Half Immortal Chapter 107

Half Immortal Chapter 107: Puppet Castle (20)

Although several people are somewhat confused about Lin Zhen’s affairs, they all know that it is most important to deal with the people behind them first. When Yan Wei finished, Lin Zhen and others didn’t have a second word. They followed Yan Wei from another road.

The whole castle has three or four floors, and the walkways are forked. The terrain is complex. There are several roads in the same direction, which is no less complex than the jungle maze outside the castle. Yan Wei, it’s not difficult for them to go back and forth. They just need to roughly explore another way with their perception along the direction when they came.

Yan Wei casually found a way that did not repeat before, and went back with Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and two fish flying boats.

Not long after they left the scene, another man appeared there.

“Yan Wei” looked at the five players lying on the ground with blood on their faces and couldn’t afford to be seriously injured, and went to the body of “Lin Zhen”. He squatted down slowly and looked at the place in the middle of the body’s eyebrows. It was obviously a trace pierced by the arrow feather, and his face sank.

This body must not be my Lin Zhen.

If Lin Zhen of the ID, with his character, even if he didn’t control the accident and let his companion die, he would not leave his dead companion. In bad conditions, he will leave with Lin Zhen’s body.

So this won’t be Lin Zhen.

But the wound in Lin Zhen’s eyebrow was obviously pierced by an arrow.

And the five players who had their tongues cut and were seriously injured so that they couldn’t move

For a moment, Yan Wei’s eyes flashed, and the confusion and Consideration on his face disappeared.

——I see.

He looked around and saw some weapons lying on the ground, which should have been used by the five players. The other Yan Wei was not interested and stayed here. Yan Wei picked up one of the daggers and walked back to Lin Zhen’s body again. Without hesitation, he stabbed the dagger along the wound in the center of his eyebrow and completely covered the wound pierced by the arrow feather.

Then, he got up slowly with the blood of his hands and walked to the five players. Then he didn’t do anything, but stood aside for a while.

Before long, his perception around him made him feel that someone was approaching – that was the person he had just followed. Because he used the moon wheel to pass another barrier left by Yan Wei, the other party fell behind him.

As soon as he felt the approach of the other party, “Yan Wei” bent down, raised his hand and made a move to lift one of the players.

Two women as like as two peas appeared at the corner of the end of the aisle.

They were wearing long black skirts covering their ankles. Everyone held a long black stick and a black card in their hands. The color of their pupils was very light and looked like a smile.

“Yan Wei” looked at them. The next moment, “Yan Wei” took out the moon wheel. When the two women waved their long staff, the moon wheel separated the place where they were, leaving a short barrier.

He took another look at the five players on the ground and looked sorry. Then he turned and ran in another direction.

“Yan Wei” has consumed a lot of illusion in order to create the last obstruction. The barrier left this time is not difficult to break. In less than a minute, Xu Miaomiao successfully broke the obstruction.

They quickly walked to the place where Yan Wei was just now. They also saw the bodies of the five players and “Lin Zhen” with a knife in their eyebrows at the moment.

One of them, Xu Miaomiao, looked at it for a moment and said, “the man who died with a knife in his eyebrow is the man’s companion just now. It turned out that it was them – the first team to arrive at the castle last night.”

“It seems that they played fiercely just now.”

“If it was two to five, they should have fought fiercely just now. Although they were powerful and won in the end, one person died. The living one cut their tongue and sent them to the observatory to see if they could score.”

“Then he saw me and he ran away.”

Two Xu Miaomiao looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

One took out the intercom props, connected with his teammates and said, “it’s me. I’ll send my position to you. Now come here. I have white scores. Arrange a person to come and give these wastes to the man in black.”

The man answered immediately and asked, “miaomi, will you come with us later?”

“No, the topographic map of my castle has been drawn in half, and the blocker has been buried in half. It’s better to finish it at one go.” she smiled and walked slowly towards the front, swinging her long skirt, “The man who calculated me last night ran away. What about you? If you see a young man in a gray windbreaker and a gray scarf, catch him – don’t kill him or give him a meat grinder that doesn’t have any romance. Leave it to me first.”


Yan Wei ran a distance before stopping.

He had a high perception value. At the moment, although he was alone, he deliberately bypassed the place with dense players, which was also safe.

He found an empty room, went in and washed his hands with blood in the bathroom, raised his eyes and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

In this copy, two people have such faces.

