Half Immortal Chapter 11

Half Immortal Chapter 11: The Promenade Hotel (11)

Yan Wei stared at the portrait for a long time.

The facial features of the woman on the portrait are exquisite and beautiful. Some temperament can be seen in the plane photos, and the pair of drooping braids add a bit of softness to her. In particular, those eyes, like peach petals, are slightly aroused at the end of the eyes, and their smiles are full of flexibility.

The painter’s self portrait and the doctor’s correct certificate photo were placed together, smiling at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei’s eyes were slightly frozen, and the clues he saw after entering the copy flashed in his mind.

People in the painting who would drag people into the painting to dig their eyes, painters who could climb out of the painting to dig their eyes and then climb back to the painting, and waiters who obviously didn’t clean up the bodies for the first time.

Several scattered lines, interspersed with this medical record, are connected in series to form a solid and logical line.

He took out a wet paper towel and carefully wiped the dust from the printer on his fingertips. A clear voice sounded: “when the long skirt woman died last night, Yan Mingguang and I went to the scene and found that the waiter didn’t clean up the body for the first time. This shows that the first dead long skirt woman was not the first victim.”

Yan Wei held his chin and moved his fingers, “Obviously, we don’t need to find anyone who is still alive, but missing means death. In other words, this clue is actually telling us that the female doctor died on July 3, the day when the painter suddenly recovered from her mental illness… And his portrait is also the only complete portrait painted by the painter in his later period Draw. ”

An idea suddenly came to mind.

Outside the archives room, the footsteps of the staff are getting closer and closer.

Yan Mingguang took a few steps to the door and looked out. He leaned against the shutters of the archives and whispered, “someone is coming this way.”

The light from the shutters pulled into parallel lines one after another and sprinkled on the man’s face, showing a rare peace in his very alienated face. The silver frame glasses weakened the sharpness of this deep face and moistened a bit of gentle and elegant temperament.

When he refused to be thousands of miles away, he was covered with ice all over. But if he was a little familiar, he could find that Yan Mingguang was actually easier to get along with than Yan Wei, who didn’t walk away from the bottom of his heart with a smile.

Yan Wei appreciated Yan Mingguang under the soft halo against the clock. Then he made a quick decision, picked up the printed data, dragged Gao Ming, and said, “go back, I have an idea that needs to be confirmed.”

“Back to the hotel?” Gao Ming asked.

“Yes,” Yan Wei blinked, his thick eyelashes covering a weak shadow under the staggered light of the archives, “let’s go back to the hotel and go to… The studio.”

Although the hospital is not far from the hotel and it takes only 20 minutes to walk, Yan Wei and her three spent a lot of time exploring clues in the hospital. It was already afternoon when they returned to the corridor hotel.

Fortunately, the copy did not ask them to return to the restaurant for lunch on time. When they came back, they ate bread wholeheartedly and rushed directly to the studio on the top floor.

The hotel without residents is very quiet. Row after row of portraits are quiet on the corridor, but they are strange and cool. On the top floor of the hotel, the door of room 1 is still half open at will, and the door of the studio is also open.

Yan Mingguang walked in front with his short blade in his hand. Yan Wei and Gao Ming also followed and walked slowly to the studio.

Fortunately, there is no danger for the time being.

Yan Mingguang, who was walking in the front, moved indifferently, and his dark black eyes flashed a moment of surprise.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and went to the inside to see, “what’s the matter?”

He made a sudden remark.

All three saw the changes in the studio.

Maybe it’s not a change. Everything in the studio is still the same as yesterday, full of empty portraits on the walls. Everything looks very quiet without waves.

The complete portrait of the female doctor is also sandwiched on the easel in the middle.

But on another easel next to this easel… There is a complete picture!

Yan Wei always has a good memory. He clearly remembers that on the easel yesterday, there was a portrait of a woman in a classical court dress. In the picture, the woman’s eyes were empty, her eyes were blank, and there was no last step to give flexibility.

