Half Immortal Chapter 109

Half Immortal Chapter 109: Puppet Castle (22)

Yan Wei’s method is actually hard to say and simple to say.

It’s obviously easier to find a way to steal those players’ coins at the entrance of the fourth floor than to go directly to the viewing platform and Xue night. But finding a way to get coins is also a problem. But Yan Wei has more or less a way in his mind. This problem is not a worry.

“Do you have any idea what to do now? We listen to you.” said the fish flying boat.

Yan Wei did not think about cableway: “rest.”


Yan Wei put away the topographic map and coins.

“What is the whole copy now?” he asked.

Yan Mingguang stood by with his pocket in one hand, as always, and didn’t talk much. After thinking for a moment, Yu Feizhou calmly said, “the current ranking trend has begun to be obvious. If there is no big movement, the basic front and rear ranking will not change, but the change of scores and the gap between several places – unless a team is suddenly destroyed.”

Another fish flying boat then said, “the first one is Kai star, and the most prominent player is Xue Wan; the second one is the other shore flower, led by Xu Miaomiao; the third organization doesn’t see much at present, and its score is very stable, so it should be a relatively stable but not prominent team. As for the fourth… It’s the unorganized people, which is a dark horse. We now -”

Lin Zhen said, “zero.”

Yan Wei smiled: “it’s good to have zero points. What’s the use of the initial points? If it wasn’t for the Kai star and the other shore flower, no one would be offended. Players with points are fat sheep to be slaughtered. As for how to get points, don’t worry. There are many opportunities to get points in the later stage. Let’s deal with those thorny opponents first.”

He cleared his mind and then said: “Xu Miaomiao will react after a period of time. At that time, her first idea must be to get rid of us and directly seize the control of the blocker. On the other hand, I must think of this. Now I should have found a stumbling block for them – from the previous situation, most of the stumbling blocks are unorganized players who need advantages and are not associated with large organizations. That is to say, Xu Miaomiao Miaomiao has another problem that I deal with unorganized players. Don’t worry now.

“Our current opponent is Xue Wan, who is blocked in the observation platform. I just said how to deal with him, that is, let him not have enough coins. Although we rely on strength to catch people, we must consume coins to give ‘prey’ to the man in black robe. As long as he doesn’t have coins, it’s useless for him to catch people.

“As for how he can’t get the coin, I have some ideas.”

“But now, these are not temporary achievements. Let’s spend tonight first.”

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated: “go back to the room to rest and wait for the situation to change.”

It’s nightfall.

The castle without power supply is dark at the moment, and players dare not take out a flashlight to attract other people’s attention. The whole castle, whether in the aisle or in the room, has no light. Only the moonlight through the glass window shines peacefully.

Swarms of crows hovered around the periphery of the castle, pulling out one treacherous flash after another.

Crows crowed from outside, and evil puppets came one after another with numb footsteps.

Yan Wei is in the room. He takes off his coat and sits on the bed, leaning slightly against the side wall. Yan Mingguang sits by the bed and seems to be looking at him. Before midnight, he is not sleepy. The building will not project the rest of the players. Now is the best time to talk. He wants to talk to Yan Mingguang about the tacit things between them, so he pulls Yan Mingguang to stay in his room.

The man seemed to know his plan. He didn’t say anything, but walked slowly to the bedside and sat down.

Then there was a silence.

The whole day was tight. It was rare to have such a moment to relax. Yan Wei relaxed and leaned against the wall. He didn’t speak, and Yan Mingguang didn’t speak. They were so silent in the faint footsteps of crows and puppets, and no one spoke.

Yan Wei didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

They seem to have been together for a long time. Even if they don’t say or do anything, they stay together like this, which is also relaxed and comfortable.

In fact, this feeling existed at the first copy of the corridor hotel. But at that time, Yan Wei thought that he had just entered the building world and faced all the “new” things with an exploratory and conservative attitude. Therefore, even if he was not too wary of Yan Mingguang, he blamed his first trust in this person’s strength and character.

But now, everything appears half hidden. Yan Wei knows where this feeling comes from.

He and Yan Mingguang may have been together.

No, it must be.

Those fragmentary fragments in the dream, Yan Mingguang’s restrained and hasty kiss when he pretended to be drunk, and even his feeling of kissing Yan Mingguang in order to get rid of his dream in the morning… These are enough to prove his unusual to Yan Mingguang and Yan Mingguang’s unusual to him.

This feeling is actually very strange.

He is not only strange but also familiar with Yan Mingguang. He has not seen him for a long time and is close.

But Yan Wei is not in a hurry to know that now. Since everything he has prepared, just follow his current ideas. Just like in this copy, he knows himself and believes in all his judgments.

Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang’s side face outlined by the dim moonlight through the moonlight in the window. He was in a daze for a long time and his throat rolled slightly. Then he planned to speak.

“Why can Lin Zhen kill his good puppet?”

“What did you dream of last night?”

The two voices sounded almost at the same time, and Yan Wei’s voice overlapped with Yan Mingguang’s voice.

Both were stunned.

The next moment, the hard forgotten picture reappeared in Yan Wei’s mind. He suddenly remembered the scene of kissing Yan Mingguang’s mouth in the morning – this man actually remembered that he still wanted to ask him now!!

By the bed, Yan Mingguang didn’t look surprised. He was not surprised that Yan Wei would ask this question.