Whether he is a ID or a good puppet, it is no longer important at the moment. It is meaningless to think about good puppets. But… Why did Lin Zhen’s good puppet die? He fought with another himself, and he has the most intuitive feeling that he can’t defeat himself.

How did Lin Zhen do it?

Also, from the traces of the scene, “Lin Zhen” As like as two peas on the sides of the corpse, bloody footprints are seen from the length and the level of disorder. They should be the fish flying boats that ran past in disorder. That is to say, up to now, his own good character, fish and flying boat’s good character are still alive, and Lin Zhen’s self and good puppet have just met, and I killed good puppet.

… where’s Yan Mingguang?

Why hasn’t there been any trace of another Yan Mingguang?

At present, the biggest unknown and variable for them is another Yan Mingguang. But this can only be ready to deal with emergencies at any time. Even if he deduces it again, he can’t deal with it in advance.

As for others

Another, he should be the Yellow finch behind the Yellow finch now.

That woman should not let go of the five free prey and will ask people to send the five players to the black robed man. There are people waiting for the rabbit in the black robed man. If these five people have two or three points, the woman’s team must score a lot. Most of the people waiting for the rabbit – no, they must – will not let go of the people who send the prey.

At that time, the woman’s team should be downsized. After a day, the other one put blockers all over the castle behind the woman, gained the advantage of reading the number of puppets within 300 meters alone, and had the whole castle terrain. The castle terrain is also a great advantage, because few teams have the confidence to spend time walking, most of them can’t walk Looking for “prey” everywhere.

And their opponents who have made similar progress will fully react to what happened in the daytime at that time

At that time, the most efficient way for the woman’s team is to catch the people in their team, directly obtain the control of the blocker they buried, and reduce the number of people who understand the terrain.

On the other hand, he had a lot of information at that time, and most of them could figure out what to do next to break the game. At the same time, what he had to do was to let the team have no time to take care of it.

What can interfere with a force team with excellent reasoning ability?

“Yan Wei” looked a little moved, took another look at his face in the mirror, bowed his head and washed his face.

Then he opened the ranking table and focused on the fourth “unorganized” – a team composed of unorganized players in the game, which is now in fourth place beyond everyone’s expectation.

If the mob can reach this level, there must be dark horse players who can coordinate the overall situation. They are many, but most of them have low strength. They are not only difficult to obtain useful information, but also the best prey for seed players. For them, the longer they delay, the worse they are, because even if they have dark horse players and large organization seed players The gap between data and props is irreparable.

What do these people need most?

Advantages, information.

What does the team of the woman he saw just now have?

Advantages, information.

If we let this group of stragglers know that the woman’s team has the topographic map of the whole castle and mistakenly think that the woman’s team can read the number of puppets… Would you want to fight?

For such temporary organizations, they are not afraid of death. They prefer to take the wrong side of the sword.

“Yan Wei” once again glanced at the fourth place on the ranking list, slightly bent his eyebrows and smiled silently.

The best way is to let others fight.

Yan Wei and others are following behind two Xu Miaomiao.

He looked around here and found Xu Miaomiao’s blocker. Without hesitation, he put it away and replaced it with his own.

“It’s really comfortable to change roles,” Lin Zhen stretched and said lazily, “just follow, and they’ll open the way for us in front.”

Yan Wei finished everything and glanced at him. He didn’t know whether to scold or laugh. Lin Zhen was the one who had just had an accident, but he didn’t care.

He said: “let’s just follow. I’m pretty sure about the next thing. I know what I’ll do for the other one. Now I care more…”

Before Yan Wei finished, the two fish flying boats and Yan Mingguang, like him, looked at Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen made a movement: “why? Want to fight?”

“What do you think?”

Lin Zhen choked and said, “I’ve just said it several times – I really don’t feel it. As soon as I saw him, I wanted to fight him. Who called that silly fork? Everything was the same as me. After playing for a while, I jumped long and pulled the bow. I really tried my best when pulling the bow, but I didn’t think I really killed him. I also told you about my special skills…”

He lowered his voice: “it’s me and my brother… Tut, but I didn’t use this skill at that time.”

“Nothing else?”

“No, if I have to say how I feel, I feel that he is weaker than me. He can’t do all the strength I can mobilize and the potential to break through the power limit.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

Is this a copy vulnerability, or is there another reason?

“You –”

“It’s time to go,” Yan Mingguang, who never affected Yan Wei’s thinking, interrupted him for the first time and urged him, “Xu Miaomiao is going far.”


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