Half Immortal Chapter 105

Half Immortal Chapter 105: Puppet Castle (18) Lin Zhen

At this time, the ranking table that can be seen on each player information panel has begun to change greatly.

Different from the occasional changes in the middle of the night, there will be extra points in the current ranking table. In addition to Xue Wan, who doesn’t know why his score is the best, Xu Miaomiao’s steadily rising score is the second. From the third place, the score of the organization is different from the first and second place. But after the third place, each organization bites very tight, and the ranking changes from time to time.

Yan Wei gently clicked the black ring with his fingertips, and his mind flashed, and the latest ranking table appeared in front of him.

First place, Qi Xing, Xue Wan,…, 21 points.

The second place, the other shore flower, Xu Miaomiao,…, 16 points.

Third place,…, 8 points.

Fourth, unorganized,…, 8 points.

Fifth,… Seven points.


37th place, Xuanniao, yufeizhou, Lin Zhen, Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei, 0 point.

Thirty eighth,…, 0 points.


The 60th… Died.


Yan Wei first glanced down at the current competition, then looked up again and looked at the fourth place.

Unorganized… This is followed by a very long section of people’s names, which is obviously what Lou said. Unorganized players dragged into this copy for various reasons. Because this is originally a competitive copy between organizations, and the scores are calculated by the organization as a unit. These players are almost all low-level players in their twenties, so the copy directly counts them as a new organization, and everyone’s scattered scores will be included.

But at the beginning, no one, including Yan Wei, would take these people into account. Because they were not the players who took the initiative to enter this copy, but the gambling house failed and was dragged in. From the moment when the rules of the replica are clear, the players who take the initiative to participate in the competitive replica know that these people are just victims thrown in the building in order to provide more puppets.

But now, the total score of this group is as high as fourth. And this fourth is tied with another organization that got 8 points earlier. It can be said that they have the highest score in addition to Qixing and Bian flower.

“… interesting,” Yan Wei blinked with clear eyes. “It seems that there are also noteworthy players in this group.”

He closed the information panel and exchanged a false stone. He turned the false stone into a blocker and hid it behind a mirror on the wall.

Lin Zhen took a pen and paper, whistled and drew down the road he had just walked. One of the corners of the paper he was holding was covered with routes. He perfected the road he had just walked into the structural map of the castle and said, “you have hidden all the fake props. We didn’t get anything except this topographic map.”

“Our blocker has been hidden where we passed.”


“Didn’t I just say that after the explosion this morning, players with similar progress as us should have been alert to us – they won’t make the same mistake again. In that case, they also expected that the next step after we destroyed the power box is to use the line on the castle floor to read the puppet value alone.”

After Yan Wei put the blocker in place, he copied his pocket with both hands, felt the situation ahead with his perception, and first chose a still very remote road.

He then said, “if it were you, you guessed that I would lay blockers all over the castle to control the number of local reading puppets. What would you do?”

Before Lin Zhen opened his mouth, the two fish flying boats said in unison: “look for the traces of your passing, destroy the blocker we put, and replace it with theirs. This can paralyze us and make us think we have succeeded, but it is them who can read the value at that time.”

Yan Wei said with a smile, “that’s right. So if someone can make the same progress as me, I have to admit that they are an opponent worthy of serious treatment, so I want to have a holiday first. Let these players who want to catch cicadas with Mantis destroy the fake and replace it with theirs.”

“On the other hand, I can certainly think of this. He will also follow the traces of our actions. If he sees a real blocker and bypasses this layer of logic, he can also guess that there are at least two groups of people in front of him, one group of us and the other group of players who replace the real blocker behind us. Then he can certainly think of what happened before and control it by another group of players Take away the blocker and replace it with a real blocker that we can control. ”

Lin Zhen: “are you so sure that at least a group of people will do this?”

