Half Immortal Chapter 103

Half Immortal Chapter 103: Puppet Castle (16) “what are you doing?”

Yan Wei didn’t move this time.

He neither answered Yan Mingguang’s words like the first time, nor took out a short blade to defend himself like the second time. He just turned his head and looked at the man beside him quietly.

He was sitting on a single bed in the guest room, which was still the same as every room in the castle. The ancient bronze mirror on the wall reflected their vague figure. He sat tight on the bed and Yan Mingguang sat by the bed. His room is still a little messy – it was kicked over when he was chased by evil puppets.

The door was open. Lin Zhen and two fish flying boats stood at the door and looked at him.

Lin Zhen directly and loudly patted the open door and said, “Hey, hey, another bomb you buried has exploded. How did you wake up? Are you a pig?”

Two fish flying boats said at the same time at the door, “don’t swear like this.”

Lin Zhen hissed.

Yan Mingguang frowned slightly and looked at him. Seeing that Yan Wei didn’t speak, the man didn’t ask much. He just stood up, picked up the windbreaker coat hanging at the head of the bed, handed it to Yan Wei and said, “go first. There must be players starting to catch people in the room.”

This same action as like as two peas in a dream, made Yan look very worried.

When the first dream happened, he could completely sink into the dream and pull it out with the awakening of consciousness. When he found himself in a dream for the second time, he could clearly distinguish that the world was formed according to his self-conscious response.

But the third time, when he saw the familiar movements of the other party, he subconsciously produced a trance that could not distinguish reality from dream.

But Yan Wei now understood.

The sea of blood floating with several iron ships was just the deepest layer in his dream. But he didn’t wake up immediately after waking up in that layer of dream. This copy originally has two true and false players. His dream just hit this point, which makes him shake not only in dream and reality, but also in true and false Yan Mingguang.

These truths and counterfeits are mixed together, and the consciousness can easily enter the fuzziness that can not be identified by itself, constantly doubt and struggle, and finally can not distinguish whether he is in a dream and whether he sees the real Yan Mingguang.

I’m afraid this is also part of the copy.

When I first entered the copy, it was mentioned in the words introducing the background – “he is uncertain. He will entertain the guests up the mountain and suddenly kill them.”

When the puppet appeared, Yan Wei thought that the man in black didn’t seem to have a plan to kill the player. Only the evil puppet and the player himself would kill the player. What’s the matter with the so-called “sudden killing”?

Now… This “sudden” means that people in the castle will fall into uncontrollable dreams at random.

Dreams may be people’s deepest vision, but they may also be the deepest fear.

Desire and fear are just the two emotions that people can’t extricate themselves from.

This copy is the torture and test of human nature, psychology and will from beginning to end. It not only makes players unable to distinguish themselves, but also arranges the influence of this spiritual level. To get rid of these effects, other players can’t help at all. They must find a clear lever by themselves.

He can suddenly rely on the state of immortality and use suicide to verify whether it is a dream or reality when he can’t find any flaws, but this method actually has a fatal disadvantage. That is, dreams are false. In fact, the passage of time and immortality he saw in his dreams may not be true. Half immortality is also an element of his cognition, which can not become a lever to break the world composed of his cognition.

At present, Yan Mingguang’s hand holding out his windbreaker moved forward again, motioning him to put on his coat and leave.

Yan Wei didn’t move.

He blinked, his eyelashes trembled, and a trace of disdain flashed in his light brown eyes.

He looked around with a quiet look.

For a moment, he smiled and closed his eyes slowly. All the pictures around him disappeared at this moment. When he closed his eyes, there was only darkness in front of him.

He said word by word: “… This copy, these designs, each link has caught the weakness I have because I lost my memory. Are you aiming at me -”


No answer.

Nothing happened.

Yan Wei naturally doesn’t expect any answer.

He hooked his mouth: “Do you know that it’s better to go too far than to go too far?” you also have your own operating rules. Otherwise, you would have killed me directly. You don’t need to borrow these. Since the rules exist, the distinction between ID and other me, dream and reality in this copy may be encountered by every player. You increase my difficulty and others’ difficulty ——But if I solve this problem, the difficulty of this copy will be reduced for me because my opponent is weaker. ”

His expression became more and more relaxed, and he had no previous negative emotions.

“Also – one or two layers of dreams will make me confused, but there are too many ‘you’, so much that I get used to it.”

