Half Immortal Chapter 106

Half Immortal Chapter 106: Puppet Castle (19)

The fish flying boat was stunned on the spot.

Even when Yan Wei heard the voice over there, he felt for a moment whether he had heard it wrong.

They have been in this copy for a day, which can be regarded as enough time for players to adapt except for the long copy. The ID and the puppet are indistinguishable from each other and cannot defeat each other. This is the default rule that Yan Wei and all the players alive in this copy fully adapt to.

At the end of the day, they see a lot of players fighting with themselves.

Whether it is fish flying boat or Yan Wei, they have tried to distinguish and defeat themselves – obviously not.

But now, one Lin Zhen actually killed another Lin Zhen?

Yan Wei was stunned for a moment. The fish flying boat had reacted and walked quickly towards Yan Mingguang and their direction. Yan Wei glanced at the rear. Although his mind was full of thoughts, his steps had suddenly stopped.

It is very likely that there is Xu Miaomiao said by the fish flying boat behind, and the things in front of them have not been solved. If they collide directly with Xu Miaomiao at that time, the gain is not worth the loss. At that time, not only his plan to bury the blocker may fail, but also Lin Zhen’s problem can not be solved. They will be attacked from both sides.


He turned back, took out the moon wheel, and drew a complete barrier in the space behind him. After this action, Yan Wei’s forehead was filled with cold sweat. Such a large area of cutting, I’m afraid it will be maintained for a period of time. He will certainly consume a lot and make his opponents wary of the moon wheel.

But there is no other choice. First block the possible players behind him for a period of time, and then wait until he knows how Lin Zhen can be there.

When the barrier was completed, Yan Wei wiped the sweat on his forehead and hurried to catch up with the fish flying boat.

Gambling area, in front of the puppet Castle copy projection.

Compared with only a few noteworthy corners last night, when the day comes and the players come out for activities, all projection angles become wonderful.

Hundreds of players of different levels, in this huge castle, seem to fall into Shura hell.

In yuemang’s team, Zhao Jingchen looked at the perspective of the star viewing platform and gritted his teeth and said, “are they fools? Can’t you guess that someone on the star viewing platform is waiting for a rabbit? Just take so many points to send food to Xue Wan. Now it’s OK. If they’re all dead, they directly send Qixing the first of the breaking layer! This is the seed you cultivate?”

On his side, several other high-level players of yuemang are trembling and dare not speak.

On the ranking table above the projection, the player names of yuemang have all turned gray, and the position of points has been replaced with the word “death”.

But the total annihilation of yuemang did not attract people’s attention, because other people’s attention almost fell to another place.

In the Xuanniao team, Lin Qing is hidden among the Xuanniao players in the rear. Beside him, the Xuanniao player who knew his identity stared at Lin Zhen who pulled his bow in the picture, looked at Lin Qing again, and whispered, “you just used your skills…?”

Lin Qing’s face was solemn, but he didn’t seem surprised.

He shook his head.

Then, when the man couldn’t help asking, Lin Qing suddenly said, “I’m going to enter the copy. Just keep an eye on it here.”

“Lin Zhen…”

“Lin Zhen is fine.”

Lin Zhen also maintained the posture of pulling the bow.

The bowstring is full, and the arrow feathers on the bowstring are ready to go, aiming straight ahead. He seemed to be as like as two peas, and the dark arrow was filled with the challenge. But in front of him, the man who looked exactly like him looked disoriented, and the remaining blood hole in his eyebrows was clearly worn by arrow feathers.

Lin Zhen pulled his bow, and his belligerence and murderous spirit stopped at this moment.

He seemed to be a little unexpected himself, looking at the front in a daze for a moment.

The fish flying boat acting with him and Yan Mingguang shouted “Lin Zhen”, then quickly ran to the “Lin Zhen” whose eyebrow had been pierced and lying on the ground, subconsciously took out a dagger and poked it on his eyebrow.

But the tip of the knife stayed in front of the center of the eyebrow.

——The skill of fish flying boat can’t take effect. This “Lin Zhen” is dead.

Before the second Lin Zhen appeared, they had just played with several players. At the moment, these players are also very shocked to look at the two Lin Zhen, all surprised and puzzled. Yan Mingguang, who had already thrown out the whip, suddenly stopped not far away, and his cold face flashed a rare surprise.

But he didn’t have any confused look. He just stood aside silently and looked at Lin Zhen who still kept the bow pulling posture. There seemed to be meditation in his black eyes.

He didn’t worry or doubt, but looked at Lin Zhen silently.

Another fish flying boat and Yan Wei have come from afar.

The walkway of the castle is not wide. It’s easy to locate everything in the player’s line of sight. As soon as Yan Wei got close, he saw the body of “Lin Zhen” closer to him, and Lin Zhen with a more upright expression.

He slowed down in an instant. Although he was still confused, he had no anxiety.

Seeing that the two fish flying boats were pale, Yan Wei said helplessly, “it’s really a mess if you care. Fish flying boats, don’t stare at the body. Look at the living one. Where does it look like an evil puppet?”

The two fish flew into the boat and looked better at last.

Lin Zhen himself also reacted. He picked his eyebrows and walked slowly to his body to have a look. He sneered: “is this what you call invincible self? I don’t feel much…”

Yan Wei was even more puzzled. He stared down at the body of “Lin Zhen” and planned to say something. Yu Guangzhong saw the players who had fought with Yan Mingguang before.

