Half Immortal Chapter 108

Half Immortal Chapter 108: Puppet Castle (21)

Yan Wei glanced at Yan Mingguang.

As usual, the man just copied his pocket with one hand and stood upright with his back. His eyes were light and his face was calm. He couldn’t see anything.

Yan Wei uttered a word, put aside his eyes and thought for a moment. He just wanted to ask Lin Zhen. He took all his words back and just said, “let’s go and continue to follow.”

The fish flying boat frowned: “don’t you see what happened to Lin Zhen? Maybe there is a clue to the copy, which can break the good puppet Bureau.”

“No,” Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang intentionally or unintentionally. “It shouldn’t be related to the puppet. Maybe it’s just that Lin Zhen himself is special.”

The competitive copy has a projection screen in every corner. Yan Wei didn’t finish, but the others understand.

Lin Zhen is special. Before entering the building, Lin Qing talked to them. Because they are brothers, when they acquire the skills presented by the building, they have special communication skills. Lin Zhen and Lin Qing can borrow each other’s ability in a short time – of course, the current gap between their brothers is actually Lin Zhen’s ability to borrow Lin Qing.

But just now Lin Zhen said that he didn’t use this skill

Yan Wei obviously just made an excuse.

Although yufeizhou still had some doubts, he also believed Yan Wei’s judgment and asked no more questions. As for Lin Zhen, although he was surprised, he didn’t care much about it from the beginning.

Yan Wei continued to walk along the place Xu Miaomiao had passed. Yan Mingguang stood in place and looked at Yan Wei’s back for a while.

He was worried just now. In order to interrupt Yan Wei’s thinking, he reveals a flaw and lets Yan Wei find out that he knows Lin Zhen’s situation.

He sighed silently and then followed.

The first floor of the castle.

A young woman in casual sportswear and long hair shawl stood solemnly where the power box was located.

In front of her, the power box that had long been bombed by “Yan Wei” has become more fragmented, and even can’t see the shape at the beginning. Behind her, there are six or seven players.

One of the players said, “don’t worry now? The power box can’t be destroyed anymore. Even those players with repair skills can’t change the garbage all over the ground back.”

The expression of the long haired woman finally relaxed, and she relaxed her breath: “it can also solve my worry. We can continue to grab points. In other words, now we can have enough time to deal with it, thanks to the man who destroyed the power box delaying the speed of fighting… Who has such kindness in those large organizations with this strength?”

The players behind her seem to have been used to her way of thinking, and no one interrupts her.

But after thinking for a while, she did not continue to spend time on this matter. She shook her head and said: “Forget it, kindness is not something we should worry about now. We unorganized players, who were originally prey in the eyes of seed players, are now too dazzling in the fourth place, but it will only become more and more difficult next. We can slow down the score grabbing appropriately. We must start looking for advantages that can help us live to the end -”

A clear voice suddenly interrupted her.

“There are advantages, it depends on whether you dare to take it.”

These players were immediately surprised – players had more or less perception, and they could feel each other when they were close. The owners of the voice had come to them to speak, and they found out when they heard the voice?

The woman with long hair subconsciously turned her head along the voice.

“Yan Wei” leaned slightly on the stairs not far away, with one hand copying the pocket and the other leaning on the railing. With a smile, he looked down at them and said, “I’m the one who destroyed the power box. Now, I’ll give you a way to gain an advantage.”

“Whether you can get it depends on whether you dare.”

The ranking table is moving faster and faster.

Any player who has carefully observed the trend of the ranking table can find that the change trend of the ranking table has begun to change subtly. At first, almost all organizations’ scores have increased point by point, but now the day is coming, some organizations’ scores have faintly shown a rapid superposition of several scores at one time.

——”Hunting” began to become more and more intense.

Of course, this speed is slow for those players with high ranking, because the digital light that can help players know the puppet density has disappeared.

At this moment, most players found the killing machine hidden in the depths of this copy, and suddenly understood the importance of displaying the number of puppets.

But it’s too late. They were a little slow. Now even if they understand, the time of the game has passed a day. The passive result is that they can only accept the current situation.

At one place of the castle, two Xu Miaomiao walked to the last corner and took a satisfied look at the completely drawn topographic map of the castle. One Xu Miaomiao hid the last blocker and said, “I have got the advantage of topographic map and local reading puppet number. I’ll wait for the feast in the last few days.”

Another Xu Miaomiao said, “Why are they even more useless? Let them catch the man who calculated on me last night, but they haven’t found him yet.”

“Look at this topographic map… Why do I feel a little familiar?”

“Hmm? A little -”

Two Xu Miaomiao act at the same time.

They raised their eyes and looked at each other. With consistent movements, they slid their fingertips over the black ring and opened the ranking table.

In the ranking table, Qi Star ranked first, and Xue night’s score remained high. Moreover, the gap between the second ranked Bi’An flower and Qi Star suddenly increased, the score of Bi’An flower decreased instead of increasing, and Qi Star almost got the score that Bi’An flower lacked.

Combined with the name of a player just grayed out by the other shore flower, what happened is already very obvious.

Xu Miaomiao’s teammate who arranged to go to the star viewing platform to get points not only didn’t get points, but also was completely eaten by Xue Wan. One of their dead teammates lost his teammate’s points, and the other got a lot of points, which suddenly widened the gap.