And find a central axis that can break his cognition. Take this central axis of consciousness as the boundary and compare it with other things in the world to break this situation.

Dreams are his consciousness. All objects and people in the world can only be based on what he has experienced, known and seen. However, most people will not feel anything different when they dream because they are built by their own consciousness.

What Yan Wei has to do is to find a thing that runs counter to his consciousness and can be reused. It won’t happen to his brain because he uses it once and the next time.

He slowly opened his eyes.

All the thinking was just a moment, and everything around me was just like that.

He looked up at Yan Mingguang.

“Yan Mingguang,” he said, “come closer to me.”

The person in front of him was slightly stunned, but he didn’t ask him anything. He just put down Yan Wei’s windbreaker and coat in Lin Zhen’s urging voice, and sat down next to Yan Wei again.

Yan Wei moved towards Yan Mingguang.

At the moment, the two of them are very close. Yan Wei can still feel the taste of each other like green pines and the warm breath of this person. Both dream and reality are completely different from Yan Mingguang’s coldness on the surface.

Yan Wei calmed his mood, looked at the corners of Yan Mingguang’s mouth, took a deep breath, and looked at Yan Mingguang again.

Then, he closed his eyes, rushed forward and kissed Yan Mingguang on the corner of his mouth like a dragonfly.

The kiss that appeared in the memory clip in the dream came out of his mind and stirred in his mind like a whirl. The hot water that haunted his side seemed to come out of his memory. Yan Wei only felt that his whole body was burning, his cheeks were stuffy, and his hair began to fill with water.

As if he were in hot water.

——It was the colossal manifestation of his consciousness.

This layer is still a dream.

Even so, he didn’t dare to open his eyes, his eyes closed tightly, and his hands couldn’t help clutching the edge of the quilt. The man in front of him seemed to have no reaction, no voice or action.

This is the most effective central axis he can think of.

The feeling between him and Yan Mingguang has always been unclear. He thinks Yan Mingguang knows a lot of things and knows that he has forgotten a lot of things. He only remembers the kiss in the hot water. Before entering the copy, Yan Mingguang thought he was pretending to sleep and kissed the corner of his eye.

However, Yan Wei has never been in love since his memory, and has never been ready to entrust his feelings to others. He has always had an attitude of not wanting to do this. Therefore, there has always been a cognitive deviation between him and Yan Mingguang.

In his consciousness, there was a blank about Yan Mingguang’s attitude towards the relationship between them.

This was Yan Mingguang’s reaction to the fact that he realized that the world could not be constructed.

Of course, he can repeat the previous round of actions again, go out first, go out with these “Lin Zhen”, “fish flying boat” and “Yan Mingguang” in front of him, and then look for other things beyond his consciousness, but it takes too much time. The longer he is living in the nightmare, the easier it is to disperse the Qingming in his heart.

Suicide is the same. Repeated suicides can easily make him wonder whether he will kill himself or not.

Only pro Yan Mingguang will make him think of those two lingering pictures, which are beyond his control of reason, consciousness and logic, and are the giant images of consciousness no matter how many times.

At ordinary times, this is basically an obstacle to disturb the mind. But in this copy problem, it has become the central axis that Yan Wei can use.

This is the quickest and least effective way to affect his mood.

This copy wants to keep him, but he has to break this puzzle in the fastest and most labor-saving way!

Except a little

Yan Wei felt his cheeks hot and dry.

The next moment, Yan Wei suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from the bed. Yan Mingguang, who was still asking him what was going on, was still surrounded by some messy guest rooms. Outside the guest rooms, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou were still urging him

Yan Wei raised his eyes and looked at Yan Mingguang in front of him. He quickly made another psychological construction. He got up and kissed the corner of the man’s mouth.

The hot temperature came from his lips, and there was another burst of hot water around him. Yan Wei suddenly woke up again


Yan Wei doesn’t know how many times he repeated it.

In fact, it wasn’t much, but he was confused. On the one hand, he was rational and calm, telling him that there was a false Yan Mingguang in front of him, and on the other hand, his restless mood fluctuated.

many a time.

Suddenly, the moment his lips touched the corners of the man’s mouth, he felt that the person in front seemed to breathe faster for a moment.

Before Yan Wei could open his eyes, he felt Yan Mingguang grasp his wrist with one hand, press his shoulder with the other hand, and suddenly press him back to bed.

He heard Yan Mingguang’s voice moisten with a shortness and low voice that had never been before: “what are you doing?”


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