He raised his eyes and was right with Lin Zhen’s line of sight. Two fish flying boats and Yan Mingguang not far away also looked over at the moment.

The next moment, Lin Zhen chuckled, took a sudden step back, opened the bowstring and aimed at those players. Yan Mingguang threw the whip in his hand, and the two fish flying boats threw daggers almost at the same time.

——No matter why Lin Zhen killed the corresponding good puppet just now, it must be abnormal in the puppet castle. This matter can’t be spread.

In a few minutes.

The players were all tied up and thrown in front of Yan Wei. Lin Zhen thought that the voices of these people begging for mercy were too noisy. He smiled and came forward and cut off their tongues one by one. The fish flying boat frowned awkwardly, but didn’t say anything. It just turned its head and didn’t look at the blood on the ground.

Yan Wei felt someone hitting the barrier he set up with the moon wheel.

They were followed by another group of players – this is not a bad thing, because his previous arrangements worked.

“How do you say?” Lin Zhen looks at Xiang Yanwei. “Send these people to the stargazing platform first? You’re not the virgin heart of fish flying boat. You should be very clear that players can’t kill each other, but only the dead can completely keep it secret. But if you don’t keep it secret, it’s OK. It’s estimated that many people will come to me to fight. It’s a pity that my good puppet is too weak…”

The moon wheel consumed Yan Wei’s physical strength. His feet floated and subconsciously leaned against Yan Mingguang on his side. Feeling the man’s stiffness for a moment, Yan Wei realized that he leaned against Yan Mingguang, turned his head and looked up at the man.

Yan Mingguang is looking at Lin Zhen. His eyes are faint and he seems to be thinking about something.

“Ice, what’s the matter with you? You haven’t responded?”

Yan Mingguang shook his head: “it’s all right.”

Yan Wei withdrew his mind and said: “Lin Zhen, why can you kill your good puppet? We can talk about it later. Now the time is pressing. Deal with the immediate situation first. This matter can’t be spread out. These people can’t live, but we can’t go to the star viewing platform. It’s very likely that someone in the top three is waiting for a rabbit on the star viewing platform. If the information of the wizard Xu Miaomiao that Yu Feizhou and I just said is correct, the players who follow behind us It should be Xu Miaomiao of the flower on the other side. Among the top three high scores at present, the first one who has a cliff like high score and each extra score is a leap forward extra score – Kai star Xue Wan, should sit on the stargazer and reap the benefits. Let’s avoid its edge first. ”

“Trouble. How do you deal with these people? I’m tired of being dragged by five people.”

Yan Wei felt that the barrier left by the moon wheel had been broken.

He glanced at the corpses on the ground and at these players who were speechless. His clear eyes flashed the contradictory decision. He said: “since there has been an accident, we might as well change our plan and make direct use of it.”

“The barrier I left behind has been broken, and the person who is probably Xu Miaomiao should be coming soon. Since the person just hit my barrier, we two already know each other and each other knows our existence. It’s meaningless to go on by hiding a fake blocker – we might as well give up.”

Fish flying boat frowned: “give up? What about this half hidden blocker and half drawn map?”

“Just because we give up doesn’t mean that another group of people will give up – they also think they have hidden all the way.”

The two fish flying boats brightened their eyes and said in the same voice, “good idea!”

Lin Zhen squatted on the ground, played with his good puppet body’s hand and said: “this time I understand. Instead, let them be in the front. Now we go back from another way and detour to the back of those who had followed us. Then – role exchange, they hide the blocker first. We follow behind to find out the blocker they hide and replace it with ours.”

“But there’s another problem. They’ll be here soon. Seeing so many traces here, won’t they doubt anything? Maybe they want us to take a detour back to follow.”

“You’re smart once.”

“What a surprise!”

Yan Wei smiled: “yes, so they must feel that someone is running in front of them and getting rid of them, so they won’t feel that we are bypassing behind them.”

Yan Mingguang finally said, “I’ll come?”



“I just stopped the people behind me with the ability of the moon wheel, but the moon wheel can stop others, but it can’t stop the other me who also has the incomplete moon wheel. So when the people behind me break the barrier, the other me can see these in the back and think of what happened in front. He will directly take the moon wheel and find another way to find us. He should come around and find us later than the other shore The flower people will arrive soon. ”

“We’ve found a way to detour to the back of the flower on the other side, and I’ll be the first to get here. I know myself. He knows what I’m going to do when he sees the situation here – he will create a situation that we’ve just had a war and are speeding up. Then the people of the flower on the other side should come here and be misled by the situation on the scene and another me , thought we were running ahead. ”

“These five people may have some points. The flower on the other side is not much different from the star. They will be moved when they deliver it to the door. Therefore, they will directly grasp these five people and go to the star viewing platform to get points while hiding the blocker.”

In fact, they followed behind the other shore flower and replaced all the blockers hidden by the other shore flower with theirs. They didn’t have to risk going to the star viewing platform to remove these people. Naturally, they kept Lin Zhen’s abnormal secret.

shooting two birds with one stone.

Yan Wei’s scattered perception felt that someone around him was about to approach. He whispered, “go, let’s take a detour to the back of the other shore flower.”



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