Two Xu Miaomiao stared at the ranking table for a long time. Suddenly, facing the intercom props, they said in unison: “… Where are you? Meet.”

“Xu Miaomiao left.”

In another corner not far away, Yan Wei carefully withdrew his perception and didn’t let others notice his existence.

As soon as his voice fell, Yan Mingguang, who had just left the team, quickly walked back from a narrow corridor and said, “I replaced the last blocker she hid.”

In this way, their blockers are hidden everywhere in the whole castle. If necessary, Yan Wei can control the switches of these blockers at the same time to block the power flow in other places, and then use his perception to temporarily replace the power and read the words under his feet, so as to obtain the number of puppets.

Besides, they also as like as two peas, the map of the castle.

Fish flying boat: “there has been a big change in the ranking table – the other bank spent 5 points and the star rose 9 points. It seems that it is a trap left by Yan Wei and another Yan Wei. The other bank flower jumped. It was really smart and was mistaken by smart.”

After walking to the other side of the fish flying boat, he said, “in a while, Xu Miaomiao will be aware of what happened today. Yan Wei, do we want to find a way to deal with Xu Miaomiao completely first?”

“No, she has other opponents.”

“Other opponents?”

“I have gained the advantage of reading the number of puppets and topographic maps here. Then ‘I’ will expect the hidden dangers brought by this advantage. I’m afraid ‘I’ is on the way to find a stumbling block for Xu Miaomiao. Don’t worry.” Yan Wei smiled, “What we need to do now is to skip Xu Miaomiao directly and go to the next step – find out other clues that may be available in the castle and deal with Xue night.”

“Xue Wan is not easy to deal with,” said Yu Feizhou. “Even if it’s just one of him, it’s OK. After all, we have Yan Mingguang. But all the seed players who will come in are especially prominent in body index. Coupled with their good puppets, they are likely to be at least five or six opponents with ultra-high body index. Now, I’m afraid we can only run.”

“We can’t fight hard. Even if we win, we will pay the price,” Yan Wei turned his head and stretched out his hand. “By the way, Lin Zhen, is the terrain drawing ready?”

Lin Zhen leaned lazily against the wall, holding a pen in one hand and paper in the other, and finished the last stroke. He “cut”, handed the topographic map to Yan Wei and said, “the castle is a big circle. The roads inside are irregular and mysterious. It turned out that it was like this. You can’t see anything.”

Yan Wei took over the topographic map, glanced at it, raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“It’s not that you can’t see anything, but an unexpected joy.”

Yan Wei didn’t expect this. He originally asked for the topographic map in order to be able to walk freely in the castle in the later stage, not for any clues. But at the moment, this topographic map

“There is no way for this rule. Do you see anything?” Lin Zhen asked.

Yan Wei took it out of his pocket and took out a coin – when they first entered the castle, the man in black gave everyone seven coins. A coin can catch a puppet and throw the caught prey into the meat grinder, which costs one. However, each team has 28 coins at the bottom and can get coins from the captured prey. Up to now, this thing has no key role except symbolizing the exchange of points.

The design of this coin is somewhat similar to that of Yan Wei’s swallow coin, although one side is completely blank, and the other side is indeed a pattern of flying birds. But Yan Wei’s side is a swallow, and the coin is obviously the man eating crow wandering around the periphery of the castle.

Yan Wei put the coin next to the topographic map and said, “look carefully.”

a moment.

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “the topographic map is an enlarged coin.”

Looking at the topographic map alone may not feel much, but if it is placed with coins, it can be seen that these irregular, intricate routes circling up and down the stairs in the castle are actually an enlarged crow.

Coupled with the circular outline, the whole castle is a huge coin pattern!

What does this mean?

Yan Wei frowned and thought for a moment. For a moment, he couldn’t think of any logical connection between this and breaking the game or scoring.


He blinked, with a few smiles at the end of his eyes.

“We won’t talk about what the terrain of the castle represents,” he said. “But it reminds me of a way to deal with Xue Wan.”

“Oh?” Lin Zhen was interested this time. “What method? Talk about it. No one knows Xue Wan’s body index and skills until now. Before entering the replica, many people were talking about what. They would rather face all seed players than Xue Wan alone – do you have a way? Talk about it. I want to fight him.”

“The way is what you just said.”


“- ‘I’d rather face all seed players than Xue Wan alone.'”

“Forget it? I said that Xue Wan’s score rose so fast that every time he rose, it was a few points. It was very likely that he was waiting for him on the observatory. So as long as he wanted to score, he had to face up to him, and he had to face up to him in the end. But there were more than one ways to reduce the gap with him. We didn’t have to score, we just let him not Just score. ”

Yan Wei raised his hand, gently touched the coin he took out with his fingertips, and said word by word: “Although I can’t speculate what the castle terrain means by coins for the time being, I’d like to thank this coin for reminding me – we just need to make sure that the people who go to the observation platform don’t have any coins. Xue Wan’s team probably already uses almost all the coins from the players who go to the observation platform to exchange points. If we let them go to the observation platform Players don’t have coins? ”

Even if Xue caught someone that night, he couldn’t get points.

How to deal with someone who is likely to fail?

Don’t pay.


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