But now, the painting has become vivid, with complete and beautiful eyes. “She” looked ahead, smiled shallowly, and her beautiful big eyes bent slightly, becoming another complete and flexible portrait in this studio in addition to the portrait of a female doctor.

Gao Ming widened his eyes and stopped breathing for a moment. He patted Yan Wei and said hesitantly: “the eyes and eyes of the woman in this portrait are the same…”

Yan Mingguang slowly raised his eyes. His silver framed glasses made him noble and cold. His dark black eyes became more and more calm under the slight reflection of the lens. He said, “the dead yesterday.”

As soon as these words came out, the air around seemed to cool a bit.

Yan Wei has slowly sorted out the clues.

He copied his pockets with both hands, subconsciously gathered his windbreaker and made a conclusion: “it’s very clear – dig out your eyes and fill in the picture.”

Why did the perfectionist painter get worse on July 2 ten years ago, but suddenly recover the next day, that is, July 3 ten years ago?

The painter can no longer draw eyes that satisfy him. Why is there a complete portrait of a female doctor in the studio?

Yan Wei blinked slowly, and a clear understanding gradually appeared in his beautiful light eyes.

He said the inference: “let’s restore the whole context.”

“A painter who was gifted at the beginning can draw beautiful and flexible eyes. He is a perfectionist and goes deeper and deeper in the pursuit of level. He made a lot of money and opened this corridor hotel to display his paintings. However, one day, the painter ran out of aura and couldn’t draw his satisfied eyes at all, so he drew one Another painting that lacked eyes went to the hospital to see this mental illness. But it was useless to see a doctor. He not only didn’t recover, but also couldn’t draw more and more. But later, on July 3 ten years ago, he found a way to draw his eyes again, and he recovered. ”

In the studio, the female doctor in the portrait looked forward with a slight tilt of her head and a smile. Her expression was gentle and her eyes were soft. Just like her in the ID photo, she could be seen at a glance that she was a good doctor with full patience and good temper.

He looked at the perfect painting, but he felt cold on his back.

“And this method…” Yan Wei’s tone became more and more slow, “is to dig holes and fill in the picture.”

“He invited the doctor to the hotel, dug out her eyes and drew this complete portrait of a female doctor. The waiter didn’t clean up the body for the first time, nor did he clean up the body of the first player who died in the hotel lobby, because the waiter cleaned the body with the artist’s eyes dug. The first body he cleaned was the female doctor’s, and the second body he cleaned was the female doctor’s The player whose eyes were gouged out by the painter – the woman in long dress. ”

Yan Wei turned his head and glanced at the door of room 1 in another part of the corridor. Under such a dangerous and strange situation, he hooked his mouth. “There are five rooms. Nine of our initial players came in. At the beginning, we asked, if the first player is not dead and the number of players is singular, how should the waiter allocate rooms?”

“Now I guess that the first arrangement of this copy is that one person lives in room 1, and the remaining eight people live in room 2 to room 5. Room 1 is the place where the female doctor’s eyes were cut out and died. She is the first dead. In addition, she, who was originally in the copy, has a total of ten people and five rooms. Only because we died one in the beginning People, so no one needs to check in room 1. ”

“My God…” Gao Ming swallowed his saliva, grabbed his cuffs and wiped the cold sweat on his forehead. “What you said makes perfect sense logically. Although I can guess how to dig eyes now, I didn’t think of the details of the waiter and room 1. So our crisis is that the fierce ghost made by the painter will climb out of the painting and dig the player’s eyes to fill in the painting?”

Yan Wei nodded gently, frowned and said, “I think -”

He gave a deep voice.

On the narrow and deep corridor, the fine wind blew from nowhere, bringing a trace of coolness to Yan Wei’s ankle not wrapped by his trouser legs.

Yan Wei suddenly felt like something was staring at him in the dark! This feeling was colder than the feeling of being spied when he walked on the corridor with the waiter on the first day.

He suddenly turned his head and looked at the empty corridor behind him, but only saw the intersection of mirrors and portraits on the corridor, reflecting countless portraits of women. The whole corridor was silent and empty, and there was no one except the three of them.

