Half Immortal Chapter 110

Half Immortal Chapter 110: Puppet Castle (23)

The player in front of the ladder has carried the man he caught who thought he was a good puppet up.

The man in black saw the man disappear at the corner of the stairs. He should have gone to the stargazer on the fourth floor. Then he turned aside and stood there in silence. The black hood covered his face, and the huge black robe covered all parts of him. There was no difference at all.

The fish flying boat slightly tilted its head under the black robe and took a look at Yan Wei’s direction on their side.

Yan Wei nodded at him.

Lin Zhen: “I can’t hear your communication skills. What are you doing?”

“He asked me if I wanted to stay there directly,” Yan Wei said.

Yan Wei’s answer is yes. His method is actually very simple, even bloodless, but it is difficult in the blind area of thinking. This copy walks through the rules and distinguishes between true and false. Everyone’s focus is on puppets and players. Even if I think of coins, I just want to protect my own coins or rob others’ coins.

As for pretending to be NPC?

First of all, I can’t think of it. Second, I don’t know what I’m pretending to do – except for Yan Wei, who figured out that Xue Wan was on the stargazing platform and planned to detour against Xue Wan.

So as long as the fish flying boat doesn’t show its flaws, no one will doubt the authenticity of the man in black.

“Why did the fish fly boat only need a coin? He’s too stingy.”

“…” Yan Wei was helpless. “Look at this man. He is very skilled in catching people. His clothes are full of blood, but there is no injury. It is obvious that he is a player who has won a lot of points. This kind of person is a little strong and cautious. He won’t take all the coins alone. If he catches only one prey that he thinks is a puppet, he will take only one coin.”

“Well, what you said is quite reasonable. But when this person goes up, won’t he see another man in black? As soon as they go up and see Xue Wan, Xue Wan will know,” Lin Zhen rolled his sleeve. “I said you can just hit him directly for such a complicated job.”

Yan Wei glanced at him.

Lin Zhen angrily flattened his sleeve.

“It depends on the judgment of the fish flying boat. Now there are two possibilities for those who go to the star viewing platform. One is that Xue Wan feels that the people who go are not fat enough. He will hide and let the black robed people deal with those people in a normal way. The other is the players who are already worth fighting. Then Xue Wan will put the black robed people aside and he will catch them.”

So their method is easy to say and difficult to say. The difficulty lies in whether the player who comes from the fish flying boat needs to judge whether the player with high score is a player.

“The first possibility is that the fish flying boat can’t be stopped, because if he stops, these people will see a man in black again, and Xue Wan won’t do anything to them, and our plan will be spread. The second possibility is that the fish flying boat will take all their coins away, and these people won’t see another man in black when they go up, but Xue Wan, and Xue Wan will die at this time They will catch those people and find that they have no coins. ”

“At this time, even if someone said that the coins were given to the people in black robes, Xue night would only regard these people as lying for their lives.”

Lin Zhen said, “then you can’t hide it from a few people. Xue Wan should not have developed limbs and simple mind.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “what you want is that you can’t hide it from a few people.”

“What do you mean?”

“What we have to do is let Xue come down late, not really collecting coins.”

Lin Zhen just doesn’t bother to think about those twists and turns. He’s not stupid. When Yan Wei said this, he understood and didn’t ask any more questions.

Although Xue Wan will find something wrong after several times, it is a fact that he has no coins. At that time, Xue Wan had caught many puppets, but because there were no coins, he could not give those suspected puppets to the black robed people for points. Therefore, Xue evening party is faced with two things – getting more coins and solving the people who move behind, that is, Yan Wei and them.

To do this, we must have some people down, and people with strong strength down.

Most of the people who came down were Xue Wan and other powerful people in Qi Star, because these two things are not easy. As for whether there will be two Xue nights, Yan Wei is not afraid at all. Judging from Yan Wei’s current speculation, Xue Wan is somewhat similar to Lin Zhen to some extent. It is impossible for this kind of person to cooperate with the ID. the existence of good puppets not only does not help, but also is likely to have hidden dangers.

So there can only be one Xue night above. They just need to lead this one away. When Xue Wan and others come down and Yan Wei is over the star viewing platform, Yan Wei can go up. At that time, only the Qi star players who are not the opponents of Yan Mingguang and others are left on the top floor of the castle, as well as a pile of captured “prey” and a real man in black.

Yan Wei had a clear mind and said, “I’m thirsty.”

On the other side, Yan Mingguang took out a bottle of purified water, unscrewed the cap and handed it to Yan Wei. Without any hesitation, Yan Wei almost subconsciously took the water, drank it naturally and handed it back to Yan Mingguang.

He kept staring at the fish flying boat in front of him. He didn’t pay attention. Yan Mingguang on his side didn’t screw on the bottle cap after receiving the water. The man looked at him and the water bottle in his hand. As if he was thirsty, he took it up and drank it slowly. Then he screwed on the bottle cap and put it away.

Lin Zhen saw this scene and frowned slightly. He always felt something wrong.

At that end, the fish flew to the boat and waited for some time, and the people who went up never came down again.

As Yan Wei said, Xue Wan will not let go of the players who are “fat sheep” at first sight, whether they are good puppets or not. Since Xue Wan wants to fight, he won’t let the black robed man stay there. This man can’t see the black robed man, but he is caught by Xue Wan. Naturally, he won’t find anything wrong on the black robed man. Xue Wan just can’t get a coin, and everything is calm.

Not long after, another man came. The man grabbed the suspected puppet. His movements were quite clumsy. He was not very familiar with the road here. At the beginning, he found the wrong ladder to go upstairs.

This time, the fish flying boat hid on one side and didn’t appear.

