Half Immortal Chapter 111

Half Immortal Chapter 111: Puppet Castle (24)

Lin Zhen runs very fast.

His original strengths were all in long-range attack and agility. Not long after Xue Wan and others were led away, Lin Zhen lost his black robe and ran away with a long bow. When he ran, he always turned back and shot a few arrows.

Even though Xue Wan was powerful, he was not easy to be afraid and shoot arrows.

Lin Zhen followed Xue Wan behind him. He not only had no pressure, but also had a good time. He had just run over a layer of stairs, pulled the long bow in his hand, and ten arrow plumes immediately went towards Xue Wan behind him. Xue Wan stepped forward and lifted the serrated long knife in his hand. He opened all the arrows shot by Lin Zhen.

But in this minute and second effort, the gap that had been shortened was opened a little by Lin Zhen.

As soon as Lin Zhen got to the next intersection, people suddenly appeared on the left and right sides to rush towards him – those were the people of the other two stars.

Lin Zhen smiled and shouted, “can you encircle? It’s very smart…”

He made a movement and muttered to himself, “although the little pet won’t let me fight, it’s not me to be obedient. Just play.”

Lin Zhen a brake, actually stood in place, raised the long bow and tightened the bow string. At this moment, Lin Zhen’s dark red pupils seemed to tremble. For a moment, they turned into deep black.

——That’s the color of Lin Qing’s pupil.

At the next moment, he loosened his bowstring and shot an arrow in the direction of a person at will.

The man seemed to want to hide, but this arrow completely exceeded their estimate of Lin Zhen’s body index. It should not even be the level of the 49th floor copy of the player who is forbidden to descend. The man couldn’t dodge at all. The arrow feather penetrated his upper arm, and the strength that hasn’t disappeared flew back with the man. Unexpectedly, it instantly penetrated the man’s arm and nailed the man to the wall!

Blood splashed, and the man immediately gave a painful cry.

Without hesitation, Lin Zhen ran to the corridor where the man was. When he passed the man nailed to the wall, he turned his head and smiled: “bye.”

Then, when the two people in the rear were about to catch up, Lin Zhen raised his hand and directly pulled out the arrow that penetrated the man’s arm in front of him.

“Ah –!”

The blood burst out on Lin Zhen’s face. With a smile, he threw the arrow to the ground, sideways avoided the dagger thrown by Xue Wan, and ran in a direction at will again.

Xue Wan stopped when he came to the place where the man was injured.

The people he brought were actually the same, a ID and a good puppet. The one who wasn’t hurt helped the injured up and asked, “don’t we chase?”

Xue Wan narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, “I’ve been trapped one day.”


“This is a plan to lure the tiger away from the mountain. I knew it from the beginning, but…”

But Xue Wan didn’t think that this plan could really lead him away from the tiger at the beginning. Lead him away. It’s only useful if the people who lead him away can run away. But if Xue Wan catches the people who lead him away, so as to threaten the other teammates of that person and go back quickly, this strategy is of no use at all. Instead, it gives him a handle.

That’s why he dared to catch up directly.

But Xue Wan didn’t expect that Lin Zhen could run away under the encirclement of the three of them.

He said: “I’ve never seen him on the forties floor. This man is a stranger. He can only come up directly from below the fortieth floor. But he can hurt you and instantly mobilize the ability beyond the scope of this copy. Even if we catch up with him, we may not be able to catch him immediately.”

“I seem to have some impression of their team…” Xue Wan smiled, his fingertips gently crossed the serrations on his long knife, leaving a little blood, but his expression did not change. “Is it the first team to arrive at the castle? Xuanniao? When did Xuanniao have the seeds that can calculate people’s hearts like Xu Miaomiao?”

“Shall we go back now?”

“Are you the third? Are they furnishings? They want to take or exchange our ‘prey’. They have to defeat the third and exchange it with the man in black. It’s not so fast. Go back.”

Lin Zhen turns around and takes a look. His perception spreads. There are only players around who have nothing to do with him. He doesn’t feel Xue Wan and others.

He “cut” a voice: “so, ah, I hate to use my brother’s power. Every time I use it, others won’t come to me to fight.”

“No fun.”

Yan Wei hid in the dead corner of the stairs and looked back at Yan Mingguang and two fish flying boats.

In front of the meat grinder, the two men didn’t seem to be slack at all. They stared at the entrance ahead, tight and alert.

Yan Wei waved his hand.

The next moment, two fish flying boats jumped out without hesitation.

They had no intention of sneaking attack or making any cover up, so they rushed up directly. The two men who were guarding naturally found the movement of the fish flying boat at the first time, and the four people soon fought together. The fish flying boat didn’t seem to try to succeed at all. It just entangled with the two people intently, as if it came to concentrate on fighting.

——That’s really what Yan Wei told Yu Feizhou.

Yan Wei looks at Yan Mingguang.

The man was looking at him with his eyes down. He looked indifferent. He didn’t feel nervous or alert at all. At this critical moment, Yan Mingguang is no different from usual. This man remembers more than he does. I think there are memories of those high-level copies. For Yan Mingguang, this 49 level copy… Is it a small fight?

Yan Wei’s thoughts flashed in his mind, but his actions were not vague. He just looked at Yan Mingguang, and finally turned around and looked at the fish flying boat in the dark.

Not so fast.

He wants to clock in.

