Half Immortal Chapter 104

Half Immortal Chapter 104: Puppet Castle (17)

I haven’t experienced the instant blank again and again, nor the imaged hot water and warmth in my dream. Everything around has not changed. The sound of Lin Zhen and fish flying boats coming from outside, mixed with the noise of players’ actions all over the castle, together with the temperature from Yan Mingguang holding his wrist, can no longer be true.

——So this is Yan Mingguang’s reaction.

There was a prompt sound in his mind, telling him that he had won a full 240 perception and 200 body index reward for breaking the dream problem of the puppet castle.

Under the gift of perception, Yan Wei’s perception of his surroundings became more and more clear.

He opened his eyes.

Yan Mingguang’s face was close at hand.

The man seemed to grasp his hand with a little force, much stronger than usual, and with a slight tremor of control.

Yan Wei was still in a desperate mood in his dream. He thought of Yan Mingguang’s problem just now. He didn’t know which nerve turned in his mind. He blurted out in a low voice: “… It seems that he is kissing you?”

Then Yan Wei regretted soberly.

He swallowed.

Reality and dream have been confused for several times. Yan Wei’s whole consciousness is still quite chaotic. At this moment, he completely stepped out. At this moment, his seven turn and eight turn Reflection Arc finally returned to the origin, and the whole person burned.

Under the urgency of breaking the situation just now, these emotions were suppressed. At the moment, Yan Mingguang is right in front of him. Yan Wei is completely flustered.

He suddenly pushed Yan Mingguang’s hands away, jumped out of bed quickly, put the windbreaker on his body, and said: “… I was living in a dream. I was just dreaming. Go first.”

“I have a plan today. We must hurry. My good puppet should start acting.”

Before Yan Wei reached the door, the people behind him suddenly pulled him.

He had walked fast. With such a pull, Yan Wei took a step back by the inertia belt and was easily pulled to Yan Mingguang.

The other party looked down at him. The lens slightly reflected the light and covered the eyes of Xu Yan Mingguang. Yan Wei could only see the black eyes that couldn’t forget the bottom, looking at him directly, but he couldn’t see any emotion. Yan Mingguang did nothing else, just took him and didn’t speak.

Yan Wei’s palms were slightly wet with sweat. He was afraid that Yan Mingguang would notice his discomfort, so he quickly raised his hand and put Yan Mingguang’s hand away. Just as he was about to open his mouth, Yan Mingguang first said to him, “what did you dream of?”

Yan Wei suddenly got stuck.

He couldn’t say that it was because he used kissing Yan Mingguang as the central axis to get rid of the nightmare. As a result, he kissed himself all the way to the Buddha. So he just casually dreamed and attributed all this to the actions triggered by dreams.

But when Yan Mingguang asked, he found out what was wrong – what kind of dream did he have to have to wake up? What he clearly did was just a dream in the copy. He just broke the game by kissing Yan Mingguang. But when Yan Mingguang asked, he found out how his words would be misinterpreted in other people’s ears.

He was trying to avoid the important, but he couldn’t say it clearly.

Yan Wei: ”

Fortunately, Lin Zhen’s impatience broke his dilemma at the next moment.

A huge kick sounded, and Yan Wei’s door kicked Lin Zhen badly.

Lin Zhen stood in front of the door with his hands in his arms and said, “can’t you go? I just heard that there are more than 40 layers of seed players catching ‘prey’ hiding in the room. If you don’t go, I’ll be happy and can fight head-on.”

“In fact, it didn’t take long,” Yu Feizhou shook his head helplessly. “Yan Mingguang only entered the door for a few minutes. It also takes time for Yan Wei to get up. It’s OK to wait one more minute.”

Another fish flying boat said, “even if people come, it doesn’t matter. We’re still there. We can fight.”

All the explanations Yan Wei wanted to say were kicked out by Lin Zhen.

He just glanced at each other with Yan Mingguang, one dodging and awkward, the other deep and silent.

Yan Wei turned around and walked out of the room quickly.

Now he can be sure that he wakes up and knows that they are still in the copy. The first night of the game has passed. Now breaking the game and trying to win the game are the most important.