That feeling suddenly dissipated.

But Yan Wei turned back, and the feeling of being spied on the back suddenly came out again. The cool feeling seemed to lie on his back neck.

Before he opened his mouth, Yan Mingguang noticed something wrong and said concisely, “it’s dangerous here. Go back to the room.”

Yan Wei whispered at a volume that only Yan Mingguang could hear, “I may be stared at, but I have a debuff on me. I can’t escape anyway.”

But… He still has time, and before 12 o’clock tonight, he is still in an immortal state, and there is still a lot of room for mediation.

Even if he meets ghosts, Yan Wei believes that he can deal with them. There must be an answer to all the problems in the copy. As long as there is an answer, there will be a chance and he can find a way.

In such a treacherous environment, Yan Wei smiled, ignored the feeling of something on his back, shrugged and said, “go.”

The three went straight to room 5 of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang.

But just out of the elevator, before entering the door, the three stepped one after another, and their eyes fell on a place in the corridor.

Yan Wei stood in front of the door, looked sideways at the garbage can that had been completely set up, and felt the cold behind him more and more pressing.

He said to Gao Ming, “when I went downstairs in the morning, this trash can was poured down, and there were two dolls with their eyes dug out next to it.”

In front of the door, Yan Mingguang’s indifferent voice also sounded: “there are no blood fingerprints in the room.”

Yan Wei’s heart jumped.

The body of a woman in a long dress. At least they watched the waiter take it with their own eyes. Although the picture is cool at the bottom of one’s heart, it is seen with one’s own eyes. Sometimes, the invisible unknown is more terrible than the visible blood.

This kind of trace that doesn’t know when to disappear makes people sweat more.

Gao Ming also felt that this situation was really scary. He pulled Yan Wei’s hand and said, “why don’t we go to the house first… There are pictures hanging outside, or the room is more secure.”

Yan Wei nodded.

He still looked carefully at the restored trash can. After confirming that he had not missed any details, he went back to his room with Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming.

As soon as he entered the house, Yan Wei quickly closed the door.

He went to the desk, picked up the note paper and pen, sorted out the clues and said: “There should be no doubt about digging eyes and filling in paintings. But the traces we saw when we got up in the morning were gone. It’s unlikely to disappear naturally… After all, there were blood fingerprints on my neck, and the touch is not fake. It should be cleaned up by the waiter. The cleaned babies and blood fingerprints…”

Gao Ming didn’t take it seriously and said: “In my previous copies, some boss or NPC in the building will clean up things related to ghost traces. This is a good thing. If the rules in the building are restored automatically, it means that there are other rules that we need to find out. Our top priority now is to find the clue of the ladder. If the crisis of this copy is a ghost digging and painting, what is the ladder What? How can we deal with it to pass the customs?… Yan Wei? What are you thinking? ”

Yan Wei didn’t speak.

The young man sitting in the chair leaned back slightly, threw the paper and pen in his hand, and looked at the front with his eyes, as if thinking about something.

He took out the coins in his pocket and tossed them in his hand again and again, thinking about everything since entering the copy. The coins fell on his warm palm again and again, the wall clock moved back bit by bit, and the time passed slowly in the ticking sound.

This is Yan Wei’s habit.

He is not a person who likes stability. He often wanders in all kinds of places. He always has some loose money in his pocket for tips. Over time, every time he thinks and has nothing to do, tossing a coin can make his thinking easier.

“Yan Wei, you coin…” Gao Ming pushed his glasses. “How does it feel different? Isn’t it money?”

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows: “it’s not money. I’ll take it with me and play with it.”

On the obverse of the coin is a swallow, and on the reverse is a capital “V” as the homonym of his single name. However, at the beginning, he asked someone to order two, and he didn’t know when he lost one, but now there is only one.

Yan Weifu lowered his head again, the coin fell into his palm, and a resting swallow fell into his eyes. He slowly closed his palm and wrapped the coin, and the thread was closed at this moment.