After the man went up with the suspected puppet, he came safely not long after.

Lin Zhen said, “why did you guess all right?”

Yan Wei ignored him and just said, “come back a few more people later. Get ready. Lin Zhen is good at long-range attack. Later, you can be a bait to lure Xue Wan away – remember not to love war, just lead him to a distance. Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou directly took other QIMINGXING players who followed Xue Wan down, caught them and tied them up.”


Xue Wan looked at the fourth player they caught, smiling, but his tone was very low: “- no coins?”

Another player of Qi Star said, “I really searched, No. since the first night, coins can’t be put in the black ring. These people really don’t have a coin.”

“Well… Xue Wan, our coins were used up long ago. Now these people don’t have coins. How can they change coins? This man also said that his coins were given to the black robed man, but isn’t the black robed man here? This excuse is made…” the speaker also glanced at the black robed man standing in the center of the stargazing platform.

Xue Wan stepped forward and kicked the player who had just been caught.

The player who has been beaten half dead still cries out because of Xue Wan.

Xue Wan smiled and said, “silly? One person said it was a lie, two said it was a coincidence, and three said it was true. Someone intercepted below and cheated coins with this method. It’s really smart. Which organization’s players have this idea? Xu Miao?”

“Then we…”

“If you dare to do this, you can also think of doing so. Your strength is not low and the number of people will not be small. I must go down to deal with them. You two -” Xue Wan casually ordered a man who is both a good puppet and ID, “go down with me and solve these people who move their hands and feet. And you, go find coins first. The remaining two, watch here and the black guy.”

He said that without asking for the opinions of his teammates, he picked up the serrated long knife and turned away. The teammate who was ordered by him, who was both self and good puppet, didn’t dare to be careless at all, so he raised his feet and followed.

Xue night took as like as two peas of two teammates, and another star also gave a break to his teammate, and finished the task of grabbing coins on four floors.

At the third step.

Lin Zhen put on the robe used by the black robed man played by the fish flying boat just now and covered the hat pocket enough to cover his face.

Yan Wei’s perceptual power spread out carefully, and his expanded five senses heard footsteps coming from above the stairs. He silently hooked his mouth and said with his perceptual skills: [down, Lin Zhen…]

[can’t you really fight? He’s famous and can fight. Yan Mingguang won’t let me fight. Xue Wan can’t even fight?]

If you fight him now, we may not be able to get out alive

All right

During their conversation, three figures appeared.

The first was a young man with a very young appearance. His face was handsome, but his eyebrows seemed to be stained with blood, full of a sudden ruthlessness. Even though Yan Wei hasn’t seen this man, he can see from his temperament that this man is the Kai star Xue Wan.

Lin Zhen looked at Yan Wei and others, and turned his bow with a smile. At the moment Xue Wan and others came down, he suddenly shot an arrow feather!

Yan Wei and others have been hidden in one room. The moon wheel divides a narrow space and wraps them to ensure that Xue Wan and others do not feel their existence.

When Lin Zhen shot that arrow, Xue Wan and the two people he took immediately reacted. Xue Wan looked at Lin Zhen’s figure quickly disappearing around the corner and said, “sure enough, he pretended to be a man in black. Chase him.”

Yan Wei watched the three men being led away by Lin Zhen through the crack in the door.

Soon after these people were led away, another star player came down. However, the man did not look nearby after coming down, but left immediately.

Yan Wei speculated that this person should be the person in charge of finding coins in the Kai star team. After all, Xue Wan, they just caught so many coins. They are busy without coins. People or puppets are easy to have problems if they don’t deal with them for a long time. Naturally, they need to get enough coins as soon as possible.

After the man left completely, Yan Wei withdrew the barrier of the moon wheel and walked out of the room with Yan Mingguang and two fish flying boats.

He shook his head: “Xu Miaomiao was mistaken for being smart. Xue Wanyi is brave but easy to fall into the trap. People, don’t be too complacent.”

Fish flying boat helpless: “so, go up?”

“Go up.”

Yan Wei roughly calculated that there were four people here, including the good puppets that Qi star players can cooperate with. There were at least one or two people on them. They did not make any noise, but carefully and without trace touched the railing to the entrance on the fourth floor.

Sure enough, there were two people who were obviously members of the Kai star standing by the meat grinder. A row of people bound by flowers and good puppets lay on the ground. The people in black robes were the same as they came last time. They stood in the center of the observatory in black robes and hung their heads. They could not see any emotion.

Yan Wei has always been in touch with his perception. Several people are in the corner, and the fish flying boat says to him through his perception: [Yan Wei, these two people, the two of us and Yan Mingguang do our best together, we should be able to win, but it’s only a matter of time. Yan Mingguang and I will deal with those two, and the other one, I can take others with you.]

What are you doing with the others


Yan Wei’s eyes turned and her light brown eyes were full of cunning. He said: [players can’t kill each other. Xue Wan can’t tell who is the ID and who is the good puppet. They dare not kill anyone. They can only “destroy” these people by giving them to the people in black robes. Since Xue Wan can’t kill, why do we take so many people with so much effort? If we can’t get points, it’s easy to delay time and have accidents.]

[then you…?]

[let me ask you, is it easy to prevent this group of students from being able to take the exam, or is it easy to tie up the teacher who changed the exam paper directly if the students in a class who have always done well can’t get good grades?]

Yan Mingguang said calmly: [teacher who changed the paper.]

Yan Wei hooked his mouth, raised his hand and pointed to the black robed man in the center of the star viewing platform.

[we rushed out to fight with them. You stopped the two men in the fish flying boat. Ice. You go straight up and carry the “teacher who changed the paper”.]


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