Behind him, Yan Mingguang also quickly followed up. Lin Zhen and two fish flying boats walked on their front and rear feet, and several people looked around. Yan Wei took a step and dispersed his newly improved perception.

For a moment, he chose a way that felt the least: “go here.”

Lin Zhen: “is there any clue here?”

“No, I just think there are few people.”

“Why don’t you go when there are few people? Wait a minute, isn’t our copy just to catch people?”

Yan Wei didn’t look back and smiled: “if we catch people blindly, do we have the force to kill everyone, or do we have the way to catch all players? If not, simply compare speed, what can we do?”

Lin Zhen was stunned.

“We don’t,” said Yan Wei, “but we can.”

They had quickly reached the corner of the castle, where few people lived, and the guest rooms were already empty.

Yan Wei stopped, looked down at his feet and squatted directly at the foot of a wall.

The next moment, Yan Mingguang also stepped forward, squatted down at him and stopped him. The man said, “look for structure… I’ll be a little. I’ll come.”

Yan Wei blinked.

He coughed, looked away uneasily, stood up slowly and said, “I’ll give it to you here, and I’ll go to another place to dig it up.”

Lin Zhen glanced at Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei. He turned his long bow and said, “no, what are you doing? Don’t you fight? Don’t you catch people?”

Yan Wei had already exchanged the props. Without saying a word, he immediately hit a hole on the ground. On the other side, Yan Mingguang did the same thing.

Lin Zhen: ”

One of the fish flying boats smiled and said, “they are trying to use this floor to display puppet numbers. Although the power box is destroyed, it is just that the numbers can not be displayed. The internal structure of the whole castle floor is intact. If we can make use of it, we will have an absolute advantage if we can read the numbers and make others invisible.”

Another then said, “it’s useless to take one point at a time in the early stage. It’s just a feast for scoring in the later stage. Instead of spending time on scattered players in the early stage, it’s better to find a way to stay until the later stage to deal with those tough and cruel opponents.”

“Then we’ll stay here? In case someone doesn’t come, we’ll see it.”

“No one will come. Yan Wei and another one are cooperating with each other through deduction. Since Yan Wei is here, it means that another one is attracting other players in this area.”

Not far away.

As like as two peas in danger, the young man looked at the game player who was not far away and smiled.

He took out his dagger and cut several knives on the cloth wrapped around his arm. He cut the clothes, but he didn’t cut the flesh.

The next moment, he put away the blade. His originally flexible eyes lost focus in an instant, and his face disappeared in an instant, leaving only numbness and indifference without emotion. He not only didn’t hide from the players, but just walked on the aisle with a wooden face, eyes laxly looking ahead.

Someone found the appearance of “Yan Wei” and said, “there’s someone there!”

“Is this… Evil puppet?”


“How do you want to go? Don’t you continue to look for the hidden waste?” the other person was not happy.

The man picked him up and left, saying: “This is an evil puppet. Didn’t you find that his arm was cut by a knife but there was no blood? Only the evil puppet has no blood and no reason! The evil puppet will take the initiative to attack the player. Now that he has swam there, there is no one there. The evil puppet has no points. Why do we waste time with an evil puppet? Hurry to the next place, or the waste will be caught by others It’s hard for us to score again. ”

“OK,” the other gritted his teeth, “let’s go.”

“Yan Wei” is still swaggering, but those players have turned their direction and walked in the opposite direction of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang.

At the other end, Yan Wei has seen part of the structure under the floor.

Yan Mingguang got up, turned his head to Yan Wei and said clearly, “it’s interconnected. There are complete circuits under the floor of the whole castle. When you turn on the power, you can run all at the same time to display the numbers. There should be some structures related to the puppet, but we don’t need to understand, we just need to connect.”

Yan Wei’s eyes flashed a moment of surprise.

He didn’t expect Yan Mingguang to know so much about this. Yan Mingguang has never been silent about these copies they have passed. Now he wants to come… I’m afraid there are many strengths that haven’t been shown at all.

“I’ve seen it too,” he said. “I don’t understand the structure as well as you do. I’m mainly looking at how to get this information. I just tried with my perception. Perception can replace the power supply. But it’s too small. I can’t afford it just after it is connected. I can’t connect the underground line of the whole castle to provide operating energy.”



Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang spoke at the same time.

“But what?” Lin Zhen asked.

Yan Wei said, “but I don’t have to connect the underground lines of the whole castle at the same time. Although they can connect together, I can only connect the one under my own feet. As long as we sell a prop that can control the switch and block the power supply in every corner of the castle within a fixed range.”

Yan Wei bent down, wrapped his hand with a paper towel, then picked up a piece of gravel on the ground that broke when hitting the ground, and drew a square picture on the ground with a sharp corner of the gravel.

“You see, suppose there are only four corners of the castle, and I left props to block the power supply in these four corners. When I was in the upper right corner…” Yan Wei circled the other triangle and finally clicked on the upper right corner. “I turned on the switches to block the power supply in the other three places, and then connected the one under my feet alone.”

The fish flying boat brightened up: “your consumption is small, but it’s enough for you – because what we want is the number under our feet. We don’t need to be the same as the design of this copy, so that everyone can see it. You just need to see your feet when you want to see it. But this method… Requires us to go all over the puppet castle.”

Then hide the power blocking props in each passing area. When you want to use them later, turn on the blocking function of all props and turn off the of their area separately. In this way, Yan Wei can use perception instead of huge power as energy to temporarily maintain the operation of the piece under his feet, so as to read the puppet numbers. This may be a chicken rib in the early stage, but in the later stage When the density of players becomes less and others can’t determine the number of puppets, they basically have a great advantage.

It not only slowed down the hunting speed of others, but also brought them outstanding advantages.

The only problem is that you need to go everywhere in the castle.

“So we may need to spend here the first two days, and our score will always be zero.” Yan Wei said seriously, “we are teammates, and I respect your ideas. If you don’t want to take risks -”

Lin Zhen yawned: “you’re so annoying.”

Yan Wei uttered a word and smiled: “then start.”

He said, having slipped his fingertips over the black ring, he exchanged a white stone from the mall on the information panel.

“This is a high-level false stone that can be exchanged for high-level copies?” the fish flying boat finally didn’t understand this time. “It can simulate anything for a day, but it can’t simulate the function. It can only be used to see.”

Yan Wei turned the false stone into a prop blocking the power supply, went to the side of the big vase and hid the prop turned from the false stone.

He said: “Do you remember the deliberately delayed explosion last night? Another player and I used this to confuse the players with the same progress and successfully destroyed their help, but now they are vigilant – they know that there is a team faster than them in this castle. Therefore, they can think of what we think now. Since they want it, they can think of it We can also think of it. ”

“I have already said that this copy is a psychological warfare and a stage for deduction.”

After Yan Wei hid the prop and repaired the ground with the prop, he turned around, pointed in a direction and said, “let’s start from this road.”

About twenty minutes later.

As like as two peas in a black stick and a black card in the other hand, the woman took several game player to the place where the dangerous princess had come.

When they came to a large vase, one of them suddenly stopped, raised his hand and took out a prop from the inside of the vase.

“This is a prop to block the energy related to electricity,” Xu Miaomiao said.

“You guessed right. The person who left props in the power box earlier than you began to use the function of reading the number of puppets in the castle.”

Xu Miaomiao raised her eyebrows and eyes and smiled faintly: “it’s a pity.”

She raised her hand, directly crushed the prop, took out the power blocking prop she exchanged, and put it into the place where Yan Wei had just hidden things.

“Since he wants to move around the castle, we will follow their path and harvest their fruits.”

More than ten minutes later.

“Yan Wei” walked all the way to the big vase along the traces left by Yan Wei.

He looked at the obvious repaired traces on the ground and looked around. His perception spread and felt every place around him.

Suddenly, Yan Wei’s eyes rested on the vase.

He went to the vase, raised his hand and took out the props that Xu Miaomiao had just left from the vase. His amber eyes flashed thoughtfully, his eyebrows and eyes frowned slightly, and his eyes were restrained.

After a while, “Yan Wei” smiled.

“… so it is.”

He directly put the props left by Xu Miaomiao into his black ring, exchanged the invitation for new props to block electric energy, and stuffed them into the big vase.


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