Half Immortal Chapter 112

Half Immortal Chapter 112: Puppet Castle (25)

The area of the star viewing platform on the fourth floor is very small. There are only a few roads from the third floor to the fourth floor, and these roads will finally converge in front of the stairs leading to the fourth floor.

Xue Wan and Xu Miaomiao met here.

The unorganized group is hiding behind another ladder not far away. The strength of the other shore flower is too strong, so they don’t dare to be too obvious, so they agreed with “Yanwei” and sent them a message when they arrive at Yanwei. Therefore, when “Yanwei” just brought Xu Miaomiao here, these people didn’t know what had happened.

When “Yan Wei” sent them a message, Yan Wei had asked Yan Mingguang to throw the man in black to Xu Miaomiao.

At the moment, the unorganized people are hiding in the dark and are ready to find an opportunity to do it – “Yanwei” gives them this opportunity, which is too attractive for them.

The unorganized person is led by a woman named Yu Hua. Her body data and perception are ordinary players in more than 30 layers, but her skills are special and she can disguise herself as another person in a short time. It’s just that she can’t copy the strength of others, but she can cheat on the surface. In other copies, people with higher perception can directly distinguish it, which is quite chicken ribs. But in this castle full of good and evil puppets, Yu Hua’s skill is a good hand in confusion.

Plus, as like as two peas came together, plus four good and evil figures, they were the four guys who were the same tools. This was the best way to get the unorganized Gang to rush to fourth.

But their strength can’t compare with organizations such as Qi Star and Bi’An flower.

At the beginning, there were many players and puppets, and they could also deal with them. Later, the group had many scores and poor strength. Once they were separated, they were scattered. They were the best targets for other organizations to hunt.

For them, the man in black is a perfect advantage.

Compared with trying to get points and exchange them at the star viewing platform, or simply hiding and catching black robed people to hide, isn’t it safe and can ensure that their ranking will not be too low?

Yu Hua is excited.

But she was not confused by interests and still stayed behind the ladder. She planned to look at the situation between Kai star and the other shore flower first, so as to find opportunities.

She whispered to her teammates, “Xue Wan just wants to score points and won’t let the black robed people go. Xu Miaomiao won’t let go. They will fight. When we wait for them to fight, some people go out to interfere – protect themselves carefully, none of us is their opponent – some people and I go to steal the black robed people.”

Just now Yan Wei and others hid in the room. At the moment, five people were crowded.

In addition to Lin Zhen’s ID, their Xuanniao team is here.

Yan Wei listened to Lin Zhen’s voice in the intercom props. He didn’t feel dangerous at all. Instead, he fooled around: “I really beat them. Nothing happened. One of them was hurt by me. Don’t you just want to play the game of snipe and clam? When I distracted Xue Wan, I found that their team was really powerful in terms of force. They fought head-on with Xu Miaomiao. Xu Miaomiao couldn’t get along with them.”

Yan Wei frowned, “then you don’t follow the plan.”

“Hey, why are you so fierce? I’m coming back now. There’s nothing good. I’ve weakened Xue Wan’s team.”

Yan Wei said something again. The two fish flying boats said at the same time, “Yan Wei is just worried about you. He can’t say it.”

Yan Wei: ”

Lin Zhen: ”

After a few seconds of silence, “Yan Wei” took the lead in saying: “… In fact, people sometimes don’t have to be too honest.”

The fish flying boat nodded, “OK.”

Yan Wei: ”

“Yan Wei”: “…”

Lin Zhen: ”

There seemed to be a movement outside. “Bang Dang” made a heavy sound, which seemed to be the sound of a heavy knife inserted into the wall. Yan Wei closed his eyes, focused his attention, carefully dispersed his perception, avoided the place where Xu Miaomiao and Xue Wan were, and felt the surrounding situation.

Xu Miaomiao’s tone was mixed with great anger, and her crisp voice was quite distorted: “Xue Wan, can you only fight!?”

Xue Wan just chuckled, “don’t you get ready to fight me when you cooperate with others to play these tricks on me?”

The man didn’t seem to care what Xu Miaomiao said at all. Every time Xu Miaomiao said a few words, she would be interrupted by Xue Wan’s actions. Yan Wei listened, Qi Xing and several other people gathered around. Xu Miaomiao almost fought and retreated, and she was very embarrassed. She was only good at cunning. Even if there were two of her own cooperation, she could only lose step by step.

But even so, Yan Wei listened to the news. One of Xu Miaomiao’s steps was heavy and obviously carried the man in black.

Yan Wei closed his eyes, slightly bent his eyebrows and eyes, and raised the corners of his mouth.

Everything was as he thought. Even if Xu Miaomiao had all kinds of assumptions about the sudden black robed man, she would not return the black robed man to Xue Wan even if she directly opposed Xue Wan.