“I have a lot of confidence, but I can’t confirm it. After all, I can’t be completely sure what the players in the game will think. But as long as it’s possible, I have to do so. It doesn’t matter if I do it at one stroke – I can think of this when I see the fake blocker, so as to make the fake blocker I left come true.”

“No matter whether there are players who catch cicadas with Mantis or not, we are all yellow finches, and the results are the same.”

Yan Wei puts down a fake blocker again.

But this time, he stopped a little, looked at the road ahead, and frowned.

Yan Mingguang said behind him, “we may have to separate.”

Yan Wei nodded: “we’ve finished this most remote part. Next… My perception radiates. The density of players is high and we can’t avoid people. We score two teams. Several people go to the front to open the way, distract people or… Catch people, and the rest continue to have a holiday blocker. But the speed of opening the way in front must be fast, otherwise…”

Otherwise, if his guess really happens, there is someone behind them… If they delay for more than ten minutes, they are easy to collide directly with the people behind them. At that time, there will be a group of players who have not been led away in front, and there will be enough players in the rear to conduct psychological warfare with him. Their situation will become very passive.

Yan Wei must be responsible for hiding the fake blocker.

The blocker can’t be hidden. It can’t be found at all, and it can’t be hidden. It’s obvious to let others notice his intention. Only he can release it himself can achieve the effect.

The person who opens the way in front must be fast

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen, and immediately said, “Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen, you go ahead and leave one of the fish flying boats with me just in case. We use intercom props to contact and respond to accidents at any time. We don’t have to worry too much. Few players can have the same two selves as us.” Most people are as like as two peas in the same mind. They are the instincts of human being afraid of being replaced.

Yan Mingguang glanced at him.

The other party didn’t speak, just nodded and looked at him as if he had seen through his thoughts.

Yan Wei and the man looked up and blinked quickly. A trace of guilt flashed in his eyes. He is really afraid to be alone with Yan Mingguang now. He is worried that this man will ask questions he can’t answer.

“What are you looking at? Then let’s go first,” Lin Zhen turned around, paused, and turned back. “Don’t say I didn’t ask. What are you going to do when you encounter people who want to entangle with us? I’m not so kind. If anyone stops me, I’ll give them to the meat grinder.”

He said with a smile. His tone was casual and his words were cold. Looking back at Yan Wei, his eyes were quite exploratory. It was obvious that he was waiting for Yan Wei’s opinions.

Yan Wei just said, “then catch it.”

Yan Mingguang’s expression remained unchanged, but the fish flying boat stole a surprised look.

“Isn’t it strange? I’m not compassionate. If people offend me, I’ll be a prisoner. Since they all block us, what morality do we talk about?” Yan Wei said while carefully feeling the situation of the several roads ahead with his perception, “but don’t send them to the stargazing platform first. If we really need to divide… Don’t be kind.”

“Don’t you send it directly to the stargazer to get points?”

“The observatory must be guarded.”

Yan Wei pointed out a way: “go here first.”

“All right, then contact the props.”

Lin Zhen finished and took the lead in walking that way. The two fish flying boats looked at each other and chose one to keep up. Yan Mingguang didn’t procrastinate. The figure of the three disappeared in front of Yan Wei for a moment, leaving only a fish flying boat on Yan Wei’s side.

Xu Miaomiao destroyed the “blocker” hidden by Yan Wei and replaced it with theirs along the traces left by Yan Wei.

After finding a way, she paused and said to her teammates, “I see these traces… They first went to remote places and took the lead in avoiding crowded places. It seems that although this team has strong deduction ability, its force is not high, so we don’t need so many people to spend with them. I put a blocker here –”

Another Xu Miaomiao then said, “I’ll draw the topographic map of the castle. Go and catch the prey and score. It’s a shame to be slower than Xue Wan, a madman.”

Yan Wei hid a fake blocker again. Lin Zhen’s casual voice came from the intercom prop in his ear: “ah, I caught another one. Why do you like to fight with me – Yan Mingguang looks bad, but he has a good temper. Hey, little pet, when will we send these captured wastes to the meat grinder? We’ve been hanging for too long.”