Yan Wei’s face was a little pale.

He hurried to the stairs of the stargazer. The moon wheel in his hand was shining. He had no time to look back – his body data was much better than him. One day is enough for him to get some information about the star and the other shore flower from the unorganized group of players. Naturally, he also speculated some Xu Miaomiao’s weaknesses, which can deal with Xu Miaomiao for a moment.

He has made an appointment with the unorganized people. He leads Xu Miaomiao near the star viewing platform. The unorganized people hide in the dark and will naturally see the advantages he said Xu Miaomiao has. This group of people can also make sure that he is not lying and can come forward to rob. For unorganized people, they are safe and will not have an accident. Maybe they can grab something useful after a fight.

The only problem is that “Yan Wei” wants to lead Xu Miaomiao to those people and show that Xu Miaomiao really has something worth fighting for.

So he is now using himself as a bait to deal with Xu Miaomiao and lead people to the stargazer without trace.

For the other one, he can definitely speculate that he will deal with Xu Miaomiao first, and then he will deal with Xue Wan. The way to deal with Xu Miaomiao is to make trouble for Xu Miaomiao. The way to deal with Xue Wan is to avoid fighting and cut off Xue Wan’s scoring path from the side.

There are many ways to cut off a person. Don’t let that person catch any good puppets, take all the coins of that person, and… Take away the black robed person responsible for destroying the points given by the good puppets.

Xue Wan is at the observatory. If he is at the observatory, which one will he choose?

The answer is clear.

“Yan Wei” can almost subconsciously imagine every step that another person will do.

He took a breath, saw Xu Miaomiao approaching again, raised the moon wheel again, cut a short barrier, and then continued to run towards the upcoming star viewing platform.

Yan Wei finally waited for the opportunity.

The body data of fish flying boat is not weak, and the skill is damage transfer. It is the most dragging opponent to fight with people. If such a person is a teammate, he is a good player to delay time, but if he is an opponent, he can’t win or lose.

The same is true of the two people who started the star.

When they first fight with two fish flying boats, they will also pay attention to their body circumference. When fighting, they will try to take a look at the players or good puppets they have caught. But when they hit the back, the two people were really angry by the fish flying boat. They were already impatient. They wanted to end early. The more they hit, the more serious they hit, and the more they hit me. They paid attention to the fish flying boat.

At this moment, Yan Wei hooked his mouth and said directly, “Mr. Yan.”

The moment he spoke, Yan Mingguang rushed up.

The man moves very fast.

Yan Wei only felt a gust of wind blowing around him. In the center of the stargazing platform not far away, beside the black robed man, a man suddenly appeared. With the skill of short distance movement, Yan Mingguang came to the black robed man in an instant.

The black robed man seemed to be frightened by Yan Mingguang’s sudden appearance, and his body in black robe suddenly aroused spirits.

But Yan Mingguang didn’t wait for him to react, but in minutes and seconds, the man grabbed the black robed man’s arm, picked up the other hand, and directly carelessly carried the black robed man on his shoulder.

When the two Kai stars reacted, Yan Mingguang had returned to Yan Wei with the man in black, and the two fish flying boats immediately stopped and withdrew to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei glanced at the struggling man in black.


To be honest, Yan Mingguang’s action was simpler and rougher than he planned.

The fish flying boat has withdrawn back. The two people who started the star didn’t seem to think that the player and the good puppet didn’t have an accident. Instead, it was the man in black robe who had an accident. He was stunned for a while, and then he shouted angrily to catch up.

Yan Wei waved his hand: “go!”

At the same time, his scattered perception suddenly connected with another perception nearby at this moment.

It’s as like as two peas, and it’s cognate.

Here you are

Here I am

In front of the stairs leading to the star viewing platform, “Yanwei” led Xu Miaomiao to here. From a distance, he saw a group of people running down the stairs, one of whom seemed to be carrying a dark thing.

Yan Wei raised his eyes and looked up and down at Yan Wei.

They laughed at the same time.

At the next moment, “Yan Wei” pointed to the room to one side to signal Yan Wei, and then took the lead to turn a corner and hide in that room.

Yan Wei followed the two people chased by Qi Xing. Seeing Xu Miaomiao chasing “Yan Wei” not far away, he immediately said to Yan Mingguang, “ice, throw the man in black to her!”

Yan Mingguang naturally understood what he meant. Without hesitation, he threw the black robed man in the direction of Xu Miaomiao. As soon as the black robed man threw it out, Yan Wei and others did not hesitate. The four people plunged into the room where Yan Wei had just hidden, and they suddenly disappeared in the corridor.

Xu Miaomiao, who had just turned a corner in the winding corridor, suddenly felt a large mass of black things flying towards him. Two Xu Miaomiao subconsciously waved their long black staff and caught the man in black from left to right.


The head woman of the unorganized team hiding in the dark finally saw Xu Miaomiao. When she saw what Xu Miaomiao caught, her eyes lit up: “so this is what Yan Wei and I said about Xu Miaomiao’s advantage! She has a man in black, let’s go!”

Xue Wan, who turned back from the original road, had a meal.

The two Qi star players who chased down from the top also looked at Xu Miaomiao under the steps and shouted to Xue night, “Xue night! Someone tied up the man in black!”

Xue Wan sneered, “OK, Xu Miaomiao, it’s really you!”


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