Logic weaves a fine and complicated net in Yan Wei’s mind. The clues are intertwined. It seems that there are clues everywhere, but I don’t know which one to find out.

It seems that everything explains.

But Yan Wei always felt… There was something wrong.

At the other end, sun Shi and three other players came to the exhibition.

The paintings in the exhibition are also the works of the owner of the corridor hotel. Similarly, like the portraits in the hotel, these are painted when the painter became famous in the early and middle stages, and there are no later paintings.

The four players inquired into the background of some painters. When they were searching for the exhibition, they were suddenly dragged into a small level in a copy. The portraits in the exhibition suddenly came to life, and the women who came out of the painting wanted to pull them into the world of the painting.

The three initial players trembled with fear, but Sun Shi was calm. In fact, he was a three-tier player, but he failed too seriously in the previous copy and was reduced to one tier.

He thought the first floor was easy, but he didn’t expect that the copy of the first floor was extremely difficult, and he just passively opened the gambling building because the difficulty exceeded the standard! All the props he had been lucky to get were used up in the small level of the copy!

Fortunately, props are not white flowers. After passing the checkpoint of the exhibition, sun Shi and others found a props behind a mirror of the exhibition – a diary.

The diary looked as like as two peas, but it was not old. It was new. It seemed to be well preserved. The cover of the diary was written with a name, which is exactly the same as that of sun Shi, who was the artist who was heard at the exhibition.

The four people were all beaming with joy.

This is the painter’s diary!

If the diary appears in the copy, it will certainly bring out a lot of clues – after all, this is the secret written from the first perspective of the diary writer. Moreover, when he was in the building world, he also analyzed some low-level copies, basically finding clues and using clues to escape without too many twists and turns.

There must be most clues about the painter!

Sun Shi opened the first page of the diary impatiently while holding it carefully.


——”… if God has the most loving person, it must be me. They can’t draw such vivid eyes, but I can, I don’t even need skills, let the people in the painting have life!…”

——”… I’m getting better and better. It’s good. They all scramble to buy my paintings…”


——”Why do my painted eyes look bad? It’s an insult to me! It can’t be my level!…”

——”I really can’t draw! I’m crazy. I’m most proud of my talent. Without talent and skills, I’m a puddle of mud!!…”

——”I’ve tried many times, but I really can’t draw it. I’ve painted so many portraits, but I can’t fill them with eyes! I can’t stand drawing bad eyes, I’d rather not. No, I want to draw it, but I must draw a perfect portrait!”


——”… I’ve found a way. I can draw, and my talent is back! They can have perfect eyes for my paintings. I’ll mend their eyes, which is my only obsession…”


Sun Shi flipped the well preserved notebook page by page, and his eyes were gradually covered by an increasingly expanding joy.

He smiled a few times and said to the other players: “I’ve found the clue of the ladder! Those wastes are still wasting time in the hotel. Sure enough, the painting exhibition has a clue of higher value than the hotel! The male ghost with eyes dug, the player with eyes dug, and those portraits without eyes… The painter can’t draw eyes, so he can dig people’s eyes instead, so that those works without eyes can be filled. Eyes are his idea 。”

“We just have to go back to the studio and patch up all the eyes of those portraits before the end of tomorrow!”

The world inside the building, the center of the entertainment area, in front of the projection of the gambling building.

Before a newly refreshed Tier-1 replica is projected, many players in the replica buffer period stop here and hesitate to enter the gambling game – the gambling game of Tier-1 replica is very rare, and such a novice replica will probably be wiped out after it becomes more difficult. As long as the player who gambles on this replica fails to break through, it seems to be a gambling game with great probability of winning 。

The young man dressed in punk stood under the projection, casually watched the process of sun Shi and others looking for clues in the painting exhibition, and disdained.

“He’s going in the wrong direction. A fool,” he said to the younger youth next to him, “even the most powerful player is so stupid that this copy can’t succeed. Brother, you bet and choose them to fail.”


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