At the same time, there seems to be a player’s scream in the background.

Yan Wei didn’t care about him. He just said, “you’re noisy.”


Yan Wei: ”

“Go to the leftmost Road,” this time Yan Mingguang’s indifferent voice, “we’ve cleared the road.”

Yan Wei gave a “um”.

“Fish flying boat,” he said, “did you look at the table?”

“What’s the matter?”

“I was wondering who would be in this replica if someone could keep pace with me. I lifted the building too fast. Since I entered the building, I have been preparing replicas and experienced replicas. I don’t know much about the players in the building. You and Lin Zhen know better. In the ranking table, which of the top three is good at nonviolent breaking?”

“You mean, if someone follows us, it must be in the first three?”

“It must be in the first three, because the player organization that wants the mantis to catch the cicada and the Yellow finches behind and does not reject the fighting rules can never get no points last night, and they must get more points if they want to get them.”

The fish flying boat thought for a moment and said, “I think you may be right.”


“The second player, the other shore flower, whose name ranks first, is a female player with strong perception. Her style… Fully conforms to your estimation of the behavior style of possible opponents.”

“You don’t look very good.”

“Because I’ve heard his name, and I heard it from Lin Qing’s mouth.”

Yan Wei was stunned: “Lin Qing? Isn’t Lin Qing breaking more than 90 books?”

“Yes, it’s about ninety.”

Yu Feizhou and Yan Wei walked forward quickly, opened the ranking table at the same time, pointed to the second name and said: “This person, her code name is wizard. The wizard Xu Miaomiao, the player most cultivated by the other shore flower, is armed with a wizard’s staff and a puppet card. This is the prop that the other shore flower directly brings Xu Miaomiao on the 40th floor into the 90th floor. The gift of the 90th floor, even the numerical reward given by the first small branch line, is enough to surpass all the accumulation of the players on the 40th and 50th floors. The other shore flower uses this The method helped Xu Miaomiao brush the advanced props and body data beyond dozens of floors, and then paid a great price. Before the copy passed the customs, Xu Miaomiao found a downstairs passage for Xu Miaomiao – so Xu Miaomiao would not be a downstairs player. ”

“She’s tricky.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows. He doesn’t care how many floors Xu Miaomiao has been to – anyway, he knows he is a new player. Can Xu Miaomiao be as high as he has been?

He cares about another point: “puppet card?”

“Her skills and auxiliary props are puppetry, which fits perfectly with this copy…”

Yan Wei was about to ask. The sound of another fish flying boat came from the intercom props. The same voice was as like as two peas in a fish boat.

“Yan Wei! Don’t come here first. Find a place where there are few people! There’s an accident here…”

“What’s the matter?”

“Lin Zhen is fighting with another player. There are players from other organizations here. It’s a mess now. We may not be able to spare energy to protect you. Yan Mingguang and I will solve Lin Zhen’s problem first and then – Lin Zhen!!!”

Even across the walkie talkie, Yan Wei was almost broken by the sudden cry of fish flying boat.

Before he asked what was the matter, the voices of other players in the background let Yan Wei know everything. Those people seemed to be the other players mentioned by the fish flying boat. They were far away, and their words seemed to be self exclamation. Through their intercom props, they passed from Yan Mingguang’s side of the fish flying boat to Yan Wei’s ears, vaguely.

Yan Wei concentrated and concentrated all his perception on his hearing. It took a lot of effort to hear a few words clearly.

Then he looked at him and his amber pupils trembled.

The fish flying boat on his side was not as perceptive as him. He didn’t hear it clearly. He was confused and said, “what happened? What happened to Lin Zhen? Did you hear it clearly?”

Yan Wei nodded slowly.

“They said…”

“What did they say?”

“They said Lin Zhen killed another himself.”


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