Not because she is stupid, but because she is too clever.

At the moment she received the black robed man, she didn’t know that someone stole the black robed man and threw the black robed man to her because she met Xue night. She must know, but even if she knew, she would swallow the grievance and recognize the pot.

Because she is too smart, at this moment, she can think of the role of the black robed person, and she can immediately understand that the other shore flower wants to get the first place over the Kai star, and taking the black robed person is a very wide shortcut. The other shore flower does not lack strength or brain. The black robed person takes it away, and then catch more people, and rush to the star viewing platform to exchange points on the last day To get first.

This is a black pot to the door, but it is also an opportunity to the door.

Xu Miaomiao didn’t know that the unorganized people brought by “Yan Wei” were hidden in the dark. Other teammates of Bian Hua were nearby. She naturally dared to try.

Xue Wan is too confident and Xu Miaomiao is too smart.

After all, it’s cheap, Yan Wei.

Yan Wei listened to their movements and knew that his plan was stable – after a while, he saw Yu Hua and the twins in the unorganized team fight. After the Snipes and mussels compete for the benefits, he caught the cicada with the mantis and the Yellow finches behind.

At this time, in addition to the fighting sound outside, the people around seem to be walking away. These players either don’t have enough strength and run when they feel the movement, or they know the power of Qixing and the other shore flower, and don’t want to mix with the muddy water. But when players leave everywhere, several people are approaching quickly.

The person who started the star was already on the star viewing platform. The person who came should be the flower on the other side of the river.

The unorganized people are still hiding behind. It is estimated that they are looking for opportunities.

We have to wait a little longer.

As like as two peas in the same eye, he was just doing the same thing as he did.

They waited as like as two peas outside, and the room was quiet. Yan Wei had the chance to look directly at the three person himself.

The last time the two met, they were still tit for tat. At that time, they didn’t react to the core of this copy. Their vigilant character made them deal with it in a hostile position for the first time. Yan Mingguang almost killed another him when the situation was unknown.

At the moment, the two of them stood opposite each other and looked at each other. Yan Wei still couldn’t help feeling a trance of “am I really?”.

Even though Yan Mingguang doesn’t know why, he firmly believes that he is true.

Yan Wei looks at another him. He is also looking at Yan Wei.

A moment later, as like as two peas, they obviously thought of the same thing, and the two looked at Yan Mingguang at the same time. Yan Ming’s eyes seemed to be on Yan Wei’s body. From beginning to end, even though another similar danger appeared, there was no hesitation in the sight of the man. It seemed that only two of the rooms were dangerous.

So Yan Wei turned his head and ran into Yan Mingguang’s eyes.

Through the lens, Yan Wei looked at the man’s pure black pupils and could not dig out any hesitation. If he could see his expression at the moment, compared with Yan Mingguang’s, he was not as firm as Yan Mingguang.

“So -” another Yan Wei said, “I’m a good puppet.”

No doubt.


Even though they don’t know what Yan Mingguang’s basis is, since Yan Mingguang is so sure and fully trusts Yan Mingguang, Yan Mingguang’s judgment is his basis. Yan Wei can understand this truth, and so can Yan Wei.

“I’m actually an existence that depends on copies,” good puppet Yan Wei said. He was not shocked or confused about his identity at all, but was full of interest. “This feeling… Is very novel and useful.”

They are so clear about the good puppet and the ID. if the latter really comes to a critical juncture, the biggest difference and advantage between Yan Wei and others is that he can give up the good puppet and protect the ID.

The good puppet said to Yan Wei, “you are the main.”

If the good puppet dies, Yan Wei is fine and can continue to break the game and produce a copy. But if Yan Wei dies, the good puppet will also be consumed and become a completely unconscious puppet from body to soul. This is actually the same as death for the good puppet in the copy.

So now that they know who is who, they can even make a choice when appropriate.

Good puppet Yanwei knows this, but he doesn’t have any negative emotions.

They don’t need to say anything, because they all know themselves, just a look at each other, and all their plans have been passed through in their minds.

——Suddenly there was a slight sound of opening the door at the door.

Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou immediately took out their weapons and prepared to fight, but the visitor closed the door again, turned the long bow in his hand, and said lazily, “it’s me – Hey, no, I knew I came in masked, so I could fight Yan Mingguang.”

I Yan Wei and the good puppet Yan Wei said at the same time, “didn’t you encounter any accidents on your way back?”

“No,” Lin Zhen’s attention was attracted by the two Yanwei. “Oh, two little pets, how can you be so harmonious with the fish flying boat? When I saw my good puppet, I just wanted to beat the silly fork that pretended to be me to death.”

The fish flying boat added, “then you did beat yourself to death.”

Yan Wei: ”

Sometimes, honest people’s honest words sound like ridicule.


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