After a while.

When Yan Wei felt his face hot again, Yan Mingguang finally said, “Lin Zhen can kill his good puppet. It has nothing to do with this copy.”

This is to let Yan Wei go.

Yan Wei breathed a sigh of relief.

He felt the heat of his cheeks disappear without trace in the dark, so he said, “why? You deliberately stopped me from thinking during the day. In fact, when you interrupt me from thinking, I’m relieved, because if it’s related to cracking the copy, you won’t stop me. You’ll stop me only if it’s related to my past.”

That’s open the skylight.

He said, “Yan Mingguang, I don’t ask anything, because some things can’t be known by asking, and they don’t need to be asked after knowing. I believe you. If it’s inconvenient to say, forget it.”

Yan Mingguang looked at him.

“As like as two peas, Yan Mingguang can not kill a good puppet because he is special,” said Mr. Wang. “This copy is based on the game player’s data when replicating to copy a similar puppet, but Lin Chen and Lin’s ability can be shared. Lin’s situation is beyond the copy, and it is the factor that the copy can not be copied.”

Yan Wei likes to hear Yan Mingguang say a long paragraph. This person usually talks little. Once he says more, he is auditory enjoyment.

He listened to Yan Mingguang continue to explain: “although he didn’t use his skills, Lin Qing decided the potential of his life and death and the upper limit of his breakthrough, which can only be copied in the copy.”

“So this is only the special between Lin Qing and Lin Zhen, which has nothing to do with this copy. Other players can’t copy Lin Zhen’s special, and it’s not good for us to break the game.”


Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “but does it have anything to do with me?”

Otherwise, at that time, Yan Mingguang, who had never spoken much, would not have hurriedly interrupted his thinking.

The man answered unexpectedly and immediately, “yes.”

Yan Wei was stunned. He thought Yan Mingguang would avoid answering, but he didn’t expect the man to admit it directly.

“You’ve always been smart,” Yan Mingguang said in a cool voice, but not alienated at all. “In fact, you don’t need to ask me.”

Yan Wei smiled – Yan Mingguang was actually right. He had answers to all the questions he asked. All he wanted was a positive or negative, and only psychological comfort from Yan Mingguang.


“So you should rest.”

“… OK.”


Yan Wei’s skill has switched back to normal state.

He didn’t sleep well this time. It is estimated that other players in the copy are the same, because the movement of the whole castle is too big.

That was the dream of Yan Wei who had been sleepy the night before.

All the crises in this castle are a mixture of truth and falsehood. Yan Wei will encounter them, as will other players. Those who can get out will spend their time in silence, while those who can’t get out will be completely confused in their dreams. When they wake up, their spirit will be completely confused and make all kinds of crazy sounds and movements.

When Yan Wei put on his windbreaker and went out in the morning, he saw a crazy player at the door as soon as he opened the door.

He sighed, walked out of the room and joined Yan Mingguang and others. They were lucky that night. It seemed that nothing had happened, and there was no shortage of personnel. Yan Mingguang was standing not far away smoking and looking at him leisurely. Lin Zhen and two fish flying boats were playing with stone head scissors and cloth.

Yan Wei: ”

“There seems to be nothing moving in our room. Did you dream last night?” he went up and asked, “I told you before I went back to my room last night that the castle will affect people’s spiritual world and trap people in dreams. I should be crazy and die a lot today.”

He said this to Lin Zhen.

Yan Mingguang doesn’t have to worry at all. People who think purely about fish flying boats will probably not be trapped in dreams. Only Lin Zhen is worried.

Unexpectedly, Lin Zhen shook his head, but it was the fish flying boat that said, “I did it. Fortunately, I came out in the end. But I didn’t come out as fast as you. I was sleepy all night.”

Yan Wei was slightly surprised and said, “just come out. Be careful, Lin Zhen. Not tonight doesn’t mean not in the future.”

“I see. These two fish flying boats have nagged me twice just now.”

Yan Wei smiled: “OK, let’s go and prepare the plan last night – let Xue Wan lose points and can’t open the gap, otherwise it’s too difficult to catch up.”

Lin Zhen yawned: “OK, I remember, it’s just that Xue Wan can’t get the coins. What’s your way? Grab everyone who wants to change the coins? Isn’t that the same as Xue wan…”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “why do you want to catch it?”

“How can I get it if I don’t catch you?”

“Let them give it to me.”

In an hour.

The castle is on the third floor.

At the entrance of the stairs leading to the four storey stargazing platform of the castle, a man in black robe and a hat pocket big enough to block his face stood in front of the stairs.

The black robed man raised his hand and stopped the coming player. A dumb low voice sounded, “the rules change tonight, guest, how many points do you want to change?”

The visitor was stunned and immediately said, “at most one, at least it may be wrong.”

“A coin.” the man in black stretched out his hand.

The man took out a coin to catch the puppet and handed it to the man in black.

The black robed man stepped aside and said, “you can change points when you go up. The guest can throw the captured good puppet into the meat grinder and destroy it.”

The man immediately carried the “prey” up.

At the corner, another fish flying boat couldn’t bear to look straight at the beginning. Lin Zhen leaned out his head and looked at it. He was surprised: “there’s really your little pet. No, there are so many people here. I, you, Yan Mingguang, why do you let the fish flying boat do such a thing? You’re too bad.”

Yan Wei: “Oh, yes?”





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