about this picture. Because I have just had a psychological shake, I think I must be clear, otherwise it will be endless trouble for our follow-up actions.”

In the urging sound of fish flying boat and Lin Zhen, Yan Mingguang looked at him directly.

For a moment, the man’s indifferent voice sounded, “you’ll know. Don’t worry, you don’t have to shake with me.”

Yan Mingguang turned and directly took Yan Wei’s arm to the door. Then he said, “leave the room first.”

Yan Wei said no more. Yan Mingguang has never been more stupid than him, but after these copies, Yan Mingguang believes in him very much and has always followed Yan Wei’s choice, but this does not mean that Yan Mingguang does not have his own ideas.

In that case, he chose to believe Yan Mingguang’s judgment.

When the door opened, Yan Wei happened to see Lin Zhen who was going to kick the door.

Lin Zhen: ”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “go.”

He didn’t procrastinate any more. He was the first to go ahead.

There are glass windows around the castle, and the sun shines through the hazy morning fog in the jungle maze outside the castle. But there are too many and too long walkways in the castle, so that the light on the walkway is still dim. Not only does it not weaken the terrible feeling, but it brings a thick dark and treacherous feeling to the whole castle.

There was a constant rush of footsteps from the players outside, but Yan Wei didn’t see a few people when he came out.

At the moment, Yan Wei has separated from his dream and is a trustworthy person around him. Yan Wei relaxes a little and begins to explain his strategy today.

He looked around warily and said quickly, “now the ranking table has begun to move. We didn’t catch any good puppets. It must be at the bottom 0. But today, I think I want to go through the whole castle, find out all the bright and dark roads, and roughly calculate the circuit design direction of the whole castle.”

Fish flying boat: “do you want to…”

“We just destroyed the power box, not the whole castle floor. Why can’t we exchange the corresponding props, connect the circuit through the whole castle and read the number of puppets at each point separately?”

Yan Wei thought of this last night.

Display the number of puppets within a certain distance. This function is more critical in the later stage. Even in the end, you can use this number to distinguish good puppets from players. Yan Wei destroys this thing – or Yan Wei’s good puppet destroys this thing to slow down the player’s scoring speed, but he doesn’t want to use it himself.

Isn’t it a pity not to use such a good function?

“On the other hand, I must think of this after the explosion. To explore the route, we need to travel all over the castle, and in order to be efficient, the fewer players we meet, the better. If it was me, I would choose a person to start alone and lead away the people in front, and the people in the back would follow and carefully explore the terrain and the circuit trend under the floor… My good puppet is alone , he must be in front now as bait to lure away players – ”

Yan Wei stepped forward.

He looked at Yan Mingguang who stopped at his side and said, “ice, why don’t you go?”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him, raised his hand and pointed to Yan Wei’s back.

Yan Wei looked in the direction Yan Mingguang pointed. On the secluded long road, the doors of many rooms have been opened, and the not bright lights are intertwined, slightly reflecting the empty dust.

On the narrow corridor, a few meters away from him, a man with silver hair and silver framed glasses stood upright, his black pupils were deep, and his eyes fell on him faintly.

Yan Wei took a step back to Yan Mingguang beside him and was on alert all over. His hand in his windbreaker pocket curled slightly, trying to grab his never leaving coin for some security.

“… your good puppet?” he said, “fish flying boat, Lin Zhen, be careful.”

On his side, the man nodded, “well, hide behind me.”

Yan Wei is as like as two peas. Yan Mingguang’s eyebrows are wrinkled and slowly approaching. Yan Mingguang, who walked to the other side, slowly opened his mouth. The cold sound line penetrated the dust, as if from the hazy: “Yan Wei, come here, it’s not me. He’s lying to you.”

The same voice, the same words, almost narrow and dark walkways.

Yan Mingguang’s voice bit by bit swung into Yan Wei’s ears. He only felt that his heart stopped suddenly for a moment. At this moment, the movement from other parts of the castle seemed to disappear. His side was empty, and the fish flying boat and Lin Zhen suddenly disappeared.

Only Yan Mingguang around me and Yan Mingguang not far away.

His complexion remained unchanged, but his light brown eyes became more and more heavy. His hand hidden in his pocket moved slightly, and the tip of his thumb and finger slipped over the black ring. The next moment, a small dagger appeared in his pocket. He held it tightly and looked at Yan Mingguang on his side.

“You step back,” the man on his side just said, “I’ll deal with him.”

This is Yan Mingguang’s style. I don’t explain or say much.

Yan Wei took a deep breath and slowly took out the short blade.

He stepped back toward the other side, his eyebrows drooping slightly, and his eyelashes trembling slightly. He said word by word: “who you say is false, who is false? I have my own judgment – who can tell me why I recognize the wrong person in the 99 story sea of blood copy, I will believe who.”

There was a moment of silence.

Yan Mingguang on the other side of the aisle took the lead in saying, “what are you talking about?”

“The copy in your dream? You just saw two me,” said Yan Mingguang in front of you. “Where did you admit your mistake?”

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows.

Holding the dagger in his hand tightly, he still smiled and said: “Don’t you think there are any questions in your answer? These are the answers in my cognition. I did the dream, and I saw the two scenes of Yan Mingguang in the dream, so if I asked Yan Mingguang, I would subconsciously imagine Yan Mingguang’s answer. Either I pretended not to know what I was talking about, or I couldn’t answer anything – because your answer is According to my cognition, I only know that I saw two Yan Mingguang in my dream. I don’t know what will happen next. Even if I say ‘recognize the wrong person’, it’s just my speculation. ”

“I don’t know. Your answers based on my cognition naturally can’t have new information.”

Yan Wei slowly raised his hand holding the short blade.

But the short blade is not aimed at Yan Mingguang in front of him, nor at Yan Mingguang at the other end of the aisle, but at his own heart.

“The dream is the most mysterious thing in the human brain. It is constructed based on all the knowledge of the person in the dream. It appears when the person in the dream is most defenseless. Most of them have the premise that the person in the dream cannot realize that the world is false. When every plot in the dream occurs, even if there are many unusual things around, the person in the dream will not realize that his world is false.”

“For example, there should be two fish flying boats that appear together instead of only one. For example, the swallow coin I carry suddenly can’t be touched. For example, now we’ve been talking for so long and it’s still so quiet around.”

“But once I recognize that I am beyond the dream, these unusual things will become ordinary. In fact, this state is easy to break. That is, what I just said, everyone’s dream can only be based on all the cognitive structures they currently have. Everything is reconstructed or reproduced by the information my brain has obtained.”

Yan Mingguang can answer what he wants to know.

But Yan Mingguang in the dream can’t, because the dream is his subconscious structure. What he doesn’t know, everyone in the dream doesn’t know.

Yan Wei took a deep breath and made a sudden effort in his hand. In two surprised expressions of Yan Mingguang, he did not hesitate to stab the short blade into his heart.

——Yan Wei suddenly opened his eyes.

Sure enough, it was a dream again.

Surrounded by the same single room on the second floor of the castle.

He sat up abruptly, his hands clutching the bedding tightly and gasping for breath. His forehead was filled with cold sweat, and his pale brown eyes were still at a loss with lingering palpitations.

At least I woke up completely.

Yan Wei breathed a sigh of relief and was about to wipe his sweat. He got up quickly. Yan Mingguang suddenly sounded on his side. He was quite cold but wrapped in a worried voice: “Yan Wei.”

Yan Wei suddenly turned his head and saw Yan Mingguang standing by the bed looking at him.

“What’s the matter with you?”


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